Red head and black hair Latin maids pussy fingering and dildoing on the table

Red head and black hair Latin maids pussy fingering and dildoing on the table
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Author's Note: As the first part to this did much better than expected, here is the second and final piece to this particular tale. I still have my doubts for this one though; all I can suggest is to keep an open mind and warn you that there is moderate brutality in this. Popscotch --- Part 2 - I woke up running my fingers repetitively over and around a little donut under some thin scrunched up fabric. I didn't know why my hand was where it was in the first place, but I just decided to stick with it, still only half way coming from my sleep.

Fading into more consciousness, it began to feel more and more like a tiniest belly button underneath a thinnest shirt. I thought of Ashley, my hand draped over her and caressing her naval. The positioning was all wrong for that to be the truth, but I was still half dreaming. I poked into the ring trying to feel inside her tummy. A soft girly grunt greeted my ears. My hands soon were engulfed in small soft ones, my finger still playing with that puckered indention.

The shirt then moved aside and I felt a hard muscular circle instead of the soft squishy one I imagined. But how could I argue with the little fingers guiding me in. My mind tried forcing itself back into sleep. I misplaced reality with a dream and wanted so much to be fully immersed in it. It wasn't until the ever increasing force on my knuckles and I felt my finger squeezing several inches into the belly button that I began establishing the sensations were for real, and not the dream.

Near immediately, dawn washed over me, my brain unglazed from sleep and I awoke to breathing in the back of Amy's scalp. I stretched and tensed my finger, pushing further into what I just came to realize was her littlest tiny butt hole.

"Amy?" "Yeah?" "Why is my finger inside your butt hole?" "Because you were rubbing it for a couple minutes and then you were poking it, so I thought you wanted in." I started pulling myself out of the tightest little contraption. Amy hand immediately took a hold to stop me. "You can keep it in. It's really clean inside. I only use that hole like once a month maybe so it feels nice getting attention." "I don't think you understood why I asked you that," I said forcing myself the rest of the way from her bowls in a slow tug.

I rolled onto my back and noticed that I was alone with her. "Where's Ashley?" "Probably on her new computer, it arrived about an hour ago." Amy shifted and squirmed under the blanket before padding what I assumed was her underwear onto my softening penis.

"Now we're both completely naked." And at those words, my worst nightmare came true. Natalie opened the door and walked in.

The room was full of sunlight beaming in through the two windows signifying it had to be a good few hours into a respectable morning. Looking about the quarters, it was somehow so much messier than I remembered it being before we went to bed. The only hope I had left was that both Amy and I were covered to the chin with the thick oversized blanket. Natalie looked down to us examining everything she could possible make out in shapes under the rolling, clumping, bulky fabric square.

"I was just coming in to clean up." "Okay," Amy accepted too easily. My heart was pounding against my rib cage. My penis was beyond its hardened state.

As unfaltering as possible, I lifted my knees up to create an open air tent over my pubic region, deflating any chance past the old, almost conspicuous, clump to notice my hard on or the tiny hand on top of it. While Amy innocently swirled her fingers around the head of my organ underneath her silky smooth panties, she seemed to notice that I was trying to hide the entire situation.

Natalie walked beyond us and leaned over to begin gathering the snacks. I was really wanting to start feeling around under the blanket for my clothes so I could put them back on.

And then Amy stole the moment for herself when she whispered into my ear. "Finger my butt hole and I won't rip the blanket off us." She hugged herself into my side and pulled my hand to her rear. The look in her eyes was as if she had nothing to lose, and I doubted she did. I was the only one who had something to lose, and big time. My index finger ran its way between her cheeks where it again made contact with her doughnut.

I couldn't believe what I was doing; where my finger was. It was placed atop the pedestal that was a fourth grader's butt hole; a completely nude fourth grader's butt hole who was hugging her bare chest into my own buck naked body under a blanket hiding us from her legal guardian.

I felt it pucker up, so I forced in. Slowly, I felt myself entering her exit only hole. I was cognitively feeling and experiencing anal penetration of a little girl with my finger. One joint in. two. and all the way to the third where I held steady. Amy held too for a moment realigning her breathing.

"In and out," she whispered. Her own hands never stopped and were still unceasingly massaging the tip of my penis with her panties. Every so often she ran the length of my shaft a few times, but she focused so much on the giant engorged head. It was a maximum high pitched stimulation that I knew would make me cum in the shortest period of time. "What's Ashley up to?" Amy asked Natalie as my index finger began popping joints back out of her rectum.

Two joints to the pad of my finger; I was feeling her oh-so incredibly firm tightness buckling me in from all sides.

The most confusing thoughts she put into my head though were when her muscles occasionally pulsed down there. It most simply impressed into my mind even more than imaginable that I was indeed, poking my finger into an ass hole.

That little girl's ass hole. But beyond all man's creation, I couldn't take that thought as any less than a cue as to when I would be presented with the least resistance for reentry. And at that next relaxing sigh in her sphincter, I slid back in. Amy was breathing like a smallest child being given a soothing back massage by her mother.

I could tell Natalie was beginning to notice this conspicuous behavior as well. "She's on that new computer that arrived just awhile ago. Said not to bother her as she's got so much to do so in so little time.

How was your fun night last night?" I pressed the mid-joint of my thumb into the valley of her upper crack and sucked out of her with one fluid force. "Great. The best one ever." Amy was half cooing. I was struggling not to contort my face under the unending onslaught the fingers and palm of her little hand paid to my most sensitive head of my most sensitive appendage.

