Great blowjob with sexy cock hungry

Great blowjob with sexy cock hungry
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Ryan He was there again, just like he had been. The night was dark, and the tent flickered with the dying light of the fire. His daughter, Emily, gripped his cock in her hands. She was staring at him, with a lustful gaze. He was close to spitting his load all over her hands. The very thought of getting his sticky semen on her burned his cock like fire. His eyes flashed opened.

His daughter wasn't there. His wife breathed deeply next to him, sound asleep. Ryan's cock, however, was fully engorged. So much so it hurt.

Precum already soaked through the boxers he had worn to bed. Had that night been a dream.

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Ryan shook his head he couldn't think like that. He ran a hair through his peppered hair and rolled out of bed. Sweat beaded around his chest, and his beer gut shook as he hit the ground. He looked at the flabby skin in disgust.

225 pounds of fat dad. He needed to see her through his daughter. He quietly snuck out of the room, as not to wake Susan. He stopped momentarily in front of his daughter's pink door. It had a sparkly sign saying "welcome".

His cock throbbed in his pants. He opened the door slowly and closed the door behind him with a soft click. There she was. Her beautiful youthful face seemed peaceful, her eyes closed.

The sheets were pulled back enough to see the lumps of her breasts beneath her tank top. Ryan approached, carefully. Reaching out a hand and gently touching Emily's breast. The lump beneath his hand, the curves, boiled beautiful anxiety in his soul.

He pulled his hand away, and carefully lifted her shirt. There were her pert breasts, the nipples soft and dark against her white flesh. He dared not go further. His right hand grabbed his cock as he stared at Emily's pasty white skin. Each stroke brought a fiery wave to him. His cock yearned for more than just his own touch. He remembered hers, from the dream. Her hands were neatly placed above the pillow her sleeping posture was beautiful.

A single touch wouldn't hurt her. He guided his cock towards her face and touched the head to her cheek. He gasped as the warmth of her flesh brought forth a pulsing wave of precum, which oozed onto her face.

He gritted his teeth and pulled away, leaving a glossy paste on the side of her face. A bit of him! Oh god, the base of his cock yearned to release his load onto her., He began to jerk on his cock again, each stroke building the pressure. He placed his arm on the bed frame to maintain his balance and stroked harder. His balls swelled with cum cum for Emily. He stroked harder and harder. A roar of pleasure surged over his body, causing him to grunt, and stumble.

His seven-inch cock jumped in his hand and tendrils of hot white cum burst from his head, as his foreskin lubricated his cocks smooth head. Cum spilled down his shaft and dripped onto the floor. A single tendril leaped from his cock onto Emily's arm, draping itself over her skin, and glistening in the moonlight pouring through the window.

He came to his senses and looked down at Emily, whose eyes were open. He gasped, a shot of anxiety bolted through him. He stepped backward bolting through his daughter's door. He all about slammed the door behind him. He slipped back into his room, his slick cock back ion his boxers, sliding around in the juices it still spilled from its tip. "Is everything okay?" Susan asked. "Yeah," Ryan replied, "Its all fine." A single little lie god if Emily saw him what would she say?

Ryan crawled back into bed, wondering if his life was finally over. Emily She gently cupped her bare breast with her hand, relieving the pressure of where her father had touched it.

It felt good. She felt his sticky precum on the side of her face, her heart pounded the side of her chest as she slid a finger over it, scooping up the liquid, and then sucking her finger clean. There was a beautiful salty taste that filled her mouth with longing. Her free hand slid down her body, to her aching clit. When she had opened her eyes, she saw his penis in all its glory, and then it had exploded, beautifully.

She could smell it. Her clit was already swollen and moist as her fingers passed over it. A wet well of extasy that drew a moan form her lisp as she touched it. A tightness grew around her hips, a deep desire for relief as she lay upon her bed.

She squeezed her sex between her fingers, wet liquid spilled over her fingers as she gasped. She didn't want her fingers inside her, she wanted her father inside her she wanted to feel his cock thrust into her.

