BBC Slapping Around Little White Chicks

BBC Slapping Around Little White Chicks
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It was Saturday. However, this wasn't just an ordinary Saturday. It was my 22nd birthday. As it turned out, my girlfriend, Becca, had something big planned for me early that morning. I was sleeping in my bed when she woke me up at just past Midnight. As I opened my eyes, I immediately noticed that something was different. Everything was black.

I reached for my face and felt it. Becca had wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, blocking my vision entirely. I heard her giggle as I struggled to peek underneath the blindfold that was wrapped tightly around my eyes.

"Becca, what's going on?" I asked. "Why am I." "Happy birthday, baby," Becca said. "Do keep that blindfold on for me, please." "But why am I wearing this." "I have a big surprise for you," she replied. "Now come on. It's time for you to get up and get dressed.

It's your birthday. And the fun is about to begin." I climbed out of my bed and started to search for some clothes that I could put on. Suddenly, Becca grabbed my right hand and guided me over to my desk chair. "Don't worry, I put some clothes on the chair for you," she said.

"Anything sensual?" I asked. "Nope, just your normal everyday clothes," she stated. "Don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm about to reveal the big. surprise." I slowly put on the clothes that were resting on the chair. Then I slipped on my tennis shoes. "All good?" I asked Becca.

"I didn't put my shirt on backwards or something weird like that?" "You're good to go," she replied. Becca took my left hand and held it. My heart beat rapidly as she led me out of my bedroom, down the stairs, and out of my apartment.

She helped me climb into her car. I slid my seatbelt on as I sat in the passenger seat.

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"This is crazy," I told her. "I know," she said. "But that's what makes this surprise so exciting." At that moment, Becca started the car and drove off. I had no idea where we were going or what Becca had in store for me. I just hoped that I would have a great Saturday birthday.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination. Becca opened my door, unbuckled my seatbelt, and helped me climb out of the car. Becca held my left hand as led me across the parking lot and towards a building. She opened a door and led me into the building.

"We're nearly there," she whispered. "Just two more minutes, and we'll be right at our destination." I could hear the excitement in her voice as she guided me. I could tell that we were in some type of hallway. However, I couldn't think of any place that was open or accessible at this hour. I didn't know what Becca had planned for me, but I hoped that it would be amazing.

She opened a door to the right of me and led me into a room. I could hear heavy breathing around me. Becca and I were not alone. There were other people in the room. However, I couldn't tell who they were or where we all were. "Alright, baby, we're here," she announced. At that moment, Becca stepped behind me, pressed her hands against the back of my head, and removed the blindfold from around my eyes.

I gasped when I saw who surrounded me. Twelve sexy college cheerleaders surrounded me. They all had huge smiles on their faces. Every cheerleader that I filmed from the stands on gamedays was in that locker room. I immediately noticed that Becca was wearing her cheerleader uniform too. The cheerleaders on the squad were Amber Goodman, Sheila Jokansky, Trisha Odanick, Holly Raymon, Katie Lorrance, Riley Preston, Kristen Torman, Lauren Bocher, Julie Crawford, Valerie Cranshaw, Nicole Dalemort, and, of course, Emma, Becca's best friend.

We were in the women's locker room of the campus university. The locker door that led out into the hallway had been bolted shut and secured by Becca. "Why are we here?" I asked Becca. "Because it's your birthday, silly," she answered. "And I know that this is your ultimate fantasy.

So here it is. Your fantasy. come to life." My heart beat rapidly as I realized what was about to happen. This was really happening.


I was about to have amazing sex with thirteen beautiful college cheerleaders. "We're cheerleaders," Amber declared. "We know how to remain excited while maintaining control and staying disciplined. And we know how to make cute men like you smile." "Now let's get these clothes off of you so we can help you relax," Valerie said. The cheerleaders led me over to a bench and made me sit down on it. "You just sit back, cutie," Emma said.

"Your cheerleaders will do all the work for you." Amber and Nicole removed my shoes and socks from my feet while Julie removed the tie from around my neck. Emma unbuckled my belt and removed it from my pants. Trisha, Katie, Riley, and Holly pressed their fingernails into my red shirt as they ripped the shirt right off of me. Multiple buttons on my shirt flew across the locker room as the sexy cheerleaders removed it from my body. Valerie unbuttoned and unzipped my black pants.

