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Young boy emo and granny gay xxx Is it possible to be in enjoy with a
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Jay's New Pets by Diiamond Part I The Introduction It was almost time for the party. Tonight Jay's alpha pet, Rachel, was wearing next to nothing just the way Jay liked her. She wore a black metal collar that had a thin strip of black vinyl connected to the front of the collar.

The thin strip ran down the front of her body, through her pussy lips, and up the crack of her ass. In the back it was connected to a second strip of black vinyl that circled high on her waist. The third and final strip of vinyl that completed her outfit ran underneath her breasts and sat flat against her skin. The overall picture was stunning.

Especially when accompanied by her four inch black heels. She was on her knees with her ass facing Jay as he sat in his favorite chair. Her head was slightly turned to the side and her face rested on the floor.

This was the position that he preferred her to always assume first when he sat down in this chair. He had two fingers in her pussy calmly exploring her pussy while he chatted with Joe, one of his first guests of the evening. The two were discussing the changes they had seen in the record company where they were both signed artists. For them it was a natural everyday occurrence to have a woman on her knees being fingered while they discussed industry politics.

They were used to being catered to by women. In fact, Jay's friend had a woman's mouth fixated on his cock during the course of the conversation. Her mouth would be connected to one cock or another for the rest of the evening.

She was also one of Jay's pets. Her name was Angel. Jay jokingly said "It looks like there's gonna be some serious changes over at Hellista Records. Somebody might be about to lose their contract." As he said this he flashed a huge grin and sent tell-tale eye signals in Joe's direction.

Then he pulled his fingers from the moist cunt and brought them to Rachel's mouth. She automatically opened her mouth and cleaned his fingers.

After inspecting his fingers and gleaning that she had done a satisfactory job Jay patted her head and returned his fingers to his favorite pet's hole. Joe laughed, "Nawwww, naw, never that! You know I am the hottest thing to ever grace the halls of Hellista. But you, you might wanna start shopping around for a new record company! I heard they was seeking new contestants on that Singer's Gone Wild or some shit!" They both laughed at the ridiculousness of their statements.

Joe then grabbed the back of Angel's head and ground his cock in her mouth. They all heard the plop as he burst past that point in Angel's throat that really gave him access to her gut. He moaned in pleasure as he luxuriously rocked Angel's head up and down on his cock. They were both very hot right now and knew that no matter what happened Hellista would do whatever it took to hold onto the men.

It was a great thing for them that they got along so well. Otherwise, it could have turned into a pretty nasty situation. Each man knew that the other was his strongest competition. Just then Joe's girl Dierdra came into the room. Dierdra was the hottest women in the industry. She was also a switch. One minute, for the right man, she would be as submissive as a woman could get.

The next minute she had her spiked heels on a man's head making him beg to eat her pussy. She looked so lovely in her little slave clothes. He had allowed her to wear panties to tonight's party. They were gold and skimpy. Along with this she was wearing gold flower pasties on her nipples and five inch gold heels that made her ass sit very high. Her long brown hair flowed over flowed down her back and fell just past her shoulders.

Not many black women had hair that was naturally this long and he loved it. Many times he had used that hair to choke Diedra while he fucked her mouth or ass or pussy.

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Diedra slid down on the couch next to Joe then leaned right in and kissed him dead in the mouth. She also began to rub her hands up and down his chest and stomach appearing to be thoroughly reveling in the kiss. She ignored the fact that Angel was on her Master's cock.

When she came up for air she looked Jay straight in the eyes saying, "Hello Master Jay! What's new?" Jay immediately reached out and slapped Dierdra in the mouth then said, "Dierdra, even you know better than to look me in the eyes with permission.

I don't care who's bitch you are. You better show some respect up in here." Joe became inflamed that Jay would strike his property. It wasn't that kind of party. "Hold up, hold up!" He stood up quickly. This caused Angel to fall as she had been laying on the couch with her mouth on his cock. Jay didn't bat an eye at this. He wasn't as weak as Joe. Joe continued his protest of his slave's treatment. "Dog, don't nobody put they hands on my bitch but me." Jay retorted "Then you better teach your bitch some manners before you bring her to my house.

You should know better by now my dude. That bitch needs training and you ain't the man to do it. In fact, she gone be my bitch before the night is over." Joe replied, "You better watch what checks you let your mouth write. Cause I'm the check casher in these parts." With that statement, he took Diedra by the hand and walked away from Jay.

