The Camp The Right Attitude Szilvia Lauren

The Camp The Right Attitude Szilvia Lauren
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The thought of fucking Celeste again excites me. I start to breathe harder. My cock starts to rise at the thought of fucking her. I close my eyes, I can visualize her crawling towards me, eyes on fire. Staring at me like I'm her prey. I feel a sensation deep within my body growing.

I need to release the long pent up animalistic energy I've built from last night. I slowly start to stroke my rock hard cock. As I'm stroking, I see her slowly stretch her arms out towards me. Her fingernails remind me of the sharp claws of a lioness. She arches her back and glares at me. She starts to circle me. I can smell her feminine essence. Her scent is driving me mad with desire. I start to stroke my cock harder. I snarl back at her. I bare my teeth and growl.

Are we testing each other? Seeing who will back down first? The hackles on the back of my neck rise up. I'm on fire. It's all finally falling into place, Celeste is enjoying sex for the first time in her life.

The primal beast within me is being unleashed.


I stroke faster now.Both of us are glaring at each other, our eyes smoulders with primal lust. Looking for any weakness. Circling, reaching out to one another. Testing, my primal urge to pounce is growing stronger.

My body tenses to leap, I'm stroking my cock even harder now. She glances down, showing submission. I strike, like the Lion strikes a Gazelle on the African plains. I land on top of her back, sinking my teeth into her shoulder. She screams with anger and pleasure.

My cock impales her from behind, thrusting hard and deep. Determined not to let her escape, I'm thrusting harder and deeper. She continues to howl in pain and pleasure but it's different now, softer.

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My guttural primal scream is loud. I release her neck, convinced she isn't going anywhere and place my head on her shoulder. I took a deep breath and held her in place, steadily pushing myself into her. Half way in I stop and exhaled. Celeste winces and groans in pain as her tightness gives way to my cock. She isn't prepared for another impalement of my massive cock.

All she can do is lay under me, as my cock slides deeper into her and her vaginal walls part and mold around me. Fortunately, the initial pain soon subsides as pleasure takes hold. Celeste stops groaning and starts to take deep breaths in preparation. I hear her labored breathing and again thought about the fact that I'm mating a beautiful Arab woman, I breath in once more, hold it for a moment, then arch my back and slowly press myself into her soft sweet opening until the most precious entrance of her body pressed on my cock head.

I release my breath with a sigh and pause a moment to enjoy the feeling. The euphoria caused by the heat and dampness of her tight vaginal canal made me relax. I feel small amounts of cum seep out of my cock and into her. Celeste feels my release too. Her eyes open wide and she straightens her body as she feels me throbbing inside her. She knew this was a new experince and tried to fight the intense pleasure that is screaming to be released.

She knew she is helpless under my weight so she relaxed her body a little hoping the incident would end soon. She lay on the floor feeling my seed soak into her body. Tears formed in her eyes and she begins to cry. I didn't hear her.

It wouldn't have mattered. I'm lost in the ecstasy caused by the heat and pressure on my penis, both of which increased the further I pushed into her. When I feel her relax, instinct commanded me to pull her in tighter so all of my semen would remain in my lioness. I continue to let small amounts of my semen escape into her womb as I prepare to continue my mating. I'm proud that I have such a magnificent Arab beauty. For a short while Celeste surrendered to me. She patiently submitted to my hugs and grunts of pleasure.

Suddenly, she feels me push deeper into her and decided that she would not permit me to continue. Instinctively, Celeste tightens her body and squeezes my cock as hard as she can. I raise my head and groan loudly in pure elation at the sudden increase in force. As the rapture subsides, I let my body relax. Later that evening as she lay down on the bed, I reach for her breasts pulling her toward me by the nipples grasped firmly between my thumb and forefingers.

She gasps as I suck her left breast deeply into my mouth. She feels her nipple rub against my palate as I suck her left breast while massaging the other. When I release her breast, her nipple extended at least an inch fully hard and throbbing.

Her cunt is soaked again. I lay down behind her, my cock hard. I drag it along her thigh, she opens her legs allowing me to thread it into her dripping cunt. As I thrust into her from behind, she again has a deep retching orgasm. All night long we fucked.