Then Kristen and Lauren grabbed my pants and slowly pulled them off of my legs. I stared down at my legs, noting that my green boxers were the only piece of clothing that had yet to be removed. Sheila gathered all of my clothes and tossed them across the locker room. Then Becca got on her knees. She smiled as she ripped my boxers right off of me and freed my cock. The cheerleaders smiled as they stared at my naked body, focusing largely on my fully erect cock.

"Wow!" Amber exclaimed. "It really is that big!" She reached for my cock with her right hand, but Becca slapped her hand away. "What the hell?" Amber cried. "Look, I know you all want to play with it, but I don't want you to rush anything," Becca declared. "You'll all get to play with it soon. Now listen. His cock is off limits for the time being. Everything else. is fair game. You got it?" All of the cheerleaders nodded in agreement.

"Alright, now let's warmup," Becca declared. The cheerleaders teased me as they gathered around me.

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Then they kissed, touched, and stimulated every part of my body that wasn't my cock. I tried to touch my cock, but the cheerleaders refused to let me do so. Nicole sucked on the fingers on my left hand while Valerie sucked on the fingers on my right hand.

Amber and Sheila licked and kissed my arms, slowly massaging the skin with their mouths. Trisha sucked on the toes on my left foot while Riley sucked on the toes on my right foot. Katie and Holly pressed their teeth into my neck and began to bite it. They were determined to leave hickey marks all over my neck.

Lauren and Julie rubbed my back, rubbing their fingers across my spine as they moved their warm fingers up and down. Kristen nibbled on my ears, moving back and forth as she attempted to seduce me. I moaned as Emma stroked my thighs. She moved her hands quickly as she rubbed them. Becca smiled as she placed her tongue and warm lips onto my balls, licking and sucking them as she aroused me.

I gasped as my body reacted to the hotness that was occurring all around me. At that moment, a small amount of fluid appeared right at the tip of my cock. Becca noticed it too. She motioned for the cheerleaders to stop kissing and touching me, and they all complied.

She pointed to the fluid that was on the tip of my cock. "I think it's fair to say that he's fully aroused now," Becca declared.

"Oh, very," I answered. "Oh, my God, I want to taste it," Amber cried. "Let me taste it. It looks so good." "Ladies, there's nothing that I enjoy more than being aroused by all of you," I confessed.

"And we love arousing you," Emma replied, as she climbed to her feet. "But now it's your turn to arouse us." At that moment, she lifted her miniskirt up and showed me her light blue cheerleader panties. Emma slowly pulled her panties down her legs as she exposed her crotch. Then she kicked the panties off of her feet and onto the floor. As usual, she decided to leave her shoes and socks on. She let out a loud sigh as she sat down on the bench and spread her legs.

Emma's miniskirt rose up as she showed me her shaven pussy. She patted her pink lips with her fingers as she waited for me to make a move. I moved towards her. Then I pushed my lips and tongue against Emma's cooch and began to eat her out. Emma moaned as my upper lip rubbed against her clitoris, gingerly stroking it. I planted kisses all over Emma's twat as I made it warm and moist.

She moaned as her cooch absorbed my wet kisses. Then I pushed my tongue past the pink lips of her pussy and entered her. Emma cried out as I licked the walls of her pleasure center with my tongue. I moved my warm lips around her pink lips as I flicked my tongue around, increasing the intensity as I attempted to make her cum. I could feel her pussy getting moist as I satisfied her.

At that moment, I decided to push Emma over the edge. I sank my teeth into Emma and bit down on her clitoris.

Emma leaned her head back and screamed as the orgasmic bliss overwhelmed her. The other cheerleaders watched in awe as I gave Emma a mind-blowing orgasm with my mouth. Emma screamed as she climaxed. A stream of cum gushed out of her pussy and directly into my mouth.

I moaned as I felt the warm liquid enter my mouth and go down my throat. After a few seconds, I pulled my tongue out of her and moved my head back.

Emma moaned as warm fluid poured out of her. Within seconds, her twat, crotch, and thighs were soaked with her own pussy juice. She breathed heavily as she attempted to recover from her orgasm. As Emma tried to catch her breath, I moved my tongue back and forth, smiling as I licked the cum right off of her thighs and pussy lips.

