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Merlin's family ------------------ Merlin Gwendydd - sister Morgenau - brother Morial - brother Morien - brother Mordaf - brother - Naci's father ----------------------------------------- Lying down for the night I was awake for a while as several ideas were floating through my mind. Obviously I was going to have to change tactics.

With all I did I didn't really think that any of the tricks I had pulled would really fool any of them much longer. Reaching out I once again made sure that all the security I had set was ready to go. No sense finally getting to this point and get killed by getting sloppy. Especially now that I had Naci a hell of a lot stronger than she was when this started. Thinking back to when I had made her defense strands stronger what was that reaction that she'd had?

It had almost felt like pleasure. What in the hell was all that about? It wasn't meant to bring pleasure only to make her stronger so she could survive. Hell, forget asking her, she was as closed lipped as Merlin was when you wanted to know something. As I lay there and pondered longer I heard Naci turn over then I felt her eyes on me. "Is all alright husband Toman?" I heard her ask. "You seem to be having trouble sleeping." "I am at the moment Naci; I am confused about a great many things.

When the hunter showed up today after the others, he was almost completely healed. It would take a being of enormous power to do that. His father is about the only one I can think of that could do that. Although as you know, I injured him also." Shaking my head I had a bad feeling about this. "I believe we should go tomorrow. If what I feel is true we aren't safe here now." Naci nodded her head, "Where you go husband, so therefore I go." I was nodding not really paying attention to what she'd said though when I looked at her I swear I saw a look of something familiar on her face.

Shrugging I let myself finally slip into the comfort of the darkness.


The next morning I felt Naci as she got out of her bed. Springing up I immediately started to go through all that I had talked to her about yesterday. Yes, I most definitely felt we should go, though not before I left a few surprises. Naci was watching as I started to pull several bags out of my pockets. Waving my hand over all of them I smiled then walked to the edge of our camp carefully spreading what was inside at even paces.

An hour later I felt I was ready then took several pieces of wood shaping and remaking them. Finally satisfied, I sat to eat seeing that Naci had almost all of the camp repacked ready to go. Nodding to her I watched as she quickly finished as I did with my meal. I had to time this right if I was going to catch the ass this time.

This hunter was as his father had said the best. I therefore needed to be at my best if I was going to defeat him, looking at Naci I decided for the both of our sakes.

I had just opened the portal as Naci was moving toward it when I felt the hunter's energy nearing. Diving I knocked Naci to the ground covering her body as a bolt of electricity flew over us.

Nodding, I shouldered Naci diving into the portal as another bolt struck where I had been laying with her. Turning I was collapsing the portal even as I saw another bolt heading for the opening. Shit I thought this was going to be close as the outer edges started to fold in. I just hope I had been fast enough. A moment later the portal slammed close then I was turning the both of us back the way we'd just been.

Naci looked at me with a gaping mouth. "Why are we heading back Toman, won't he be able to find us far easier?" Smiling I shook my head, "this is one of many turns that we will be making Naci. If I am to completely baffle him I have to go in several directions and times to lose him." Naci was also nodding as she was starting to see the logic of what I was doing.

Emerging almost an hour later, I let Naci begin to erect our camp while I opened a portal sending a mage's eyes through. Then I opened another closing the first. Finally a few moments later I saw it emerge in the last place we had been. Looking quickly I saw that the hunter hadn't moved far from the spot. A wry smile came to my lips as I saw that he was now quite stuck to the spot he'd stepped in. "Ah! I see that the little coward has sent his toy.

As always, afraid to face me," Rigal was screaming as I saw that he was finally starting to make head way with all that was holding him. "Ha! You are one to talk of a straight forward fight. No I'd say that it is you that are a true coward, by hiding behind your toys and attacking females. I am sure that the others hunters what few are left are so proud of you.

As I am sure that demon father of yours is as well. Yes, I know. I know his name and very soon I'll have all I need to rid the magic world of him." I said trying to entice the Rigal into doing something far more stupid.

"No one will listen to you! With Merlin dead you have no one to fall back on. With the death of each member of the council you only draw a tighter noose around your neck. "Rigal said also trying to raise my ire. Though I knew it wasn't going to work as I really held all the cards at this time.

"Dream on Rigal, soon your pitiful excuse for a demon father will be dead and I'll be free. I expect your father has a special punishment for you when you fail!" Laughing at him I could see that I had finally hit home with the comments.

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"Enjoy the toys Rigal these are a lot better than the first batch I made, a lot better." Laughing I heard Rigal scream as there was a ripping of flesh sound then the mage's eye went dark. Turning with a smile I saw that Naci had been watching and listening. The slight look of horror on her face only made my sigh. "I'm sorry Naci; I can't have him trying to hurt you or the people of the village. Nodding I saw the understanding come to her eyes, "I know all this Toman. It just takes a bit of time for me to accept all that we have to do; so much evil against your family, OUR family." "I just hope that one day there can be a family.

