Sexy dance on the floor

Sexy dance on the floor
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Chapter 10 Marty's family training, and a surprise Characters Introduced: Sheila, 26 5'8, white Ben's tattoo artist, 36C breasts The story picks up the next day after Ben has fucked his two willing virgin slaves in the ass.

Martha comes over to her Master, "You really fucked Cam and Calla good last night.

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They seemed to enjoy it from what I could hear!". In comes Cam and Calla rubbing their asses and kiss Master and then Martha. "That was fun, Master, I think our asses are getting use to having BIG FELLA in them" Cam says and Calla nods in agreement. Becky walks in and gives Ben a kiss, "Tattoo artist will be here in an hour with her portfolio.

We have 10 ladies that need to get their "Property of Master Ben Barnes" tattoos on their backs. You girls are not having any reservations are you?". Cam "I would get any tattoo Master wanted as long as he continues to love me." she then goes over and strokes on BIG FELLA "Mistress, can we have the tattoo artist brighten the tattoo on BIG FELLA, put some more color on it?".

Becky "That looks like a good idea, It looks a bit worn off. I wonder how that happened? I almost forgot about our new Hawaiian slaves that need to get their tattoos also". Becky goes over to Ben and they talk about the up coming events, "Ben, you know you have 11 slaves to train? I want you to take it easy on yourself". I will is his response, "After the tattoo artist is done with Martha, Victoria, Martha and Kiki, I am going to take them to get cars".

Kiki comes up to her new master and asks if she can talk to them, "Master, Mistress I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you?". "What would you like?". "Master, we have all worked for a long time. I love you as does Kiki and Mami. We were wondering if you could front us in a new massage parlor in town?

I don't think there is a parlor in town, is there?" Ben "I don't think there is a massage parlor in town, and you girls do give a good massage. Can you keep it above table? No happy endings". Kiki "Only happy endings we will ever give are to you and maybe your friends if you are there.

We need to keep the Parlor above board. I think if your name was on the door as proprietor we would not have any troubles. I need to do some research on how to get our license transferred from Hawaii to Alabama".

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Becky "That sounds like a good idea, you think Liz could find us a good retail location, Master?". Ben "Sure she can, how many rooms do you need?". Kiki "I was thinking of six massage rooms, a waiting area with a reception desk a managers office and a laundry room". Ben "I will talk to Liz today, we need to go get you a car along with Martha's girls. Marty needs to head to college before she misses to many classes". Kiki "Thank you Master, can I worship you this morning?". "Sure" and then she takes BIG FELLA and starts to suck on the head and shaft she looks up at her Master and smiles and tells him she loves him and then takes the head down her throat.

Kali comes over and asks if she can have some. They both share BIG FELLA each taking a turn taking it down their throats, when they do they always look up at Ben. When one is going down on BIG FELLA the other is sucking on his balls and rimming his asshole. This goes on until the tattoo artist arrives, she says hello to Ben and Becky and sees Ben is getting a blowjob and smiles.

"Ben, I see you have your hands full here, you seem to be acquiring a nice array of women". Ben "MMMM, Yes these two on my cock are new. Becky can show you to the rest of my new slaves, I need them to get their back tattooed stating they are mine.

Did you bring your portfolio binder?". Tattoo Artist "Yes, here it is". Ben "Girls, here is Sheila's portfolio so that you can look it over". Rebecca, Missy, Hanna and Michelle come over first and take a look. The girls talk about getting the same tattoo. Missy asks Sheila "Sheila, we are always together the four of us. I was wondering if you could put one design and split it up on our backs so that when we are together it will be one".

Sheila "I will look into that, what are you looking at?" Hanna "I was thinking about a jungle scene with animals flowers and trees, maybe a couple of those Madagascar animals. What do you girls think of that?".

They all shake their heads yes. "I will draw something up and drop it off for you guys and Ben to approve". She has just completed Martha's tattoo on her back and moves to Marty. Ben asks "How long is this going to take to give these girls their back tattoos". "About 30 minutes each" Sheila. Right then Ben grabs the side of the chair he is sitting in and looks down at Kiki with his cock in her mouth.

She is making BIG FELLA cum hard. When he thinks he is done cuming he pulls out of her and then she gets the head back into her mouth and makes him cum again.

"Are you trying to drain my balls, Kiki?". "No, Master" is her response. "GOOD BECAUSE THAT IS MY JOB". Ben says without even looking "Yes, it is Reanna". Ben goes and gets in the pool with Reanna and Rachel, He starts to suck on their breast.

"I love you girls" "Master, you are getting Martha's twins pregnant, they are our age and two are even younger than we are. I don't know about Reanna but I want to have your baby growing in my belly.

I love you and want to give you that gift" Rachel says "Master, I love you but do not want to get pregnant right now. I would love to do another spit-roasting and get double penetrated with you and your friends. I always want you to be one of the men fucking me". Ben "OK, that is only fair to you Rachel, stop taking your birth control pills and I will get you pregnant. Reanna, you are a little minx.

I think Sheila show put a sex kitten on your back". Reanna "Maybe she has something for minx, I think BIG FELLA is ready to go somewhere nice and warm". She puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts bouncing up and down on him. She whispers in his ear "GOD I LOVE YOU MASTER, Ben, I love you and I do want your children. But not just yet", "Baby, anytime you want them I will be here and you know I love you".

The fuck for a while and then get out of the pool. "Reanna is a real cock tease, leaving BIG FELLA hard like this!" Ben says as he walks into the living room where Sheila has finished on Marty and is working on Kiki.

Alexis sees that BIG FELLA is hard and comes over to Ben and grabs BIG FELLA and pulls him over to the couch and puts Ben down. "Let me take care of that Master" she says as she starts to ride BIG FELLA. "Come in my womb make me pregnant you Sex GOD". Sheila finishes with Kiki, and Victoria just about the time he starts to cum hard into Alexis's womb. Alexis smiles and thanks her Master for his load. "You ready for your touch up, Ben" Sheila asks.