"That was incredible," Emma exclaimed, as I finished drinking what I helped her create. "Now it's my turn to taste you." Emma got down on her knees, snatched my boner with her right hand, gripped it tightly, and began to suck. She showed no mercy as she sucked on it, giving my cock the same intense orgasmic massage that I had given her pussy.

I moaned loudly as Emma gave me the best blowjob that her mouth had given to date. She moved her right hand up and down my shaft as she licked and kissed the head of my cock. "Let me taste it!" Valerie cried. "Please, Emma! Oh, it looks so good!" Emma removed my cock from her mouth and handed it off to Valerie. She began to suck on it. I breathed heavily as Valerie pushed my cock around the inside of her mouth.

"My turn!" Amber shouted. "Come on, it's my turn!" Valerie handed my cock over to Amber, and she began to suck on my swollen pink head. I moaned loudly as the cheerleaders all took turns. They stroked and sucked my fully erect cock as they gave me blowjobs. As they waited to suck on it, the cheerleaders began to plant kisses all over my face and body. As Becca pressed her lips against my lips, Holly shoved my cock into her mouth and pushed it down her throat. I moaned as I felt the semen in my cock start to rise.

Becca immediately realized what was about to happen. At that moment, she removed my cock from Holly's mouth and held it in both hands. Becca gripped the head of my cock as she stopped the cum from rising up and out of my cock. She held it in her hands until my non-ejaculatory orgasmic moment had passed. Once my breathing died down, she released my cock.

"Very good," she said. "We'll give your cock a break. Don't want you to cum just yet. So who do you want to drink from next?" Sheila smiled. I motioned to her. Becca nodded, and I quickly walked over to Sheila. She lay down on her back and pulled her miniskirt up. "Rip my spankies open," Sheila ordered. "What?" I replied. "I love it when guys tear my clothes apart in order to get to my goodies," she clarified.

"Now rip my spankies open. Then you can taste my pie." With a grin, I grabbed Sheila's briefs and ripped them open from the center. She breathed heavily as I exposed her pussy. "Enjoy," I said. Sheila moaned as I placed my mouth against her cooch and began to make out with her pussy lips.

She placed her hands in my hair and played with it as I pressed my mouth against her succulent twat. It didn't take long for me to make her wet and make her cum.

Sheila let out a loud scream as cum gushed out of her pussy, covering my mouth, her crotch, and her torn cheerleader panties. "Holy shit!" Amber exclaimed, as she observed us. "That's not the only thing that he does well," Becca declared. "So, who's next?" I asked, as I lapped up Sheila's juices from her twat and cum covered panties. "I'll go next," Nicole volunteered. "But let's move upward, shall we?" I walked over to her and smiled.

"So how would you like to be pleased tonight?" I asked her. "I hear that you like touching cheerleaders' boobs," Nicole answered.

"With that big cock of yours. Soooo." At that moment, Nicole pulled off her top and tossed it into the floor. I gasped as I stared longingly at her double G sized boobs. Nicole lowered herself until her boobs were on the same level as my cock.

"So why don't you put that big cock in between these big girls?" she asked. I immediately obeyed and placed my cock in between Nicole's boobs. She rubbed my hard cock back and forth, breathing heavily as she satisfied me with her amazing rack.

As she stimulated my cock with her boobs, I placed my right hand underneath her cheerleader panties and began to finger fuck her. I placed my thumb directly against her clitoris as I moved my other fingers against the walls of her tight pussy. Nicole screamed as she climaxed and squirted into her panties. She released my cock and fell onto the floor as she became overwhelmed with orgasmic satisfaction. As Nicole lay on the floor, reacting to the intense orgasm, I grabbed her cum filled panties, yanked them right off of her, and stuffed them into her mouth.

She moaned as she swallowed her own pussy juices. Then I pressed my mouth against Nicole's shaven pussy and began to lick her moist pleasure center. Nicole screamed through her wet panties as I devoured her drenched pussy with my mouth.