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He knew he was being over protective of Diedra but damn he couldn't help it. She had him whipped. She was the only woman that he had ever considered submitting to. He hadn't done it yet, but he knew he would if she asked him to. For now, he was the Dom and it he felt it was his duty to protect his property. Joe loved to have her by his side looking so good that other men sometimes physically salivated at her appearance. It was one of his ways of keeping the people around him on their toes.

If they were distracted by his Fucktoy then it was all the easier for him to impose his will when he desired. Looking at her made him bone too. However, historically he was in control of the boner rather than the boner being in control of him.

That's why he had made it as far in life as he had. Even though he knew that it was somehow different with Diedra, he was unaware to the extent of how different it was. No way was he gonna give that up. He also wasn't gonna lose face by allowing another Dom to slap his bitch!


As Joe and Diedra walked toward the dance room he thought, "No way am I letting this bitch go. This one was a keeper." Jay snapped the fingers of his free hand to signal to Angel to get to work on his dick.

He already knew exactly when he would burst Joe's bubble. That bitch Diedra was already his and they both knew it. She had chosen Jay when she looked him in the eye.

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Part II The Party The house quickly filled with guests. Jay's latest single rocked the house as it was piped through speakers everywhere. His latest album had gone double platinum and was the platform for this evening's musical entertainment. Big name music executives and stars were everywhere.

This was the vanilla part of the evening. All the pets were now dressed in skimpy dresses or shorts. Some of the outfits would have pushed the limits on indecent exposure but no one was complaining. Also in attendance this evening would be wives, girlfriends, and other vanilla women out to impress or get a man. For Jay it was always interesting to watch the pets interact with vanilla women.

Sometimes, it amused him to watch them talking and joking with women who had no idea that they might be wearing an eight inch dildo in their ass while they chatted. Just then Jay saw his former agent Wayne and his girlfriend Joy. Joy was one of those hot ass vanilla women who didn't know that they were submissives.

Wayne was too fucking vanilla to know what he had on his hands too. This was a perfect combination for a man like Jay. It reeked of opportunity. Especially since Jay still had a score to settle with Wayne. The way that they had parted had never really set well with Jay.

This was his night to kill two birds with one stone. Both Joe and Wayne would learn a little something tonight. They had both been invited to attend the VIP After-party. Jay always threw an after-party. He made it VIP only so that he could ensure that no vanilla's were present except by invitation.

Little did they know, but each invitation was always for a reason. Many times the VIP after-party was an introduction to a new life for some lucky gal or guy. Other times it was just the opportunity to have a real party with 'anything goes' as the main theme. Later that evening as the vanilla guests were leaving Jay and the VIP after-party retired to the "South-Side" wing of his home to continue their celebrations.

He walked alongside Wayne who was protectively draping his arm around his beautiful girl Joy. Jay could sense Wayne's apprehension it showed in his posture and in the pitch of his voice when he spoke.

They were walking to the pool room which was a lavishly decorated hall more than it was a room. The room held four pool tables, some couches, a stage, and several large mounted Plasma big screen TVs.

Of the entire party only Jay knew that there were also security cameras located throughout the room to capture every detail of the after party. The room had been professionally decorated around the locations of the security cameras so not only were they almost impossible to detect but it also meant that there wasn't a bad shot in the room.

It seemed as though Joy was oblivious to Wayne's obvious unease. She was star struck. The after-party had two of the biggest stars in entertainment in attendance. Although her boyfriend was a music agent they had not been dating long enough for Joy to have gone stale on superstars. Wayne could see that she was taken with the whole evening and he was glad that she would give him all the credit for making it happen. He wondered if he could somehow use this as an opportunity to get anal sex tonight.

Either way, that was later and this was now. He knew that he would have to stay on his toes around Jay. Jay was a master womanizer from Wayne's perspective. He saw how the women threw themselves at Jay and how Jay acted as though it were the natural order of things. Wayne had no idea of the true depths of Jay's mastery over women.

He was too vanilla to even know what a Dom or a sub was let alone think that he might be walking right into the lair of a true Master Dom.

So it was still somewhat of a shock to him to see women start to undress and undulate to the beat of the one of Jay's songs. His cock started to bone involuntarily as he saw one women strip down to only her high heels and a necklace.

