Jasmine Webb and Karamel Twist are two black ladie

Jasmine Webb and Karamel Twist are two black ladie
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I was walking quietly down a busy street, I usually feel anxious by myself since you always hear about murders, mugging and rapes on every news channel. I needed to buy myself this manga that you can only get in the more dangerous part of town.

I try to concentrate on other things, mostly about the way I look. I've always been self conscious, looking a bit too girly. Pouty lips, thin, small waist and a round ass that always gets noticed.

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Then of course there are my eyes, big green eyes flattered by long black eye lashes. I sigh, being a guy was always hard for me.

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When I meet someone they often mistake me for a girl, then of course I nervously push back my excessively bleached blond hair and tell them my actual gender.

My chest to balls, I was completely hairless, I was the twink that everyone wanted to fuck. I almost got to my destination. I was shaking, for once I had to be strong and just get to the store. So far so good, I reach the store and pick up the manga. I leave as fast as I can, trying to ignore the whistling from a gang of men further ahead.

I wish that I was wearing something more casual, I had tight pale jeans, riding low and a shirt barely leaving anything to the imagination. I bite my lip and continue to walk, thankfully the men left except for a few. They looked so much larger then me, it was intimidating. The best way to escape this was to cross the street and walk on the other side walk. I begin to cross and feel a heavy hand on my shoulder, "hey baby" the man said, I turned around so that I could maybe run but he was grabbing me tightly.

I examined him, noticing his built body and piercing grey eyes. Not to mention the evident bulge peering out of his pants. I tried to escape again but he pulled my shirt and brought me against his chest. "Please stop, I promise I wont tell anyone, just let me go" I begged, trying not to sound whiny. But he looked angry, negotiating wasn't an option. He slapped me across the face and started to yell at me, I wasn't too sure of what he was saying, I was to nervous to be able to intake information.

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"You fucking slut, there are only two types of people here, hookers and gangs." He screamed in my face, rubbing his crotch against my leg, I could feel it growing and it seemed to get abnormally large. "I'm not a-- I don't sell myself, I just came here to buy a book." I wanted to show it to him, thinking it would help but he pushed away my hand so forcefully that my book fell on the floor.

"We're going to have some fun" He snickered, taking my arm and pulling me to a nearby alley. "LET ME GO!" I yelled at him, trying to push him away. Maybe someone would find me. This angered him, he took hold of my ass and squeezed it rudely, bringing his lips to my ear, "I'm going to teach you a lesson, it's going to teach you to walk around here like the little faggot slut you are." I squirmed a bit until he pushed me against a brick wall, "let's see if you can swallow cock" I gulped, I had never fucked, and was very inexperienced.

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He unzipped his pants and took out the most enormous cock I've ever seen, at least eleven inches and much thicker then my own wrist. How was I supposed to put that in my mouth. I didn't have a choice, he grabbed my head and forced my mouth open, shoving the throbbing member in my warm mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing, out of curiosity I ran my tongue against the large vein. He seemed impatient, I only had the head in my mouth so he pushed himself into me. I gagged as I felt his cock in the back of my throat, hitting it for what seemed like forever.

I looked up and noticed his eyes were staring down at me, an evil grin smeared on his face. "You like it don't you?" His pace quickened, I tried to breath but the immense member suffocated me, accidentally I bit on the throbbing shaft and knew I was going to die for it. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back towards the brick wall, "You stupid slut!

If you use your fucking teeth again I'll fuck you dry!" I gulped, imagining how painful it would be if he had that thing inside my tight virgin ass. "On the other hand, maybe I should just fuck you now." I shook my head in protestation, "Please." he laughed evilly and gave me a quick smack on the face, then pulled me back up from my knees.

"I'll be gentle" he mocked, mimicking my girly voice. I couldn't look at his face, instead I stared at his cock, how could that ever fit? Vivaciously he turned me around so that I would face the wall and pulled down my pants, "You're not wearing underwear, how convenient" he snickered again and spread my round butt cheek, fondling them roughly. In exactly one second I felt his length tear me open, I was seeing stars. "It hurts!" I cried out, my crying made him go even faster.

I felt my anus burning, his hugeness kept pounding inside of me, thrusting into it faster and faster. I thought I was going to pass out, instead I felt his hand travel up my shirt and he began to pinch my nipples, making them hard.

I couldn't help but moan, "you're very sensitive" he grunted, "and fucking tight!" Then his hand seemed to go down to my hardening cock, I don't know why I was turned on, the pain was unimaginable but I was even hotter when he began to stroke my weeping cock. He took the pre cum from the tip of my hard cock and brought it up to my lips, I was so lost in the moment that I began to suck on his fingers.

"You like the taste, whore?" I didn't answer, I could only concentrate on the feeling of his huge cock driving to my g-spot. "Answer me!!" I flinched, "I love the taste.give me more" I hesitated in saying that, because I just wanted to get this over with. He took his cock out of me and I instantly fell to the dirty floor, he turned my face towards his cock and began to stroke it furiously, "Keep your eyes open bitch, I want you to see my cum shooting out" He moaned again, after a few quick strokes the cum shot out, sending gobs of it on my face.