"I need to clean BIG FELLA up and dry him off". Tiffani comes over and says "Let me help you with that Master". She sucks him clean of his and Alexis's juices and then washes him. Sheila "You need to get him hard". She sucks on the head for about five minutes and BIG FELLA is erect. Ben comes over to the table and Sheila puts rubbing alcohol on BIG FELLA and then prepares to highlight the words in Black and then inside each letter bright red.

"How long before Ben can use BIG FELLA again, Sheila", Becky asks. "He should be OK but tonight, if he can keep it in his pants that long" she says smiling up at her friend. "I always have my tongue, Sheila. I have a couple of virgin pussies I can eat when we get back this afternoon". "Marty, Martha, Victoria and Kiki go take a shower and get ready to go out. Becky come with me please" Ben says. The girls scramble for showers and get cleaned up and ready.

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Becky and Ben go to their room and shower. "Becky, I am going out and get cars for the girls. I am also going to the furniture store with Martha after we see Marty off to school. I need to see Liz about the real estate purchases. Need to talk to Crystal about Martha staying with her for a couple of weeks".

"Take it easy Ben, I don't want you to get worn out" Becky says as they kiss goodbye. The girls are ready and they head out to Ben's Expedition, when they are all in he asks each what cars do they like. Kiki and Victoria like the Kia Soul, Marty and Martha like Toyota's. OK do you all have your drivers licenses with you. They say yes and Ben heads to the Kia dealership and talks to the manager while the girls look at the cars.

They pick the color they like and Ben wants them to be fully loaded and the Manager has a porter bring the two cars to the front and has them ready for the girls in a half hour. The manager tells Ben he can have the paperwork delivered to his house in the morning. Ben says thanks and calls Hillary his State Farm agent and tells her about the two new girls on his insurance. He tells her about the two other ones that he will call her back when they go to the Toyota dealership.

Kiki and Victoria get to their cars and Ben hands them there keys and they each kiss on the lips. "Thanks lover" is each response. "Meet you at home, he gives them his cell number and tells them to call him if they have any problems".

Ben then takes Marty and Martha to the Toyota dealership and they pick out a FJ Cruiser for Marty and a Land Cruiser for Martha. Martha asks Ben "Is that OK, I have a lot of girls to shuttle around and we could always use the space". "Of course it is, don't worry about the money, I not saying go nuts, but the money is not to be worried about". The owner of the dealership sees Ben and notices nobody is with them and runs out to greet him.

"Good Morning, Mr.

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Barnes How may I help you today?". "I am looking at this FJ Cruiser for my girl Marty and a Land Cruiser for Martha here. Dealer "What colors would you like them in?".

Marty "Blue" Martha "Black". The dealer looks at his inventory and looks at Ben "Full Loaded, of course Mr. Barnes". Ben replies "You know my tastes". The dealer has a porter pull up with the cars ready for the girls to drive them off the lot. He hands them the keys and tells Ben he will have the paperwork delivered to him. "Ben, these dealers must know you. They never haggled you with prices or even had you sign any documents. They just gave you the keys and let you have the cars" Martha asks.

"Girls, this is my town, I have bought new cars for all my slaves that can drive except for the girls down in Tuscaloosa. I have bought Beth and Joyce new cars, they are living down there in my house. They are parents of my girls" Ben says. "They are yours also right?" Martha asks "Martha I did not force them, they came willingly" Ben responded to her.

He calls Hillary back and tells her about the new cars and asks them to put them on his insurance policy. "I need to see you, Master, today if you get a chance" Hillary tells him. "I need to make a couple of stops, I will call you when I am in route if that is OK" Ben replies. She tells him that will be fine. "Marty, time for you to head back to college before you miss to many classes. See you in two weeks when we all go to New Orleans.

I love you and take care, if you have any problems go see Nadia you have her number" Ben tells her and kisses her. Marty kisses her mother goodby and tells her she loves her and welcome to your new life of luxury. "Martha, we need to go pick out bedroom furniture for your new house. Make sure it is nice because it will go into the new mansion. We then need to pick out a dinning room furniture and a couple of sofas.

We will then go to lunch at our favorite restaurant Antonio's. I need to go to the real estate agent and then to the insurance agent office, would love it if you would come also. We can leave your car at the restaurant" Ben tells her.

"I am game" Martha tells him. They go to the furniture store and pick out a California King bed suite for the Master bedroom.

A king size bed for the four other bedrooms with matching furniture. Martha loves them in Mahogany solid wood and the furniture store manger says they can have it in about three weeks, he will through in free delivery. They then pick out a kitchen table a dinning room table and two couches and two recliners, in leather. Ben whips out his credit card and charges it and tells the manager to have them deliver it all at the same time. He will call him with the address.

The manager thanks him and gives them a matching buffet cabinet and a coffee table. They leave and head to lunch at Antonio's. Antonio greets them and seats them and brings over a bottle of wine. Ben "Antonio, you have not meet my newest member of my family. This is Martha, she is Marty's mother and has brought her seven children with her to live with me". Antonio "Nice to meet you, Martha. Ben is a great man, very generous and kind. I believe you probably have met my daughter Elfie by now.

She is part of Ben's unique family, Elfie really loves Ben. Jenny and Jess just came on shift, I know they will want to wait on you let me get them for you". Martha "Elfie is his daughter and he gave her to you". "Yes, kind of. I also bought this restaurant for him after she was trained.

Elfie was so worried about her father and I love the food here". Jenny and Jess come over and kiss Ben and whisper in his ear "I love you Master". "What can I get you two for lunch today?" Ben gets his usual seafood dish and Martha gets lasagne" the say good choices and they then come back with their salads and complimentary appetizers.

