Buruma Aoi cock riding beauty wants to swallow

Buruma Aoi cock riding beauty wants to swallow
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You were browsing the net one night, when you decided u needed a little release. you get naked, first releasing your large breasts from your bra and shirt and slowly teasing the nipples by lightly rubbing the tips of your fingers in circles on them. you do this while reading some erotic stories for about 15 minutes. By this time, your pussy is almost hurting from horniness, and your panties are soaking through. you deiced to pull them off and sit totally naked at your desk.

you began to insert a finger slowly, drawing it in and out. The more horny you got, the faster your finger was moving, in, out, around, feeling everything you could.

your whole body was shaking from the intensity of the feeling and the erotic images floating through your head from the stories you was reading didn't hurt either.

you wanted to get a better look at what was going on. you knew your clit was probably more swollen than it had ever been, and you needed to take a peek at it.

you got up to walk across the room and get your mirror. This is the part you will always remember: you nearly fell to the floor. your legs could barely stop shaking long enough for you to get the mirror. When you sat back down and used it to get a glimpse of your pussy, you saw how engorged your clit was and couldn't believe the drastic increase in size.

Also, you were now more wet than you had ever been, with your juices running all down your legs and covering your fingers entirely. you looked at the clock: it had been an hour since you first started. Finally, you knew it was coming, and you knew that it was going to blow your mind. With a final bit of pressure to your clit, you would be in a place you had never been before.

you inserted two fingers inside you and gave a good push on your clit with your thumb, while staring at yourself in the mirror. your whole body shook from within. you could feel the walls of your pussy squeezing the fingers that you put inside, and watched as your clit pulsated rapidly.

your legs were shaking violently and your whole brain seemed to go numb. All of the anticipation rippled like waves through your stomach, your breath was shattered and suddenly your whole body went numb.

Needless to say, the experience of the orgasm was enough to make you horny all over again.


The phone rings, its me. asking if you want to come over.

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you are still buzzing from the orgasm you have just had so you jump at the chance for some hard dick. you race towards your room and start to pull the sexiest clothes you can find in the short time you have before i get bored and cancel it.

finally you rush out the house in such a rush that you have forgot to put any underwear on, you think to yourself that it saves time later when you are at mine and need to get them off in a rush we are both up for some role play this time, you have come round my house dressed in some tight jeans and a very low cut top.

you tell me your wearing no pants, I lick my lips in anticipation. I tell you that I have to go take a shower before we can start.

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you are left in my room alone, you need attention now but im not there right now so looking around in my draws you find a tube of heat lube. you remember the stories I have told u about using lube and how it gives you intence orgasms, well your hot and horny and could really do with lots of orgasms right now.

I am stood in the shower thinking about all the stuff I want to do to you when I get back into the room, so much so that my dick gets hard.

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I reach my hand down and gasp it firmly at the base of it. just the idea of you sitting in my room is hot enough but soon the thought of you slowly taking off your clothes and lying down on my bed takes over my mind.

I start moving my hand up and down the shaft of my dick. making slapping noises as I think of you slowly lying back in my bed and with your left hand spreading your pussy lips while with your right hand you start to run two fingers up and down your slit.

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pushing the fingers against your hole, but not allowing your pussy to suck them in. this idea really turns me on so I grasp some shower gel and rub it along my cock you start thinking of me stroking my dick over you. this send your mind into over drive so u squirt some lube onto your fingers and run it over ur clit, your sensation of having something so hot as that on your clit.

your pussy starts to get wetter and wetter so with your right hand your reach down and start to pump two fingers in and out of your hot wet hole, you can hear all the wetness in your pussy. you are lost in your own little world as I climb out the shower, I stop outside my door I can hear something 'deeper.

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yes right there plaease right there' I start thinking about what could be going on the other side of the door. my dick start to come back to life.

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i drop the towel letting my dick spring free. i got to open the door but then have an idea. i got into my parents bedroom and lay on there bed, waiting for you to get tired, all the while i can hear 'fuck me, please fuck me.

yeah right there please don't stop' i get up of the bed and head towards my room, with you inside part 2?