Her body vibrated with the thoughts as her pussy ached for her attention. She toyed with her opening, slipping her middle finger around it. She so wanted her father inside her, to feel his body inside hers to feel the cock that gave her life throbbing with herself.

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She let out a moan and plunged her middle finger inside her in place of the cock she wanted there. Her juices spilled from her pussy as her finger delved into the velvet warmth of her body. She gasped and moaned as she rocked her hips against her own fingers. She wanted her father to hear her, to come back. She moaned a little louder. She tried for a second finger, slipping it past her first. Her body pushed against it, squeezing her two fingers together as her body-built pressure within the bottom of her cervix like a balloon waiting to pop.

Pulling all her muscles towards her center, between her legs. Her hand was all but soaked. A sweet release was just out of reach a third finger or more speed.

She denied herself, feeling the pleasure of denial imagining her father on top of her, kissing her suckling on her nipples with tender desire. The thought coursed through her, and she slipped a third finger in.

It was all she could take as she lifted her hips against the pressure within. She screamed as her pussy clamped around her fingers, pulsating around them. She let out a little cry as her moisture dripped from inside her.

Her free hand gripped her breast, squeezing it to the near point of pain. Then her orgasm had passed, and she took a deep breath letting her fingers fall from her cunt, leaving a moist spot on the bed below her. As she slid her hand out of her underwear, she felt her thong soak up some of the liquid, becoming cold and wet against her slit.

She still wished her father had been there, but her own mind would have to suffice. Some may call it wrong to desire your father so completely but who was she to argue with her feelings. Who was anyone? She was eighteen and capable of making her own damn decisions. She let her breath go, the last sputter of her orgasm and then sat up in bed, pulling her tank top down over her body again.

She sat there for a while, breathing, as the sweat soaked through her tank top. Her hand fell in a string of her father's Jizz that he had left on her covers.

She rubbed her finger in it, though it was cold and sticky now. Why didn't he wake her and ask it wasn't like she hadn't made the first moves back in Glacier. Her father just kept pretending it hadn't happened. Her phone buzzed bringing her out of her reverie. She looked at the caller Kim.

The dawn had just begun to cast light into her room. Only Kim would call at the crack of dawn. She slid the green phone button to answer. "Hey Kim," Emily said. "Hey M, you out a breath? Mourning run?" "Kinda," Emily didn't want to explain further. "Cool, cool. Look I got the bestie vibe and sensed you wanted to talk." 'At 5 am in the morning?" She asked.

"Why not? You weren't sleeping." Emily shrugged, "Fair enough guess my father doesn't, I dunno, want me." "He's your dad he terrified he is doing the wrong thing. He's also a dude and dudes think with two heads. You just gotta speak to both." "I woke up to him masturbating to me?" "Girl, you good!" Kim sighed, "He digs you just gotta make sure he knows its all cool. Your sis is at camp, right?" "Yeah, EB is at camp mom will be pulling a late shift at the hospital, I guess I can talk to dad today.

But he and mom how do we deal with that?" "Well if she isn't into threesomes …" She sighed, "Eventually his feelings for you will break them apart. Sorry." "That sucks." Emily felt the weight of that burden not that mom had been very nice to anyone lately. "Okay," Kim sighed, "When you're ready, just make sure your dad gets you, you know, knocked up. That'll be the moment. Don't do it till your ready." Emily felt the words hit her like a freight train.


Her hand touched her stomach instinctively. Have a child with dad? The idea excited her but also frightened her. That was a scary prospect generally. But to shred the family like that? Oh god. Ever since mom had that fling with the principle my dad had worked so hard to win her affections back and now Emily stood to destroy all his hard work. Plus, mom and dad had already separated once. Maybe this was meant to be. "Thanks, Kim," Emily said.

They talked about less pressing subjects until the sounds of life entered the house once more. Emily hung up with Kim. The smell of Bacon reached her nose. She didn't want to go out though and see mom.

That was too difficult, knowing what Emily wanted to do. Ryan The memories from last night came roaring back as Emily stepped into the room. She was gorgeous, wearing her pink bathrobe. She had run a comb through her blond hair and the pink tank top below was still visible the one she had worn to bed.