She raised her legs up into the air, shaking them back and forth as she came again. Suddenly, a pair of light blue briefs hit me in the face. I looked up to see who had tossed the panties at me. Lauren raised her left leg up into the air and flashed her pussy at me. "Still hungry?" she asked. "Fuck yeah!" I cried. I pressed my lips against Lauren's pussy and began to kiss her pink lips. She cried out as I made out with her pussy. As I pressed my mouth against Lauren's cooch, multiple cheerleaders began to remove their cheerleader tops and panties.

Then they began to masturbate right over me. Valerie, determined to get a taste of my dick, got down on her knees, grabbed my cock, and began to suck on it. I moaned as Valerie sucked on my cock, moving her right hand up and down my shaft as she played with it. Her sucking was so intense that it caused me to kiss Lauren's lips with even more ferocity.

Lauren shrieked as she squirted into my mouth. She fell back against the lockers, gasping for air as she orgasmed. As Lauren orgasmed, Trisha moved beside my head. She shoved three fingers deep into her pussy and began to finger fuck herself. She moaned loudly as she pleasured herself. I stared at Trisha's pussy as she made herself wet.

She smiled as she added a fourth finger to her pussy, increasing her arousal and the volume of her fingers smacking against her twat. Her twat smacking was nearly as loud as the orgasmic moans that accompanied it. At that moment, a stream of cum exploded from Trisha's pussy. She screamed as she came all over my face. I moaned as Trisha sprayed my face with her pussy juices. She smiled as she rubbed her twat all over my face, allowing me to completely taste the delicious liquid that her succulent pussy had produced.

Suddenly, my cock hit the back of Valerie's throat, and I felt myself start to cum. Thankfully, Valerie recognized that I was about to orgasm and released my cock from her mouth before I went over the edge. After I calmed down, I turned my full attention to Trisha. She giggled as I slowly licked the cum off of her soaking wet pussy. Once I had collected as much cum as I possibly could, I collapsed onto the floor.

As I rested, Amber jumped on top of me. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and began to make out with me. She was a very passionate kisser, and I could tell that she had plenty of experience. After our lips and tongues had separated, Amber leaned forward and whispered something in my left ear. "Put it inside me," Amber begged.

"This cheerleader wants that delicious cock in her tight pussy. And I want every last inch." Amber climbed off of me and sat down on a locker room bench. She leaned back against the lockers as she waited for me to enter her. I jumped on top of Amber, angling my naked body over her own. She gasped as I yanked her miniskirt up and exposed her crotch. Then I rubbed my cock against Amber's clitoris.

A few drops of pussy fluid poured out of her lips as I teased and aroused her with my fully erect cock. Then I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. She moaned softly as the walls of her pussy gripped my hard cock. I began to thrust myself back and forth as I fucked her, moving my cock in and out of her pussy.

Amber moaned as I slowly pounded her twat. She grabbed her boobs and played with her nipples as I fucked her. "Faster," she whispered.

"Go faster." At that moment, I picked up the pace, pushing my cock against the walls of her pussy as I pounded her. I grunted as I increased the pace and intensity of my fucking. Amber let out several orgasmic cries as she got her wish. Suddenly, I felt someone tap me on my right shoulder.

I spun my head around and stared at Holly. I stopped my thrusting as I turned to address the sexy young cheerleader. "What's up?" I asked, emphasizing the pun. "I was just wondering." Holly blushed as she struggled to complete her sentence. "Go on," I said. "You can tell me. What do you want me to do for you tonight?" "Well. have you ever fucked a cheerleader while she was in the middle of doing a handstand?" Holly asked. I grinned at the question. The dumb grin on my face was all it took for Holly to realize what the answer was.

"Yeah, Becca and I do that all the time," I answered. "Would you be willing to show me how you do that?" she asked. I turned towards Amber. I was still inside of her, and I didn't want to be rude and make a sudden exit. Thankfully, she smiled back at me. "Go ahead," Amber said. "This cheerleader ass will still be here when you're done with that one." I pulled out of Amber and turned my full attention to Holly. "You ready?" I asked her. Holly nodded. Then she leaned forward until she was standing on her hands.

Her miniskirt flew up as she balanced herself during her handstand. I grasped Holly's legs and held onto them as I stared at the briefs that separated me from her big ass and tight pussy. "Do you want to know something?" I asked her.