Wayne almost blew his load when the man she was with removed a long chain from his pocket and snapped onto the necklace turning the whole thing into some sort of collar and chain. The woman got down on all fours and followed the man where ever he went.

Jay broke into the reverie created by the drastic change in atmosphere by calling to Wayne to join him in a game of pool. It was time to start his plans to rolling. By the end of the night he planned to add two new women to his stable of pets and he would get his revenge on both Wayne and Joe. He offered a challenge to Wayne, "Let's play a game of pool. If I win, Joy here gets to spend the rest of the night with me. If I lose, you get to pick one of my pets Rachel or Angel to spend the night with you." Wayne wasn't stupid by a long shot.

He knew that this was a lose-lose situation for him. Although he would love to spend the night with one of Jay's pets, he wanted to keep Joy more. Accepting the bet would mean that he would already lose Joy by pissing her off from using her in a bet.


If he refused the offer, then he might offend Jay and he already knew that there might lay some ill will from their split.

He was in a classic catch-22. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. He decided to gamble on his own skill when it came to women. He would just try really hard to convince Joy not to be mad at him. He couldn't afford to lose face in the business and he doubly couldn't afford to turn Jay into an outright enemy. He went for it, "Joy, please forgive me but I have to do this. Wayne you are on.

I will take that bet." Wayne allowed a huge grin to spread across his face as he whispered in Joy's ear, "I am an excellent pool player honey. Don't worry. I haven't been beaten in ten years." He hoped that he was bluffing well enough for her to believe him. Jay said nothing more. He then picked up a pool stick and tossed it to Wayne. "You're a guest, you break." Wayne walked around the table surveying the room more then he surveyed the game that was unfolding in front of him.

Things had definitely taken a turn towards debauchery around them. He had not anticipated that things would go this far at the after-party. He was starting to think that he might be in above his head at this party. There was already at least three scenes unfolding around him. In one scene he saw two women laying on one of the pool tables eating each other out with guys all around the table egging one or the other of the women on.

Apparently they were betting on who would make the other women cum first. As if this wasn't enough action for everyone in the room to watch, there was another scene unfolding as well.

In the second scene, there were three ladies on one of the couches. The ladies were each in a different position of service. One was up on the couch with her knees on the cushions and her back to the room.

She had actually leaned her head over the back of the couch so that her mouth and ass were ready for use. The second woman was actually on the floor, on her shoulders, with her back against the couch. This only left her ass and pussy available for use but the angle of entry would be delicious for any man that took advantage of her availability. The third woman was actually sitting on the couch. She wasn't posing or doing anything. Wayne wondered what her role would be.

The third scene that was beginning to take shape looked to be a circle of excitement. There were six men sitting in chairs that were formed into a circle. Each man held something in his hands. It looked like there were whips, crops, brushes, and even switches!

He had no idea what was about to happen over there either. Then he saw a women crawl into the middle of the circle. The chairs had been spaced about six feet from the center where the woman now waited patiently.

Wayne turned his attention back to the pool game that he was about to play. Suddenly, he was very sure that he was out of his league. Jay looked around the room too. Inside, he was laughing out loud! There was no way that Wayne would be able to keep his attention on the game! Joy was in the bag. "This shit was too easy." Jay thought, "I am going to have to make sure that next time I give myself more of a challenge!" "Hey partner, you going to break them balls or what!", Jay chuckled to Wayne.

"Don't worry, I got this." Wayne continued to bluff as he struck the white ball to break. Of course his first shot went crazy. Not one ball fell into a side or corner pocket. Wayne was so distracted that he called out "Stripes" without even surveying to see if taking the stripes over the solids would give him an advantage.

His game went downhill from there. Even though he had been lying about not having lost a game in the last ten years, he still considered himself a good pool player. Tonight, it was as though he had never even played a game.

Every time he set himself up for a good shot, when it came time to execute, something spectacular would grab his attention and he would flop on the execution. The first time this happened was when he finally realized what the third girl by the couch was doing.

Apparently, it was her job to suck the balls of whomever was fucking the girls on the couch. She would also lap up any stray cum that was deposited outside the women's bodies. She was licking cum from the couch, the floor, bodies, you name it. This realization came as the girl who's shoulders were on the floor was getting fucked anally. A guy had chosen to stand over the girl and just let his dick drill down into her ass. She was taking him in straight to the balls. As if that wasn't hot enough, the third girl just went right up and starting sucking balls and eating pussy as the guy pumped away.