"Really?" "Yeah. We had to teach Popscotch a few of the rules. He was reluctant but we went easy on him." I could feel the squishiest of squishy rectal tissue bubbling inside her as I returned, curled into a fishhook, and began feeling her out. I couldn't help but take the opportunity to learn the anatomy of her orifice.

My fingertip poked and squeezed at the balloon like layers of smooth, oh so warm intestine. It was indeed quite the magnificent little cavern she had inside her.

And only to be used once a month… Oh how lonely it must've felt. Oh how welcoming it greeted me. Oh how the hand job she forced on me warped my mind. "Well, that's good. Nice to know he'll put up a fight if he thinks he's being taken advantage of." "We weren't taking advantage of him!" Amy spit out. The tone and volume triggered my relaxing finger into a persuasive curl and lock, hard into her tightening cavity. She only tensed more from the extreme pressure.

"I doubt you were, but I was just saying, you're generosity can sometimes lead to suspicion." "Oh," Amy gave in. "I guess so, until you get to know us. And he's starting to warm up." Natalie's excessively slow movement finally finished her clean up of the snacks where she proceeded to tying up the garbage bag filled with pop cans and wrappers. Amy's other little hand suddenly cupped my balls and her fingers began rolling them in her palm.

I was seconds from cumming. Natalie stood at the door about ready to leave. "Well, just tell me when you're done with this room and I'll vacuum it." "Wait," Amy pleaded breathlessly just before she left.

Why did she have to do that? Right then, right there, just as she pulled her precum soaked panties away from my head and replaced them with her bare hand. Just five seconds before I began erupting. Natalie looked down to us. And right then and there, cum streamed from my reproductive organ into the child's hand. It shot lines and lines of sperm into her palm as she gently squeezed and rolled my testicles in her other. My vision faded but I struggled so hard not to show my orgasm.

Oh how bad of an idea that would be. That in turn only made it feel that much more intense as it had to be released somewhere. The finger I had invading the youngest girl to my right hooked inside her bowels and was ripping into her like reeling in a powerfully fighting fish.

She had to be feeling more pressure inside her than she had ever felt before. I think I had my confirmation on that when all of a sudden, a surge of burning water sprayed into my hip bone. Semen still gushed from my stinging pelvis while I pulled every restraining emotion I had to surface in masking not just my own orgasm, but the searing coat of little girl urine that was splashing in torrents over half my lower self.

Through the silent room, it was impossible for Natalie not to hear the thudding crush of liquid detonating into thousands of soaking droplets at the solid bone of my hip. The pulses of my cum died into an oozing hose, completely covering her fingers in what I could only imagine would be a froglike webbing. But there Amy was pounding out one hell of a jet of urine onto my naked body.

One hundred percent impossible not to hear. And a quick enough glance to her squinting face made it one hundred percent impossible not to question and most likely answer what was happening. In no short time was her liquid waste pooling into my sperm covered abs.

The carpet was soaked. I thought she was never going to stop. It lasted nearly a minute. And laying completely naked in that situation, just ten seconds was more than a lifetime's worth of healthy stress. Finally she died to an apparent trickle. "Did she just-" Natalie didn't even want to finish her own sentence.

"You don't want to know. Trust me." That was all I could muster. "You're going to need to use the wet vacuum," Amy spoke in an exhausted voice. "We'll be in the shower in ten minute so you can do it then." "Together, shower?" Natalie spoke a little confused.

"Yeah," Amy said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I really think we both need one as soon as possible." "There are two showers in the house." I conveniently tried my hardest to stay out of their developing argument.

I didn't want to take anybody's side. Favoring Amy meant distrust from Natalie and teaming with Natalie meant Amy possibly pulling the blanket from us. "What part of me saying that we're going to be in the shower in ten minutes did you not understand Natalie?" Amy's voice took on an almost demented tone that sent a clear message down both my own and the standing woman's spine.

"I'm sorry. I was just curious." "Curious people listen and don't make their own suggestions." What made the situation even more intense than conceivable was the fact that Amy's face was still on my shoulder. She wasn't even bothering to look and the fully grown woman she declared authority over. "I'm sorry; I'll be up in ten minutes to vacuum." She turned and left the room in a hurry. I looked to Amy whose slightly frightening face quickly popped into a giant smile as she flung the blanket from our two completely naked bodies.

"Wow, still so much inside you," she gasped lifting her cum glazed hand into the air. "Want some?" "No thanks," I replied as my index finger slowly slurped from her now much looser rectal opening.

Amy sat up and rolled onto her butt cheeks while she took her fingers into her mouth. It was kind of disgusting to watch her lick the stringing semen from her hand like five lollypops but the only alternative sight was down to a milky layer of urine diluted sperm just over my abs and pelvic region.

Sucking her hand sticky free, she poked her finger into my belly button and spooned out the creamy puddle we made together and slurped that down as well. When done with that, she smiled brightly to me and then handed me the pair of her white thinnest panties, still a little wet from my precum. I took them from her questioningly and sat up looking for my own clothes scattered where the blanket used to cover. A small shudder quivered through me as the child urine ran down my lower torso, mostly matting down my pubic hair and soaking my shrinking penis.

By the time I refocused on Amy, she was on all fours aiming her butt hole directly at me. Her baby fat squeezed plump vagina hung an inch below. "Push my underwear inside. I want to show you how clean I am." I looked from her whitest child slut panties to her slightly swollen butt hole. After what I had just done, I honestly couldn't find a way to say no.

I had no interests in pushing a pair of underwear into a fourth grader's rectum, but there wasn't really a feasible option to just tell her I wouldn't do it.