Martha "Are they yours too, Ben". "Well sort of the have their tattoos that you got today, and a Queen of Spades on the back of their necks. I am waiting on performing the other training until they are a bit older. At least a couple of years, unless I get tired of their begging". The eat their meal and then Antonio sends out a gelato sampler for them.

"Have you ever had gelato, Martha?" Ben asks, No is her response and he tells her that Antonio's makes the best gelato this side of Italy. He feeds her spoonful by spoonful and she likes the gelato and the attention. Jenny and Jess come over and asks to see Ben in the employee lounge. He gets up and takes Martha with him.

They go to the employee lounge and Jess locks the door. Jess "We need some cream, Master". "Is Martha one of your new slaves, Master?" Jenny asks. "Yes she is, she is getting ready to start her pussy training on Monday. I am also trying to get her pregnant".

Jenny gets on her knees and unzips his fly and takes BIG FELLA out. "MMM, you had your tattoo touched up" she says as she starts to suck him off. She makes him cum in about fifteen minutes using Sam's technique. Jess starts to suck him off with the same technique and he cums again ten minutes later. They show Martha their Queen of Spades tattoos on the back of their necks and "The Property of Ben Barnes" on their backs.

They then get a soda to wash the come down their mouths and go back to work. Ben then pays the bill and tries to leave a tip and Jess whispers in his ear "We just got our tip Master". Ben gives Antonio forty dollars to give to the girls and he leaves with Martha in her new car. "Man, I love the smell of a new car" Ben says and he directs Martha on where the real estate agent is located. They go in and meet with Liz "Liz, I would like to introduce Martha to you.

She and her kids are going to be living at the house I just bought. Everything OK with the sale? Do I need to sign anything? I also need you to look into commercial property for a massage parlor" Ben says. "Martha it is nice to meet you.

Are you Ben's new slave?" Liz says as she kneels before him and takes down his pants. "Yes, I am. It looks like you are his also" Martha says. "Yes I am, although he needs to fuck me some more.

I want to get pregnant and I only have sex with Master. Once you have had BIG FELLA you do not want another cock" Liz says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Martha goes and locks the door and puts the closed sign on the door. Liz gets BIG FELLA hard and gets up and takes her pants off and panties.

"Get me pregnant, Master, I want your baby. I need your seed in my womb" Liz says. Martha watches as BIG FELLA enters her pussy and she sees that Liz has no hair on her pussy and also has a Queen of Spades on her mound. She also has "For Black Cocks Only" on her pussy lips. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep into Liz's pussy hitting her cervix, "FUCK ME HARD MASTER, PUMP THAT COCK".

Ben complies "HARDER, FASTER, POUND THAT PUSSY". "Damn, Fuck her Master. She is loving that pounding" Martha says as Ben picks Liz up and slams her down on the desk and keeps doing that for a couple of times.

"OH YES POUND THAT PUSSY" He finally pushes past her cervix and then dumps his load inside of her. Exhausted he pulls out and Martha comes over and cleans him off and notices no cum leaking out of Liz. He gets his pants on and Liz does the same thing. He sits down and signs the papers and kisses Liz and then Martha.

"In Atlanta, you really did not want to make me and my family your slaves did you Master?" Martha asks. "Truthfully, No. I just came to Atlanta for your approval for me having Marty. But you convinced me when you attacked my cock" Ben says. "You really have a lot of women throwing themselves at you don't you, Master?" Martha asks. "You have no idea, Martha. I need to go see Hillary at her insurance office" Ben says.

They drive to Hilary's office which is in her house. They knock on the door and she is just getting done with a customer she thanks the customer and then goes to the door and locks it and puts the closed sign on the door. "Hello I am Hillary, Ben's insurance agent how are you doing today".

Ben goes and sits down. "I am doing fine I am Martha". "Are you one of Ben's new slaves?" Hilary asks showing Martha her neck tattoo as she starts to undress. "OH, SHIT! I thought you had papers for me to sign Hillary I don't think I can do that right now". "I do have papers for you to sign about all your new vehicles, but first I need some of that cock of yours. Either you get undressed or I will rip them off of you".

Hillary says. "DAMN, Martha call Becky and tell her I am going to be late. At least can we go to your bed to do this Hillary?" Ben says. "Yes, but strip here". He complies and strips down. "Damn, that tattoo is new as are the piercings on your cock, What does it say?" Hilary asks. "BIG FELLA" Martha yells as she goes to talk to Becky.

Hilary leads Ben upstairs to her bedroom by BIG FELLA. Martha starts to hear Hilary yelling "FUCK ME MASTER, FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCK ME MASTER, POUND MY PUSSY. CUM IN MY WOMB". Martha goes to the bedroom and notices Ben is pounding away on her, sucking on her breasts and neck. He pushes through her cervix and pumps a load into her womb.

Ben then collapses beside Hilary and goes to sleep. Martha says "Let him sleep for a bit. He just came four times in two hours, two by blowjobs at Antonio's restaurant, and one at a real estate agents office and now this. "So Jess, Jenny, and Liz had him before me. Yes we all know each other, you will meet us all eventually. I love this man so much. He really helped me out. I just hope I have my period while his seed is still in my womb". Hilary says "You are trying to get pregnant also?" Martha says "Yes, I want Ben's baby.

I need his child to look after. I love him and want him but we can't all be selfish with Ben. Martha gets in bed with them and snuggles against Ben caressing his beautiful toned muscular body. "Let me call Becky and see if you can come over and meet my girls. He already has my oldest pregnant, he is trying to get the rest of us pregnant except for the youngest set of twins. He just fucks them in their asses". Martha tells Hilary to come on over at 8 to meet her family. They get Ben up and get him dressed and out to his car.

