Gay sex handsome movieture xxx fun Buddy Hotel Hook Up

Gay sex handsome movieture xxx fun Buddy Hotel Hook Up
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​It was a beautiful day outside, damn near 80 degrees, cool for this area in early May, but welcome. It would hit 100 more than a few times over the summer, so gems like this were a blessing. I had washed the car, ​mowed the lawn, and was going to try and fix some of the shelves in the garage that were sagging.

I wasn't super handy but I could do basic work like that. Of course it would probably leave me winded. I looked down where my beer belly stuck out.

It wasn't that big but big enough to be noticed and that was depressing on its own. Add to it the bifocals I now had to wear and my monk-like male pattern baldness and I was far past my alluring age. The wife and I had only had one kid, who was now a Senior in college and intimacy was a thing of the past. To be fair, since my wife put on 60 lbs and no longer bothered with to fix up her hair and face I didn't really want to get intimate anyway.

I was fine surfing the net for sexy coed pics and giving myself a little tug. Anyway, I was about to head to the garage when I saw Krista walking across the street.

Krista was the neighbor's daughter (Fred and Jane). She was a bit of snooty bitch. Why I couldn't fathom, she looked like a cousin of that Olympian Makayla Maroney, but with a slightly more flat face. She had green eyes, freckles, somewhat pale complexion and long dark brown hair that reached to her waist on her 5 foot frame.

She didn't have much in the tit department, A cup I would guess. Her mother was the same. I had never really even paid attention to her until the pool party at the end of the hot season last year, just a few weeks before Halloween. The Freshman was an over achiever with grades, but had almost no personality and what she did have for a personality was bitchy, annoyed, elitist and grouchy.

She really had horrible social skills and I couldn't stand her. But at that pool party I walked by her room as she was changing. She was behind the door but the standing mirror she had was at an angle that reflected her to me but didn't let her know I was watching, as she had her back to the mirror. I got to watch her change from her shorts and tank top into her bikini. Like I said she didn't smile, and had just a bit of a handful of tits, but I realized at that moment she did have something to offer.

When her shorts and panties hit the floor i was blown away. She had a stunning ass and legs. She always wore longer shorts so I had never really looked. But with a half a tan going, that bubble butt was outstanding. It was so sculpted, you would have thought it was made with play doh. It was so out of proportion with her body which wasn't all that curvy. But from her waist to her ass it seemed like a foot of difference, pronounced and rounded.

Her ass crack cut that bulbous ass in two symmetrical halves. They curved so severely that the bottom of her ass actually sat against her thigh. It was mouth watering, not to mention dick hardening.

Just as impressive were her womanly legs. perfect curve, and thin enough to be sexy, thick enough to beg to be gripped. Then I saw her bend over to slide on her bottoms. She was finally at that age where she wanted to be viewed as more than a kid, and the bikini bottoms were a bare minimum.

As she pulled them up tight, the band for her but was practically a g-string and half disappeared into her crack. Her cheeks bounced with the new garment being pulled into place.

I saw her head turning to check herself in the mirror, thank god I stepped passed the door before she saw me. For the remainder of the pool party I watched the pool incessantly hoping to catch a glimpse of her going in or coming out of the pool, but she must have been a bit shy because she wore a long white t-shirt over herself that went to her thighs.

I had had that mental image of her in the mirror pop into my head a few times over the last 6 months and it again popped in my mind's eye as I saw her walking up our driveway with a box. I watched her through the dining room window walk up to our door and heard the bell chime.

I walked over and opened the door. "Hi Mr. Kowolski. Is Mrs. Kowolski here?" Krista asked in a fake sweet voice. She was wearing a great sun dress. It was mostly a pale red with white splattered around the dress. It was tied behind the neck, her shoulders bare, and it tapered down to her trim waist and flowed free from that point.

I noticed her shoulders and legs were more tan than her face. The weather was nice, I wondered if she was tanning by the pool or if it was one of those spray things. If it was the pool, I needed to find a way to visit the neighbors more often. "Actually no, she is gone to Shasta Springs for the day, can I help you?" "Um sure, I have some stuff for her in this box she ordered for my camp drive.