And so, I did. I lifted my hand, threaded the panties over my index finger, and pushed. I pushed and pushed some more. I strung the entire length of her littlest underwear into her body through her barely ajar sphincter. Poking the last bit in and making sure it was all the way a snug position, I pulled my finger out and wiped it down her crack, closing the hole as it passed over. Amy lifted her torso up and leered back at me, whipping her hair out of her face from her back to her front.

"I'll keep it in there all day and show you that it's super clean inside me." "I believe you without the demonstration." "Well, you shouldn't. I've tricked you before. Now I have to regain your trust." I half coughed, half laughed. "You just blackmailed me into fingering your ass." "I have to teach you somehow." "Teach me what?" "How much power you have." "What does that have to do with the options you gave me?" "Because, you can do anything you want to.

An-ny thing." "Do I have to take a shower with you," I changed the subject from her self-conceited talk. "If you don't want to smell like I peed on you all day." "There are two showers." "But no matter what, I'll follow you into whichever one you go to." "I guess telling you not to is feeble." "You do owe rent." "I'm more than happy with paying you money." "You can't pay somebody with something they don't want.

It doesn't work that way." "Fine, but could you please stop molesting me?" I tried to compromise. "Why, does it hurt?" "It's really not appropriate for a girl your age to be doing that kind of stuff." "I'm only two years younger than my sister and you obviously think touching her boobs and sucking her tongue is appropriate." "No, I don't, but, it's just complicated." "Complicated is too hard." "Yesss, it is," I stated in a very smart-aleck tone. "It's so much easier to just ask and let the other person say yes." "Obviously." "That's what you did to Ashley last night and look how easy that was.

Nothing complicated at all about it." I started gathering my clothes. Amy mimicked me with hers. "Well, the real world isn't that easy, and even Ashley has her limits." "The real world is too that easy if you have power, and Ashley doesn't have any limits for me or you." Standing up with my previous day's outfit in my grip, I squinted down to Amy who just lifted up her last sock.

We snuck quickly to the bathroom down the hall. Well, I snuck, Amy just walked normally. Our clothes went down the hamper and I checked the hallway if I could sneak back to my room for a new set. "Just use a towel. Is it really that embarrassing to be seen wearing a towel after a shower." "Okay," I replied defeated. "And you're saying Ashley has no limits at all." Amy turned to me with a cutely oh-so frustrated face.

"What part of 'you can do An-ny thing,' do you not understand?" "Well I can't just make things appear out of thin air. That's anything." "You'd be surprised," Amy responded in a know-it-all voice while she opened the shower door. I spent more of the shower lost in my thoughts than noticing the little girl that pretty thoroughly washed my entire body for me. She seemed to pay a lot of attention to my butt in particular and I had to more than on one occasion pull a knuckle or two out of my hole.

"Making you super clean," was her response before she attempted again with so much interest. After the shower, I dried off and wrapped up in a towel. I decided I should probably brush my teeth than since I hadn't done so the night before after all the junk food. As my mouth began foaming over with toothpaste, Amy walked behind me and pulled the towel off. "Can I play with this?" she asked taking my tensing butt cheeks into her fingers. "Nough," I muffled over my toothbrush.

"I just want to taste it before I brush my own teeth. It's so firm." "Nough." "Please, pleeaase, pleeeeaaaase, pleee-" "Fighne," I just gave up before a real brawl started. Immediately it felt like a very large leach had latched onto one of my butt cheeks.

"Nough fiungers," "Okay," she compromised. I definitely didn't want her repeating what I had done to her. Though within a few sucks and licks, she had just taken it way beyond what I thought she could. I tensed up and bucked my hips forward as I felt her tongue lick and poke at my butthole. Amy seemed to just think I was surprised and not protesting. Her arms flung around my waist and she hugged her mouth into my rear end. She sucked and licked vigorously.

It was a feeling beyond any sensation I had ever felt. It wasn't the most amazing thing in the world, but it was new, and definitely did the job of raising my flag to full mast. And she seemed to be having a blast, so I gave in and continued brushing my teeth.

Bending over to spit and clean down my brush proved extra energetic times for Amy. Her teeth nibbled when she almost precisionly milked my muscles with her tongue into a puckering stance. I finished brushing and gurgled the last of the toothpaste from my mouth, then spit. Quenching my butt cheeks extra hard, I pulled with my hand, Amy's face out from between. "Did I do good?" she asked with a face of already pure satisfaction.

"It was quite an experience." And damn was it quite an experience. Precum was already oozing down the front of my solid shaft. She made for a lick at it but I stopped her. "It was like licking a strawberry covered in you. Like if you had a vagina and I was actually licking it." I just looked down to her not knowing how to respond. "Brush your teeth." I pivoted down on my knees and picked up my towel.

Casing it around me, I timidly walked into the hall checking for anybody. My erection created a very definitive shape that too well broke the sleek flat lines of my body. I could hear the sounds of vacuuming down in the Rec. Room but otherwise the coast was clear. In my own room, I hurried up and got into a full set of clothes.

I decided not to bother Ashley from the conversation I heard earlier about her, so I headed downstairs after lingering on my laptop for a few emails. My procrastination was becoming almost too easy in not looking for another grant essay. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down with Gabrielle at the dining table.

"Interesting night last night?" she asked. "Very." "I've watched a good amount of their fun nights on occasion. They can get… very sisterly." "It was quite different." "Well, I trust you kept your head on straight and responded appropriately." "What's with you adults and the big word?" Amy's voice interjected. I turned to acknowledge her presence and was greeted with her walking into the dining room wearing an almost cheerleader bouncy yet light as air, white miniskirt, with a thin, oh-so thin, skin tight, pink t-shirt which did nearly nothing to conceal the discolored dimes that were her nipples.

