Domino in der Dusche von Troc

Domino in der Dusche von Troc
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My daughter Kelly Part 3 The end of Kelly part 2 What a feeling I know it had been a while since I had sex but nothing had ever felt as good her tight cunt had been the best I had ever had I had lost my will to her I was a perv so I thought I could have cried if it hadn't been so good,, Kelly part 2 Thank god it's Saturday I whispered to Kelly to go get a shower and get ready for breakfast I would have loved to stay in bed but looking at the clock I knew the younger ones would be up soon.

I got out of bed and headed for the shower, Kelly muttered something about do we have to get out of bed, I said to her no we have to think of the others, Kelly got up and strode off I knew she was in a mood, I had to leave it at that as Lilly and Tom burst in the squealed at me to get dressed so they could go shopping, I had promised to take them out for lunch, I climbed into the shower as they scurried out to get dressed.


As I dressed Kelly and Lisa walked into my room Lisa said shit I was hoping to catch you naked I called her a hussy and laughed at the look on her face, Lisa then said so you've had Kelly then? I smiled but said nothing, I asked Lisa is she was coming with us or are you going home, She replied I am definitely coming, I don't know why but this worried me.

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I don't why, she had always been mischievous and with a quirky sense of humour. We went downstairs I left them in the lounge and went into the kitchen made breakfast they all came through when I shouted them. It was very quiet while we ate I sate drinking coffee while the kids cleared up.

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Lilly came over to me jumped on my knee and asked when are we going, I said after I have had my coffee is that OK with you I asked she just smiled and gave me a cuddle. After coffee I checked the house and shouted time to go I stood at the front door and they all pushed past me and ran to the car, Normally Kelly would jump into the front seat today however Lisa was next to me I made sure they were all strapped in and started to drive away, On the way we dropped Toms friend of making sure he got in his mother came to the door and waved us off.

I was watching the traffic and ignoring what the kids were doing, when I came to a stop at traffic lights I glanced at Lilly she had hitched her skirt up I saw immediately she had no panties on she had her pussy on show she saw me looking and began to laugh, before I could say anything the car behind me tooted its horn to get me started, I pulled away and tried to calm down.

We arrived at the shopping centre without incident, I helped the little ones out the car and held there hands so was unable to say anything to Lisa, Both Lisa and Kelly kept smiling towards me, I knew something was going to happen.

Lilly and Tom wanted to go to the toy shops straight away so off we went, knowing I could let them explore a little without being on top of me this would give me a chance to have words with the 2 elder girls.

After the to youngest had gone to look round I grabbed Kelly and Lisa and made them sit down I turned to Lisa and said what's the idea of no panties, she said it was a surprise, I said it was that alright she answered you have seen nothing yet, what do you mean I quizzed she looked at me and said " you'll have to wait and see I have done this loads of times with my dad"!

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I was intrigued by this statement and let it pass, After a while Tom and Lilly came over and said they had decided what they wanted so I got up went with them to get there choices, I paid for them asking them to be put aside until we came back for them, as I didn't want to cart them around. We continued down the centre browsing in shop windows entering some stores, we entered a large dress store and the 3 girls decided they wanted to try some clothes on me not thinking said it would be ok, Lilly came back to me to try a couple of dresses I went to the changing rooms to get an assistant to take lilly in and help her, after a while she came bounding out with do you like daddy I said do you she replied yes ok get changed into the other one she jumped into the cubicle and I heard the assistant helping her to change the other 2 girls came with a few clothes to try on I saw them rush to the first cubical and then laughter burst out.

Kelly called me over as I stood in front of the cubicle she opened the door both her and Lisa stood there with identical outfits on a tight bodice with a push up bust arrangement and micro mini skirts to just below the crutch and high heel shoes they turned round round and bent forward revealing there assets I could have fallen over neither were wearing underwear bare skinny asses and a glimpse of pussy.

As I stood there jaw open a man walked by and said lucky sod nice view, The girls turned round smiled at him lifted the front of there skirts and said thank you he stood looking at them for a second and replied no thank you both.


