Gefälschte Mittel fickt Brünette im Auto in der Öffentlichkeit

Gefälschte Mittel fickt Brünette im Auto in der Öffentlichkeit
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The Reunion part II Kim and Ajay sat on the couch still. Their breathing had pretty much returned to normal. Ajay's hands had settled on holding her ass and she had her arms under his and draped around his back.

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The both felt great, but it wasn't long before they both started feeling frisky again. Ajay's hands began to wonder again, but they didn't go far. They began caressing her ass. Occasionaly wandering up her back and then back down. Kim moaned a little. She absolutely loved it when Ajay ran his hands over her skin. It make her shiver and her skin prickle. His right hand made their way back down to her ass and his right hand crept inside of her ass cheek.

He rubbed her asshole with his middle finger and this drew another moan from her. He continued to rub her ass hole a little bit and took his left hand up to his mouth to get his fingers a bit wet. He moved it back down to her ass and replaced his right hand with it. He moved his fingers to her ass and began slowly working his middle finger into her ass. Again Kim moaned and moved to start kissing and nibbling his neck. His cock was growing hard again inside of her. Kim began very slightly grinding her hips on his cock.

Ajay now had two fingers in her ass and he was moving them in and out at a moderate pace. Kim loved it and so did he. He loved how he could feel his cock through the thin wall between her ass and pussy.

One would be surprised to know that a few years before Kim not only hated anal sex, but was almost afraid of it. How times changed. Without saying anything to each other, Kim moved off of him and made him stand up.

She then took his place on the couch. She had to position herself just right, leaning on the back of the couch so she was sitting up enough to watch Ajay stick his cock in her ass.

She loved watching his huge cock initially stretch her ass and penetrate her most private and protected hole. Ajay took his place between her legs and scooted up to her so that his cock was leaning up in the slit of her pussy. He leaned in to kiss her, fondling her breasts in his hands and rubbing his cock on her clit. They kissed for a few minutes. Her hands were rubbing his back and stomach and his on her tits and face.

Finally she broke contact, "Are you going to fuck my ass or tease me all day! C'mon Baby!" "Sorry Kit, I've just missed you so much. What do you think about heading outside in a few?" Her smile was all the response he needed. They both had a huge thing about fucking outside, and they had a great yard for it. By that their yard was surrounded on 2 sides buy woods and the other side by a fence.


But there were ways that people could possibly see. That's what they liked. The thought of being watched. Hell they had sex before with people watching in other public place but those stories are for another day. Ajay was just about ready to fuck her ass, but before he did he pulled away from her and scooted down to her pussy. He again began to quickly tease her clit and fingered her ass again with his middle and forefinger. She loved this.

But within a minute he had slid down to her asshole. He began but gently licking around the outside of her asshole and this flicking his tongue across her asshole.

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When he did that it would make her gasp them moan loudly. He then flattened his tongue against her ass and got a good taste of it before sliding his tongue deep into her sweet back door and tongue fucking her.

He continued his game for another minute or two before getting back up into his previous position. With his cock ligned up on her pussy, he took his hand and guided it down to her asshole. He looked up at Kim. She was biting her lip with a sexy half smile that said 'go ahead, fuck that ass.' So with that he began pushing the head of his cock against her asshole.

Kim teased him a bit buy tightening it up so he couldn't go anywhere and then fully relaxing her ass as she sat up a bit more to watch. As she did the head of Ajay's cock popped into her ass and she let out a little gasp and giggle.

Ajay sighed and proceeded to push his cock into her smooth tight ass. The both watching as inch after inch of his big veined cock slid into her anal depths. Before long he had it all the way inside her with his stomach pressed to her pussy. He leaned back in to kiss her and she came up to meet him, wrapping one arm around his neck and using her other hand to start playing with her clit.

As they were kissing he began to slide in and out of her ass slowly. Moving only a couple inches, Kim began to rock her hips to his rhythm, all while making slow gentle circles on her clit with her hood ring. She loved the full feeling she had with Ajay's cock deep inside of her ass, stretching it to its limits. Especially since it hadn't been fucked in so long.

As time went on they stopped kissing and Ajay say up while Kim leaned back. He took hold of her ankles and brought them vertical in the air, now penetrating her so deep he was actually hitting the back of her rectum with the head of his cock when he went in all the way.

It was funny how her rectum was just deep enough to take his whole cock. He loved it. He began to pick up the pace. All the while looking down at her tight asshole wrapped around his huge cock. He loved it when he would pull out and her pink rectum would slightly pull out too, right before he would ram his cock back inside of her.