With all this going on I don't know if we will ever have one. Though I have to tell you Naci having you with me has helped me greatly." I told Naci eliciting an even wider smile on her face.

Suddenly she came to me holding me close to her. I could feel her heart beating faster than I think I had ever felt it before. Shaking my head I had to wonder was she sick. Stepping back Naci nodded at me then lowered her head. "When we BOTH are ready the time will present its self. I know that you like I know nothing much of making a family nor children.

I am honored to experience both with you, though as you said 'til we are well past all of this." With that she moved off rearranging the camp as she knew that I'd want things for the next few days.

Strange I thought there seemed to be more spring to her step as she moved. Then I looked closer at the sway of her hips, suddenly I was feeling parts of my anatomy growing again as I tried to turn away. Shaking my head I was wondering what in the hell was going on.

A moment later I saw Naci bend over to pick up a few things looking back she saw me watching her, especially her rear end. Then the strangest thing she shook her behind a bit with a smile at me as she straightened up. Moving off I saw that the smile was still plastered to her face.

'Ok,' I thought, 'just what in the hell was going on? I had been around her almost a year and a half now. This was the first time I had ever seen her react like this.' Shaking my head I concentrated making a mage's eyes appear. Looking through all I could, I had to start in on the council again. He had finally started to weaken Ukobach's hold on the council. Though only slight it was a beginning. At least now there was no way that the bastard could get a unanimous agreement to destroy any other families.

Nodding Toman could see that all the sub-mages were dead or gone. Smiling he figured that much, as powerful as he was and getting more each day they weren't even distractions.

No he knew that Ukobach would have as many traps as he could for him. Sitting there he nodded yes, it was finally time to start changing tactics in order to bring things more to a head. Besides with any luck that bastard hunter son of his was lying broken and bleeding in all the traps that he'd left.

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Going through all I could I soon saw that Ukobach was railing about the fact that there were hardly any hunter's left to try and find me and Naci. Smiling I nodded, if I had my way about it the strongest would be gone soon also. Calling Naci I finally settled on the next of the weakest council members.

"You have, I hope, a better plan to go after this one? I really don't like seeing you bleeding and hurt like I have seen the last few times." She told him sternly.

Holding up my hands in a sign of surrender I smiled, "I think so, we are about to change the way we go after them. I know they are expecting us to keep after them as we have. They obviously think I am still a child with no idea of strategy." Laughing a moment I continued, "I think that this will catch them unaware for a bit, although we will still have to watch for any guards." Naci nodded as I went into the plan finally smiling when I finished.

Waving my hand I made a portal as we traveled to the magic realm. I just hoped that two less to agree with him put a real damper on Ukobach's plans. At least I was hoping so there was no real telling with this power hungry ass.

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As Naci and I emerged into the magic realm I quickly collapsed the portal to keep as much attention away from us as possible. Nodding to Naci I changed both of our appearances then we started forward toward a rather shabby home.


I searched around feeling the numerous traps that were obviously littering the place. Shaking my head these were easily dealt with. Still a ways off I then did another scan feeling more and more traps, hmm I thought these were obviously not the council members as I quickly rid the place of these. It was almost an hour later that I nodded, I had I hoped the last of them. "I did at least eight scans," I whispered to Naci as she nodded. "I just hope that I got all of them or we are dead." I had started to move forward when I felt Naci's hand on my arm.

"Wait Toman," she said as I saw her concentrate on the house. "I am still feeling a few there, I'm afraid I'm not able to disable them." Shocked I touched her arm seeing the obvious ones that I had missed. Leaning down I kissed Naci without thinking as a thank you.

The shock that went through the both of us damn near knocked me off my feet! Breathing hard I told her, "Thank you Naci I think you may have saved both our lives." Panting she smiled up at me, "As I said husband, I am here for you as I will always be." Nodding to her I got rid of the rest then waited as she looked over the rest of the house.

"No more Naci?" I asked. She was concentrating then pointed to the front. Looking I didn't see anything 'til she touched my arm again. Cursing I waved my hand again making it vanish. "That appears to be the last that I see." Naci breathed out. Nodding both of us moved into the home awaiting the council member to return. Several hours later the mage made his way toward us. Tensing up it took all I had to keep my power as low as I had made it. Within a few minutes the mage was finally inside with his guards waiting outside.

Moving through the house I had to wait as I'd only get one chance at this. The mage had just sat on his bed his pants around his ankles when I struck. Choking the mage tried to call his guards to no avail. To his utter surprise he also found he couldn't move. Leaning down to him I whispered in his ear.

"You traitor! Giving the magical realm to a banished demon! Then you dared to go after my family.


With your death that repulsive demon will lose another part of his control!" Reaching in I started to violently rip every power every spell out of him as fast as I could. Normally this would have disgusted me though with the putrid thoughts this one had I felt I was more squashing a bug than a mage. Laughing I again whispered as I told him, "You are now a putrid human as you called them.

