Fucking his lovely black girlfriend in the morning

Fucking his lovely black girlfriend in the morning
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Teachers Advantage * We've all read about a teacher getting busted for having sex with a student. Some do get caught…but…what about all those who don't? Funny, you never hear about the guys complaining?

-------- __I'm a female teacher who has never been caught have sex with a male student. I found opportunity was there, so I took 'advantage' of it. Female teachers get horny just like any other woman, especially when young hunk males are coming on to you. I like it and enjoy the wetness I get in my pussy. It started with this one male, William, or 'Will' but he was cool about it, and never did anything in front of others.

He was gorgeous. Cool black wavy hair, great build and beautiful brown eyes. Did he come on to me, or did I come on to him, I would have to say it was mutual.

The shy, coy looks between us showed what we 'might' be thinking. We both started standing close together when no one was around. We found reasons to talk about 'school stuff' as the rest of the class filed out of the room. He always smelled good and I got a warm glow when he stood close to me. We both wondered, will something happen between us? Who would make the first dangerous move? Week after week of this was building up in us.

We both did little things to sort of 'entice' the situation. I would unbutton the top button on my blouse.

He would put his hand on my arm as I sat at my desk, with him standing over me, pretending to point at something in a book. I got these wonderful chills and would rub my arm across his chest to reach for some papers. We could both feel our heavy breathing and began with quiet whispery talk. It was a type of affection foreplay that made me wet, and I could see a semi-boner in his jeans.

We both wondered 'when', and how much more of this could we take?&hellip.although we both so enjoyed getting turned on, day after day. The day came when I ask him to stay after class to help me with some boxes of heavy supplies in my 'teachers locked closet'. Each teacher had a personal closet she alone had the key too. It was for supplies and for any 'personal' items also. I had a fold up cot in mine, to take a nap during a free hour if I wanted.

It was after school was out, that I locked my door and turned out the lights. Will and I were very nervous as I unlocked my closet door&hellip. Will…… Mrs.

Williams, (Samone), or Sam as I called privately, was a natural blond, shoulder length hair, nice big tits and a hot body.but…her eyes were boner makers. A cool blue that smiled at a guy she liked. I became hooked on her and dreamed about her a lot. The risk of making a move on a teacher just made me want her all the more&hellip. Sam&hellip. No one knew my upbringing. I think I was born horny. I had gotten in trouble as a young girl for letting the boys feel me up, sneaking around and letting them make me hot.

I kissing them, felt their little hardon's in return and let them feel my titties and pussy. My poor parents didn't know what to do with me except to keep me on the pill. My daddy was afraid of his own sexual feelings for me and kept his distance with no affection for me at all.

They took me to a Dr. who gave some pills to make me not horny. I pretended to take them, but I loved being horny, and by now I was fucking boys in my neighborhood. One boy called me a 'beautiful fucking machine', as I wanted all the sex I could get. I even took on 2 boys at once and loved every minute of it.


I just didn't lay there, I fucked them fast and hard and kept going until 'they' had to stop. My hips were like a 'sewing machine' one boy said.

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I was finally satisfied when I was hot, sweaty, a pussy full of cum and then a mouth full of it. I loved the sound of a guy groaning and feeling his cum shooting in me, pussy or mouth.

I ended up getting married to a guy who didn't know anything about the way I was. There was no way he could keep up with the sex I wanted. I had to just 'live with it'. I became a teacher to be close to teen guys and they didn't know how much they aroused me. I fingered my self to orgasm in the teachers lounge restroom. I got locked on to Will, and I wanted to get my hands in his pants and feel his hardon.

I fingered myself many times thinking about how warm it would feel in my hand, and in my pussy. I wanted to hear him groan as I made him cum by either a hand job, sucking it or in my pussy. Now I had him in the closet alone with me. My heart was beating hard and my pussy was wet as I pretended to be moving boxes around. He came up behind me. I made the decision to go for it. I reached back and put his arms around me. I pulled his hardon in tight to my butt cheeks.

I heard and felt his warm breath by my ear. I got mega tingles in my pussy. I moved our trembling hands over my tits.

He started kissing my neck. The bell rang, and Will had to go. I grabbed his hand and stuffed it down my skirt and inside my wet panties. I took his finger and rubbed in right on my wet clit. I pulled his hand out and let him out of the closet. He grabbed his books to cover his hardon and left. I headed for the teachers lounge restroom. I had a wonderful orgasm with two fingers in my pussy.

