Mi novia caliente me dice que quiere coger en su sala

Mi novia caliente me dice que quiere coger en su sala
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I woke up late missing my cup of morning coffee and more importantly the weather report. They had us under a state of emergency because of the icy, snow covered roads.

I decided to take the back roads into work since I was running late. I knew it was a mistake after a minute of driving but there was nowhere to turn around. And then, it happened, as I was approaching a curve, my vehicle spun out of control and I landed in a ditch. The work crew were grumbling a little for having to be out in such weather but their foreman had insisted. Looking out of the window, something caught the foreman's eye.

It was fresh tire tracks going into a ditch. He told the driver to stop so he could take a quick look and call it in if help were needed. He approached the car and brushing the snow from the window, he thought his eyes were deceiving him when he saw looking back at him, an angelic face surrounded with long golden curls and eyes as blue as the sky.

Her full lips were trembling and one lone tear slid out of the corner of her eye. He knew at that moment that he had to have her. But he also knew that he would have to share her with the crew if he didn't want to have a mutiny on his hands. He didn't mind sharing but he wanted to have her first.

As I looked through the window, it was like looking into the eyes of a God. With his long, coal black hair, tied back. Prominent, finely chiseled nose and his piercing dark brown smoky eyes looking into mine.

And he was huge, not fat, but hard as rock with bulging muscles. I was instantly wet! He opened my door and in a gentle voice, he asked if I were hurt and I said no but could he call a tow truck for me. He said he could and would I like a ride with him and his work crew. I was a little nervous because I've heard how rowdy a work crew can get. I started to say no but then he stretched out his hand to me and I couldn't resist him.

When we got to the truck, the foreman had the guys move around in the truck so that he was sitting in the back but there still wasn't room for me.

He told me I would have to sit on his lap which I agreed to because one, it was only five minutes to where I worked and two, I wanted the pleasure of feeling myself pressed against him! MMM. So masculine. The foreman's lap had heat radiating from it. I hope he doesn't notice my squirming but I have to get just a little bit closer to him.

I want some sweet thoughts of sitting in his all male lap to take to bed with me tonight. MMMM. My My My, I do believe he has a hard on. So lost in my naughty thoughts, it took me a minute to realize that we had passed the turn off to where I needed to go.

I asked them to please turn around but the foreman told me that they had decided that I would be going home with them for the day. Well, of course I was scared, even though I thought the foreman was hot, I didn't have sex with strangers and I had never been with more than one man at a time. I could feel the vibes in the truck and smell the male testosterone. I was about to be raped by all six of them if I didn't do something fast!

I begged them to just stop the truck and let me out which they refused so I grabbed the handle and actually had the door open when the foreman grabbed hold of my hair with one hand, closing and locking the door with the other. The foreman was going crazy with the need to possess this little beauty.

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Didn't she know what she was doing to him moving around like that. He felt his common sense leave him as he plunged his tongue into my mouth demanding a response. Oh my God!

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What is he doing to me? My body feels like it is on fire and he tastes so good. The way he is slowly rubbing my lips with his and then grazing them with his teeth.


MMM. And his sucking my tongue has me seeing stars! I can't get enough of him as I press myself into him and then I hear a sound and come to my senses realizing I have an audience. I also realize that they all expect to take turns with my body.


I start fighting in earnest. Grabbing hair, scratching, head butting and kicking someone in the shin. Then suddenly I was locked in a firm hold and the foreman was whispering in my ear that if I liked it rough that he could be very rough when we got to the house but if I didn't want to be hurt for now, I needed to follow his every command. He told me to undress and forgetting what he had just said, I started fighting again, elbowing him in the groin.

The foreman told the men to strip me. I felt several hands on me and before I realized what was happening, I found myself naked, laying facedown across the laps of the workers with my face against the foreman's huge cock.

They had tied my hands together with my bra. He says I must kiss his cock and make it better. I flicked my tongue against the head of his penis tasting it as I did so. MMM yummy. I realized that it wouldn't be such a hardship and if I pleased him, he might let me go. So I started licking, nibbling and sucking on his balls, shaft and head. Taking him all the way into my throat and then slowly pulling back until just the head was left in my mouth.

He then grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and throat with his rock hard cock! He gave a nod to the other workers in the back seat and someone started smacking me hard on the ass. I was being punished for disobeying the boss. Then they started being more gentle and began massaging my clit and gently ringing my anus with the tip of a finger and then a tongue.

My body started betraying me and I could feel my pussy begin to come to life, my juices beginning to run down my legs. I begin to rock my body against and into this invasion. Wanting this to never stop. I loved the feel of my breasts being crushed against the foreman's lap, rubbing my nipples erect as i moved against him taking his cock in and out of my mouth. The foreman gave a nod of his head and everyone released me and I felt myself being lifted across the foreman's lap and down onto his shaft.

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I had forgotten to struggle. All I cared about was being impaled on his cock. I wanted all of it in me. Even though I was soaking wet, he was so big, he had to take his time, slowly moving me up and down, giving my vagina a chance to adjust to him.

Once I could take all of him into me, He began lifting me up and down in lightning strokes, touching every sensitive spot in me. Then he stopped and waited a few seconds to get control of himself and lifted slowly then pushed me down fast and hard entering my ass.

I was so hot that I welcomed the pain and pleasure of his cock entering me so forcefully. Another worker knelt down and began working my clit with his teeth and tongue, slipping his fingers up into me, caressing my gspot, while I was being pummeled from behind. I felt myself going over the edge having the strongest orgasm of my life. My whole body was shaking from such a thorough fucking. That was amazing!

I was immediately lifted off of the foreman's shaft and onto the next man's cock. The other three workers in the back were all over me, shifting and bending me every which way taking turns fucking me in the ass, mouth and pussy. They pulled my hair, slapped me and left bite marks all over my breasts. It was acutally a turn on to be so powerless to stop the abuse on my body. When they were done with me, they passed me up to the front so the other two men could have a turn.

The front passenger positioned me so that I was giving head to the driver while he knelt behind me alternating between fucking my pussy and ass with his thick 10 inch dick.

Taking turns smacking one ass cheek and then the other. The driver curled his fingers into my hair and began working me up and down on his cock. Just as my mouth was completely engorged with his cock, he would slowly pull me back up and then slam me all of the way back down again.

Taking my breath away. The rhythm of both men fucking me began to increase and then they both slammed into my mouth and ass one final, brutal time filling me with their hot cum. Leaving me exhausted and in a daze. I realized the truck had stopped in an isolated area in the woods in front of a ranch style home.

As good as it felt having the men giving me multiple orgasms, I knew I had to get out of there.

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I waited until the foreman had come around to open the door and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I took off running into the surrounding trees. Get her yells the foreman before he takes off running after her. "When I am through with her " he thinks to himself, she will be running to me instead of away from me!

This fantasy continues because it has been with me for years so watch for part 2 All rights are reserved to this story.

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