Hilary hands him the papers to sign and says she will see him at 8. "NO FUCKING!" is his response. He goes and sits in the passengers seat and goes to sleep. They start to drive home and are stopped about a mile away by the police. Ben hears the sirens and smiles. Sally comes to the drivers window and says "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going, and what have you done with that man in the passengers seat?". "No I have no idea, I don't think I was speeding, Ben is just tired".

Martha says. "Let me check on him, Mister Mister are you OK?" She gets Ben out to the car puts him on the back door and tells him to spread them. Ben complies and does as she tells him. Sally then says "I see we have a concealed weapon, is it loaded?" She unzips Ben and releases BIG FELLA. "MMMM he does have a huge weapon, is it loaded" Ben starts laughing and sees Martha petrified look. "Martha I would like to introduce you to one of my slaves that are police officers in the county, this is Sally Jenkins" Ben says.

"Hello Sally, I don't think his weapon is loaded anymore" Martha states. "Sally what time are you getting off shift? Come by and meet my new slaves, Martha's girls and some Hawaiian girls we met on our honeymoon".

Ben says. Sally "I get off in an hour and would love to come by, Oh Master, by the way I am pregnant. Thanks to you". Ben "That is good news you have to tell the rest of the family, By the way I need six more of those thin blue line stickers for my new cars and a bunch of cards". Sally "I will bring them over tonight, Master".

They head off to the mansion. They get to the mansion and go inside and take off their clothes. "Master, We forgot your Expedition at Antonio's restaurant" Martha says. "That is OK we can pick it up this Saturday when we go for our family dinner there" Ben replies. He calls Antonio and makes reservations for the private dinning room for Saturday.

Martha and Ben go into the pool area and greet everybody. Becky "What took you so long?". "Well, We got the furniture ordered and then went to lunch at Antonio's got a blowjob from Jenny and Jess both, then went to see Liz, she wanted to fuck. Then we went to Hillary and she wanted to fuck also. This all happened in three hours. Hillary practically raped me. Damn I got to put those girls on a rotation. They want to get pregnant also, and I saw Sally on the way home and she is pregnant".

Ben details to Becky and then jumps into the pool. Elfie swims over and kisses her Master on the lips and tells him to come over to the shallow end. Kiki and Kali jump in and the all massage his tired muscles. "Master, I need to order my stuff for the mansion at least so your massage slaves can do this right" Kiki says.

"Becky get them a credit card and tell them the rules" Ben asks Becky as she gets into the pool "Yes Master" she says as she kisses him and then strokes BIG FELLA. "I thought you were suppose to give him a break till tonight" Becky says with a smirk. "You know I cannot deny a beautiful woman's request. I want to remind everyone that I love you all each and everyone. This Master-Slave relationship is just voluntary. If you do not want to have sex with me I will still love you and take care of you.

Once you are accepted into my family I will provide for you, I am going to repeat this to my other slaves. I view my slaves as my wives, I love them and take care of them.

I want all of you to know that" Ben says to everyone. "Master, I am a new slave, you just accepted me and my girls. I came willingly and without reservations. I love you and want to take care of your needs as much as you want to take care of mine. I feel your love as does everybody else here if I may speak for them. I am willingly giving in to your wishes as are my daughters would you not agree girls" Martha says.

Her girls all agree. Cam "Ben, I love you, you are kind and considerate. You treat me like a princess and a beautiful person. I feel good when I am around you. Of course BIG FELLA is great. If you left me I would not want another man" Kiki "Master Ben, I saw how you treated your women in Hawaii when you were on your honeymoon with Becky.

She told me you proposed to and gave wedding bands to each of your women. I know they all love you. I sold everything I had in Hawaii to be with you and Becky, not even knowing if you would accept me or my friends as your lovers.

I am here on my own free will." Ben "OK, I just wanted you guys to know that I will support you no matter what". They get out of the pool as Sally arrives and greets everybody. Martha introduces her girls to Sally telling her that Marty went back to the University of Alabama today.

Ben "Sally, Can you get the 31st to the 5th of February off? I am taking everybody to the Superbowl." "Yes, I have leave, I will check with Paula also" Sally says. "We are going to Antonio's for dinner on Saturday if you want to go, ask Paula also" Ben says.

Crystal and her crew come in and Ben asks her if Martha and her crew can stay there for a couple of weeks. The girls all talk to each other. The girls are around the same age. Ben tells Crystal that he has bought her a house in her neighborhood and will be ready on the 15th of February.

The girls are not going back to school until the fall. He is going to train them next couple of weeks, taking his time. He is going to breed Martha, Victoria, Cynthia, Candy, Alileen, Alexis. Crystal "Master, You forgot you had an extra house next to mine". Ben "Damn you are right, I need to go buy mattresses at least and get them over there, turn on the utilities.

I will do that tomorrow. Will send Martha and the girls to get sheets and stuff. Martha, I forgot I have an extra house next to Crystal that you can move into on Monday, tomorrow I need you to take the girls and get sheets and whatever else you need for the house. I will get the electric turned on, Monday". Martha "Need to talk to your lawyer about filing for divorce from my worthless husband. Give him everything.

He never adopted the kids, they are mine. Now they are ours". Alileen comes up and kisses her lover and tells him, she loves being with him. She reaches for BIG FELLA, "Can have some cream Master?". "Sure go easy on me" Ben replies.

"As easy as I can, Master". She sucks on his head and then goes deep and sucks his cock down her throat. She eases it back and forth in her throat. "Martha I think she is going to be an excellent cocksucker" Ben says as his twelve year old lover goes to town on his cock.

"Martha, I will get my lawyer to file for divorce on Monday for you. Irreconcilable Differences will probably be the cause" Ben states.

"The cause should be I found the power of BIG FELLA, and a real man who knows how to fuck my brains in" Martha says with a smile. Ben goes up to his room with his bed slaves, Becky and Cam and Calla. He tells everybody to get a good night sleep. About a half hour later everybody hears Elfie scream out her orgasm, then Cam and Calla, Amber is the last one. Girls are in their rooms in the living room sleeping.

Then next day Ben goes to the Mattresses Store and gets a California King Mattress and four queen mattresses. He takes them to the new house and puts them in the rooms. He calls Martha and tells her the mattresses are delivered and asks where she is.

She tells him and he goes gives her the keys to her house and directions to where it is. She tells him when he arrives that she will only be a couple more minutes and asks him to go with them to see their new house. He waits and then goes with her. The get their beds made and with the blankets they will be fine at night. "Master, will you stay with us this weekend at our new house, please" Candy asks.

"Let me check with Becky and I will get back with you on that offer tonight after dinner, Candy". Ben leaves and calls the Utility company and asks if they can get the electric turned on sooner than Monday? They say they can do it in the morning if he pays overtime. He tells them deal. Ben then goes back to the mansion and gets ready for dinner. He calls all of his slaves and tells them if they can make it come to Antonio's for dinner. The teachers all agree as does Paula, Sally, Liz and Hillary.

Jess and Jenny wait on them. Ben introduces his new girls to everybody. They all kiss and welcome all of Martha's girls to the family.

Ben "I am going to start Martha's family training this week, Next Monday I am going up to Michigan to bring Laurie, Vivian, and Bill back so that we can all go to the Super Bowl together. Jess comes over to Ben "Can I have some BIG FELLA tonight?" Becky nods yes and Ben tells her she can come over.

She kisses him and thanks him. After dinner they all go home and Jess comes home with Ben and he takes her into the living room. "Master, I know I am only fifteen and am still in school, but I want your baby growing inside of me. Please Master get me pregnant and give me the gift of your child. I love you and only want to be yours. I am not on birth control anymore.

I stopped it along time ago" Jess tells her Master. Ben looks at Becky "If she really wants to have your child give her what she wishes" Becky tells him. "Jess, I love you. You know that I do. I want you to go to college and have a career.

Will you let me think about it? If I get you pregnant I will support you and the child you know that already. Lets just make love right now".

Ben tells his lover. She sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard, Ben tells Jess I want to fuck you in the hot tub.

She smiles and goes gets into the hot tub and when Ben gets there she gets on top of his lap and puts BIG FELLA inside of her. "OH, GOD MASTER, this feels SOOOO GOOOD".

Ben women watch as they splash and make the sounds of love. When Ben is ready to cum he picks little 5'1 Jess up while she is still impaled on BIG FELLA grabs her shoulders and pushes her down further onto BIG FELLA past her cervix and into her womb. He gets out of the hot tub and puts her down on a lounge chair still engaged inside her womb. He withdraws from her womb and then re-inserts through her cervix he does this twenty times before he finally cums for about ten minutes and rests beside her.

"Jess, sweetheart, I love you with all my heart. I want you to go to college and get your degree and do something with your life that will benefit the family.

If you get pregnant that will not change what I want for you, do you understand that my lover?" Ben says. "Yes my Master, my lover, my friend and my protector. I am yours and will always be yours. I will do your bidding" Jess says as she snuggles beside him. "Becky, I need to call Michigan and tell my girls and Bill that I will be picking them up next week, I am going to surprise Laurie when she gets home from school. I will be in her bed waiting for her" Ben says. Later in bed when all the other bed slaves are asleep he talks with his lover, best friend and beautiful little angel darling, Becky "I want Laurie to live with us, I love her and my heart aches when she is not around me.

I feel the same bound that I have with you. You are my first and my only wife. I love you. I want to make her my second, she will be the second Mistress of the house behind you. I want her to be my body slave, I want to take baths, showers with me and to assist me in my training of other slaves. Will you allow this my love?". Becky "Master, you can do that without my approval?". Ben "NO, I WILL NOT. You are my life mate. All family decisions will always be made by the two of us.

Not the three of us.


You and me forever. I will not do this without your approval and blessing my love". Becky crying "I love you, Ben Barnes. Yes you can make her your second.

Why don't you take her to the Cayman Islands, New York and Italy before coming back and going on the cruise with the family. That way you two can get to know each other like we did. The three of us will travel the world together later. You have to do this after I have Ben Jr. in February". They go to sleep and in the morning he finds Jess asleep on the lounge chair where he left her. He picks her up and puts her over the end of a couch in the living room. He is already hard and lubed up, he squeezes a little lube on Jess's ass and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her ass.

She lets out a loud moan and yells "Master, you could have at least woken me up". He is pounding away in her little ass and fucks her so hard that he picks her up off the couch and slams her back down on it. Ben fucks her for two hours as his other lovers come down and greets him. When he is about to cum he gets out of her ass and pushes deep inside of her pussy. Pressing hard he enters her womb and cums for twenty minutes filling her womb up with sperm. "When is your period, when are you fertile?" Ben asks "Next week" is Jess's reply, "If I get pregnant I get pregnant!".

After breakfast Ben calls Bill and informs him he is going to pick the three of them next week to go to the Super Bowl. He is going to arrive on Monday and surprise Laurie after she gets out of school. Bill tells Ben that Laurie misses him and he hears her cries herself to sleep most nights. Ben asks if she has a current passport and Bill says yes.

Ben then goes over to Martha's house with his pills in hand ready to start their training. He opens the door and walks in. The curtains are drawn and he calls out for his girls, they all come running everyone naked as they day they were born.