Her white ankle socks dragging the floor gave the impression that she could be no more comfortable in anything else. Everything else was skin from those pre-puberty, long, skinny legs to her too childish no muscle bearing arms. But that shirt, it was just mocking its own existence; she was wearing the cloth, but you could see right through it. It was the most inappropriate thing I had ever seen on a girl her age. She would've looked less provocative completely naked and pouring baby oil down herself.

Well… Both Gabrielle and I gulped at the same time, though most definitely for different reasons. "Feeling adventurous today?" Gabrielle exacerbated. "Pants are so restricting so I thought I'd try something new.

Sooo much airier. And look, matching underwear." She delightfully pulled up her skirt unveiling the tiniest, thinnest pink thong. Oh my *** how it matched that see-through shirt. "I almost decided not to wear the skirt, but I thought it was too cute not to." "A slightly better choice," Gabrielle gasped. "I'm taking all kinds of advice and putting it all together. The other day, Popscotch said I looked better with clothes on than naked." "A noble view," Gabrielle added.

"And that got proved when we just took a shower together. He barely noticed me at all even though I was all over him and washing his body for him." The woman gave me a glance, mixed with approval, sympathy, but yet still disappointment. "So, I think he just likes to be teased. So I chose this outfit hoping to get more of his attention. And maybe he might like me more and we can be better playmates." She put her hand over her mouth, covering it out of sight from me, but not Gabrielle, and whispered loudly, "hopefully like my first boyfriend." "I think you're a bit young for that," she responded.

Amy walked over and sat in the chair next to her. "Nu uh. I know all about how to make boys happy and that's what makes a great girlfriend." Gabrielle was clearly becoming more and more uncomfortable. "Plus, with what I've seen of Popscotch, I'll be super duper, Duper tight. And I knoooow that boys like really small vaginas." At that, a piece of cereal was lodged into my throat and broke into a violent coughing spell. A few hard pounds into my chest with my fist and a painful burp unlocked it, spitting it from my mouth.

"You are not having sex young lady," Gabrielle took a strong stance. "What?" Amy rebuttaled as if it had been the first time she had ever been told no. "You need to learn some respect for your body." Amy looked ready to explode in anger.

She was a time bomb without a countdown clock. But apparently decided against the flashy show of fire and destruction and played it like a poisonous gas.

"Watch me." She flung the chair out from under her and stormed into the living room. I looked to Gabrielle just as shocked as her. "I am one-hundred percent on your side." "You better be." Her comment easily sent sympathy from me to Amy. Treating her like a child was one thing to watch, but to actually feel what it was like to be treated like one first hand… I really didn't like the contrast in power I supposedly had with the younger girls versus the older ones.

Feeling my body flare in temperature at the degrading way she just talked to me did only one thing, yes as stupid as it sounds, it did ultimately push my brain to realize that the air-conditioning must have been fixed already, because it definitely wasn't chilly anymore.

I finished my breakfast in silence as Gabrielle seemed to be pretending to read the paper in attempt to ignore me. Afterwards, I went into the living room to watch television with Amy. As I sat down, she just plopped up and turned away from me, crouching down on all fours while burying her head into the couch cushion. A short second later her hands lifted up and she pulled her miniskirt up over her butt and onto her back, clearly displaying her bare bottom to my face, with a hot pink line running down her crack to the tip of a triangle where her bulging vaginal lips puffed out.

Damn how right she was though. The sight of her tiniest of cushy little vagina was beyond intoxicating. The next twenty minutes were insane agony trying to focus on the television. Always with that one thought in my mind, that one quote from the little girl herself, and the most primal desire to test my existence to the limits.

I could do anything. More than anything that I wanted to really do, I wanted to do something that Amy herself wouldn't approve of. I wanted make her uncomfortable. Make her say 'no.' I didn't know if it would be enough, but I wanted so bad to try.

I wanted to molest a seemingly unmolestable girl. With all the focus she had paid me to her body, there was that one most private part that she had yet to introduce me to. Maybe that was her off limits spot. Maybe I could catch her off guard there. Perhaps, I could prove to the obnoxious little girl that I, an adult, was more perverted than she was willing to accommodate.

I just wanted to put her in her place. Learn her to stop taunting me with words I never heard a girl so young speak. My most devious fingers were becoming power hungry. That power I was so promised wanted to be broken. I wanted to show that no matter how much supposed authority I had, there would be stuff I just simply couldn't do. My hand was rising. One wallless room away, Gabrielle sat probably by now able to focus on a news article; completely blocked from the sight of my slouching; my hiding face looked more and more into her bare skin split in half by a pink string.

Thirteen years old my ass. Her baby fat lips protruded, squished so snuggly between her legs no older than a single digit child; a year below her first decade. My finger tips made contact with the hot pink lining of the triangle covering her. Ever so slowly, the lighter pink, semi-transparent sheet inside folded into itself as I pushed the thong off her lips, uncovering her pre-prepubescent slit, her littlest crack leading into her body, her way too undeveloped reproductive organ.

The fabric scrunched up and locked onto the outside of her swollen left vaginal lip. Amy made no movements whatsoever. So I did it. I did the unthinkable. My index finger squeezed between her bulbous balloons of little girl vagina fat and forced its way into her wettening canal.

I penetrated a girl's vagina that was less than half my age, less than half the age of twenty years. Ohhhh the tissues inside her were soaking, warm, so tight. Never in my life, never had my body been more turned on. Never had I been doing something soo, soo wrong. One knuckle, two, three. Oh yes, I pushed the third knuckle into her. I wanted to go as deep as I could possible get; I wanted to touch the cervix of a nine year old. And I did. Damn did the noises she cried into the couch cushion push my manhood to new lengths, literally.