It had been the guy's loud moans that had caused Wayne to look in their direction again. Unfortunately for him, it had also been just as he was releasing his stick aiming to hit a combination shot that would put him on the board. He didn't hit one ball! Jay laughed heartily as saw what was happening to Wayne. Joy looked nervous as she realized that Wayne was definitely going to lose. She wondered if she should just try to leave quietly while everyone was otherwise occupied.

At that moment she looked up to see that Jay was watching her intently. Her stomach flipped and she actually swooned for a minute. Jay was so hot! His sexy brown eyes had focused in on her and she could clearly see raw desire in his eyes when he looked at her.

He looked downright predatory. She was now a deer caught in the headlights. Joy knew that Jay would have her before the night was over. She also knew that she had no control over the situation so she hoped that he would take it easy on her. She also hoped that she would survive the night! She watched as foolish Wayne flubbed yet another shot. This time, he was distracted by the circle of excitement. It seemed that the object of that game was to be the first to make the woman squeal.

She was crawling around the circle trying to avoid getting hit by the men sitting in the chair. Her efforts were fruitless though as some of the men had whips or crops that could reach her anywhere within the circumference of the circle. One man had just won the game with an awesome stroke of this crop right across the womans ass. It had hit so low that it also caught her pussy hanging out in the open for all to see.

The woman yelped just as Wayne was in the midst of another shot. This time, he sank the last solid ball left on the table for Jay. All Jay had to do now was corner the white ball and the game was his. After easily pocketing the white ball, Jay called out, "I win! It looks like it's time for me to claim my prize." When he said this he looked directly at Joy. Then he motioned to Rachel, his favorite pet, to unzip his pants.

Rachel did so without hesitation. He stepped out of his pants with ease. Looking back at Joy, he called to her "Come here Joy." Part III Claiming Joy Joy walked over to where Jay was standing with some trepidation in her heart.

She too had noticed all the sex going on in the orgy around them. She knew that he was going to make her do something sexual but she wasn't sure what. She wasn't even sure if she would do it! "You belong to me now Joy. Do you understand what that means?" Jay spoke to Joy as if she were the only other person in the room. "No, sir. I am not entirely sure that I understand what you mean by 'belong'.

" said Joy. "It means that from now on, you do as I say, when I say and without hesitation. No matter what I ask you to do, you will do it right away. In return, I will take care of you. You will be mines in all ways mind, body, and soul." Jay patiently explained this to Joy as though she were a child.

"Will it mean that you will expect for me to have sex with you? I don't even know you like that. Will it also mean that you will hit me? I don't get down like that. I am not like all these other girls. I have standards." Joy was feeling very emotional about her predicament. She hoped that she would be able to talk herself out of whatever it was that Jay had planned for her. Jay just looked at her for a moment. He held her gaze steady showing her that he was already her Master and she had no real choice in the matter.

He would allow her to look him in the eyes only for tonight. Once she had been conquered then he would teach her the new rules that she would need to follow in her role as his pet. Joy melted underneath his gaze. Physically, you could easily see that she had already lost the battle by the subtle changes in her body language. While holding her gaze, he snapped his fingers and pointed to his penis.

She knew what to do, words were not needed. Wayne couldn't believe his eyes as he watched HIS Joy lower herself to her knees and take Jay's cock in her mouth.

She did it as though she were in a trance. Even Joy was confused, everything was happening so quickly. How did she wind up with Jay's cock in her mouth? Jay lay one hand over Joy's head and began to fuck her mouth. Then he looked up and caught Wayne's eye. He had a look in his eyes that shouted his triumph in the face of Wayne's defeat. Then at that moment, he swung his gaze around to Joe and Diedra. They were a part of the crowd of onlookers who had been watching the pool game.

He caught Diedra's eye and then snapped his fingers again. This time he gestured for Diedra to come to him. Without hesitation she walked over to Jay. Then he looked down at his dick, which was currently occupied by Joy, and back up to Diedra indicating what would be required of her.

She immediately dropped to her knees and joined Joy in pleasuring Jay's cock. Jay threw his head back laughing at his triumph. How did he always know just when a bitch was ripe for the plucking? When he stopped laughing he looked up to see that Joe had an all-out stricken look on his face. Joe was thinking that he should have left much earlier. Now it was too late.

Diedra was gone. She was as lost to him as if he had never known her in the first place. The song in the background changed to a new song that was appropriately titled, "Two bitches on my dick!" Joy was in a place that she had never been before.

