Reality tv with sex

Reality tv with sex
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Feeding the flow The first time Carla felt the flow from her nipples, she was on the goat milking machine. The next suckling session was a few hours later when Bruce joined her in bed.

Nearly every two hours she had someone or something providing suction on her nipples to induce lactation and now it had begun.


It felt wonderful and she could not wait for the flow to increase beyond a few drops. It felt fabulous, like nothing before. Her nipples always stimulated her directly to her clitoris and pussy but, this sensation was an added intensity and emotional gratification.

Her husband sucked her nipples slowly and gradually increased his suction and soft oral squeezing in his mouth. He loved to please her by any means at all. Her new urge to be suckled made him excited and powerful. Every time he took her nipples now it was a guarantee of another orgasmic journey.

He tasted the milk and it made him stiffer than usual. Bruce continued to pull her whole milk duct structure of aureola and erect nipple ducts into his mouth and apply as much suction as he could. Her tissue was red and sore each time but, the nipples were becoming perceptibly larger in just a few weeks.

Fingering her as he drank in her energy, he made Carla extremely close to the edge of orgasm and then sent her over the precipice, in an erotic free fall. She had come so hard so many times today; it put her out like a light switch. Bruce was gone when she awoke. It was still early and she considered sleeping an and taking a day off. No it was better to not miss work right now. Later in her pregnancy she might need to miss some days and she should save any sick leave until she really needed it.

In the kitchen she poached an egg while she hooked herself up to the goat milking machine. The cups for her tits really fit very well and it made her feel really hot knowing her milk had started to flow already. She played with her puss at the table and then had some toast with her egg. She had missed a day at the office for her investment group meetings with Mr. Jensen. The office duty was pretty boring with just a couple of calls normally but, it gave her something to talk about with her friends and neighbors.

She avoided having to explain her income as an occasional high level corporate escort. The answering service replaced her from time to time and nobody really knew a thing about her secret life as a sex worker.

The big stainless steel farm duty goat milking machine was far to big and noisy to have around the office. She had a normal mothers breast pump to use in the restroom every couple of hours to maintain her lactation inducing routine. She would put a sign on the door out front and then take a break for 15 to 20 minutes to keep up her schedule. Sometimes her husband Bruce would meet her for lunch and he could take over on the suckling duties.

She also had one or two regular clients of her own that got off on the whole lactation thing and they were eager to sneak in when she could lock up the office for a while and get her breasts sucked hard.

These odd fetishes always paid more than straight sex and made up for the time spent pretending to be just a secretary receptionist. That weekend was a livestock show at one of the County Fairgrounds nearby. Bruce got a room and they spent Saturday morning looking at miniature horses and got to talk to some of the fathers looking for livestock for their needy teen daughters. The unspoken advantages of no pregnancy or late night car dates provided good reasons for these wealthy parents to provide a special activity for their little girls.

The country club set teenagers knew all the possible activities for the little horse studs. The word was out, with these high society girls, though they only spoke about it in the most selective company. There were also some slightly larger breeds that seemed interesting.

Welsh ponies were pretty big in comparison but, not like a full sized horse. Carla spent some time looking at a Welsh "A" sized stud for sale. The larger Welsh "B" was more common and there were vendors with carts, harnesses and tack of all types. Bruce recognized on of the leather workers from "Downtown Leather" in the City.

She had been in the Folsom Street Fair selling bondage harnesses and leather cuffs for the kinky set. Carla saw her too and knew her as an occasional sex worker around town. They chatted about the miniature horses and ponies and the woman knew exactly which families bought their daughters little studs for fucking on their estate grounds. She often sold them special restraining harnesses to protect the young girls until they learned how to position themselves safely for a good horse fucking. Carla spoke about her experiences at John and Jenny's ranch in Nevada.

The woman seemed very interested in meeting them as an outlet for her specialty leather work. When Carla told her about the minister's wife binding a huge draft horse in the trailer and getting pounded by his pile driving penis, the woman was fascinated.

She could imagine the size of that Clydesdale's cock but, wanted to see something like that at work! Bruce asked if she would be interested in joining them for a visit to the Silver State and it was agreed that when there was a break in the horse show circuit, this new friend would join them on a road trip. Carla looked into a case behind the counter and bought some leather hand restraints and leg shackles. Mr. Jensen had been quite turned on by her taking charge the other day and she thought another time would come for her to strap him up and use her control on him.