She slipped across the floor onto the table, where she sat down. Ryan felt his member respond to her presence, aching in his jeans. He pulled his plaid shirt down to ensure it covered his beer belly.

Anxiety burned within him, were they about to talk about last night? What would he say? Emily took a bite of bacon, "Mom gone to work?" Ryan nodded. "Yep." He turned his attention to the newspaper. "So," Emily smiled, "House to ourselves?" Ryan nodded again, mmm-hmmm.

What's his only reply. "It was kind of rude of you to cum on my body last night and not even let me participate," Emily gnawed on her bacon.

Ryan's heart did a double take and then stopped. He snorted in a deep breath to try and calm himself before putting down the paper. "What do you mean?" Emily pointed to her cheek and then arm, "You also missed me and got a lot on my bed. If you had woken me up earlier, I could have helped." Emily swallowed the second slice of bacon whole.

Ryan sat up straight and cleared his throat. She was calling him out on his behavior but the quirky smile on her face was not how he had seen this going. After a moment, he composed himself and tried to find some dignity.

"You're not upset?" Emily shook her head, "NO I made moves on you in Glacier dork?" She gave him a flirty smile.

"Remember the tent?" Ryan did, "My feelings for you can't be known, M. Its wrong and what happened was terrible." His head spun with all the terrible things he knew were a part of the feelings he had for his daughter. The very thought of her brought emotions to his core that were so disturbing and so wrong.

His marriage was in near shambles Susan had already filed the divorce papers once he had done everything in his power to keep the family together, but for who? Him? Emily? Elizbeth? Emily slid out of her chair and walked towards her dad, stuffing some toast down as she walked.

Ryan put the paper down and leaned forward this conversation had to happen. He had to break things off with his own daughter? How fucking awful a human being do you have to be to get here? He too a deep breath and prepared to break his own heart and hers.

"Kiddo?" "Yes," Emily slipped onto his leg and was now inches from his face, her hands wrapped around his neck. Her smile broadened, her deep blue eyes sparkling like the moons at midnight. Whatever he was going to say left on a hiss of breath that her gaze drew from him.

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"Dad?" "We we …," We can't be lovers that's wrong. Why was it wrong? Because laws said so because God said so? He gazed at her, and his soul came alive.

"We what?" She leaned closer, her lips touched his. Her lips were dry against his, as she stole a kiss from him. His mouth opened to speak when her mouth gently makes contact again. Her lips were moist now, as he drunk in her saliva, her sent. He could smell the faint odor of lavender on her hair, the scent of perspiration near her chest. Her hands clutched the back of his head as she pulled him into the embrace.

Her tongue slid into his mouth he met it with his own. His arms slid up her figure, wrapping themselves around her, pulling her closer. She slid down his lap onto his member, which swelled beneath the pressure and warmth of Emily's body. She was so slim and small that his arms engulfed her, pulling her into a huge hug.

She pulled a hand from his neck and slid it between them. He felt her touch his stomach and trace his beer gut down towards his cock.

She grabbed his member through his jeans. A huge moan escaped him, as ecstasy coursed through him. She massaged his cock through his jeans, as they kissed, drawing grunts and moans from Ryan.

She breathed quicker and more heavily, breaking from the kiss to catch some oxygen. Ryan was about to explode in his pants, all over the place. He pushed her away. She backed off his lap, as he sat there, panting his cock gently throbbing in his pants.

The precum already slick beneath his boxers. Emily untied her bathrobe and let it fall, exposing her sleepwear. She still wore only a thong between her legs.

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Ryan gasped, as Emily smiled. She pulled her tank top over her head in one long flourish exposing her pert eighteen-year-old tits. They were plump and perfect. She tossed the garment aside. Ryan stood up and put his hands on her waist and went in for another kiss.

Fuck it, he said, I love her. Her warm body seemed to boil beneath him as he pushed her down onto the couch. He leaned in and licked the pert nipple atop her left breast. She let out a gasp.

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He sucked the nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue about, sucking on it as if it might give him milk. His other hand grasped her other breast and massaged. He delved over her body kissing her belly button and breasts, fingering her nipples. She arched her back and moaned beneath his touch, it was like playing a musical instrument. His cock was swollen in his pants, begging to be let free. After a few minutes, he slid his fingers down to her panties, pulling them from her hips.