Something had happened inside her that made her lose control. For some reason, she couldn't say no to Jay. She had never had sex in public before and she had certainly never had sex with another woman. But for some reason she just couldn't stop. She had to do what Jay told her to do. Especially when he looked at her like that.

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Her mind was awhirl with possibilities trying to understand her own behavior. Had she been drugged? Did he somehow manage to slip her a 'roofie'?

Was she going crazy? There was a history of mental illness in her family but she had never felt any signs of it in herself. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled gently away from Jay's cock. She looked up to see that Rachel was helping her up. She was handling her as though she was something precious to protect. Joy fell into Rachel's arms sobbing. She didn't know how to handle all of this. Joy was in shock.

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Her mind was retreating as it tried to make sense of the scenario in front of them. Rachel knew what she was going through as she had experienced it herself.

It seemed that Jay got a special kick out of finding and training slaves that had no idea of their own submissive needs. It was always an interesting transition to watch as it could take months before the new slaves actually came to terms with their new position in life.

At Jay's signal she took Joy away to freshen her up. Jay then looked at both Wayne and Joe and asked them to stand next to him. They both complied. Then he had Diedra commence to sucking each of their cocks. This wasn't his final humiliation for Joe, that was coming next. He had purposefully positioned Joe to be the last one to get his cock sucked by his now former slave Diedra. Jay had sensed that Joe held a softspot for Diedra that he could exploit.

It became immediately evident to everyone else the moment that she looked up at Joe from her knees. Joe's entire body language shifted over from that of one leading to one being led. Jay said, "Diedra, do you have any experience in dominance?" Diedra replied, "Yes Master, I do. This one is ripe for the plucking." "You know what to do then bitch. Handle it." Jay countered.

As if from out of nowhere, Diedra produced a blindfold. She then stood up and placed the blindfold over Joe's eyes saying, "Joe, it's time for you to submit to me. You knew this was coming. So don't act like you didn't expect it. I better not hear anything else from your ass for the rest of the night except for 'Yes, Mistress Diedra.' You belong to me now." With that she picked up a crop and placed two nice fresh swats across his ass.

Then she grabbed his balls and began leading him away. Joe was about to spend his first night with Mistress Diedra. Jay called out to Wayne, "Well let's see how the night has gone for you so far. You've lost your girl to me, but you wound up with a pretty spectacular dick sucking. I would say that leaves you even for the night!" Jay began to laugh at his own joke.

Wayne replied, "I don't know about even. I didn't even get to fuck Joy in the ass yet. It still feels like I lost!" Jay said, "No problem my dude, we can 'rectify' that right away." There was an unmistakable twinkle of mischief in his eyes as he spoke.

"Let's go to the black room. This party is just about ending. I need to relax some anyway." Jay, Wayne, and Angel then retired to the black room. The black room was, of course, painted black. This was where Jay liked to just relax and get away from the world.

It was also a room fully equipped for providing sexual pleasure. There was a couch, a bed, a hot tub, and a big screen mounted on the Wall. On the far side of the room was a full wet bar. Angel went to the bar to get drinks for the men. When she returned and gave the men their drinks then she got right to work holding Jay's cock in her mouth as she was required. Jay motioned for Wayne to turn his attention to the big screen.

This was the final pay off for the evening. Here he allowed Wayne to see what was happening with Joy right now. Joy was stepping out of a shower and being prepped by Rachel.

She was being helped into a revealing outfit that made her look so hot that Wayne instantly regretted agreeing to the pool game. It was a short strapless red dress. Somehow, there was a dress on hand that actually fit Joy as though it had been designed with her in mind.

There were matching shoes too. Damn! This woman was hot. The final touch appeared to be a pretty red collar. Rachel applied the collar and that was the last that Wayne saw as the screen faded to black. He turned slowly and looked at Jay. He didn't know what to think. Part of him wanted to leave right then, the other part couldn't wait to see how the rest of this night would turn out.

Jay laughed again, "Damn! Thank you man. She is beautiful." They both turned to the door as Rachel led Joy into the room to be presented to her new master.

Joy stopped directly in front of Jay and watched as Rachel handed him the leash to her collar. She looked up at Jay through lidded eyes hoping to finally get an understanding of what was happening around her. Jay looked into her eyes and said, "Joy, you remember what I told you at the party?" Joy shook her head to show him that yes, she did remember. "It's time for you to do something for me. Go over to the bed and lie on your stomach. Spread eagle and pull the dress up over your hips." Joy stood looking at him almost dumbly while she waited for further instructions.