He said sorry have to go he moved of quickly I saw him later with a woman in her early to mid 20s as we passed he said hi and continued with his partner, I thought about him for a while thinking I knew him from somewhere but in my highly charged state quickly forgot about him.

After traipsing round for a couple of hours without incident I decided it was time for a coffee I made my way to the concourse at the side of centre, I asked the girls to go for the drinks which they did they went with the 2 youngest as I sat there Lisa's father Pete came up and sat down I told him they had gone for coffee he jumped up and made his way over to the kids and asked for a drink to be fetched over to.

He sat with me while the girls came back we exchanged small talk the kids brought the drinks over to us they had also fetched a pie for us they sat opposite to us in the open concourse I didn't think anything of it until I noticed Lisa fidgeting as she lifted one foot up to the bench and her dress rode up flashing her pussy at all who wanted to see, she splayed her legs wide everything was open to view, she started to look round, I heard a couple of lads behind me snickering I looked round and was astounded to see not just the lads looking a few other people were including a couple of women one of which smiled and liked her lips, as I started to get up to tell Lisa to put her feet down Pete took hold of my arm and as I looked at him he said sit and watch she knows exactly what she is doing, I sat without another sound and started looking round to see what people were doing some were trying to ignore her others were raking quick glances but most were looking directly at her a couple were actually leering and rubbing themselves through there trousers.

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As I sat drinking my coffee Pete said she's been taught well, Lisa started whispering to Kelly who shook her head Lisa said something again and nudged Kelly with her elbow, I sat and watched in amazement as Kelly pushed her skirt up opened her legs and showed her pussy I sat there and watched while I became stiff I hadn't had a boner for years as big all 8 inches were like a steel bar.

This lasted for about half an hour when I eventually decided to move away I beaconed for the kids to follow me Pete walked alongside me, I asked what he was doing here he replied "Lisa rang me earlier and said you were taking them to town and she was going to flash she wanted to see how you would behave", Did she and how did I behave I asked him Surprisingly well he said, I asked what the kids wanted to do now the little ones said they wanted the fun house, the elder 2 didn't say anything Kelly grinned at me but said nothing Lisa walked over to her dad and semi whispered I could do with a good screw, I thought to myself so could I.

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We made our way to the fun house as soon as we got in I ordered lunch and had a quick pint while stood at the bar with Pete I asked if he was driving he said no came in a taxi, bought him a drink and got myself a coffee, we found a booth Kelly got in one side Pete and Lisa got in the other I slide alongside Kelly, she snuggled up to me and whispered how hot she was, I didn't know what to say just put my arm round her and gave her a squeeze.

The lunch arrived I asked Kelly and Lisa to find Tom and Lilly they rushed off a few moments later they came back and Lilly jumped up next to me, I picked her up and sat her the other side Tom Sat where Lilly had vacated the seat Lisa sat next to Pete and Kelly sat next to her.

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Lunch was eaten in a constant chatter I could remember little of what was said, After lunch and coffee the 2 younger ones disappeared again for an hour we sat and exchanged pleasantries, after a while the kids came back I said time to go, on the way out we collected our purchases, clothes and toys. I drove home, helped the kids in with there parcels Pete Helped while the 4 children ran ahead opening the doors, Kelly ran through to the kitchen and made drinks for Pete and myself, as we got comfortable the 2 youngest wanted to call for their friends I said ok and they disappeared.

Pete broached the subject of when I was due to move homes I said next couple of weeks he said he could come and help me pack things up if I wanted I told him that everything was being done by the movers as part of the insurance and thanked him, He said we had better have a chat soon don't you think I said yes but first things first I am getting Kelly on the pill and I suggest you do the same for Lisa, does your wife know what's going on with the two of you, Oh yes she lead me into it Her whole family are into incest, This surprised me over the past two days I have been finding out many things are a surprise.

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To be continued Comments are welcomed