It didn't take much longer than a few seconds before my finger was retreating and reinterring. It was impossible to just stay still, oh man how it felt beyond life to just bask in her, but moving proved ten times more powerful.

To be fingering a little girl. To hear her moaning into the couch. To watch her arms tense so tightly. In and out, rotating my finger left to right, curling, hooking, scooping her insides and dragging them out. Liquid began running out of her loosening hole. Oh how thirsty I was. My finger slipped entirely out and I sucked it of its juice.

One word. Godsend. That stuff had to be more addictive than drugs. I would pay two hundred dollars for a vial of that liquid. I didn't reinsert my finger though. Instead, I took a hold of her pelvic bones and tipped her over gently. Her face was simply indescribable. I definitely didn't cross any predetermined boundaries though. I continued and flipped her onto her back, sprawling out her legs.

I took a quick check to make sure Gabrielle was becoming more absorbed with her reading, which seemed to be the case, and threw an accent pillow onto Amy. "Put that over your face and don't make a sound," I whispered to her. I couldn't believe I was about to do what I was about to do.

It was by one hundred thousand fold more daring than anything I had ever done in my life. The pillow was quickly hugged into Amy's head with an incredibly forceful pull. And I began there, my journey into feeling the real pleasures of power. I lifted the outside strings of the child's thong and pulled it up to her knees. My face looped under them and dropped down between her legs; my mouth absorbed the not even yet fourth grade vagina. The first thing I had to do was exercise enormous self restraint from not just biting into that most prime piece of extra rare meat.

The juices were bubbling out it was so good. And my goodness, that scent. Like a wet vacuum of my own, I sucked the fluid from her hole.

My tongue reached in and relathered the squeezed dry tissue. Damn it was so hard not to bite something. My jaw ached in hunger soo intently. Pressing my finger into her slit in order to reach her deepest depths for hopes of a hidden pocket of oil, my mouth lifted up and I finally found something I was sure she wouldn't mind me chewing on.

And so I did. I took a soft, but increasingly harder bite and began spinning her littlest clitoris between my front teeth. Her legs slammed into the sides of my head and squished me as if her goal was to pop my skull open.

Her legs had some extreme strength to them. But nothing was going to stop my agonizing jaw from treating that tiniest bead inside her like a, well, a lonely, lonely clitoris. My teeth seemed to have been squirting her self-lubricant away off the membranes, so on reluctant occasions, I was forced to swirl only my tongue onto the swollen nub in hopes it would remoisturize itself faster.

By neglect of her tunnel I couldn't stop milking with my finger, I did lose an ample amount of her juices. At least two vials worth. But my jaw needed its release. And my finger wouldn't stand by in conservation when it had the opportunity to be memorizing every water seeping pour inside that girl.

Not to mention the all too often 'accidental' stabs into the cap of her vaginal tubing. Oh I just couldn't get enough of being able to touch her cervix. And then her legs doubled in their efforts to pop my skull open. I couldn't understand how strong she was. But I had no time to care. Milk was flowing from her like a freshly broken coconut. Soo watery yet with that milky texture, like she herself was a pierced open fruit, draining its ovary.

As much as I wanted to bite that clitoris for hours longer, there was a broken dam that needed attending too. A fountain of soo entirely illegal youth that needed to be swallowed.

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And swallow I did. It was a substance that could bring in more money than most illegal drugs. If only I could inject it straight into my veins. My entire mouth was being engorged with it as I funneled as much down as possible. Now this was an energy drink. But only way to fast did the well dry up. The pounding in my skull throbbed pain throughout my entire head as the super powerful littlest legs collapsed to the sides of me.

Blood rushed back in blinding me for several seconds. An icy chill washed over my face as I realized my entire appendage, neck up was soaked in the sweat secreted from between the legs of a child. I pulled my head up wearily still at a loss of blood. I struggled to hold it steady while I looked back to find Gabrielle reading her paper as if she had heard nothing. Amy must have been beyond my expectations of silence.

I looked to her. She was scooting up extraordinarily awkwardly. She turned around, standing backwards on the couch with her knees, and set the pillow before her on the top of the back rest. Her face was soo flushed. With her bare butt sticking back into the air as her stretched too wide thong tried and failed in holding her knees together, Amy dropped her face into the pillow and screamed. Gabrielle immediately turned to the sight.

All she could see was me appearing as confused and innocent as possible and the top of Amy's head, screaming insanely into the accent pillow. She screamed and screamed and screamed, at the top of her lung capacity.

It lasted at least a minute and a half, where I had plenty of time to notice that another coconut seemed to have burst inside her.

Drop after drop after drop, even a drizzle or so, freefell to the couch cushion. Gabrielle just stared at Amy's scalp, most likely unsure of what to do. Anyone could tell it wasn't a scream of pain, terror, or anything possibly bad.

It was definitely a good scream, maybe one of frustration if you really had no idea of what was going on. But for a solid minute and a half, all Amy did was scream into that pillow while she littered the couch below her with little girl cum.

As quickly as she started, she stopped, holding her face into the blackness for another half minute before lifting up to face her two onlookers. She definitely looked less flushed, much less on the edge as she did when she first went down, and for the most part, much more relieved. "Feeling better?" Gabrielle asked. Amy looked to her just taking notice that she was being watched. "Yes!" she shouted back, her voice part in mock, part in sincerely meaning that indeed, she felt sooo much better.