Bruce notices some unusual collars and was told they were for controlling sheep. He bought one and figured he would be visiting those Basque herders sometime and wanted to be prepared.

Their new friend was Marla and she invited them to come to her hotel after the fair. Their room was at the same hotel and they agreed to be there before dinner. In another area of the stock show were some herding dog breeds from Australia and New Zealand. Carla took an interest in these canine exhibitors.

Heather a middle aged woman from Colorado had some mixed breeds that were known for winning herding contests not kennel club events. "Heather's Herd Dogs" had an established following in the mountain states. They were a motley bunch of hounds having eyes of mismatched colors and odd fur and markings.

One of the females turned her back side to Bruce and presented her moist sex organs. The woman laughed and asked Bruce if he had been doing any ranching. Bruce looked at his boots and realized the dogs must have picked up the smell of their recent ranch visits.

This dog bitch knew what went on at the farm and showed Bruce she was ready if he was. They went along to more vendors and looked at some beautiful carriages and coaches used in the taxi and park carriage trade. They were quite beautiful and afforded plenty of privacy. Carla's thoughts wandered to what kind of fun might be possible in such a luxurious carriage in the park. Bruce read her mind as she gazed and wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on the neck. "Lets go back to out room now," he said."I think we have seen almost everything." Carla agreed they could review things the next day and see if they missed anything then.

Carla had brought her new goat milking machine and it was under a cloth cover in their suite. She sat down and hooked herself up for a milking session and Bruce mixed himself a drink. He watched his wife on the sofa getting turned on and used by the mechanical suction. After a while their new friend Marla showed up and Bruce let her in to observe his wife's new toy in action. Marla said she wanted to try that thing out and Bruce got out the second set of hoses and udder fittings.

Marla sat next to Carla and pulled off her western style black leather jacket and leather shirt. Her pointy breasts looked perfectly shaped to fit right into the goat milker hose fittings. Bruce hooked her up and turned on her suction. Marla threw back her head and said, "Wow! This is fabulous. Why didn't I know about this before?" Carla put her hands in Marla's lap and cupped her pussy and squeezed her lovingly. "Well now you know! So don't hesitate to stay in touch," Carla replied.

Bruce watched the two women goosing each other while the machine worked their breasts. Marla was not lactating but, that could change easily with more attention like this.

After a while Carla turned the machine off and the girls unhitched the hoses. Marla told Bruce to get his dick out so they could do a little team blow job while they sat on the sofa.

Bruce stuck his hard and ready dick between their mouths and each took a side for some preliminary licking. Carla took him in her mouth and Marla went to his balls and they had him shaking in anticipation in no time. He had been thinking about sheep fucking and dog drilling all afternoon and was already quite ready for this. Marla took over on the dick sucking and took his cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around and around his red becoming purple tip.

Carla squeezed his balls in hand and licked his shaft below the head while Marla vacuumed his glans in her cheeks. This could not last for long. His testicles pulled up and the plumbing in his prostrate released his juices into his pressure line. The rows of muscles worked his semen down to Marla's mouth and shot a glob of sperm onto her tongue. Carla felt his contractions and squeezed off the flow and switched positions with her friend. They both savored his fresh taste and looked at each other and come kissed his sperm as he watched and shot one last splunk of jizz on their cheeks.

They all had a good laugh and Bruce kissed both of the women and then mixed drinks for himself and Marla as a chaser. Carla had a lemonade to join them since she wanted to be good about her pregnancy habits. Marla reached into her purse and produced a banana shaped double headed dildo.


One end was held like a pistol grip stuck into her pussy and the other she got lubed up to stuff into Carla's puss. Carla stripped down to get ready and lay back on the sofa and took the rubber dick with relish. Marla easily controlled her devilish dildo without any straps or need to hold it in place.

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It was like she became a man with breasts. Carla got slow fucked with that woman's knowing touch and attention. Bruce got his face in between to give the extra stimulation of his helping tongue. He licked his wife then he licked Marla and they were moaning and fucking with a wild abandon.