If I can raise $600 I get to go for free and my mom won't pay for it." "Oh, sure, come on in and put her stuff on the kitchen table." "Awesome, thanks!" More fake cheer from the sour puss.

She walked in and headed to the table, I watched her hips sway and wondered what that ass looked like walking away. That thick pair of balloons, tightly packed, pumping up and down as she thighs walked. I had to focus when I felt my dick growing. I should mention that despite the hair, the belly and the glasses, I had one thing forever in my favor.

I was packing 8 full inches and a decent girth in my pants, so a hard on would show through for sure. Krista put the box on the table and began to pull things out marked "Janet" for my wife. "Ok here is her stuff, give her this sheet, it has what she owes on it, ok?" "Sure, that shouldn't be a problem." "Thanks I really--" Suddenly Krista let loose a booming fart.

So much I couldn't help but laugh. Krist turned redder than her dress. "Oh my god! Uh. . crap! Can I use your bathroom? I don't think lunch agrees with me." She said with a bit of panic in her voice. I guessed shit was on the way, better in the toilet than on the floor. "Of course I said, down the hall, second door on the right." She blew past me and I heard the door shut as my phone rang.

It was my buddy Bryan. He was updating me on Draft Kings site he wanted us to try out and was starting to get into it, but I knew Krista would be back soon. "Hey Bry, give me a call later on this afternoon okay? I got one of the neighbor's kids here selling some stuff.

Hmm? Yeah she is decent, not very nice but I caught a glimpse of her ass once, I tell you, I would pay a small fortune for 5 minutes with that pussy, just to see that ass bounce. Ha ha. Totally. Yeah. Yep. Ok, cool, later." I hung up the cell and turned around and Krista was there staring at me. "Oh hey, ah, I thought you were in the bathroom." She just stared.

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"Krista? Did you need to leave anything else for Janet?" "How much?" Krista said quiet and reserved. "What now?" "I heard you on the phone. You said a small fortune for 5 minutes. How much is a small fortune?" "Uh. . I was just. . .you know, talking trash with my buddies. I am sorry you heard that joke. Please don't take offense." She walked to the table and picked up the box.

She stood looking at it for a minute. "God I hate this door to door selling crap bullshit." She turned to me.

"How much for the 5 minutes?" "Krista, really I was just. . " "Like. . $600?" "Well, I. . um. . Krista I just was having. . ." "$600 for five minutes.

Deal?" She was staring at me very matter-of-fact. "Krista, I. . well yes I would but really, I can't take your virginity." "I am not a virgin, my boyfriend and I have fucked 15 times already. I hate selling this shit. $600 pays my way through camp so I can have the right stuff on my resume for college.

So, $600 for five minutes?" "Krista. . I. . can't. . ." "So should I tell my dad what you said on the phone?" She said raising her eyebrows. Her dad was a cop. "Um, no, I don't want that. How about. . " "How about $600 for 5 minutes? My boyfriend has never lasted more than three, and I heard you guys don't get much better as you age.

So, $600?" She said and laid her palm out. I stared at her tiny hand, she really was a petite cutie. Not to mention how much I wanted to fuck her from behind, and honestly, hate fuck that bitch for her snobby attitude towards life. I thought about the coffee can in the garage where I was saving for a motor cycle. Basically a mid life crisis fund. If I remembered right, I had about $12,000 in there.

"Um, hang on!" I ran out of the house into the garage. My heart was pounding, I was sweating and my mouth was dry. I found my coffee tin and stood for a second or two to think to myself. What was I doing here? Was I about to pay this little lady to fuck? And this much for 5 minutes?

Just thinking for a second about actually fucking her and my dick was already straining against my shorts. I thought about my wife and how horrible our sex life was. and I was on the way to the kitchen. I burst through the door and dropped the tin on the table. I pulled off the plastic top and pulled out a wad of cash. I peeled off 6 $100 dollar bills and was starting to hand it to Krista. "Holy fuck, look at all that. How about $1000 for 10 minutes?" Krista said. "No rubber." "What?" She asked.

