Teen real girlfriend gets a cumshot

Teen real girlfriend gets a cumshot
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Vengeance 22 Ellie walked in the door on Friday, finally done with classes for the week. She walked into my dorm room to find a pair of handcuffs on the table, nothing more.

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Immediately turned on by the bondage equipment, she set her bag down and shut the door. He would not be done with classes for a few more hours she knew. Time to have some fun. Spring had started producing the occasional warm weather day, and she celebrated today's sunlight by going bra-less in a black tank top, and panty-less in black mesh shorts that inspired the viewer to ponder whether they were slightly tan, or more transparent than they seemed.

She slid them down her tan, strong legs with ease, and flung them towards a wall with her toes. It was then that she noticed a curious male observer looking out a window across the quad.

She smiled sheepishly and gave a wave before dragging the blinds shut, much to his disappointment surely, she thought.


She walked over to the mirror on the door and watched herself peel off her shirt. She slid her hands up and down her naked body for a few moments, and then moved to grab the bondage box from the closet. She pulled out an 8'' purple vibrator, but could find nothing else she was especially in the mood for. Sitting down on the futon, she slowly worked the vibrator deep into her moistening pussy. With a short moan, she clicked it on and grabbed the cuffs. After sliding the vibrator to the right spot she cuffed her hands behind her back.

From here she had a view of his alarm clock. Two hours until he returned. She slid into a laying position on the futon, and spread her legs wide. Daily stretching had resulted in a newfound ability to do a split. However, in doing so, the vibrator shifted, it slid out of her wet pussy slightly, no longer hitting her g-spot in the way she liked. She stood up to try and fix it, and it slid out still more. The frantic motion of her trying to reach it caused it to fall out completely, bounce off her leg and land on the futon.

Rather than futilely try and slide it back in with her hands chained behind her back, she set her task on finding the key. Blindly removing as much as she could reach from the box, she looked around for it. No such luck, while the vibrator hummed away on the futon. Giving up, Ellie walked back to the futon, her breasts bouncing, and bent over. With no other option, she grabbed the vibrator in her mouth. Some of her juices trickled down onto her tongue. Ellie set the vib standing up on its flat back on the table.

Rather than attempt to get it back inside her right away, she serviced the purple cylinder, licking every last drop of herself off. Finally satisfied, she straddled as much of the circular table as she could, taking care not to bump it.

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Slowly and carefully she was able to line it up and get it in herself. Three things happened at once. The vibrator hit her g-spot and Ellie let out a happy moan, as the door was keyed and opened. I walked in and set my bag down, taking in the rather delightful scene before me. Ellie stood immediately, leaving the vibrator to tip over and hum across the table. She gave me a rather sheepish, helpless look. "Decided to have a little fun without me, eh?" I said smiling.

She smiled back at me and nodded eagerly. I walked up to her and ran a hand slowly up her side from her ass to her breasts, stopping to fondle them both, and give a tug on each nipple. They hardened noticeably.

I grabbed a set of nipple clamps that was laying carelessly across the table, and attached them in the appropriate spot. I grabbed a flogger from the box and parted her legs until they were a few feet apart. She tensed up, knowing what was coming.

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Sharply, I smacked her pussy with the flogger. Not hard, but enough to wake her up a little and produce a short yelp. I hit her again, and she twitched as the flogger hit home. "Spread them wider," I commanded.

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She slid them a few inches further apart, making herself more vulnerable. I hit her again, a bit softer. She twitched, but stayed quiet this time. I gave her a hard whack prompting another yelp, then soft again. Her inner thigh's and pussy were getting quite red, and the latter quite wet.

Tossing the flogger aside, I pushed her back onto the futon. She landed awkwardly, but unharmed, and sat there, watching as I stripped. "I'll make you a bet. If you can get me to cum in less than ten minutes, I'll hand the ropes over to you for a change. If not, you've got to hand over full control to me for a week. Sound good?" "You're on," she said with a grin. I grabbed my keys, found the right one and freed her of the handcuffs.

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She stood up and pushed me back onto the futon while dropping onto her knees. I started my watch, and she didn't waste time, impaling herself on my cock. I moaned with pleasure as she brought her chin down to my balls. Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and began to lick them. I was already starting to feel the harbinger of an intense orgasm. She used her luscious lips to her full advantage, wrapping them tight, and giving me the nice, wet, slow kind of blowjob that I liked.

After about five minutes, I was sweating and struggling to hold back. She grinned at me through the blowjob, and kept up the work. With a minute left, she knew I was close, but she also knew she was running out of time.

Her pace quickened, and she began to get serious.

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My watch went off, and I grabbed her hair and slid her off my dick. Without giving her a chance to respond, I pulled her gently to her feet, and pushed her not so gently onto her stomach on the futon.

She started to struggle out of instinct (though not desire), but I pressed some of my weight down on her and began to bind her wrists behind her back. Caught in an awkward position, she could do little to resist, and her hands were soon tied together. I added a tight elbow cinch for good measure and hauled her to her feet.

Her wavy, frizzy dark brown hair was all over the place in a way that only made her sexier. I pulled her in a close embrace and kissed her passionately, my still spit soaked cock pushing into her soft stomach.


I gave her a devilish grin and grabbed another length of rope. I folded it in half, and tied the middle around her wrists. Then I ran the two strands down between her legs, then up and over her shoulders back to the elbow cinch in a tight crotchrope.

Ellie tested the bonds a bit sending both pleasure and pain through her aroused clit. I guided her down onto her back on the futon, and straddled her body with my cock hovering inches above her face.

I toyed with her breasts, torturing her by rubbing the rough ropes over her nipples, pulling on her clit as well. She gasped and moaned in ecstasy and pain as I made her more and more horny. Finally, I slid my dick towards her lips, giving her a chance to finish what she started.

I wasted no time, sliding my dick all the way down her throat until my balls again rested on her chin. I let her enjoy the oral penetration for a few minutes, while I enjoyed her plight before pulling out and giving more shallow thrusts.

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Her phenomenal lips again brought me to the edge very quickly. Instead of letting her enjoy the salty taste of my seed, I pulled out and came on her face, taking special care to make sure she could reach very little with her tongue. A black thong carelessly lying in the center of the room gave me an idea.

Grabbing it off the floor, I used the panties to clean her face, and then shoved them into her mouth.

Instead of a quick cum and swallow, she'd be tasting me for a little while. I slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth to ensure they stayed put even though I knew I didn't have to. I hauled her to her feet once more, and helped her to her knees on the floor facing the futon. I pushed her forwards, prompting a muffled moan.

This tightened her crotchrope and I knew it. I cuffed one of the D-rings in her collar to the front bar on the futon, and after a few swats to the ass, left to get some dinner.

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