"What is it?" Holly replied. "I love cheerleader panties," I confessed to her. "But I love them even more when I get to access what is underneath them." At that moment, I lowered my head and moved my mouth over her crotch.

Then I grabbed the center of her panties with my teeth. Holly screamed as I ripped through the thin material with my teeth and exposed her pussy lips. I spit directly onto Holly's pussy, adding some moisture to her fresh pink twat. Then I pushed my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. Holly screamed as I pounded her pussy while she did her handstand.

I slapped her ass with my left hand as I fucked her. After a couple seconds of intense fucking, Holly started to lose her balance. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold onto Holly's legs much longer so I pulled out of her and gently set her down onto the floor. Suddenly, a cheerleader tossed me onto the ground.

It was Julie. She lowered herself and shook her ass at me, giving me an up close view of the cheerleader panties that I constantly saw when I filmed her during the football games.

I grabbed Julie's bloomers and pulled them down, exposing her ass and pussy. At that moment, Julie snatched my cock and began to suck on it.

I stared longingly at her pussy lips before I opened my mouth and began to kiss them. Her legs shook as I licked her sensitive clitoris and moist lips. After a few seconds of kissing and sucking, Julie released my cock, screaming loudly as she came all over my face. She climbed off of me as Lauren jumped onto her and began to lap up the cum that was covering her pussy. I smiled as I watched the two cheerleaders mess around. Suddenly, Riley approached me. "I need a lap to sit on," Riley said.

"Would you like to volunteer?" I smiled as I sat down on a locker room bench and motioned for Riley to sit down on my lap and the big cock that awaited her. Riley lifted her miniskirt up and shook her ass at me. I raised my right hand and smacked her right buttcheek. She jumped up as I left a big red handprint on her pale ass. "Such a naughty boy," she remarked.

"I'm only as naughty as the cheerleader that made me this horny," I replied. "Well, let's find out how horny you truly are," she declared. Riley lowered herself down onto my crotch.

She removed her top and tossed it onto the floor, freeing her double D's. Then I pushed my cock into her pussy. Riley bounced on my dick as I fucked her. Her miniskirt flew up into the air, bouncing along with her, as I pounded her.

As Riley rode me, Sheila walked over to me. She lifted her left leg up, rubbed her clitoris vigorously, and moaned as she squirted warm cum into my mouth. Valerie and Katie also walked over to me. Valerie jammed a vibrator into Katie's pussy and turned it on. The loud vibrating noise that it generated echoed throughout the locker room. Katie screamed as a stream of cum gushed out of her pussy and all over my face.

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I started to cum, but Riley jumped off of me and seized my cock. She held my cock with both hands, ensuring that the semen could not exit. After I calmed down, I took a deep breath and shut my eyes. I was eager to cum, but I knew that there was more fun in store for me. "So, what's your favorite position?" Kristen asked, as she approached me. I grinned. The way that she said those words, in a seductive tone, made me very aroused.

"Turn around, and I'll show you," I answered. Kristen complied as she climbed onto the bench where I was sitting. She spun around, getting on her knees as she turned her back to me.

I flipped up Kristen's miniskirt and stared at her thin bloomers. Then I ripped the back of her bloomers open, exposing her ass and pussy in its full glory. Then I pushed my cock into her and began to fuck her doggystyle.

Kristen screamed as I fucked her hard and fast. I always preferred my sex to be rough and that was exactly the way I was going to give it to this fucking hot cheerleader. Kristen moaned as I made her feel every single inch of my hard throbbing cock.

Cheerleader sex was always amazing, but getting to have cheerleader sex in my favorite position was better than anything.


As I fucked her, Becca and Emma walked in front of Kristen and me. As it turned out, they had decided that they wanted to give me a show. Becca and Emma shook their boobs at us as they prepared for their next act.

Suddenly, Becca turned her back to me, pushed Emma to the ground, got on her knees, and began to eat out her best friend. Becca shook her ass and stroked her pussy with her fingers as she satisfied Emma with her mouth.

As I watched Becca make Emma moist and lick her wet twat, I picked up the pace and increased the intensity of my fucking. Kristen screamed as my cock hit her G-spot.