"I said no rubber, no condom. If its a $1000, I want to feel it." "You promise to pull it out before you finish?" She asked. "It's a deal," I said, hearing my own voice go deeper.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts. I doubted I would make it 10 minutes but the chance to bareback her was too damn tempting. "Tell me, how has your boyfriend done it with you." I asked, saliva gathering in my mouth. I stared at her ass bump through her dress, I could NOT wait to touch it!

"Just in the back seat of his car. He can drive already." She said with a hint of pride. Maybe that impressed her friends, I thought. "I see. do you need lube?" "Lube?" "Yeah, slick gel stuff. If the woman isn't wet down there, it can need a little." "Oh, well I think it's always wet in there." I smiled, she still didn't really understand the question. I grabbed the crisco out of the pantry and put in on the counter.

"Just in case." "Crisco?" She asked a confused look on her face. "Trust me, if you decide you need it, that will work fine." I was so fucking ready.


God I hoped I made it 2 minutes at this point. Not to mention pulling out. It would be short indeed. "Ha, ha. Oooooooookay. Whatever. So where were you thinking?" She said to me. "Right there." I said pointing to the counter behind her. "You want me to lay on that?" She asked.

"Just stand against it. That is plenty." She leaned up against it. "Like this?" "Turn around." I said. She had another confused look but complied. I was behind her in a flash and I put one hand next to her left side while my right hand drapped its fingers up her right thigh, up under the dress, to the top of her panties. I leaned in and took a breath, smelling her. Guava shampoo and bodywash, with a strong hint of baby powder. God she smelled great!!! I hooked her panties with my thumb and peeled.

They slid inside out and down, falling on their own when I got to her knee. I slid my hand back up to her rump. Oh Jesus! It was glorious. Firm and supple, bouncy and resilient. I fell to my knee and hiked up her skirt and stared at it.

It was a work of art. It is hands down the most perfect ass I have ever seen. Of all the porn on the internet and movies and magazines, no ass was just right like this one. It was so damn tight it looked like the skin would tear if she on it.

It was amazing how such a petite and little tush could look so pronounced. I pulled my shorts down as my lips kissed that perfect derriere. I ran my tongue alone one cheek. It was delectable. I almost wanted to cry. "Hey! What are you doing?" She said annoyed. I wonder if she even knew she could get head. Or maybe she just wanted to get it done. Either way. I was ready to dive in. I stood up as Krista looked over her shoulder, "so like, what should I do?

I don't know a lot of posi-- HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THAT?!" "What?" She spun around pointing at my penis. "That! What is that!?" "I thought you weren't a virgin. That is a peni--" "I know what it is. What happened to yours? I mean holy shit, that looks like it ate my boyfriends and a bunch of others!" She yelped. "Oh! Well some are bigger than others," I grinned at her.

"Um, well, I don't think it would fit. . in. . well in me." "Don't worry, a baby can fit through it you know. It can definitely hold me." She still looked unsure as I turned her back around. She was wearing inch high sandals with open backs and vinyl white straps up top. It was just right. Her ass was right level with my belly button. stepped forward and my dick slid under her ass and the head was brushing up against the small patch of hair around her outer lips. "Jesus, it feels really big already!" Krista said in a whiny crying voice.

"Don't worry, I am using Crisco." I smeared it over my cock until my cock shined in the light. Alright mini me, I thought. You great last hurrah, make it count! "Okay, it's, it's uh.

. 3:36. At 3:46 you have to stop!" "Won't take that long sweetie," I said snidely as I reached around her front and through her legs and found her lips and spread them.

"Holy shit Krista. Here we go sweetie." I growled in her ear as I hiked her skirt around her beautiful ass and slid my mushroom cap into her lips. "Oooooooooooooh fuck. Wait. .