And with the quickest flip and whip, her body flung in a half circle, slamming her bare butt into the seat. I could not honestly believe that I had just gotten away with what I did. Amy looked over to me like she was about to repay the favor in a way that would oh-so incredibly nullify that point. "I'm going to go talk to Ashley," I said before she had her chance to act.

The next step was to stand up and get past Gabrielle with the absolute largest erection I had ever sported in my life. I had never been closer to cumming without physically touching myself than I had right than.

I tried anyways and was near positive that I failed. Gabrielle looked to be pretending to read the paper again, but I could just feel her leering at me as I walked by, making like I was popping the joints in my fingers casually between my hips in attempt to cover my erection from view. I was so glad yet so embarrassed as I climbed the stairs with my back to her.

And that happiness even continued when I took a quick check of the hallway on the second story to find Natalie nowhere in sight with the Rec. Room finished cleaning. I opened the door to the girl's bedroom. Pretty fast, I regretted that as I remembered being told that only so rarely did they ever close them, leading to the assumption that when they were closed, the occupants wanted to be left alone. I saw Ashley sitting at her desk scrambling at what I assumed was her new computer.

Seconds later, she faced me. "I'm really sorry. I forgot about the door closed, privacy thing. I'll be going." "No," Ashley spoke out almost in desperation. "What did you want?" She never broke eye contact with me but I still wandered if she could notice the pulsing hard on in my pants. "Come in, please." I reluctantly walked in, shutting the door behind me. I took the cue from last time and pulled up Amy's desk chair. I couldn't help but notice that Ashley's computer screen again showed only a blank desktop.

This operating system's base appearance didn't look Microsoft or Macintosh though; it looked almost Linux, but not quite. "It's hard enough to get you to talk. I'm not about to turn you away when you actually want to." She glanced down to my legs and then back up to my face. I knew she saw it. "Amy getting to you?" "I'm really scared, and confused," I just blurted accidently. Ashley immediately scooted directly up to me.

"I mean, stuff like last night is amazing, you have no idea," "I'm pretty sure I do." "Uh, well, it's just that we can't not get caught forever. I just can't see my future here." "I've told you before; you have more power than you think." "What does that mean? You say that and Amy keeps telling me I have the power to do anything." "It takes the strongest type of person to rightfully own power. They have to make decisions and live with the consequences forever.

Other people just look to them and give them the credit, the good and the terrible. Live with what you have done and have done what your soul feels is best. It takes the most unique type of person for those two to perfectly sync.

And for the soul to not color outside the lines of best, that takes a near magical being, imaginary almost." "What?" I was soo beyond lost. "What have you done to my sister?" "What?" Now I was a little scared. "What did you do to my sister, today, just a little while ago?

Why are you so turned on after just coming from my sister?" "Uh, I, I fingered her. On the couch. I ate her out." I was quite a bit surprised by my forefront honesty, "I swallowed her cum." "Was that so hard to tell me?" "She's like nine years old." "She's thirteen." "Even still, if her body and mind were in stasis at birth for four years, that body and mind are only nine years old.

She's going into the fourth grade." My voice had its own desperation in it. It was a guilty plea. "I ate out a fourth grade girl. I drank her cum. I didn't even know they could cum." "Why are you here than?" "I don't want her." "Than what do you want?" Amy stared at me like a blank slate. I had no idea what she was thinking. The answer was so beyond obvious but she looked into my eyes like I could and was about to say anything in the world besides that one single word.

"You." Ashley's face melted from her stern, strong look into a puddle of loss. "But you moved into this house because Amy found you, chose you. You came here for Amy." "I came because I was selfish and wanted to just be closer to you." "But Amy…" "Um, Amy has been egging me on lately about something.

Something that deals with you, and me of course." "Really?" Ashley looked a bit taken back. "I want to ask you something, but please blame it all on her if I offend you. But I just wanted to see how far it all goes." "Okay." She hung on every one of my words. The question I posed was propagated so much by both of their actions toward me. I myself was still in heavy debate if the question was real or just a bluff. But I had to find out the truth, the limits to these girls' game.

"Can I have sex with you?" "Amy wanted you to ask that?" "I'm pretty sure, I think." "Yeah, you can have sex with me. Did you want to right now?" I gulped big time. And I figured out that I was indeed bluffing, at least when I thought about it. Ashley took my hand into hers and stood up. "Come on, it'll be fun." "Uh, have you done this before?" I asked greatly distracted and disappointed by her reaction. "No, but I've always wanted to. Seen it so many times in movies." I stood up with her and was dragged to her bed, the bottom bunk.

"Are you a virgin too?" she asked me. "Uh, yeah." "Cool, then it'll be all learning for us." Her shirt fell to the floor and her hands were forcing her pants down, not even bothering to unbutton or unzip. I nervously fiddled with my belt.

"Uh, I'm not going to last long just so you know. Amy pushed me to the edge already." "I don't care, just as long as you use my body to make yourself feel good." I dropped my pants as she worked on her bra, the very last piece of clothing covering her.

And there before I knew it, she, Ashley, that fifteen year old girl, was standing before me completely naked. Everything right then and there had just happened so fast. I was now looking at a completely naked teenager in front of my half nude body. And my mind was overworking itself so hard to comprehend. I wanted to try as much as I could to remember the last few seconds that got me in such an amazingly scary scene, but all I could cognitively compensate for was the very second I lived in for only each one as it passed by.

Ashley was buck naked as I was stripping myself. Ashley was buck naked. Ashley. Nothing but her perfect barest skin. Ashley! My hands froze in pulling my socks from me as I watched her bare ass climb onto the bottom mattress of the bunk bed. She twirled around and layered herself over the sheets, completely sprawling her body out.