The thong slipped off revealing her womanhood, glistening in the light. It was red, but not large. Her clit peeked from beneath the folds of skin that buried it, and her strings of thick liquid dripped from her cunt like spider webs of ecstasy. He pushed his thumb against her, and she cried out. His cock pumped precum into his pants as he touched her.

He buried his face between her legs. Her moist pussy engulfed his mouth. He drank of her fountain as if it had the liquid of life.

Every stroke of his tongue sent shivers through her body. The moist liquid foamed around his mouth. After a moment she went dead silent, arching her back. It was as if someone opened the floodgates, her pussy became a marsh of human liquid, her body convulsing under Ryans touch.

He pulled away to admire her smooth silky body. She gasped from breath, little bits of screams echoing from her mouth as her body contracted. He couldn't bear it any longer. He pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock. It was full and dripping with precum. He stroked it gently and eyed her pussy. He shouldn't -pregnancy was the worst outcome. His seed put her in Susan, he couldn't put his seed in her, could he? He eyed her inviting pussy for a moment, his cock jumping in his hands.

It didn't matter, a few more strokes and he was done. He spread his legs as Emily watched him, silently. He stroked his cock a few more times, over her. The pressure burst at the base of his cock, as his urethrae became alight with pleasure.

Thick liquid pumped up his shaft and burst out the top of his cock. Tendrils of cum spirted onto Emily's belly. Each pulse slung a rope of cum onto her. It pooled around her belly button and draped long strands across her tits. He gasped and stood back, his cock slowly losing its erection.

Emily rubbed the cum across her chest, covering her tits in a glossy white coating. She gave him a coy smile. "Next time just wake me up," She said, "I won't mind." Ryan nodded, "You bet." "Towel?" Emily asked. Ryan jumped at her request, pulling a Kitchen towel from the drawer and handing it to her. She wiped the cum from her belly and smiled, giving him a good show of her tits before leaving the room.

With her clothes in one hand, for the hamper. The shame wore away and the utter pleasant feeling of relief flooded him. He smiled all he had to do was wake her. The evening came, and Ryan was in bed when Susan got home. She gave him the same old spiel about her terrible day and crawled into bed. Ryan didn't bother asking for sex, he knew that answer to well. It had been over a year since they had fucked. He simply rolled over. He couldn't get Emily out of his head though he wanted her by his side, not this woman who he knew had been unfaithful already.

His cock grew hard again as he thought about the mourning, and how his cum had been pumped all over her stomach and tits.

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Finally, after Susan was in deep slumber he snuck out of bead all he had to do was wake her up. Maybe she might even suck him off. The fact that Emily was his daughter excited him now. He slinked out of his room and down to hers, where he entered as quietly as he could.

Imagining her body, lying in bed brought warmth pouring into his groin. But as he looked up from the closed door, he saw Emily sitting there. She looked up and smiled. It was beautiful to see her smile. She was naked, her clothes on a pile on the floor in front of her. Her toes played with the underwear on the ground.

"I wasn't sure you would come tonight?" She whispered. Ryan shook his head, "I couldn't help myself." "Good!" Emily smiled and jumped to her feet. Her figure was that of a goddess bathed in pale moonlight. Her tits were round and plump alters to the gods of beauty. Her stomach was flat, but her body was firm, made of more than just bone. Her golden hair seemed white in the glare of night. Her blue eyes oceans that cast spells over him. She giggled slightly as she covered her breasts, blushing suddenly.

"What?" Ryan asked. "I was going to ask you something about mom." She smiled. "Oh?" "What's something she has never let you do to her?" Ryan felt his cock jump at the words Susan was a very traditional woman when it came to sex. It was hard to get her to give head, much less anything more out there. What could he possibly want that Susan never offered? She never swallowed or even allowed his cum in her mouth. The most she'd do is let it drip over her hands and then gawk in horror at the semen.