She didn't receive any additional information from Jay. Just his steely look of determination. It was the look that she could not challenge. With her heart sinking she walked over to the bed, lifted her dress, then she laid out as she was requested. Jay turned to talk to Wayne again, "Show time!" Jay then walked over to the bed himself and began to touch Joy's body. At first he caressed her soft body all over while he watched her tremble to his touch.

Her reaction to him almost made him send everyone else away. But he had one last thing to do before he could truly enjoy her. He slowly inspected his new slave taking note that she was truly a prime piece. He stuck two fingers in her pussy to test and see how wet she was. She was sopping wet.

This made him smile. He then took those same two fingers and placed them against the entrance to her ass. Looking up at Wayne as he began to push, he savored the feeling of knowing that he was about to do what he knew Wayne had only dreamed of doing.

He allowed his middle finger to breach her puckered rose slowly. It was a very tight fit and he knew that he would thoroughly enjoy this woman's body. Joy began to whimper as he allowed his finger to travel deeper and deeper up to the knuckle.

He then began to speak to Joy as if she were in fact his pet, soothing her and preparing her for him to enter her nether region. "Shhhhh. It's okay, my pet, relax. It will all go smoother for you if you relax your body." Jay cooed.

Joy immediately began to relax as she listened to her master. He noticed this too. His connection with Joy was different than any that he had experienced up to this point. Never had there been a slave like this one. Even though she was in shock. She responded immediately to him and him alone. Rachel had been intriguing but she didn't have the electricity that he shared with Joy.

For him, there was nothing more attractive than the natural submission that was shown by Joy. He instinctively knew that he was the first man that Joy had ever submitted to and it swelled his heart with pride. But of course, he didn't show it. The next thing Joy knew her master was on the bed with his well lubed penis pressed to the entrance of her ass.

He was about to take her virgin ass. The entrance was still tight but had been loosened somewhat by his probing fingers. Pushing just a little bit more he could feel the head of his cock pressing into the sphincter. He continued to whisper to his pet letting her know that she wasn't alone that she was safe with her Master. He pushed again, this time breaking past the sphincter and really penetrating her ass. His upper body loomed over her as he took her anal virginity.

She was still whimpering but now it was from the pain of having her anal virginity taken. Her new master was very pleased that, although she whimpered, she did not move or pull away. He was impressed that she could take the pain and yet still obey. By now his penis was in her ass about one third of the way. He decided to stop penetrating any further and to begin enjoying the ass that lay in front of him.

Her tight asshole squeezed hard around his cock. It was as though she were milking his cock clean with every stroke. It didn't take him long to cum. He spent his load in her ass while holding her close. Jay sat up while still cradling Joy and looked at Wayne who had watched the whole encounter almost without blinking. "Are you still interested in enjoying her ass?" Jay said with a twinkle in his eye.

Wayne got up from his seat, he almost didn't know what to say. "No thanks, it's about that time for me to be going. I really need to clear my head". Then he started walking towards the door. Jay ordered Rachel to bend over and offer her ass to Wayne. Although he really wanted to refuse her because he was inwardly seething about Joy. He decided to go ahead and take the offer. It made no sense for him not to. Joy was lost to him anyway. He walked up to Rachel's already lubed ass and plunged straight in.

He was surprised that she was able to take him right up to the hilt with no apparent pain. He decided that he would take all of his anger against Jay out on her ass.

He began to pound her hard and fast. Her ass felt incredible, it suffocated his dick like a glove. He came so quickly that he was shocked. "Wayne, I forgot to tell you. Rachel loves getting fucked in the ass. The harder the better man. She knows how to work them muscles." Jay chuckled allowing his voice to trail off.

Wayne pulled up his pants and walked out of the room. It was time for him to go. He knew that he wouldn't be coming back any time soon. Jay stayed right where he was holding his new pet in his arms while looking at Rachel and Angel.

He told them, "Okay ladies, time to get to bed. Tomorrow's a big day. We have three new slaves to train!" He couldn't help laughing at his own luck. Somehow he had not only gotten both Joy and Diedra but now even Joe would be one of his pack. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do about the situation with Joe, but he was sure that he could come up with something.