At this time he began really fucking her hard. Slamming his cock in and out of her ass. Kim began moaning. Slightly at first, but then louder and louder. She was digging her nails into Ajay's chest and dragging them down leaving red trails behind them.

She looked at him right when he looked at her and he knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. He had no intentions of cumming but he wanted to get her off. So he fucked her a little harder. As he did she started talking dirty to him, which he loved. "That's right Baby, fuck that ass. Take my ass. It's always been yours and only yours. Fuck my tight ass. That's it Baby, right there.

Oh my God, right there. Oh yea. Oh yea, oh. Baby, baby, I'm cumming, don't stop. Fuck it right there. Oh fucking yeah!!!!" With that Kim came, and she came good. She actually managed to hold her orgasm for a second making herself squirt a bit on his stomach. But when she came she also slightly clamped down on her asshole. He loved it. When she finished cumming she looked up at him and smiled. "That's it, I want to get fucked outside. Let's go give the neighbors a good show!" He then pulled out of her ass and she stood up and led him to the patio door.

She unlocked it and led him outside where she walked out past the deck and down the three steps to the grass. Turning around to face him she said "Fuck me right here. Right now. I want your cock in my ass again." She then got down doggy style and awaited him. He moved right behind her and got onto his knees. He lined his cock up with her ass and slammed it inside her with no mercy. She loved it. He immediately began pounding her ass. He took handfuls of her beautiful round ass into his hands and slammed his cock in and out of her ass.

He loved it. There was nothing better to him than fucking his wife outside like this. There was warm breeze blowing across his back and the sun was shining. The birds were singing and the air was alive. He could even hear the highway traffic a half mile away. Not bad. He fucked her right there just like they loved too. The fucked like that for a few more minutes before Kim decided she wanted to move again.

She stood up plopping Ajay's cock out of her ass once again and grabbed him by the hand, leading him to the middle of their yard. The middle of the yard was visible from their neighbors second story, but they didn't care. Especially since the house next to them was rented to a bunch of Air Force Airmen (the equivalent of Army Privates). Kim and Ajay loved being watched. She brought him right to the middle of their yard and told him to lay down on his back.

He did knowing his was in for a treat.

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She stood right over him smiling. Her body was gleaming in the morning sun from the sweat and looking like something straight from a porn.

That just made his cock swell a bit more. She then lowered herself to him, grabbing his cock between her legs and lining it up with her asshole engulfing it all in one motion. God, he loved it when she fucked him froggy. Especially when his cock was in her ass. She put her hands on his stomach and began bouncing up and down on his cock. He put his hands behind his head so he could watch as she took it all the way in and almost all the way out, right to the crown of his cock. Damn she was so good at riding him.

They continued like this for about five minutes.

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Both of them began moaning. He began running his hands over her legs and up her tits. Occasionally leaning up to suck on one.

He then began to feel his cum swelling up in his nuts and she could too. He moved his hands down between her legs and began to massage her clit. That's all she needed. She began moaning extremely load. "Oh yea, fuck yea. Oh god, you love it when I fuck your cock with my ass, don't you?" "Oh yea I do Baby, yea I do." "Yea, time to fill my ass with your hot cum. C'mon Baby. Fill my ass with your hot cum. Right out here. Right where everyone can see us.

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C'mon Baby. Full that ass with your cum. Oh my God, I'm going to cum. Cum with me, Oh my fucking God!!!" She began yelling and screaming almost at the top of her lungs and her began grunting. Grabbing her ass and slamming her down on his cock harder and harder.

She came again, clamping his cock with her asshole.


That was it. Her next downward drive he began spewing his hot cum up her ass.

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Up and down she went keeping her pace, cumming at the same time and he kept pumping his cream up her ass. 5, 6,7 times at least, still going. God, how he missed fucking her. He lost count of how many times he spewed, but it was amazing. When they were both finished she sat down onto his cock, hard, and then fell off to his left side. She moved in close to him and put her head on his chest.

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"God Baby, I miss our fucking so much. Toys just don't do it for me when your not here. No matter what." "I know.

But I'm home now. We have lots of lost time to make up for though. How about I take some leave and we head up to New England and go to the lake?" As he finished saying that he looked at her. Seeing her smile was the best gift ever. Worth all the horror he saw in Iraq.

He was so happy to be back. I want to take a second right now and just ask everyone a favor. Even if you don't support the war in Iraq. Even if you don't support our President. Please, next time you are given the chance, please make sure to thank a Soldier for his sacrifices in his life that he gladly takes to protect this country's freedom.

Thank you. -Deamion