Oh that so neatly trimmed pubic hair, freshly grown for the first time in that so young teenager's life. Her very first patch. Maybe her second, I didn't know, but she was fifteen years old, and she sported pubic hair that made her look, fifteen years old. Off my last sock went. Woosh went my shirt, and down my boxers. Ashley stared to the free hanging manhood. I stared to her small, naked, and so vulnerable shape. She was giving me her virginity, her being, just as if it were a tool, a simple toy she could donate to make somebody else feel so happy.

It was sooo very wrong, but there she was, waiting for me. My arms and legs took lead over my clambering brain and climbed on overtop her. "One question?" she asked me softly.

"Yes?" "Did you say that thing before because you really meant it, or because you thought it was the only way to have sex with me? The thing about what you want most being me." "If only you knew what I felt for you." Her face smiled so wide, so, so, so wide. "Either way, you could've had sex with me whenever you wanted, but thank you." I dipped down and positioned the head of my piping organ at the entrance of her still developing reproductive system.

Reproductive system. "Wait. You could get pregnant." "I won't." "How." "I won't. Trust me." There was no fight left in me anymore. With that, I sunk past her lawn and into my first vagina. A water park of squishy, slippery slides made of soaking trampolines, trampolines made out of springy vaginal tissue; inside the most amazing girl that I had just penetrated for the first time. I was having sex with Ashley!

A long, coy moan pushed from her throat like my penis was taking the place of that air she couldn't hold anymore. I pushed deeper and deeper into her. There was no resistance at all. Just an incredibly tight canal spreading around my penis to accommodate. An insanely amazing feeling, smooth, fluid penetration.

And then I was all the way inside her. Sunk to the very base of my shaft, the tip of my invasion pressing snuggly into the capping wall I forced up an extra two inches. Our two pubic hairs were meshed together, pressed tightly between our flaring bodies. My pubic hair was touching hers. Ashley's vaginal pubic hair was breathing my own organ's in. Because I was inside of her, vaginally penetrating her with my manhood! I loved Sex! Ashley! "How's it feel?" she asked so innocently, so childlike.

"Like I could die right now and be the happiest man alive." "Well, keep using me until you've filled me up." Her smile was unfading. Her expression was soo excessively happy.

She lifted her hands above her head, resting them on her headboard bookshelf filled with various objects I really had absolutely no interest in. Her breasts just perked up at least two inches in her raising arms. Damn her bare armpits looked so good. They made her look even more naked, even more vulnerable. And her arms high over her head… "Does it hurt?" I groaned. "It couldn't be more the opposite. Now use me.

Do to me what you came here for. Cum inside me." Her words were sinking into my pours, changing the situation fast. I wanted to make love with her, well at first, not even that, but at that moment, ever increasingly, I wanted to cum in her. I wanted to cum. I wanted release, and to watch her body take my abuse as I used her for that single mindless purpose.

I began my pumping, thrusting into her body. Sinking my five year older penis into her five year younger vagina, repeatedly. It started out slow, just memorizing the sensations of slow deep stabs into the greatest feeling of my life, but it was becoming too intoxicating to savor.

I needed that high, I needed to kill all the adrenaline flowing through my veins and I need to kill them fast. Blow them out of my body in that one single spike I so would have given my life for to experience inside of Ashley. "The mind is a very powerful thing," she exhausted her words to me. I only half listened to what she said. I didn't care for her words, but her voice was intoxicating. Man, sex was soo damn good.

Just that simple repetitive act. In and out. Ashley. Naked. Sex. Ashley! "You can accelerate physical stimulus tenfold with it." She was still struggling to talk under the fluctuations of her air canal, the bouncing of her breasts.

My eyes were glued. "Just by simple thoughts." My hands squeezed into her smoothest armpits. I was having sex. I was having sex for the first time in my life. With a fifteen year old girl. That I only knew for less than a week. On her bed. The bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Oh my goodness. Back and forth. My organ was pushing and pulling from a tight, soaking socket.

A pocket between legs. A vagina. Ashley Coyer's vagina.

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"Like the anticipation of you about to force me into making out with you even though your mouth is still coated in my little sister's cum." I was close. Her words were drowning in a pool of a million stimulants. The penetration of her.

Seeing her naked body. Seeing her body being penetrated by me. Feeling her triceps and armpits in my fingers, running my thumbs down to the sides of her breasts. Watching myself feel her. But drowning they were, like an iceberg drifting in open water, I still did picked up ten percent.

Hearing her tell me that I was going to kiss her, kiss her while my mouth was still glazed in her own little sister's vaginal lubrication. Her belly pounded up and down breathing so, so rapidly.

Her breasts, just damn, did they look beyond amazing. But her face, watching her face, as beautiful as it was in the most normal circumstances, it was a Godsend right than; seeing her feel like me.

Counting the emotions on it. Knowing that like me, but with her impossibly gorgeous face, she was feeling a runaway sensation deep inside her lower body, a numbing spike of pleasure wanting to detonate in a hurricane like wave of ecstasy. It was coming. The buildup was nearing fast. I wasn't about to back down, I was at the brink of the greatest feeling of my life. The orgasm that I lost my virginity to. My virginity, her virginity; my cum, her womb. Ashley's womb! I lost it.

Ashley's eyes bugged out from her head in what must have been feeling waves of warmth fill her insides. Then the entire tunnel I occupied completely flooded itself with liquid, and not mine.