Ben smiles and says that is a beautiful sight to see. "What is that Master?" Victoria says. "The sight of my women running up to meet me at the door with their breasts bouncing" Ben says. Victoria smiles and kisses her lover. "Time for you to get get undressed and let me suck on BIG FELLA". They undress him and he tells them to watch out for the utility man he should be here today to hookup the electric. Ben starts to breathe heavy as Victoria starts to work BIG FELLA down her throat.

"Martha, I am going to start your training first, if that is OK with you?". "Master, you can have sex with me anytime you want" Martha says and her girls all tell him the same thing. "Cam, Calla You two are going to be my fluffers". Ben tells them. "What is a fluffer?" Cam asks.

"It is the person who cleans up after a session of sex!" Ben explains. "We can do that, Master" Calla says with a smile. They go up to the master bedroom and Ben puts Martha on the bed. She is on her back, Ben kisses her tells her to relax and enjoy it. "When are you fertile, Martha?" I am fertile this week she replies. He kisses her and knows she will probably get pregnant.

"When are you girls fertile?" Ben asks. Victoria, Candy and Cynthia are all fertile this week.


Alileen and Alexis say they are fertile in two weeks. Ben "OK, I am going to start and finish Martha, Victoria, Candy and Cynthia's training this week. You will all have ten loads of cum inside of you by the time we are done". He kisses Martha and then whispers in her ear "Thank you my love for giving me your daughters, look at them they are all very beautiful just like their mother.

I need you to start making love to your daughters just like my other slaves have sex with the other girls. Will you do that for me my love?" She kisses him on his lips "Ben, I love you and would do anything for you. I am yours". Ben kisses her on her lips and then kisses her neck and then squeezes her 36D breasts and sucks on her nipples getting them erect.

He licks them and nibbles them a little. "These will look great pierced my lover". He sucks on her clit and licks her pussy. He licks her pussy for a good long time making her climax twice.

"My useless husband never did that for me". Ben "I love sucking, licking and eating pussy, Always have always will, my first lover trained me to eat pussy". Martha "She trained you very well, Ben". BIG FELLA is hard and he pushes him deep in her wet pussy, Martha lets out a grunt and "Ahhhh, fill my pussy up with that beautiful big cock of yours my lover".

He bottoms out at her cervix and starts pumping with long deep strokes. Cam is watching between their legs and tells everybody "Master, you can see mom's pussy gripping BIG FELLA as you pull him in and out of her pussy. "Does that feel good Mom?" "Damn straight it does Baby, if feels great. Stretch you slaves pussy out Master, GOD I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE A FUCKING GOD!!!!". Ben grunts and continues to pound her hard and then starts to jackhammer her, picking her up every once in a while and then slamming her back into the bed.

She climaxes hard and continues to climax every 15 minutes as he pounds her. He finally cums in her womb after fucking her for two hours. He gets out of her and Cam goes gets his pills and water, while Calla cleans BIG FELLA off and starts working on getting him hard again. He takes his pills and then flips Martha over and puts her in the doggie position. Martha says "One down, Nine more to go, Master. Pound my pussy fill my womb up and give me a beautiful baby". Ben then pushes deep inside of Martha and starts pounding hard inside of her he fucks her for 90 minutes before dumping another huge load inside of her womb.

He fucks her like this all day. The lights come on after he has pounded her 4 times. He calls Tiffani and asks her to go to the grocery store and pick up supplies for Martha's house with Janet and Janie.

Ben then fucks her for the fifth time and when he is done it is over two hours later and The girls are there with the supplies. They give Ben his pills and two little blue babies and he drinks some Gatorade. "My love are you ready for the fourth turn?" Ben says with a smile.

"Master, you must be exhausted you just fucked me for the fifth time. I will fuck you a hundred times if you want". "OK, I just wanted to make sure you were still with us". The fuck hard for three hours before Ben dumps an extra large load in her womb. Martha's belly is swollen with all the cum in her womb. Four more times and we are done. The fuck the rest of the night until 3 am. "Martha, you pussy has now been trained" Ben states. "That means you don't want to fuck me no more?

Martha says. BIG FELLA is still hard and he pushes deep inside her ass and than passes out next to her. They sleep with BIG FELLA lodged deep inside her ass. They wake six hours later, "Master, I love waking up and having BIG FELLA inside of me.

Makes me feel warm and full. I can feel your heartbeat. Thank you for training my pussy". The girls fix them breakfast and Victoria says to Ben when you are ready I am ready. Ben comes over to her and kisses her and sucks on her 36C breast. "Victoria, I love you. You gave yourself to me willingly. You gave me your gift and you are willing to give me children.

We are going to have a nice big family that we will raise together. All our children will grow up loved. They will have a lot of people to care for them and love them. Victoria straddles Ben and starts to ride an erect BIG FELLA.

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Victoria winces as she continues to grind "Ben, I love you. BIG FELLA feels so good inside of my pussy". She bounces up and down hitting her cervix with every long deep stroke.

She has an incredible orgasm and then Ben twist her around and puts her on her hands and knees and starts to push through her cervix. "Fill me up lover, get me pregnant with you beautiful child" Ben pumps a huge load into her womb, and Victoria gets off and turns around and sucks on BIG FELLA. She licks him and cleans off her cum from his large cock.

Ben is now erect again and Victoria assumes the position with her ass up and legs spread, "BREED ME, POUND YOUR WILLING SLAVES PUSSY". Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her pussy, "AHHH, that is what I need, stretch me out".

Ben pumps her hard and she grunts and groans as he does she yells "GOD, I feel like the luckiest woman every to have such a wonderful lover. Ben that feels great. I love you".

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He smiles and continues to pound his seventeen year old lover. Her pussy is being stretched out and is gripping BIG FELLA. Cam and Calla come into the room and say they could not wait until they cam back? "Sorry, Victoria's pussy looked so delicious I had to have it, girls" Ben tells them and motions them over.