In a twist of fate, my husband had to take a job that left him gone during the week. It didn't take him long and he had a woman on the side to fuck. He didn't deign it, and said "Hey, I need some pussy." My mind went to work on how to get Will over to my house.

I came up with, 'Come over to practice a school play'. His parents went for it and the first night my husband was gone, he came over to 'practice'.

I got a fake script and we read the lines to each other in the front window for any neighbors to see. We walked outside and talked loud about the so called 'play' and he drove away in his car. All was cool and normal. He then parked a block away and came in my back gate and in my dark back door. I was waiting for him. I could wait no more. I grabbed him and we did our first hot kiss and feel up. I had his belt, button and zipper down quickly.

I had on my robe and naked underneath. Our hands went crazy as I stroked his nice hard on. He went for my tits and fingered my pussy. We dropped to the dark laundry room floor.

Our tongues were going wild with kissed and gasping breathing. I guided his hardon in my wet slit. I wrapped my legs around him as he pumped his hardon deep in me. Now were talking some passionate fucking right there on the floor.

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Our bodies slapped together as we both moaned and held tight. Finally I was getting what I wanted. He felt so good on top and in me I started speed fucking him. He couldn't help but cum big and groaned as I felt what I wanted. His cum being injected in me, in great amounts. I pulled him in me deep and squeezed my pussy on his hardon with all I had. He kept shooting his cum in me and finally went weak and out of breath. I wanted to give him the best fuck of his young life.

His body was hot as he gasp for air. We held each other tight as we savored the feelings. His hands felt so good as he felt every inch of me. All he could whisper was…'oh my god'&hellip.

he felt spent, but I was just getting started. Will&hellip. It happened. All my dizzy head could think was 'perfect'…she is perfect. After all my fantasies about fucking her…it happened.

She was not like any other girl I had ever fucked before. I wanted to kidnap her and lock her in my bedroom forever. To feel her bare tits, suck on them and then to have her fuck like no other…I was dizzy&hellip.heavenly dizzy…her pussy moved inside and squeezed my hardon.

I'd never had a girl do that before. Sam&hellip. Now I was getting some of the sex I wanted. That night I next got him in my big bed. A naked teen in my bed&hellip.oh hell yes! I went on the attack and had him going 69 in no time. I showed him how a girl likes to have her pussy licked and how to massage my G spot while licking my clit.

We got it right as he shot a big load of cum in my waiting mouth, and I climaxed while he licked my clit&hellip. Finally I was getting the sex I wanted and it was good. I got on top of him and rode him hard.

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I fucked him all I wanted and then some more. I got his dick sore and my pussy too. He was so hot and wonderful, but&hellip.I wanted more. Time was up as I sent him home all spent but with a content smile I'd never seen on him before.


I ask him about his best friend and just maybe he would like to join in the fun. At first he was 'no way!' as he wanted me all to himself. Over the next week I fucked Will almost every night. By the next week he thought &hellip.it might be fun to invite his buddy Jerry over and see how it went&hellip. I knew Jerry and he was a stud. A track star and tall and slim. I asked Will to ask him over alone and let me see if we liked each other. Within an hour I had him feeling me up and kissing me. Now things were getting good.

I got him in my dark Kitchen and on the floor. His hands were in my robe as I felt his long dick in his pants. He went right for my pussy to lick it.

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I turned and sucked his hardon all the way down my throat. I held him tight so he had to cum with his dick all the way deep throated. He had a long tongue that I liked too. We moaned and squirmed and the cum flowed and I had my first squirt&hellip.wow&hellip.that was so intense, I went for seconds after a short recovery.

We never made it to my bed as we fucked and I got to feel that long dick all the way in me. ---- They were both cool at school. No eye contact and just a teacher and students. Next plan I had they beat me to it. A 3some&hellip.but they wanted a dual penetration, only&hellip.at school in my closet! I said to risky, we have my house and we'd all be safe and&hellip.and&hellip.oh damn, that sounded so hot to sneak a 'dp' right in my closet.

It got me so hot thinking about it day after day, I found myself planning it all out. What I would wear, the timing and the pure excitement of it. I had them both come over one evening. We all began planning as they both took me in the bathroom and felt me up so good. No fucking as I made them wait for our sneak 'dp'.

