Liza Rowe Faces Challenge Of Rico Strong Monstrous Schlong

Liza Rowe Faces Challenge Of Rico Strong Monstrous Schlong
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He walks into the room and there she is. Laying across the bed, her perfect bare ass poking up in the air, legs slightly parted. Giving him the perfect view of her pussy, which already glossy and wet. Ripe and ready for a good fucking. His dick hardens at the sight of her beautiful, petite body.

He slides his hand up her leg as he approaches closer to the bed. She starts to squirm in anticipation under his lustful touch as he slides his hand closer to her aching pussy.

She thinks he's about to rub her clit as he inches closer, but his hand slides up and over her ass. She lets out a sigh of frustration, "Please don't tease me, Sir." She whines. She feels a firm smack on her ass leaving a pain that sends pleasure through her core straight to her pussy. Making her squirm, leaving her body begging for more and her pussy dripping. She lets out a yelp and a low sexy moan.


"Did I tell you to speak?" He ask in a deep,husky, demanding voice that would make a woman weak in the knees. "No sir." She replies timidly. "Then why did you speak? Hmm. How many spanks should I give you for that?" She swallows the lump of excitement and lust in her throat, "5 sir." "I think I will give you 10. Count. Loudly and don't mess up I'll have to start over." He runs his hand back down her back caressing her soft, supple, ebony skin. He rubs and massages her ass in preparation for what's to come.

As he draws his hand back and she mentally braces herself for impact. Pushing away the urge to speak and beg him to just fuck her.

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Slap. "1 sir" Slap. "2 sir" Slap.

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"3 sir" Slap. "4 sir" She could feel her pussy clench and tighten with arousal at each hit. Slap. "5 sir" Her pussy was get wetter and wetter. The fire within her growing, her need growing.

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Slap. "6 sir" Slap. "7 sir" his breathing starts to become more shallow as he watches her ass bounce and turn more red with each smack. Slap. "8 sir" her voice becoming more strained. Making his dick harder.

He wanted to feel her mouth around him. Slap. "9 sir" Slap. "10 sir. Thank you sir." He walks around to her mouth and yanks her long, curly hair making her open her mouth.

"Suck it baby." She gladly complies. Taking the tip of his massive chocolate cock into her mouth. Licking and sucking all over it as she prepares her throat for deep throating his massive member. She runs her tongue the length of his shaft down to his balls and back up.

She focuses on the tip a little more savoring the salty taste of his pre cum. He pushes his dick further into her mouth, eager to feel the base of her throat.

She swallows his dick without any gagging at first but as he thrust in and out his girth is just a little too much for her to handle. She starts to gag, a sound he loves to hear.

He loves to hear her choke on his dick, it makes him even harder. He picks up his pace thoroughly and aggressively face fucking her. She tries her best to keep up with his pace not wanting to disappoint Sir. He looked down at her sweet ass, he needed to be buried inside her sweet pussy. He pulls his dick out her mouth and turns her around keeping her on her stomach. He lines is tip up with her entrance and pushes. She lets out a scream of pleasure as his long, hard, throbbing, dick fills her tight wet pussy.

He sinks all the way in, resting on her ass. He holds his place for a minute reveling in her tightness and her wetness. He starts to stroke long and deep, her body squirming to meet his thrust underneath him. Making him pick up his pace. He hits her spot just right making her cum over and over, clawing at the sheets as he smacks her ass.

"Yeah you like that don't you baby?


You like when I make you cum like a little slut?" He ask smacking her ass again. "Yes daddy." She manages to squeak out. He smacks her ass again "I can't hear you!" He says drilling into her harder. "Yes Sir!" He flips her over onto her back and puts both legs on his shoulders.

Then he plunges into her. Making her scream loudly as she cums all over him. "Who's pussy is this baby?" He ask her. "Yours Sir! It's all yours." She screams. His pace rabid and merciless he watches as her big beautiful breast smack her chin as he pounds into her. He slows down and strokes at an tantalizing pace. Filling her up all the way making her pussy stretch. "Please fuck me harder Sir!

Please make me squirt." He gives her, her wish picking up his pace he hits that sacred spot inside her only he can reach. A few strokes later she starts to squirt. This is his favorite part of fucking her. He doesn't stop as she's squirting and screaming.

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Her eyes roll back, her breathing hitches and her legs shake. He feels himself getting closer to cuming. He slows down and thrust deeply making sure she feels it in her stomach.

He feels himself almost to his max. He pulls out and pulls her head to his dick. Her mouth covers his dick just as he shoots out his first stream of his hot load.

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It hits the back of her throat, she feels the warmth as it slides down her throat. She takes it all in her mouth tasting every last drop of his sweet and salty elixir. "Thank you sir." The end.