'She honestly hasn't fucked me in years," Ryan replied. Emily looked a bit disappointed, "Then can I tell you what I want?" Ryan nodded. "I want you to fuck me as you love me," Emily sat down on the bed and spread her legs apart, her pussy glistening wet and inviting. "I can't," Ryan's cock seemed to grow harder, "You're not on the pill and I have no condoms." "That's okay," Emily replied, "Pull out before you cum unless you don't want to." Ryan pulled his shirt off, eyeing Emily's pussy.

Her slick womanhood was the envy of any man, let alone a 42-year-old dude with a dad bod. She watched him undress, dropping his boxers to the floor and letting his erect member stand out, all 7 and a half inches. He walked towards her, as she lay back on the bed, her legs spread and waiting.

Ryan looked at her one last time after this everything would be different. Then he crawled onto her childhood bed, with the little mermaid covers and positioned himself between her legs. He guided his cock towards her entrance. His tip teased her. As his head brushed against her clit she shivered and smiled.

Then he pushed. His cock pressed against her slit, warm moisture met him then something gave. He slid forward a bit. She inhaled, moisture came rolling out of her, coating his head.

He pulled out and pushed again she gasped once more. On the third time, he entered Emily. 'Oh yeah!" She moaned as his cock slid into her.

Her pussy was velvet soft, and warm. Slippery moisture coated his member as he pushed deeper inside. She shook beneath him, as his head parted the vaginal walls of his daughter's cunt.

He pushed his cock to its base, the warmth surrounding him and the muscles that clenched his cock tortured and delighted him. He slid out and back in again, beginning his thrusting motion.

Emily clapped a hand over her mouth, holding as a squeal escaped her lips. They had to be quiet.


He began to speed up, thrusting harder. He could feel her, clenching around him as she pushed back, her hips rising and falling with his.

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The friction on his cock boiled his soul and tugged at his balls. Suddenly she let out a cry and her cunt squeezed Ryan. He gasped as the muscles pulsated. His daughter fell into the throws of an orgasm, her hands clenching the covers as she shuttered beneath him. "Oh fuck," She cried, "Oh fuck!" Her moans were muffled by her hands as her body settled down and he began to pump again, thrusting his cock into her.

If heaven existed, it felt like this. Ryan clutched his daughters' hips and pulled them into him as he pounded away at her pussy, his cock crying for release. The involuntary pulsations of his cock began to run through his body.

"I'm close," He gasped. "It's okay," Emily whispered. His orgasm was so close a few more thrusts was all he needed. He couldn't cum in her! He thrust deeply into her, gasping and grunting.

Oh god, it was close, oh fucking god it was close. He kept pounding away, each thrust bringing his climax closer. His balls were swollen, almost painfully. Emily gasped, looking into his eyes she whispered: "Cum for me daddy!" He lost control, he thrust one more time into her and his cock jumped and pulsated, and then again and then a final thrust and his cum exploded into her pussy. He thrust again crying out for the pleasure of feeling his load pour into his daughter.

He gasped again and again. Finally, his cock began to lose its hardness, it sank, and he withdrew. His semen slipped out with him. He looked down at his daughter's pussy, white with his cum.

There was a knock at the door, "What's going on in there." Susan pulled open the door and stared at Ryan and then at Emily. Her naked form wet with preparation, Ryan's cock slick with Emily's juices and his own semen. Her mouth fell agape. Leaving the door open she left she was silent as the grave. Ryan didn't care, he felt better than he had felt in years. Though fear of what Susan might say to others crept up in the back of my mind. "Thank you, dad," Emily smiled, "Spend the rest of the night with me." Ryan nodded lying down naked next to his daughter, "Do you want a towel?" Emily shook her head, "I enjoy your seed inside me." Thoughts weaved through his head before he finally drifted to sleep.

Emily "Any word from Mom?" It had been three days and Emily was curious. "No," Her father replied. Emily stood up and held up the pregnancy test waiting. After a few moments, it came back with a positive. Emily smiled as she touched her belly, life was beginning to grow there.

She stepped out of the room, leaving the test there. Ryan lay on her bed, reading the mourning paper, and she was naked. A smile crossed her lips her life was going to be perfect.