I wanted them as super hot and excited as I was. To tide them over and got on my knees and gave them both a hot blow job. I was my first double and I love it.

Two dicks shooting hot cum in my mouth and on my face was awesome! I sent them home. There was a ½ day event at school before a holiday.

School let out at noon. We agreed then was the best time for our 'in school' dp. We all waited as we didn't get together a week before that special day.

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Will and Jerry talked&hellip. They agreed they were the luckiest guys in school and no one knew it, and MUST never know. They kept their mouth's shut and all was going well. Sam…… The day came. I wore no bra, just a jacket over my blouse and no panties.

A full skirt for easy up access. The guys arrived a little after noon and I locked the door and shut off the lights in my room. I unlocked my teachers closet door as we all entered.

I locked it behind me. I decided to leave the light off for a more erotic atmosphere. They both reached out for me as my heart raced. I had never had 4 hands feeling me quite like they did.

They kissed my neck and face as I plunged in to ecstasy. They took turns kissing my quivering lips and slipping their tongues in my mouth. I went inside their shirts and felt their young chests, all smooth and full of ripples of muscles. My knees got a little weak as they held me up.

I un-did their pants and felt my way to both their very hard dicks. They each went up under my blouse and I felt bare hands on my bare tits. I gasp for air in the closet, I was hotter than I could ever remember. I now had a guy on each tit, sucking and licking away…it was an awesome erotic feeling in the dark. My pussy quivered as my skirt came up and fingers everywhere.

One of them got on their knees and started kissing my pussy. I spread my legs to let his tongue go deep in me. I felt, I think, Will go behind me and feel my warm butt cheeks.

His finger going from Jerry's wet tongue all the way up my slit to my butt cheeks. He got it all wet and his finger went deeper with each pass. I began to quiver as his finger went across my back hole. Jerry's finger was now gently rubbing my clit as he licked it also. I held in my moans as best I could. I reached back to feel Will's hardon and feel it sliding deeper in my slit.

We heard a noise…… We had all forgot about the janitor. We all froze. He was unlocking the door! I heard him empty my trash can. He wanted to go home too, so he did a quick sweep as we all didn't move at all. Finally&hellip.I heard him lock the door……whew… We returned to where we were, a tongue in my wet pussy and a dick rubbing on my pussy from the backside. Jerry quietly stood up and I felt his long hardon going up and down my pussy.

I leaned back on Will as they proceeded to 'both' put their dicks in my pussy. A first for me as they worked to line things up. They both started entering my pussy.

Two dick in my pussy at the same time&hellip.oh&hellip.my&hellip.god&hellip. We all adjusted to let them ease in me. It was the hottest feeling I had ever had. They both felt my tits and nipples. I was being fucked by them both and felt by them at the same time&hellip.I tried not to moan but some slipped out as I was having the highest sexual feeling of my life.

They both began to fuck me so good I had orgasm after orgasm with a big climax building up and up. I started to shake as they began to groan. I didn't know who came first but I felt a flood of the most cum in me I had ever felt.

I cried out as I climaxed over and over. They pumped me hard and deep as I squeezed their dicks as hard as my pussy could squeeze.


We all groaned and shook as our hands went all over all of us. I put my hand down to feel both dicks thrusting in me and the cum overflowing out. It made me climax again as my body went stiff and shook. We all moaned…'Air…air' as it was all gone in the little room.

They reach over and opened the door&hellip.ahhhh&hellip.air&hellip.they the went back to fucking me some more. All our legs were a little wobbly but we didn't care. More fucking was the only thing we cared about. They slow fucked me as they kissed me and felt me. I kept feeling those two wet dicks going in me and was on cloud nine and staying there. I collapsed on Jerry as they kept fucking me more.

My head was spinning with euphoria with many many new good feelings. I had reached a point of satisfaction and then more beyond that…… They were going for seconds and I was going along for the wonderful ride. The feeling of a pussy full with two dick in it was un-describable…until&hellip.I felt them both start shooting their cum again.

My mind went blank as I tried to yell and couldn't. I thought I had finally lost my mind with over pleasure&hellip.I climaxed so hard&hellip.I saw stars and bursts of light&hellip.Jerry held me up as they both slow fucked me, over and over&hellip.

----- I have to get ready now, I have 2 male students coming over tonight. We'll be practicing the dp we all had at school last week.

One behind and one at 69. This of course may take many weeks to get it&hellip.just right&hellip.