Suddenly there was tapping at the door and Bruce jumped up to check at the peephole. It was Heather, the herding dog breeder, from Colorado. In many Western States the bonds between people and livestock are long established traditions on the lonely range and prairie. No law prohibited relations between the beasts and people and it was an unspoken fact that a rancher, man or woman, and herd dog might do a little friendly fucking.

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A medium sized mutt accompanied the woman and his pink dick tip appeared quickly just from smelling the room. Bruce decided it was ok to let them in since the woman had the urgent look of a dog lover in her eyes.

The pooch sniffed his way over to Carla's steaming pussy and took over licking where Bruce had left off. Marla kept driving her dildo deep inside and gave the dog a good space to tongue between each thrust. Dog dick can not be restrained in the presence of hot pussy. It matters not whether it is human or canine. Marla knew what she wanted to try now. She pulled out and let got Carla on her sitting on the ottoman stool. The hound jumped onto Carla's lap and poked his nasty pink dog dick around looking for the warm slit.

Marla held his paws up to guide him in. He stood on his back legs and humped madly at Carla's steam slot. He got inside and his knot began to swell up locking him in.

The dog fluids began to pump forth and spill around his locking bulb and flow down Carla's legs. Now well secured in her pussy. Marla pushed her girl friend down to the floor on her knees as the dog turned around. The dog cock stuck out backwards on its pivoting base. This is the way dogs can protect the mounted cunt from getting entered or approached by another beast. On her knees Carla's ass was ripe for Marla's wet dildo. The rubber tool was already wet with pussy juice and slid easily into Carla's ass hole.

She felt the probe push against the swollen dog knot and it pressured her g-spot in a most exquisite manner. Shaking her head from side to side Carla reeled with pleasure from both sides. Hot dog flesh in her pussy had a body temperature a degree hotter than humans. The heat and maddening knot pressure had her coming more than the dildo had. Now the rubber dick in her ass pressed against the hot knot and her orgasm kept going on and on with no break.

Bruce and the new woman each took one of Carla's ready nipples in their mouths and began to suckle from either side. Carla was team sucked and double dicked with now direction to move or escape the stimulation. They all touched and fucked or sucked making her come again to ever higher planes of pleasure.

The dildo never weakened and a dog dick erection lasts almost endlessly. After a 45nminutes of relentless fucking the hound cock spewed its last semen and the locking bulb shrank enough to fall out of Carla's mangled pussy. She fell forward to the floor and pulled away from the anal dildo's stabbing. She was done in all senses.

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Bruce was ready for a hot fuck and went right on into his wife's messed up pussy. Now Marla continued to fuck her ass and her husband penetrated her pussy in front. Making his woman come made Bruce stiffer than ever, and when Carla was this turned on she came in strings of rapid fire climaxes.

Her milk was given already now; she squirted out her vaginal come juice. The dog semen had filled Carla and her husband slid easily in her tight wet pussy. The internal heat was too much to withstand and Bruce's balls unleashed quickly inside his come juiced wife. They kissed and moaned as they fell together on their knees. Heather wanted some dildo too so, she stripped and knelt down for Marla's artificial love tool.

Marla switched her attention and now fucked her from behind. As she rear drilled Heather's hot pussy, the dog could front lick his mistress. Between the two stimulations she rapidly reached that pleasure level. She got girl skill-fucked. Marla found her g-spot and rubbed against it with the synthetic polymer penile penetration. It was the tingling pleasure of woman heating woman. Every lick of the hound tongue added to the rise up towards yet another orgasm wave in his pleasure sandwich.

After a break in the action the three women and Bruce pondered their next move. The dog lay quietly on the floor and everyone took a turn in the shower to clean up.

When the room looked somewhat presentable they called for room service and had some sandwiches and salad for late light supper. Marla felt really kinky and she wanted to get back into the fair to get some pony dick after hours.

She had been at these events many times and knew the security guard would let her in as an exhibitor. Heather was up for a night visit and could always get in to check on her hounds.

They decided to split up and go in separately. Bruce and Marla would go together and Carla would enter the grounds with Heather at another gate. Marla went to her booth and got some leg shackles, that would fit a pony. They met Heather at her kennels in the darkness of the fair tent. The dog bitch that fancied Bruce again presented her backside for his inspection. He did not hesitate and got down to his knees behind her and held her hips firmly massaging them and her back legs to relax her.

He dropped his trousers and his dick rose to the occasion. They were all in a wild mood and Carla urged her husband on. Heather told him to angle up with his dick as the dog's entrance was slightly different. He felt the heat immediately. The dog body temperature is higher and very noticeable on the sensitive nerves of his dick head.

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Slowly he found the best angle to stroke up into the dog bitch. As she got wet and dog lubed her pooch cunt squeezed him tightly. It felt hot and crazy. Bruce slow stroked her and held his dick in deep on each thrust. Marla wandered off to look in the pony area.

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She found a randy looking Welsh "B" and petted him and entered his stall. First the tied his front legs and halter to on side fence and then she took a shackle and spreader bar to his back legs to separate and fix his legs to the other side of his stall.

Then Marla knelt beneath him and started to play with his fat pony dick. He was longer than the miniatures and definitely fatter. She stroked him and took his cock head into her mouth. Carla heard the snorting pony and located her friend at work. She joined Marla in the stall and they double side licked the pony's fat erection. His unsheathed length seemed to be about a foot and a half.

Carla wanted his pony cock head in her mouth and positioned herself directly underneath and began sucking in earnest. While she slurped dick, Marla played with the pony's big balls and squeezed and stimulated them gently. The snorts and twitching erection indicated they were having the right effect and Carla started to feel his dick swelling even harder as he pumped as much as he could with his restrained legs.

The chain reaction of ball juice gathered momentum. The pony's nut sack contracted and his fluid swept away the seeds inside his balls. On the outside of his cock a rippling wave of cinching muscles worked his semen up to his dick tip and towards Carla's waiting lips.

He blew out his sperm into her mouthwith a force that made her cheeks bulge like balloons. She gulped down the nourishment to feed her need for protein. Her milk glands needed his prostrate splooch to build their production. She was hungry and swallowed as fast as the could. His pressure and volume overtook her capacity to inhale sperm and his consecutive pulsations squirted horse jizz everywhere on her face and breasts.

After she was thoroughly coated with the white stuff and his ejaculation subsided, Carla scooped and harvested as much juice as the could off her face and body, to drink in his food. Her hunger for the sex juice commenced to obsess her now. She needed more sperm immediately to satisfy her breast glands requirements.

Carla looked around to see what other animals were in sight. Some miniature horses were in stalls at the end of the aisle. Without waiting for any assistance she clambered into the equine enclosure and offered her naked pussy to get their interest.

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These little horses were no bigger than large dogs and did not have to be restrained to enjoy their horse cocks. She took one in her pussy and felt his dick harden and begin to hump her. By positioning herself skillfully, Carla squeezed pleasure into his body and aroused his breeding functions.

As she felt him snort and drive deeper, she pulled away to take him orally. Her skill and suction only increased his ball loosening seed release. Taking him half way down her throat she played his balls in her hands and elicited the response she craved.

This little horse felt the mouth heat making a short circuit in his dick's electrical system. The concentric rings of muscles pulsed in sequence to drive his fluid forth. Again Carla drank the delicious dessert of horse semen. Again it overflowed onto her face and body with a white river of life.

Marla had arrived by now and massaged it into Carla's nipples and harvested handfuls to bring to her mouth.

Carla fed. It was needed. Heather brought her a larger dog to suckle on next and parked his outside the stall. Reaching through the fence boards was enough to access the dog dick and start the next tasting. She savored the various tastes and waited for the canine pre-cum to start lubricating her lips.

The excited pup happily kept his station in the aisle while Carla hand jobbed him into her mouth and sucked down on his pink poker. Soon enough dog fluid dripped from his end and dribbled into her mouth. She had gone dick crazy now by having too much rapid and consecutive animal cock in her. No one cared that she was losing her mind and just giving herself over to become a sperm dump for beasts.

It was to exciting for the others to ponder. Just watching her swallow down so much jizz occupied all their brain cells. Thinking about any ramifications was simply beyond anyone's mental capacity now. She drank and they watched. Heather's dog meat filled her mouth and stomach once again with a full load of breeding cells and associated delivery substances. Carla was full and could eat no more for now. She had seemingly as much on her messy body as inside her digestive system.

She scraped up the remaining excess and swallowed as much as she could. Her induced lactation and pregnancy had made her descend into a sperm hungered craziness. Only more dick juice could quiet her now. Bruce saw his wife's transformation and eyed the potential sources.

Heather led her hound back to her exhibit and brought another smaller dog to maintain the frenzied pace. This mongrel had a feisty look in his eyes. Perhaps the scent of dick and pussy had tipped him off as to the situation. His dog dick was erect and he humped the fenced stall and Heather's leg as they approached the wild eyed Carla.

Heather did not control him and he suddenly mounted Carla with a quick stroke. His paws gripped her shoulders as she squatted on the sawdust and hay on the floor. She let him in and just fucked back needing the feeling inside to much to decouple herself.

His dog bulb began to swell and he became knotted inside her pussy and locked himself in place. Once he fixed his love faucet in her receptacle and began to flow he turned away from her to defend his prize. The double jointed feature of a dog dick allowed him to stay locked rear to rear. Carla crawled along the fence to find another miniature stallion.

She reached between the boards and took dick in hand to fondle yet another horse penis. Taking pity on her friends depraved desires, Marla opened the stall and carefully led the stud out to Carla's waiting lips. She hitched his halter to the outside of his paddock and let that wild dick sucking woman take another horse cock to her mouth.


Now she was hard poled from either end like a lamb on a spit. Her gullet took in food and her pussy delivered her the pleasure to keep her mind set on track. She became a dog bitch horse slurper. Her muffled moans were not human anymore. Across the building another guard heard the strange sounds and set out to investigate.

Suddenly Carla was spotlighted like a raccoon on a crime spree. Her eyes were lit red and guilty. Unable to speak with a throat full of horse dick, she was dog knotted and caught naked, raw and nasty. The guard was completely speechless.

He had seen the odd rancher slipping sausage to a sheep but, never a craven woman in such a heated and out of control state. He had handcuffs but, no idea of how he might deploy what, how or where?

His eyes locked to hers and his own dick grew as he watched her continue to suck unabashedly. Her need overcame any vestiges of shame that might have existed. Carla was a whore with tremendous ability. Her instinct to satisfy others equaled her need to feed her own desire.

She reached up to his waist to feel him through his pants. Perceiving that the watchman had an erection hidden in his slacks, she unzipped his fly. Gripping his dick head she led him to his knees beside the miniature horse and angled the two dicks to her mouth simultaneously. Her skill with regular sized dick allowed her to take man and small horse together into her mouth.

As the horse felt his dick rubbed the animal instinct took over and ejaculation commenced in Carla's gullet. The hot juice only made the guard more aroused and he humped at her cheek as best he could in the limited mouth space.

By accommodating the guards hot probe she diffused his alarmed inquiry. Realizing that no property had been endangered the guard relaxed and enjoyed sliding his dick in her mouth filling with horse sperms.

The overflow soiled his trousers without any concern. His long night shift passed quickly as Carla's suction drew him to the point of release. His safety released and she triggered him. His magazine was full and he unloaded every round into her waiting face. She drank and spilled and wiped her nipples with his fluid. It was a better night than she could have imagined. From the hotel room the the fair booths she fed to fill her breasts and belly with needed substances.

As he finished coming the guard saw his audience and self consciously resumed his circuit walking away to check the next aisle in the dark barn.

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He turned off his flashlight so as not to startle any livestock from their sleep. By now Carla's milk glands had filled again and her friends licked the excess sperm to access her delivery system. Heather and Marla took positions on her breasts and began to pull and stretch her nipples into their mouths. Carla's head fell back and she looked blankly into the dark ceiling. Her body buzzed in an electrified state of excited heat. Her pussy was like a napalm bomb of wet gasoline burning with hot sperm.

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Her mouth was quenched by the dick milks of man and beast. Now her own mammary glands had refilled to capacity and gave out the nourishment of her milk to her adoring lovers. It had increased from drops to spoonfuls already and her rich diet was the perfect food to build her production. The girls took her breast gifts and suckled strongly to pull her nipples out and stretch them to a greater capacity. The took it all and then rubbed the remaining sperm mix onto the raw tissue, to sooth her stretched membranes.