Her body shook as the orgasm that I gave her pushed her over the edge. I knew that I was going to lose it too so I decided to pull out of her at that exact moment. As I removed my cock from Kristen's pussy, Becca walked over to me and placed her mouth directly onto my own mouth. I breathed heavily as she opened her mouth, placed her tongue into my mouth, and filled my mouth with Emma's warm cum.

I moaned as I swallowed Emma's cum, savoring every drop that Becca gave me. Once I finished drinking, Becca spoke. "You ready for the final part of our routine, sweetie?" she asked. "Fuck, yes!" I screamed. "Okay then, baby," she said. "Then here we go!" At that moment, Becca began to stroke my cock with her right hand.

She moved her fingers up and down as she stroked the head and shaft. "Don't cum yet, you cutie," she instructed. "Not until our routine is done." At that moment, Emma moved next to Becca. Then she grabbed my cock and began to suck on it, licking it from top to bottom. Then Julie placed my cock in between her boobs and began to rub it, using her double D's to stimulate it. Then Kayla took my cock and rubbed it all over her big ass, pressing it into her flesh as she played with it.

Then Lauren took my cock. She stared at it for a few seconds before she rubbed it against her clitoris and pussy lips. She breathed heavily as she used my dick to stimulate and arouse the most sensitive areas on her sexy body.

Then my cock made its way into Nicole's hands. She smiled as she pushed it right into her pussy. I grunted loudly as we began to fuck. Nicole moaned loudly as I fucked her. Determined to make her scream, I pushed my cock in deep so that she could feel every single inch.

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After a few seconds of fucking, Valerie grabbed my cock and removed it from Nicole's pussy. Valerie smiled as she began to stroke my cock with her right hand. I moaned as she masturbated me and started the cheerleaders' planned routine all over again.

I entered orgasmic bliss as my cock was stimulated in various ways by several beautiful cheerleaders. A pattern had been established, and my cock was apart of that pattern. One cheerleader stroked my cock with her right hand before she passed it off. The next cheerleader put it in her mouth and gave me a blowjob. The next cheerleader put my cock in between her boobs and stimulated it with her rack. The following cheerleader rubbed it against her buttcheeks.

The next cheerleader took my cock and rubbed it right against her clit and pussy lips. After my cock was pressed against that cheerleader's outer lips, the following cheerleader inserted it into her pussy and allowed me to fuck her.

Then the next cheerleader took my cock and used her hands to masturbate me all over again. My cock went all over the place as it was passed amongst the cheerleaders and stimulated in various places on various body parts and in various orifices.


Eventually, my fully aroused cock made its way over to Becca for the climactic penetration. Becca turned around, placed my cock against her pussy, and made me take her from behind. "Don't hold back," she ordered. "Fuck me fast. and fuck me hard!" "Trust me," I said.

"There's nothing that I love more than fucking that cheerleader pussy as fast as I possibly can." And with those words, I slammed my cock into her pussy and began to pound my favorite cheerleader. I whacked Becca's ass with both hands as I smacked my cock against the walls of her wet pussy. Becca shrieked as I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. Her orgasmic screams were so loud that they produced echoes and made me even more aroused. I had pleasured and fucked Becca on several occasions, particularly on Saturdays.

However, this was the loudest I had ever heard her scream. At that moment, the semen in my cock shot up. I moaned as I felt it rise. This time, I was incapable of holding back. I was about to cum, and Becca knew it as well. "Where?" I shrieked. "Where!?" "Wherever you like, baby!" Becca shouted. "Oh, fuck! Ohhhhhhh!" I screamed as I reached my climax and orgasmed.

At that moment, I pulled out of Becca, spun her around, and pressed the pink flesh of my cock against her rack. I let out a loud and long moan as I ejaculated all over her boobs. The orgasm that completely overtook my body and my senses was too incredible for words, and I secretly hoped that it would never end, even though it was impossible for that to happen.

Becca moaned as I covered her with my cum. By the time I finished ejaculating, Becca's nipples and boobs were completely soaked and covered in my white warm cum.

I breathed heavily, gasping for air as my climax gradually reached its end. Suddenly, Becca seized my cock and sucked off the cum that was on my sensitive pink flesh. I moaned as I orgasmed and ejaculated again, coating the inside of Becca's mouth with my cum. The cheerleaders stared at me with awe as I filled up my girlfriend's mouth with my juice. After a few seconds of sucking, Becca released my cock and allowed me to rest.

