Amber and armana love to masturbate together

Amber and armana love to masturbate together
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There's thunder and lightning outside your window, and rain pours, loudly drowning out all other noise in your bedroom. It's two in the morning, as can be seen on the alarm clock next to the bed. Suddenly, you sit straight up with a shout, bolting from your sleep, sweating profusely and panting.


You curl up, a mischievous grin creeping across your face as you recall the vivid dream you woke up from, involving being kidnapped from the mall, and sold on a black market for sex slaves in Russia.

In response to the shifting of the bed from you sitting up, Ray groggily pushes himself up. "Vicky? What's wrong?" he asks, eyes still closed, thinking you woke from a nightmare.

"Nothing darling, just a vivid dream." you reply, as you lay back down, and you feel his side of the bed shuffle.

You begin to doze off slowly, your mind still reeling from the dream, and your cunt soaked beyond belief. You see the clock move over to 2:08, and you close your eyes. Immediately, you feel a hand clasp over your mouth, and you open your eyes wide, panicked.


You feel a knife pressed hard to your neck, its wielder intending to show you they aren't afraid to use it on you. You feel someone's hot breath come down to your ear "Struggle, and I'll slit your fucking throat, whore." is whispered into your ear. It's a male voice, deepish, but still retaining youth, someone in their early twenties.

"Sit up, slowly, then stand up, and walk when I move." the voice commands, and slowly, you obey, carefully pushing yourself back up and shedding the sheets, then standing up, your attacker still to your back. As you stand up, you hear a slight groan as the attacker takes in the entirety of what you're wearing, which is all of a pair of boyshorts and a bra.

"Walk, slut." he commands, moving you towards the door, out towards the living room and kitchen. You take a quick glance to Ray's side of the bed, worried he might be dead, but find that he's not there. As you're guided towards the living room, you see Ray; Nude, hogtied, a ring gag in his mouth, and his cock and balls tied tightly. He's got a black eye on one side, and his lip is bleeding. You can't hold back, and scream. "Ray!" You shove your attacker off, and run to Ray's side, grasping in vain at the plasticuffs holding him in his hogtied position.

He shakes his head at you, trying to tell you to stop, but before you realize that, you feel yourself get grabbed by your hair, yanked back hard, and flung halfway across the room, slamming hard into the china cabinet, glass and china shattering all around and on you.

Your head is swimming, everything's blurry and fuzzy as you try to make sense of what just happened. Before you can stand yourself up, you're grabbed again, and dragged over to be next to Ray, and you feel something extremely tight and painful digging into your wrists and ankles, before those are pulled together, and you're hogtied like Ray.

Your face is bleeding, drool is leaking from your mouth, and you're still trying to keep from feeling dizzy. You try to focus on Ray's face, to help with the blurriness and the swimming.

Suddenly you see pure rage cross his face, and about a second later, you understand why, as you feel a pair of scissors cutting through your underwear.

You're less worried about the underwear, and more concerned when the cooler air suddenly hits your hot and still soaked cunt.

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You realize it's actually even more soaked than before for some reason. When your bra is cut off too, you hear Ray start to try to scream through the gag. Your attacker stands up, steps over and swiftly kicks Ray hard in the ribs, and you're almost certain you hear a crunch of bones, and you wince as Ray moans in pain.

You feel your attacker return to you, and lay on you, pressing his whole weight onto you, crushing your tits under you. "Now, Victoria, why the fuck couldn't you listen to me?

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This would have gone so much easier for everyone." he growls as one of his hands slides down towards your cunt. Afraid that he'll exclaim out loud how soaked you are, for Ray to hear, you start squirming, trying to fight him off, failing as his fingers easily push into you, three of them, all the way in, with no resistance at all. "Damn, Ray, you've got one helluva slut here, she's fucking drenched. She ever like this for you?" he asks, laughing as tears form in both yours and Ray's eyes.

Next thing you know, you feel your attacker move off of you, and you hear a zipper, then fabric landing on the floor, and part of you actually squirms in excitement for what you know is about to happen. However, the tears of fear are still very real, running down your face. Before you have time to react, your attacker already pushes himself fully into you, filling you, taking a moment just to enjoy the tightness of your cunt around his cock, which feels extremely thick, and just a little longer than average.

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Your eyes roll into the back of your head as sobs begin to escape both you and Ray. "Haha Ray, you know how to pick the good sluts! She's so fucking wet and tight!" He laughs as one of his hands reaches down under you, and grabs your tit, hard, nails digging in excrutiatingly.

That's when he starts to honestly fuck you, pulling back to the head being the only thing there, then slamming all the way in, hitting your cervix in the process, making you suddenly scream out in pain.

"Damn. You know, I'll have to try both holes!" chuckles your aggressor, as you see Ray's eyes widen, anal being something you haven't done yet. The attacker slides completely out of your cunt, and lines himself up with your asshole, grinding against it as he leans in and whispers in your ear. "If you don't enjoy this, and show that you enjoy it, like the little slut I know you are, I will fucking kill you and Ray both." he threatens, and by the tone in his voice, you know he's being one hundred percent serious.

Your sobs become sniffles, and you nod, quietly voicing "Yes sir." Upon hearing that, Ray quiets, disbelieving. In that same moment, the attacker forces his cock to split open your ass, shoving all the way to the bottom.

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Your face contorts into a mixture of pain and pleasure, as you scream loudly. "FUCK MY ASS HARDER, SIR!" Ray looks like he's been slapped, and closes his eyes as tears stream down his face.

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Your aggressor keeps fucking you, obliging your request, shoving deeper, slamming like a jackhammer, stretching your ass to the point where you know it will gape when he's done with it. He keeps fucking you, getting faster as he feels himself get closer.

"Beg for my cum you little whore, Victoria!" he growls in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. "Please, please sir. Use my ass as a hole for your cum. I'm nothing but a dumpster for it." you reply, loving the filth behind ever single word you utter. As if on cue, you feel cum filling your ass, rope after rope of cum, filling you up to the brim. When he's done, he pulls out, and steps over to grab Ray by the hair, dragging him over to you, laying him so that his mouth lands right on your asshole to clean you out.

Your attacker starts to get dressed, still having not revealed his face to you.

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"Sir! Please. Will you come back someday?" you beg, as he begins walking towards the door. He turns, and walks back to you, a pair of cutters in his hand, and he cuts the cuffs on you and only you.

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"I was going to leave you two here to be found, but so long as you keep bitchboy here from talking to anyone about this, yes, I'll be back. Understood, slut?" he growls, as your arms and legs land on the floor, too weak to move. You feel his cum leaking out of your ass, shooting into Ray's mouth, who in turn gags, retching.

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A sly smile crosses your face, as you look into the eyes of your attacker, your brother, "Not a problem at all, Sir." you reply as he walks out the door.