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My vision faded out of focus. I was in the height of easily the most powerful and long awaited, orgasm of my life. My head jerked to the left as it felt like a bee stung me in the right of my neck. It was a sharp pain that lasted only a second. But nothing was about to ruin the fact that I was cumming inside the vagina of a high schooler, just out of freshman year.

Oh how I was liking this power thing these girls presented to me. Cumming inside Ashley Coyer. The pulsing jets of semen wasted no time in expending everything I had as fast as possible before soon slowing their insemination.

Every square millimeter of space was filled inside the girl's canal. My penis wrapped in her warmest, softest, crying tissues, and millions of sperm forcing their way into any micro-fissure available.

The oozing settled in, pressurizing her chamber even more so, squeezing some of our love out her spread and swollen lips into our wettening pubic hairs. My eyesight began to refocus.

Those pert, panting breasts below me were only going to be the prelude to the face I so wanted to see right then. I traveled up her chest, neck, and chin. And there it was. I met a face filled with emotion; lots of them. But the two dominant ones were fear and betrayal. However betrayal on her part, not mine. That was when I noticed her left arm moving back down to her headboard's bookshelf. Inside her fingers looked like a small crystal cylinder, empty, with a single piercing needle inside, topped with a single shining drop of blood.

My neck. "What did you do?" I choked with a hoarse voice. "Stage three." My vision again began fading. So went my mind. But they didn't slow and reverse as before with my high, they went faster, and faster, until I felt myself falling and couldn't remember what happened next.

--- I woke up to an artificially lit room. The sun was down. Amy was on top of me for whatever reason as well. I on my back, still on Ashley's bed. I couldn't tell if I was still naked from the slight numbness that filled my body, but with the lack of shame the two girls seemed to have, I had to guess I was. My eyes rolled in a full circle before I regained their control and focused my vision on Amy's sleeping face.

Dry tears distorted her so perfect little girl skin. She seemed to be still wearing the same provocative outfit as from what I assumed to be that morning. My own self indeed appeared naked enough underneath her. My head fell to the side landing on an Ashley scented pillow. And I saw her, sitting at her computer facing away from me looking to have been currently wearing the shirt I had on before I gave myself to her.

Without even glancing back, she spoke to me knowing I was awake. "We had some complications so I had to numb your immune system from fighting back." Her chair turned and she wheeled herself over to me.

She was wearing my boxers as well. "Only thing left in construction should be your new primary muscles. Amy, wake up." She pushed at her little sister. Amy stirred, regaining reality. "Scoot back." The little girl half consciously obeyed, pushing herself down my slightly propped up chest. And then she popped awake unexpectedly. I myself had to strongly question what just happened as I couldn't feel too much past the numbness, but if I was right, I just poked into a very small hole between Amy's legs with my quite attentive manhood.

It wasn't fast, and it wasn't really over with by any means. I wasn't in any state of somewhat guessing what indeed was happening until at least half way through. Slowly, like a single droplet of water rolling down a slightly askew surface, I sunk into her body.

A constant steady speed that oddly enough seemed like neither our bodies were forcing. Amy was just free sliding her weight down the sweat of my faintly propped up torso, onto the impaling pipe. She didn't look at me either. Her face just slid down my chest scrunching up under the pressure. Slow and steady. And then she stopped. I bottomed out. More than that, it meant that I was all the way inside her body.

I was fully penetrating a fourth grader, not even quite that old yet. Amy didn't dare make eye contact with me. She sat impaled on me with her eyes squinting closed under her furrowed forehead that I made out just past her hairline. It was as if she thought that if she looked at me, I would order her off.

I honestly didn't know what I would do, what I should do. Ashley didn't even seem to notice as she took my closest arm into her hands. That quickly took my mind off the little girl interlocking me. My arm was soo distorted past normal. The muscles in it were three times the size they were that morning, never mind I didn't have much there to begin with.

Amy's head slid up onto its face. Her nose and mouth smeared into my perspirating body and inhaled sharply. Ashley, holding my elbow in one hand, used her other and bent my palm backwards at the wrist.

Sharp pain stung into those new, large, tensing muscles. "How does this feel, besides the pain?" she asked. "Like someone's poking me, right there," I pointed with my eyes to a small indention on the side of my arm, just north of my elbow where there looked to be the joining of at least two tendons.

"Okay, good." Amy had just begun some massive pelvic wide workout on top of me. It seemed that all her muscles were moving, rolling, and milking my organ, all while her body didn't move an inch. I couldn't figure out what she was doing, why she was doing it, or how on Earth she was doing it.

But my goodness, beyond the numbness, it felt impossibly amazing. What made it more erotic was that I could feel her face rolling in scrunches as she seemed to be syncing with her pelvis. Ashley was busy examining my arm. I lifted my other one painfully out of its dead position on the mattress. I hulled it as far as I could over my body before it became too excruciating and let it down to rest on top of Amy's scalp. In response to that, I felt every muscle wrapped around my desensitized organ squeeze as hard as possible.

And damn was it hard. She was locking me in with no less force or consistency of a closing safe. I had no intention of pulling her off me, but with her new stance, even if I wanted to, the only way to remove her would be to rip the penis right off my body. The breathing into my upper abs became rapid and hard as she kept squeezing almost harder and harder.

The blood vessels inside her littlest vagina seemed to take over the job of her steel muscles as I could actually near feel them pumping their fluid over the numbing of my organ. And then I put the scene to her symptoms. Everything fit in place if she was doing that one thing I could think of. Well, besides the massive size and ultimate control of her reproductive muscles.

She was taking a dump. Right there. Ashley set my right hand down and took the left from her sister's scalp. