Blonde teen fucking her step dad acid rain

Blonde teen fucking her step dad acid rain
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This is a story as told by a new member of our woman's group. No reason to believe it is not true as she validated with her laptop.

These two sisters are a bit crazy too.they compete on everything, would not be surprised if there will be more to tell as these events happened a couple of years ago.

Disgusting My sister is a terrible influence. Since we were kids, every time my sister and I get together with the intent to have fun, it does not turn out well. Yes, we have fun…maybe too much. We push each other to extremes well past what would be considered normal behavior. Do not want to get into all of the stuff…some pretty tame and the others, well…would not want it to get out at the PTA.

She and I not only pushed the envelope we tore it apart. As teenagers we surprised ourselves as to the depths of depravity each of us could conger up. Whether it was seducing uncles or…aunts for that matter, I mean cousins were always fair game. Or the time we took the family dog for a ride…I mean really, that is one of the things we did not want to get out.

But it happened and between us it has been our dirty little secret.

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Did not stop there either. Neither of our husbands knew that we dared each other to fuck the other one…or that her husband fathered one of my kids and quite sure my husband gave her one also.

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No big deal… Then again, maybe it is. A drunken girls party got carried away by a game that the stakes digressed to dare and acceptance. Can only say that the other women thought they were way over the top when the bets became sexual and for the first time in their lives had the good fortune of tasting another of the same sex.

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Had to make a note of the satisfaction Mary gave me as she munched on my pussy…she'll be back for more.

That was early in the game and the stakes went higher. My sister did an "all in" bet against my hand that I would have to fuck her son. I lost…I would have to fuck her son, Neal.

Next round I got the chance to reciprocate…Lisa would have to fuck my son, Art. The other girls thought that we were kidding, that it was all talk.

They thought wrong. Figuring that they better leave on that note…they did. Lisa and I battled on. The stakes got higher. I was the one that twisted it…I bet Lisa she would have to fuck her own son…thought she would fold; I had an Ace high full house. She did not…yes, I did not back down.

I dared her that she would have to fuck her son. She did the blood oath…in her life she never broke an oath. It was the end of that game…promised that in the future I would give her a chance at retribution. A couple of days later Neal showed up at my house.

He did not have a clue as to why his mother made him drive a can of tomato sauce half way across town to his aunt. I was pleasantly surprised…frick'n kid has a durable hard working cock. Probably his youth helped, but his fucking cock yielded a shit load of cum. Got it all on my laptop for proof. Maybe went a little overboard too.


Forced him into a four-hour fuck session that yielded multiple orgasms…for both him and I. He might have thought his aunt went nuts…well maybe I did for his nuts, but he'll be back too. A few more days passed and opened up my computer. There was Lisa getting stove poled by my son…Art. Every position I had with Neal, she did with Art, except she added an exclamation point at the end. After she got her pussy filled with my kid's gunk, she turned around towards the camera and straddled his face…a big smile and the number one hand signs for my benefit as she yielded his cum into his mouth.

A tinge of jealousy ran through me. I was going to hold her to the other bet. This took a couple of weeks…twice Lisa bailed at the turning point.

Both times she used the helpless female clothing malfunction in an attempt to seduce her son. Both times it became an awkward moment. I found it hilarious but like the fact she filmed the aborted attempts.

The third time was a charm…she used me as an excuse. She told him that she had heard he and I did an immoral act. He tried to deflect and she confronted him for trying to lie. He confessed. She demanded an exact detail…Neal tried to explain.

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Lisa acted like she was confused. Then she got angry and demanded that he explain physically. He tried to deflect again and she slapped him hard and told him to be a man. She had him strip and told him to show her what he did with his cock. He kind of pointed it in the direction of his mother.


Lisa pointed in the direction of her pussy and said, "you put your penis in your aunt's cunt?" He nodded. "Show me how you did that, you pervert" as she dropped her jeans. She did not have any underwear on. "But…but you're my mom" Neal stuttered. "So…she is your aunt too…show me or I'll cut it off". She grabbed his cock and twisted it.

Lisa laid down, spread her legs, as she pulled Neal towards her. Sure enough…Neal started jack hammering into her. Just like Art…she ended up on top of her son's face…with a smirk across her face I wanted to wipe off with a brick. She fucking enjoyed fucking her son…and now that it was done…Neal was going to be at her beck and call.

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Could not resist calling her right there and then. Son of a bitch if the phone rang in the picture, she was streaming live!

A few seconds delay…but. Lisa rolled towards the phone. "Ah…Lo, what do you think? Watching the show?" "God damn it Lisa, did not think…well, then again…I knew you are a perverted bitch…but live?" Lisa began laughing noticeably, her tits jiggling, her ass swayed…Neal seemed mesmerized, the gloss of sex juice reflecting from a well-placed light.

Then she rolled over on to her back, her cunt towards the camera as she spread her legs revealing her well fucked pussy…the lips still splayed and her gap oozing her son's gizz. Lisa mumbled something and grabbed Neal by the ear, twisting it as she pulled his head towards her cunt. With authority she plainly said, "Ok…sweetie, you like your mother's cunt so much…clean it up".

Her hand went to the back of Neal's head and pulled him tight against her pussy. A shiver of anticipation actually ran down my spine…my own pussy became active.

"AH…how do like that Lo? Fucking kid is a pussy hound…" Lisa was back talking into the phone as her hips indicated she was fucking her kid's face. "Goddamn Lisa…this takes the cake…you are fucking your OWN KID!" jealousy takes all forms…apparently this is mine. "God damn right Lo…you made me…" her attention to the conversation was slipping as her movements of humping her son's face intensified.

"Lisa…LISA!" I screamed in the phone trying to fuck up her impending orgasm. To late…Lisa bucked, dropped the phone and grabbed her kid's head with both hands as she arched her back and let loose. Took a few seconds for her to catch her breath…guess I needed to too. Neal started to back away from Lisa's pussy, but Lisa bent her leg keeping him from getting to far away…his nose was only a few inches from her cunt.


His cock was stiff as a rod…my cunt salivated. "Hey…Lo…gotta go…I am going to drain this kid of every drop he can make…thanks…" She hung up. The last picture on the screen saw her stand up and grab Neal's hard cock as she closed the laptop…the picture was gone.

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Son of a bitch was I horny.