I collapsed onto the floor as she finished me off. I lay there, completely naked on the locker room floor, as I tried to catch my breath. Becca smiled as she grabbed her bloomers off the floor and used them to collect my cum from her boobs.

Becca used the crotch of her panties to wipe the cum off of her. She made sure every last drop of my cum ended up inside her briefs. Then she passed her panties around to the other cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders giggled as they reached into the briefs, collected my cum, and drank it. A handful of cheerleaders took a few drops of my cum, placed it into their pussies, and combined it with their own juices before they tried it. As I lay on the locker room floor, recovering from my breathtaking orgasm, I watched the cheerleaders enjoy what they helped me create.

"This is the most delicious thing I have ever had," Amber told Becca. "I know," Becca replied. "He tastes so fucking good." "It's too bad we won't be able to relive this fantasy more often," I said loudly.

"Especially with football season being officially over for us. You ladies really are incredible." "Oh, I think we can relive this fantasy," Amber replied, giving me a dirty wink.

"How so?" I asked. "Don't you have to return your cheerleader uniforms after this week?" "Nope," Amber answered. "Luckily for you, my father has plenty of influence. He paid some very prominent people to let us keep our sexy cheerleader uniforms.

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Our season might be over, but we can still put our skimpy uniforms on, cheer loudly, and most importantly, have lots of fun with you." "And the fun isn't over yet," Valerie added.

"Time to shower!" The cheerleaders screamed as they jumped to their feet and ran to the locker room showers. I scrambled to my feet and started to run towards the showers, but Becca grabbed my arms and held me back.

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"Not tonight," she ordered. "You've given us a lot of pleasure tonight, but I want you to have something left for me later on. I certainly don't want us to completely spoil your sexual appetite." "But." "Trust me," Becca said. "We have a lot of fun ideas planned in the days ahead. There will be plenty more opportunities for even more group fun later on." "Next time you're here, you can share the showers with us, cutie," Lauren told me. "And that's a promise." At that moment, the cheerleaders began to remove their miniskirts and climb into the showers.

They turned on the hot water and began to shower together. Suddenly, I lost my sight. Something was covering my eyes and blocking my vision. However, I knew immediately what it was. Becca had wrapped her cheerleader panties around my eyes and turned them into a makeshift blindfold. I gasped as I felt her toss a warm blanket over my body as she covered me up.

I could hear the cheerleaders scream as they pleasured each other in the showers. I wished that I could join them. "Come on," Becca said. "Let's go home. Your birthday surprise isn't over yet, but we're going to have to go back to your bedroom first." With those final words, Becca led me out of the women's locker room. I smiled as I began to anticipate what would happen next. Thirty minutes passed before Becca removed the panties from my eyes and allowed me to see again.

We were back in my bedroom, and I was laying on my bed. I was still nude, and my cock was still hard. "Did anyone." "Don't worry, no one saw your naked body as we were heading back here," Becca answered. "And I'm a pretty safe driver. No one was going to pull me over and get you in trouble." "Good," I replied. "I hope you had a great birthday, sweetie," she told me. "I did," I replied. "And thank you.

You know, you really are an amazing girlfriend, Becca." "I know," she said. "I'm a cheerleader. And let's face it. cheerleaders know how to have fun." At that moment, she tossed her panties at my face, lifted her miniskirt up, and waited for me to make a move. "Go ahead and give these lips a goodnight kiss," Becca moaned.

"I have the entire day off work tomorrow. And that means we can have even more fun right now." "Is that so?" I asked. I moved my head underneath Becca's miniskirt and pressed my mouth against her pussy lips. Becca moaned as I ate her out and got her body ready for another round of pleasure. Football season was over.

However, the fun that came with being a cheerleader was not going to go away. Becca knew how to satisfy my needs, and she was always eager to find new ways to give me amazing cheerleader sex. Tonight, she found twelve other cheerleaders to help give me my ultimate birthday fantasy.

With Becca by my side, I knew that my Saturdays would always be perfect, and I was truly thankful to have an amazing woman in my life.

Overall, I had a great 22nd birthday and another great Saturday that was filled with cheerleader pleasure.