I am sure that the council will give you a quick death though, I hope not." I opened a portal for two seconds throwing the mage through slamming it shut. I was already making a portal as we both heard the guards pushing their way up the stairs. Diving in with Naci I was slamming the portal shut even as we were barely were in the entrance. I thought I heard several blasts as the portal closed though I felt nothing heading our way. Good I thought as I felt Naci navigating the tunnel even as I was collapsing it behind us.

Again we both emerged a little faster than I had intended. Landing on my back, Naci fell on top me almost full force as I gasped. Pressed into the ground I was trying to catch my breath as it seemed Naci had the wind knocked out her also. Finally able to speak she looked down at me still slightly gasping for breath.

"Toman husband, though I do enjoy this closeness, we need to work on our returns. It might be beneficial for us to set up something to make this easier." Leaning closer she whispered, "It might make things easier if you are breathing in case there is an attack waiting." Finally able to breathe again I looked into her eyes seeing that strange look that I had seen a few times. I was still baffled as to what it was. "Yes," I started, "I believe I am starting to see the merit in what you said." Nodding Naci seemed to stretch out further on me wiggling a little before she sighed moving off me.

The moment she broke contact I almost felt as a piece of myself had been ripped away! Alright now I was really starting to feel confused! Gasping for breath I watched as Naci slowly ever so slowly moved off toward our camp.

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Damn! Was she blushing after our contact? Shaking my head now I was having trouble getting off the ground. Looking down I saw this new reason for my discomfort. Shaking my head again I wished I had, had more time to have talked to Pops about all these confusing feelings I was starting to feel.

Finally off the ground I stretched trying to work the pain of having Naci landing on me out. Dropping like a stone into the nearest chair I went over the last attack we had come from. We'd gotten two of the council, but that only weakened Ukobach's position. We had to remove at least half before he'd be seriously hampered, perhaps even come after us himself.

_____________________________________________________________ Within the council chamber there was a whoosh then a thud as a body flew out of the air. Several of the members hissed as the now all human body lay there at their feet. All of them looked at the leader hissing even harder, "Remove it!

The very presence is tainting the sanctity of the council chambers!" Ukobach looked at the body a slight sweat breaking out on his forehead. With a grimacing smile he stretched his hands out as he started to examine the body. Damn it! Another of the council! This little wild magic user was starting to become more than a nuisance.

This made one sixth of the council he'd no longer be able to control.

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Though not impossible it would make things harder to do. Bending close to the body he whispered, "Too bad asshole." Then the body was suddenly ash. The rest of the council breathed a sigh of relief; finally the chambers were starting to feel better. A moment later the strongest of the council spoke. "We have to do something. That makes two of the council that has been destroyed!

This cannot be tolerated any longer. Even with the rumors that are now circulating about him and his family, this has to stop!" The newest member of the council was staring at the mage wondering what in the hell had he stepped into. He was the lowest of all of them though his vote counted a hell of a lot more than it had.

Shaking his head he thought, it might be a good time to seek some council of my own. Ukobach was nodding his agreement with the council member as he watched the weakest, new member. It wouldn't do to kill this one. As the newest replacement, the magic realm was watching the newest member the most.

Plus now he had to replace this idiot, sighing Ukobach stood. "With the decimation of the hunter corps it will prove more difficult." The strongest member nodded then spoke. "Perhaps if we put the guard corps after him?

They are far stronger than the hunters, well, all but your son, Council leader." The mage quickly corrected. Ukobach was nodding though if he did that it would leave the other nine far more open from attacks by this little annoying pest. Sitting he had to think of a solution before he lost more power on the council.

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He needed almost all of them to move against the magic world. He was powerful yes, strong yes, but against most of the magic world he really had no power. Sighing at least there is no more Merlin; if that ass was still alive than he'd have no chance. The last time he and Merlin had met, the mage had seriously hurt him. That plus the fact that his losing to the mage had gotten him banished from hell.

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A small smile crossed his lips; damn it would have been good to have absorbed that ass's power. Oh well he thought, he was seriously going to reward whom ever had ended that one. Shaking his head, he might as well get this over. Opening the chamber back up Ukobach nodded as another new mage stepped forward. He knew this one, no where nearly as powerful as a lot of mages, he did have a lot of influence.

"Hail Corth!" Ukobach greeted him. "You are the next in line for the council. Serve it and the magical realm well!" The one known as Corth nodded with a smile as his vision went over each member of the council.

His eyes stopped momentarily on Pikon then back to Ukobach. Bowing he spoke, "I will endeavor to uphold all the standards of the magic realm, Council leader," Corth said with a small smile lighting up his features when his face was hidden.

Now Corth thought we shall see what we will, now that one sixth of the council is more unknown to Triallas Terrabon. Rubbing his chin he again eyed the rest of the council, he barely knew of this Toman but he liked the changes he was starting to see.

'Yes,' he thought, 'we will see indeed.' As Corth moved further into the chamber Triallas Terrabon watched him and the other new member. Then his brow furrowed, why did he feel that something was off with that mage? Nodding he was REALLY going to have to keep an eye on the both of them!