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. I don't know. . it really feels too---OOOOOOH! OOOOOOHH! OOOOHHHHSHHIT!" She squealed as my cock head made its way past her vaginal opening and inside her. "Ha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!" She stuttered as her left hand grabbed the left edge of the counter, her right reaching out front, not long enough to reach the far side.

She really was petite. "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwmmmm. Oh fuck Krista." I panted in a groan, felling her inner vaginal walls gripping me. Maybe bracing against me would be more accurate. "He ha ha he he ha he ha he he. Heh ungha! Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit." Krista hissed quietly, her breath taken away by the fullness of my member. Her forehead was on the counter, her left hand still gripping, her right still straining for anything to grasp.

I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her up to me. I breathed into her ear, "Rrrrrrrow fuck baby! Damn you are tight! Now you see what it means to fuck a man and not a boy!" I insulted to her, this snobby bitch.

With that I thrust my hips while my other hand pushed back on her tummy. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAHHHH HAH HAH HAH!" Krista panted and sighed a moan. She was breathing so fast, so short. Poor girl, I thought looking down. Only half way there. I let go of her and she slumped back to the counter top, her head resting on her hands. "Alright sweetie, halfway there. Can you loosen up for me?" "Hah, hah, half. . halfway? Oh god. Take you money back, I can't take it. It's too big!" She whined.

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"Naw baby. Trust me, you will give way and it will be easier." I put a hand on her shoulder and pushed with my hips, but nothing. He pussy was clamped shut this far in. Must be as far as her little boyfriend could go.

I kept pushing, fighting with this barely used pussy. "Wait! Wait. Stop! You're in all the way!" Krista protested, her arm shot back and her fingertips were pressing against my beer belly. I slapped her hand away and grabbed both hips. I stood firm and pulled her onto me. She let out an ear piercing scream of bloody murder at the moment her pussy gave and released.

It opened fully for me and the rest of my length sank in. Krista was panting, or maybe sobbing, her face back in her hands. I stroked her hair over her shoulders and onto her back. She had great hair. It was totally straight but seemed frizzy. I don't know how girls do that look but it was very young coed in nature. I wanted to watch it bounce. I kicked her feet forward a bit, sticking her pussy out better to receive me.

I gripped each hip hard and pulled back while pushing her forward.


I was so big to her that it was hard for her pussy to let me go. I was wedged. But it gave away and I pulled out to the tip, and started pushing in again. "Ooooooooooh Goooooooooooooood!" Krista groaned into the counter. I kept sliding, going slow and gentle back in to almost the hilt.

I slowly fucked her in this way for the next 3 minutes. The clock clicked over to 3:43. Damn! It took so fucking long just to open her up. 3 minutes! It was crazy, I didn't feel much that first bit of time.

It was honestly more of a power and submission thing on this asshole bitch. It wasn't until now that the animal lust was seeping away and the pleasure of copulation was taking over.

I couldn't hold back anymore, it was time to fuck. I put one hand on her lower back and pushed her to the counter firmly. My other hand grabbed onto her clavicle and without a warning, I started pumping. Krista, whose head had been lying in her hands and silent suddenly popped up at the second thrust. "Hhhhheeyyy! Hey don't.

Don't! Don't! Ow! OOOOWW!" She began to squeal and protest, not ready to take me aggressively, but it didn't matter. I was down to three minutes. No!

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Two! Shit! "Ung! Ow! Aaaaaaaah! Shit!!! OOOWOWOWOOOWOWW! Please Mr. Kowolski!!! Please---AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She began wailing like a siren with pauses with each thrust.

I loved it. She was beside herself. I kept slamming. Her right hand reached back and grabbed my right arm. "OOOOOOOWWWW! NNNNNNNAAAGH! Please!!! It's going to tear!!!" She screamed at me. I was so glad the windows were closed and the air conditioning was on. No one could hear her pleas. Her other hand reached back and pressed my stomach. The clock turned to 4:45.

It was go time. I grabbed each of her wrists and pulled back hard, flexing the muscles of her shoulders and back that were bare due to the style of the dress. I pulled back on her arms and thrusted back and forth as fast as I could. About 15 pumps in Krista changed. "OW! Oh! Oh! Oh!. OH! OOH! OOOHH!