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She sat over my cock raising and lowering herself feeling the build-up of another orgasm as my thick rod stroked the inflamed walls of her vagina; I flip her onto her back and climb on top of her. She spreads her thighs wide open and pulls them up high so I can get very deep while stroking her swollen g-spot and dragging her clit along my massive tool.

She places her legs over my shoulders as I grab her hips pulling her body up over my cock. She laid under me, as I kiss her neck softly.

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My cock filling her as I thrust in and out of her, it feels incredible having me inside her. We are still doing something she is uncomfortable with, she is uncomfortable surrendering to me again.

I lay my hairy stomach on her soft flat belly, Celeste moans as I push my meat inside her. The head of my big cock disappears into her tunnel and I push the shaft in deep behind it. Taking my big hard cock into her pussy put pressure on her cervix. She thought my big dick would go on filling her pussy forever. I force in all of my cock and held it deep inside her. She feels her pussy open wider than before.

The sensation of this huge meat inside her teetering between pain and pleasure. I begin to thrust my cock into her slow at first. I knew what I was doing to her with each stroke of my big tool. Celeste grunted under the pressure of having her pussy opened up so wide over and over as I slam into her with increasing speed. I'm slamming into her more forceful now. My hips slamming into her body making a fleshy slapping noise with each powerful stroke.

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Celeste groaning as I slam into her, " Oh God, fuck me John," She moans. " Make me cum John! Fuck my pussy faster! Oh God, I'm gonna cum John," she groans. With her last moaning words. She let loose a gush of her fluids from deep inside her throbbing pussy.

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Her pussy ejaculate sprayed out of her cunt and covered my cock in slippery juices. Her wet sloppy pussy gushed a second load then another. Wave after wave of intense orgasms crashed into her. She cries out in passion, " Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me John!" She wraps her legs around my back and lock her feet together. Doing this put her in a position to lift her ass off the mattress so she can buck her pelvis in unison with my hard strokes.

She rocked her pelvis back and forth sliding her pussy up and down my cock as I slam into her from the top. She clenches her legs harder around me as I fuck her. Clenching her legs like this tightened the muscles in her cunt around my cock tighter and tighter. I love how hard she is fucking me. She isn't laying there like a dead fish, she is returning all the energy I put into her. She is fucking me back as hard as I'm fucking her.

Her soft tits mashed against my chest as she wraps her arms and legs around me. I push my big cock deeper into her and held it there. She gyrated her hips grinding her wet cunt against me. " Am I fucking you good enough John?" She asks.

" Lift your legs up higher," I instructed her as I continue slamming into her. She grasps her ankles with both hands and pull her legs up higher and wider. I re-position myself with my weight on my forearms and my chest held up off of her. I fuck her harder than I did before.

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Each dominating stroke jostling her petite body, her soft tits jiggled with every deep stroke. I feel my cock throbbing and knew I was close to dumping my seed. " I'm gonna cum," I grunted to her. " Cum inside me. I want you to cum John," Celeste assured me, she is ready and willing to take my load. With that exchange I ram my hips into her with one more massive stroke and slap my balls against her butt.

I groan loudly with my release. The eruption of sperm from my cock is so strong I feel like my balls implode on themselves. Again and again my hot sperm spewed out from the head of my cock filling her. Each jet of sperm made my balls ache as they propelled their contents forward. She is delighted in the feel of my warm seed filling her. The load of cum she took is so massive she cannot hold it all inside her. It drained from her sloppy cunt along with her juices and oozed around my semi-hard cock.

We slept with my semi-hard cock lodged in her cunt. When she woke up, her body ached, her cunt lips were swollen, her clit was huge and hung low, her vagina is sore and tender to touch.

She returned to the bed from the bathroom, she thought I was still asleep. I grab her, rolling her on her back, I spread her legs wide.


Her entire body is pressed against my body. She feels my hairy chest against her breasts and my arms close around her shoulders holding her tight to me. She feels the warmth streaming from my body onto hers as I hiss into her ear, " You are mine, I never give up anything that belongs to me." She feels excitement running up her spine at the ownership displayed in my voice.