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He told me to open my mouth and when I did another load came in my mouth, it tasted salty but I couldn't seem to get enough. So I hastily sucked the tip of his cock and ran my tongue against it, making sure I got ever last drop, when I finally noticed what I was doing I blushed deeply and looked away.

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"Fucking whore" he commented, kicking me away and leaving me there lying on the floor. I thought it was over until I heard some voices from afar. "I broke him in.your turn!" It was all I could comprehend, I hoped I was wrong, I don't think I could suffer any more. My eyes opened and I noticed three large men around me, laughing at my perky ass and cum covered face. "Hey, this should be fun!" The smallest of them said, grabbing his balls.


They all unzipped their pants and let there cocks out, two of them had pretty average sizes but the largest of them all was shocking. Twelve inches a meat, and it was a size of a soda can in width. I couldn't even blink, or breath. Without any notice one of them pulled me up and started to suck my cock, he was so talented, his tongue swirling around the tip and a hand stroking all the way to the base of it and one hand rubbing my balls, I bucked my hips forward, wanting more contact with his mouth.

I moaned loudly, wanting to grab his hair and push myself deeper into him, the hotness of his tongue and soft sucking made me want to faint.

"Give me a hand job, slut!" The other one said, without even thinking about it I grabbed on to his erection and started to give it quick and tight strokes, I felt the pre cum dribbling over my hand. All of this pleasure made me forget about the pain in my ass but that's when I felt the head of the last guys gigantic cock about to enter me.


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It won't fit! YOU CAN'T!" I screamed as I continued to stroke one of the man's cocks, but the guy about to fuck me ignored it. Suddenly I felt him impale me, stretching my hole so badly that I cried in agony. It was odd though, I felt this warm mouth sucking on my dick and it felt so fucking good and the pain seemed to go well with it.

I arched my back and tried to squirm out, he didn't use any lube so it burnt like hell and I could feel blood trickling down my lip from biting it too hard, "I'm begging you, if you stop I'll pay you!" All three men suddenly stopped, they looked insulted, the guy with the huge cock pulled me towards his cock, I felt it going in between my thighs, "I don't want your fucking money!

You know what? You don't deserve to be sucked, boys.leave for a second. You'll get your fun later." The two other men left, leaving me with this cruel man. He threw me to the floor and forced me to spread my legs, slowly he went down on me and positioned himself so he could easily fuck me. I was even more scared, he forced my legs to spread even wider, exposing my throbbing dick and ass hole, which was still very tight and in a lot of pain.

He forced himself on me, I could still see the satisfied look on his face as he filled me with his length.

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I wanted to relieve myself of the massive erection I had, but I was so afraid to even move. A few more thrusts later he spilt all his warm cum into my ass, the feeling was actually good but it was all so overwhelming.

Everything became pitch black and I slumped backwards. For several hours I just laid there with my ass gaping, cum seeping out like a torrent. I think that the other men came to fuck me too since I had fresh cum in between my thigh and drizzled on my face. I was so glad no one had found me, it would have been so humiliating. I was still so turned on, I started to play with my nipples and stroke my stiff cock.


I took the other men's cum and spread it over my cock and began to fuck my self, not stopping for a breath. With one had thrusting up and down my cock the other hand was fingering my ass hole, easily coming in and out as I spread my legs so I could finger myself deeper. I bent over a bit so that when I got that blissful orgasm, sending shivers into my body, my huge load of cum would shoot into my mouth.

It tasted so good, my cock was pulsing and I saw my anus clench around the finger that I dipped inside. Difficultly I looked around the alley for my clothes, after finding them I put them on, ignoring the cum that was drenching my jeans.

Finally home, I ran into the washroom and took a shower, my mom of course questionned me for leaving so long. I gave her the old excuse of studying, and she bought it. Unfortunately my dad didn't, when I was in my room thinking about what had happened and glad that I didn't have any cum on me he came in.

My dad was really tall and serious looking, he scared me sometimes but when he looked at me he had a strange appearence, almost seductive and aroused. Something I had never seen on him.


"Daniel, I'm not blind. I saw your clothes covered in cum.you've been very naughty" I pulled my blanket up to my neck, hoping he wouldn't notice my evident arousal, my cock was aching for attention. He approached me and placed his hand on my ever growing erection, groping me and playing with it through the cloth.I flinched, "Daddy, it hurts." "I know, and when I'm done with you it'll hurt even more" He removed the blanket from my body, and admired my small and toned form, he drooled at the sight of my quivering cock.

I wondered what he would do to me, I always wanted my dad's full lips around my cock. A small moan escaped my lips when his tongue sucked on my balls, dragging his tongue down to the pink hole in my ass. I couldn't wait to get to cum in daddy's mouth.