OOOOHHH! OOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIT! OH GOOOOOD! OH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOD! OH MY GOD WHAT'S, WHAT'S, WHAT'S HAPPENING!" She squealed so high only a dog could hear. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-UUUUUUUUHHHH--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH-UUUUUUHHHHHH" She moaned continuously as she experienced her first true orgasm. I saw muscles all over her spasm, I felt her walls thrashing around my cock. I felt a torrent of fluid wash my cock and down her legs. She certainly didn't need lube now!

I let her go as I felt my balls tingling. Oh fuck, here my cum comes! I looked at Krista, slumped to the counter, shoulder heaving as she panted, Her head still up, her neck was riggid. I felt her getting riggid over all. Her whole body was tensing. I knew I needed to pull out right then, but watching that ass bouncing, feeling that snug pussy, knowing I was deeper in this high school teen than any other had been was too tempting.

I wanted her to take my cum, and I was going to see that she did. I yanked off my shirt and pulled the bow of her dress. Her dress top slipped down and was overlapping her skirt portion. I gripped her left hand and pulled it with mine to the counter edge and held it.

My other hand went to the far side and gripped. I leaned over to her ear and whispered, "Here comes your reward baby." "Unnngggggg. . " Krista mummer ed. Her eyes were back in her head, her mouth agape. I reared back and thrusted forward with all I had. "OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK KRISTA!" "UUUUNNG!" Krista grunted. Sounding almost like a hiccup. I reared back and thrust again. "OH JESUS BABY! OH SHIT!" My voice was hoarse and high. "UUUNNG!" Again, again, again.

Then on thrust 6 I felt it. The torrent unleashed, the orgasm gathered into a singularity at the base of my dick. The semen rushing up from my testicles and loading into my chamber.

"OH SHIT BABY I'M CUMMING!" I cried and buried my head in her back, teeth and all as I slammed home one, last, time. "NNNGGGH!" Krista groaned.

I think she was protesting my cum but at this point, who the hell really knows. Either way my orgasm exploded, and waves of pleasure shot out in concentric circles around my body. I legs and upper body held firm but my hips and buttocks continued to gyrate, her pussy milking me like a hand milks and utter.

Three, four, five globs of cum exited my cock at high speed, coating this young teen's vaginal walls with my seed. I grinded into her for a few more seconds before my chamber was empty. I slowly stopped grinding. I could feel her panting under me, my own panting audible with a slight wheezing. I slowly pushed myself up on my hands and slowly slid out of her.

"AAH-ah-ah-ah!" Jesus it was sensitive. It hadn't cum like that in a long time. Maybe ever. I looked up at Krista, she was still panting and silent. Her head buried in her arms. I saw the clock. 4:50. Guess this little sweetie worked a little overtime. My dick was stinging, it had been so damn tight in her. What a wife that ass, I mean that girl would make some day.

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I saw a small drop of white slide down her leg. Damn. I forgot to pull out. I reached to the coffee can and pulled out a wad, at least another grand. I plopped it on the counter next to her. "Shit sorry baby, I forgot to pull it out. Here is for your trouble." I said as I fell into a chair at the dinning table.

Krista after another minute slowly pushed up onto her elbows. "Azzssshha. Haaammmph." She seemed to be in a daze. She slowly pulled her straps up over her tiny A cups and tied it behind her neck.

She pushed her wait onto her legs, and looked very unsteady. Her left hand reached out and grabbed the extra money. She grabbed the original wad next to it and pulled her hand to her chest. Then with one hand gripping the counter she slowly started shuffling towards the front door. Halfway there I said, "Don't forget your box Krista." "Don't. .


. . need it. . anymore." Well at least she found her voice. She shuffled inches at a time until I heard the front door close. I went to the fridge and got a beer and sat in front of the window as I popped the top. I drank it up watching her shuffle across the street and home, admiring my handywork.