Victoria pushes back on BIG FELLA as Ben kisses her sisters and sucks on their nipples. "I love you girls I really do". Martha comes in and is a little wobbly on her feet, "That was really great Master. One hell of a pounding. My pussy is really sore. I love you and hope I am pregnant". "Do you want to do it again?" Ben asks her. "Not right now, maybe after you are done with the twins!".

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Ben smiles at her willingness to continue, Victoria cums hard and Ben pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix and dumps a second load into her womb. "Girls go get my pills and 2 little blue ones, some Gatorade for the two of us". Ben exits her pussy and lays next to his lover. "You are so beautiful my love, I feel like that guy in the movie Titanic when he is at the front of the ship and is yelling "I am the king of the world" you girls make me feel so special and loved, I love all of you very much".

The girls bring in his pills and 6 supplements and he takes them. He kisses his lover and sucks on her breasts and then sucks on her pussy as Cam sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. "Master, I love sucking on BIG FELLA" Cam tells Ben. When he is erect Ben pulls Victoria's legs over his shoulders and brushes BIG FELLA on her slit for a while.

"COME ON MASTER, FUCK ME, PLEASE". Ben then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her pussy watching her lips spread for his huge thick long light brown cock. He sees her pussy grip BIG FELLA as he pulls out of her and then forcibly back hitting her cervix with every stroke. "OH MY GOD BEN", Ben is fucking her hard and fast going deep inside her pussy he fucks her for two hours before pushing through her cervix and dumping a third load in her womb.

He cums for ten minutes, steady stream of cum filling her womb. When he is done he exits her pussy and rolls on his back. Calla comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA trying to get him hard she takes him down her throat with every stroke. "Ben, I believe Calla is getting the hang of sucking on BIG FELLA. She is getting use to taking him all they way down her throat" Martha says as she lays next to her Master. He kisses her, "Martha, I love you and your daughters, they are very good lovers and very good people.

I love having them as family, Victoria you want to ride this one?". "Yes Master, I would love too". Victoria says as she gets on top and rides a rock hard BIG FELLA. As she rides Candy and Cynthia come into the room and greet their lover and sisters. They each kiss their master and then their sisters. They then proceed to suck and squeeze on Victoria's breasts.

"I hope I have nice breasts like you and momma Victoria" Candy says "I think Master would love sucking on my large breasts". "You will have nice breast no matter what size they are" Victoria says. Ben "Girls, I love you, your person not just your bodies.

I will love you if you have big breasts or small ones. I have many women with small breast and others with large breast. It does not matter to me. I love you not matter what. Now get over here and let me suck on your pussy Candy while your sister rides me". "Yes, Master" is her response. Candy straddles Ben's face facing Victoria and watches as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Ben starts to go to town on her pussy.

He licks her slit and then pushes his tongue deep inside of her pussy. She bucks her hips and then moves back and forth on Ben's mouth. She finally cums and pours her girl cum into Ben's mouth as Victoria as another orgasm from riding BIG FELLA.

When Ben is ready to cum he taps Candy and she jumps off and Ben rolls Victoria to her back and pushes BIG FELLA into her womb and erupts a torrent of cum inside of her womb. "Man, that was wonderful girls" Ben says as he lays next to his lover. "How many times was that Victoria?" "That was the fourth time, we have six more to go before you get a break from this sweet seventeen year old pussy". He then sucks on her pussy and looks up at her and smiles.

"Victoria, your juices are intoxicating". Cam is sucking on BIG FELLA taking him down her throat just like her twin. "Cam you are getting really good at sucking on BIG FELLA baby". She takes an erect BIG FELLA out of her mouth and says "Thank you Master, I will be an expert at it by the end of the week".

Ben then puts Victoria on her side and lifts one leg and pushes BIG FELLA inside of her. "YES, Master that feels really good. Go nice and slow this time" Victoria says as he begins to fuck her. They fuck like that nice and slow for a couple of hours and then Ben pushes deep inside of her womb and erupts again. "Four more times Master and then we are done" Victoria tells her Master. "Lets go to the bathroom and have sex in the shower Victoria" Ben tells his lover and she gets up and goes with her lover and Master to the Master bath and gets in the shower with him and rubs BIG FELLA until he is hard.

He pushes deep inside of her and she lets out a load moan and starts to cum hard. "I love you Ben Barnes". She starts to cum every fifteen minutes. The hot water runs out as Ben continues to pound on Victoria's sweet pussy. He reaches back and turns off the water and continues to pound away until he is ready to cum over two hours later. He cums deep in her womb as usual. They get out of the shower and dry off and head back to the bedroom.

Martha has changed the sheets and is sitting there waiting for them. She reaches up and grabs BIG FELLA "It is my turn to suck on your beautiful cock, Master. Girls get Victoria's pussy ready for Master!". Martha sucks on BIG FELLA while Cam and Calla suck on their sisters pussy. "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH MY GOD" is what Victoria is saying as her sisters suck on her pussy she arches her back and cums hard. Ben is erect and goes over and pushes deep inside of her, he pushes through her cervix and cums hard.

It helped that Martha sucked on BIG FELLA until he was almost ready to cum. "Master, just two more times and we can go to sleep". Cam goes gets his pills and he is hard within fifteen minutes. He puts Victoria into the doggie position and pounds her without mercy.


He is jackhammering her pussy hard. Victoria is wincing in pain and pleasure she has been having sex for over twenty four hours and her sweet pussy is very sore. He fucks her for a good three hours before erupting in her womb as usual. He is still hard and pops out of her cervix and continues to jackhammer her pussy. "One more time and we are done sweetheart, GOD I love you" Ben tells her as Becky comes in the room with Tiffani. "Damn they are still going at it. Get them some Gatorade and some vitamins.