It sounds so primal, so instinctive, but still she feels excited by my outburst. As if I'm an ancient male stating my ownership over a submissive female. She feels a slight trembling move through her body before her brain fought the feeling of being dominated. She would not back down easily and let me decide over her. She had to fight me. To prove that even though I'm bigger than her, she can still make her own decisions and that she refused to let me walk all over her.

She struggles to escape from my grip. I only held her tighter to my chest. " Perhaps you need to learn who is master in this relationship," I murmured. She gasps at my words and before she managed to blink or try to move away, I had plastered my body on top of hers and grabbed her arms. Holding her arms stretched out over her head I settle my body between her thighs. My lower body hit her in the juncture of her thigh and she gasps as she feels my hard cock touch her pelvis.

It is increasing in size and hardening at the same time and she starts to struggle to get away from the heat streaming from my body and into her. Her breath catches as I slowly rub my abdomen against her struggling body, making her cunt moisten suddenly for comfort and her breathing increasing.

She is shocked by the realization that I can make her body crave me by only rubbing against her. This did not make any sense, she has never felt this way before. Still, her body had decided even though her brain fought against the realization. " Get off me, John!" she cursed at me. " Oh no, you're not getting away so easily this time," I said smugly. I rub my cock against her pelvis and smile as she gasps as the unexpected pleasure surges through her, making her breathing even more erratic.

" Like what you feel, darling?" I ask smugly. She just shook her head and I continue as she encouraged me. " Want more?" " No! I said get off me!" she gasps, her breathing is labored with the combined pressure of my body on top of hers and the rubbing that is arousing her senses. " No. I can almost hear you begging for it," I rub slowly from side to side and then start moving in circles. Her breathing heavier, feeling her pussy getting wet as I continue to rub against her most sensitive area.

I bend my head to her left nipple and suck it lightly. She gasps from the heat moving from her nipple and through her body. She arches her back as I move over to suck her other breast while I continue massaging the first one with my hand. A moan escapes her throat as I suck harder on her nipples, making them tighten even more. Her breasts feel heavy and aching for my mouth.

She arches her back, trying to get nearer to my mouth as I continue my treatment of her breasts. She whimpers as I temporarily left my body. She dragged herself away from me. " Come back here," I demand hoarsely and laid my body on top of hers again, before kissing her mouth hard. She is sucked into my kiss and could not concentrate for a few seconds, before she bites down hard on my tongue as I invaded her mouth.

" Ouch," I yell. Then in one hard thrust, my thick rock-hard cock slams into her sore soaked pussy in one unforgiving motion. She groans and gasps as pain radiates through her body, trying to adjust to my thick presence inside her.

I slide it back out slowly as she feels the walls of her pussy trying to cling to my cock. She had so badly wanted me inside her, but not so soon. She raised her right leg higher to accommodate my length as I enter her again and again with increasing depth. Within seconds, I'm fully inside her again, crushing her slippery, sensitive clit between our pubic bones. Holding us firmly together, I lurch my considerable weight forward, pinning her down with my cock fully engulfed.

Helpless but happy, I rhythmically nudge forward, burying every conceivable inch of me inside her. Overwhelmed, she feels the head of my penis teasing the opening of her cervix. OMG, WHAT A SENSATION! She grips my ass urgently, trying to pull me deeper inside her.

Can I enter her womb? Will it hurt? She is so deliriously aroused, she has never felt that sensation in her life. She didn't care if I entered her womb. She feels her womb opening slightly around the tip of my penis and judging from my groans, I felt it too. The teasing is so intoxicating. She never felt connected to her ex- husband. She feels overwhelmed by our deep connection, I withdrew fully and begin entering and reentering her pussy with long, steady strokes. She immediately erupted into a massive wet orgasm, digging her finger nails into my back, clawing my back unmercifully with every stroke.

Her convulsing pussy coating her tender vaginal walls with more moisture for my continued attack. She came all over my cock, which is now leaving and reentering her pussy fully with every hard stroke. She is so wet; as I pierce her unmercifully. I'm relentless and primal, fucking her with no regard; single minded in pursuing and prolonging my orgasm.

