Glamorous chick stunner has sex for the first time on camera

Glamorous chick stunner has sex for the first time on camera
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i hope you enjoy the story please leave me comments good or bad, i enjoy reading them thanks for reading Two weeks had passed and it was the night Aden was riding again I was a little apprehensive since I had not seen or talked to him since he last ride. I wondered what he felt or if he had some how changed his mind about what we had done. I Pull up to the Police Station and he is leaning against his car. Wearing tight blue jeans and a nice tight around the arms pull over shirt.

He was hot with a capital H.

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I rolled down the window and ask if he was ready to ride he laughed and jumped in the car. So what's on the agenda for tonight, I laughed and said I guess what ever happens, about that time dispatch called me on the radio and said I had a domestic call at a residence close to where we were so I acknowledged them and we answered the call.


I had to place the husband under arrest and take him to jail, this meant at least 45 minutes to an hour since the county jail was 50 miles from us. We made it to the jail booked our prisoner and headed back to our area, on the way Aden began telling me about this girl he met and they had been on a couple of dates and he was hoping it would continue.

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I was kind of in shock that he was getting that serious with someone that fast, but he was exited about it and said she was so kind and sweet and hot. We made it back to the city limits and stopped by the convenience store for a drink and then went to the police station to finish up my report so it could be turned in by morning.

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While we were at the station Aden went to the bathroom and when he came out his dick was hanging out the zipper, I looked up and went to laughing because he had a big smile on his face then he walked up to the desk where I was and laid it on the desk and said, he missed youI said oh really it don't sound like it with this new girl to play with, in a joking tone.

Aden then put it back in his pants and set down, he told me that they had not done anything yet and he was taking it slow with her.

I finished up with my paper work and we headed back to patrol a while. After about thirty minutes or so Aden ask me to find a good place to park so as I was about to turn on a little dirt path he grabbed my had and put it on his crotch and ask if I was mad about him having a new girlfriend because I had not touched his crotch all night and didn't seem interested.


I assured him I was interested as I was rubbing his semi hard dick thru the tight jeans., I told him I thought he may not be. As I parked the car he already had his pants pulled down to his ankles and was stroking his rock hard dick.

As I leaned over to suck his dick Aden stopped me and began kissing me his tongue slipped between my lips and explored my mouth for a long time, then he broke the kiss and looked me in the eye and said it didn't matter how many girlfriends he had what we had was a forever thing. I had chill bumps all over me, nobody had ever said something like that to me especially a guy.

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As I leaned on down to take his sweet meat in my mouth I was speechless and just want to please him the best I could, I sucked on his dick and nuts slowly and intently and he was moaning and saying my name over and over getting louder each time, then he put his hand n the back of my head and easily forced his whole cock down my throat and began shooting load after load into my mouth.

I just kept sucking till there was nothing left and his dick actually went limp in my mouth. Aden had his head back and was trying to recover.

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I set up and went to put the car in gear and Aden stopped me he said not yet is my turn to have you now. As Aden began to suck and stroke my barely 7 " dick I knew that I would never last more than a few minutes because he could really suck a dick better than any woman I had ever been with, it was the best feeling there was he would go down and twirl his tongue around it, and as he come up he would suck so hard it felt like he would suck the head off of it.

And his hand was play with my nuts.

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Within minutes I was shooting my load in his mouth, when I shot my whole load Aden looked at me and swallowed hard and then got this big smile on his face. We redressed and made our rounds checking on businesses and store clerks.

Aden and me became best friends and had a regular thing for awhile he would stay at my house a lot and we had our fun in the pool shower and the bed.

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His Cock was the best I remember ever having to this day. He married the girl I talked about in this story and they had two children and I also married and had one child.

I will always remember Aden and the fun we had.

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We got together on a regular basis after he was married we would go camping on the weekends and do our thing. He was killed at the age of in a car crash, I stay in touch with he wife and kids. There are times I miss him bad but I do have memories. This will be the last of these stories I just don't feel the urge to continue this series about Aden.