Ben is this the last one?" All he can do is nod yes. "GOOD you two look very tired". "We are Mistress Becky, we are" Victoria says out of breath as Ben continues to pound her pussy then he erupts in her womb "AHHHHH, Thank GOD" Ben says as he collapses next to Victoria. They kiss and fall asleep in each others arms. Legs tangled together. They sleep for sixteen hours and when they wake up Martha and the girls are around them watching them sleep. Ben kisses his lovers one at a time starting with Victoria.

He tells them all that he loves each and every one of them. He caresses Victoria's body and tells her she did well, nearly fucked him to death. He tells Cynthia he will start her training the next day. "Can we get something to eat, I don't know about Master but I am starving?" Victoria says.

Martha goes and cooks them some chicken and rice. She brings it back and she notices that Victoria looks like she is five months pregnant with all the semen in her womb. "Baby, look at your belly. It already looks like you are pregnant" Martha says. "God I hope so, I want to give Master a beautiful baby". They eat and Victoria snuggles against her lover, "Ben, I love you. I know you cannot marry me but I want to be only yours. I want to be your wife just like Becky".

Becky gives Ben a big bag and she goes in and calls the other girls into the room. "Victoria, you are my slave, my lover, and hopefully very soon you will be my baby momma. You are also just like a wife to me. I promise to love, honor and cherish you for as long as we both shall live" Ben places a beautiful engagement ring on her finger, he then puts a wedding band on her other hand and tells her "With this ring I thee wed, You are mine Victoria Jackson" Victoria "Ben, I have told you this many times I love you!".

She shows her engagement ring and wedding band to her sisters who are now jealous. He then goes into the bag and produces another engagement ring and goes up to Martha and puts it on her finger and repeats what he said to Victoria and then puts the wedding band on her finger. "Girls, you are all my slaves. I love all of you equally. I can only legally marry Becky. But you all are my wives and I love you all. All of you" Ben tells them. They each come up and kiss him.

Tiffani and Becky go back to the mansion after they kiss Ben goodbye. Tiffani "You always know the sweetest things to say to ladies". They sleep together that night all in one bed, all with their Master, lover and husband.

For most of them their baby daddy. The next morning the awaken by a knock on the door, Martha gets her robe on and checks to see who it is.

"It's Kiki or Kali I believe Master with what looks to be a massage table. Let me get the door" Martha tells Ben. She lets in the girls and it is Kiki she tells Martha that Mistress Becky sent her over to give Master a massage before he continues his training of your daughters. She goes upstairs and sets up her table as Martha gets Ben up and over to the table. "Good Morning Master, Mistress Becky sent me over to give you a massage before you continue your training" Kiki says.

"Very good of her to think of this, thank you Kiki" Ben says. Ben enjoys his massage as she rubs his shoulders then his back and arms. She works her way down to his buttocks and then legs. She turns him over and he massages the front and works her way down to his groin and then massages BIG FELLA. "Master, don't forget you have to train Kali, Mami and myself also.

I can't wait to get my hands on BIG FELLA" Kiki says. "Lover, you already have your hands on BIG FELLA". She proceeds to suck on BIG FELLA and takes him down her throat. "MMM that is so good Master.

I just love sucking on your large cock" Kiki says after taking BIG FELLA out of her throat. She licks around the head of BIG FELLA and finally makes him cum. She cleans up all the cum from off of Ben and the table with her tongue. She finishes her massage and then gets him up and takes him to the master bedroom where Cynthia is waiting for him. She is their with Cam and Calla, who take turns sucking on BIG FELLA to get him hard.

While one is sucking on BIG FELLA the other girl is sucking on Cynthia's pussy getting her nice and wet for her training. Ben pounds the crap out of Cynthia for thirty-six hours before he finishes her training. She climaxes every fifteen to twenty minutes while her Master fucks her after she is done with the training they take a shower and sleep for two days.

Ben then starts Candy's training and fucks her for forty-eight hours straight before finishing. All four girls have bloated stomachs. Ben then is driven back to the mansion to sleep in his bed. "Becky remind me the next time to never accept more than two girls at a time please.

I am tired. I am going to go to Michigan in the morning to go get Laurie, Vivian and Bill for the Super Bowl. I am going to surprise Laurie and be in her bed when she gets home from school tomorrow. Can you please pack my pills after I take them tonight. I love you Becky" They kiss as she gives him his vitamins and supplements. She packs him a small bag with a change of undergarments and socks and his pills. Then next day he drives to the regional airport and gets in his jet. They arrive in Michigan at noon and he takes a cab to Laurie's house and knocks on the door.

Vivian answers and lets him in. Vivian is in a nightgown, and welcomes her lover with a kiss. "I have great news, Master, I am pregnant with your baby". "That is wonderful news, when are you due?" Ben says. "In late October, I am so happy. I have not told anyone yet it is going to be a surprise for Bill and the girls".

Ben walks upstairs and enters Laurie's room. "Master, you really love Laurie don't you?" Vivian asked. "I missed her every moment she is not with me. I want to make her my number two wife if she will have me". Ben replies. Vivian "Master, she cries herself to sleep most nights she is not with you. She is in love with you, just like the rest of us, but hers is deeper. She is going to be so thrilled to see you". Ben undresses and gets into the bed.

"I am going to take a nap until she arrives, I am a little tired, just got done training four new slaves pussies. Please wake me before she gets home". He wakes up and Vivian goes downstairs when Laurie arrives from school, he hears them talking and Vivian tells Laurie to put her book bag in her room and change for dinner.

She turns the door knob and walks in turning on the light she screams, "Master, is that you?". "Yes my love it is me". She literally rips her shirt off and pulls off her skirt, panties and bra. She jumps into bed and kisses her lover. "I LOVE YOU BEN, I MISSED YOU". &hellip. more to come in Chapter 11.