The intoxicating smell of sweat and sex filling the room as the unmistakable sounds of our passion ringing loud like metal rock music. Our slapping of flesh subsides as I begin teasing her well used pussy again with varying strokes. Shallow penetration teasing as crushing penetration followed sending her over the edge and moaning into my chest.

My large hands pin her breasts and shoulders to the bed. She is mine, helplessly impaled against my deepest invasions. A broad and powerful man, she has witnessed my animalistic, aggressive tendencies; but my sexual prowess is unlike any man, she has every been with. Untamed and unforgiving, my pace and endurance are selfish -- pummeling her sore pussy one moment, then teasing her lovingly the next. I'm full of surprises at every session.and the surprises continue. My orgasm imminent, I release her from my captive grip and lean upright, my still-hard cock nearly slipping from her now-stretched pussy.

With feather-like sensitivity, my large hands explore the smooth, sweat-slicked skin of her breasts, stomach and thighs as we work to recapture our breathes. Arching my back sharply, my cock reclaims its position in her depths as I penetrated her again, with long hard strokes.

But this interlude is erotically interrupted as I wickedly grasp her upper pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger, grinding her clit between them. The direct pressure sent surging convulsions like rippling waves up and into her as my invading penis resumes its long, languishing pathway. She feels another orgasm mounting as my pace increases and my thumb fumbled beneath the fleshy folds onto her hardened clit.

Like a joy buzzer, each touch of her swollen button reverberated like sound waves into her aching pussy! Her hand joins mine as we both fumble to stimulate her hypersensitive hood. My left hand violently gripping her breast, the right feverishly swirling circles over her pussy, she is lost in pure ecstasy anticipating her next orgasmic eruption. Like a whisper in the haze of her arousal, a distracting new sensation captures her attention.

My thumb tracing her opening as my hard cock slides inside. The most erotic sensation, she has ever experienced in her life.

Then to her surprise, she feels the mouth of her pussy stretch wide as the tip of my thick thumb accompanied my cock inside her. Before she can react, my entire thumb disappeared inside atop my thick penis. OH MY GOD!

The fullness is intoxicating! NEVER has she been stretched so wide; yet it seems to slip into her wetness with ease--a thought quickly eradicated by the overwhelming sensation of my thumb, now hooked upward onto the rough skin of her G-spot. The heat from the friction of my cock against her tender vaginal walls, ignites a fire in her, uncontrolled waves of heat and sensitivity cascading through her. " UNGH, my GOD," she moans incoherently as my grip grew tighter.the jack hammer strokes of my cock, is now more aggressive.

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Pleased with her whore-like moans of approval, she feels me hardening inside of her, stretching her more as my body anticipates my orgasm. Urgently, I fling my thumb from her wetness and grasp the headboard.

With a single, gut-wrenching stroke, my weight crushes her helplessly against it as my burning-hot cock unloads wave after wave of warm cum into her.

The erotic convulsions of my jerking cock inside her launching another massive orgasm as her exhausted body strain powerlessly against her vulnerable position. Still in the euphoric haze of her orgasmic bliss, I hunch over her, slamming into her hard and fast.

Her cum-soaked pussy puts up no resistance as I impale her. My strokes are long, punishing and unapologetic. The slapping of sweaty skin and primal grunts echoing throughout the room as she moans louder, screaming profanities and praise as each stroke slams against her cervix.

Orgasm after orgasm ripping through her body as each orgasm blends into the other. The endless foray of breathless satisfaction subsiding as my softening cock slips from her cum-soaked pussy. My absence inside is quickly filled by the humid bedroom air as she lay exhausted underneath me.

We kiss, breathlessly panting, as we struggle to calm our pounding hearts. Exhausted, I laid on top of her. The puddle beneath her butt grows on the sheets and the night's reward flows endlessly down her inner thighs and butt. Thoroughly satisfied, she slowly slips away to clean up, hardly able to walk and returns with a warm wet cloth.

Lovingly, she washes my soft thick cock that has given her satisfaction unknown to her. She curls up beside me to rest until our next fucking session.

For the first time in her life, she is a satisfied woman anticipating another session.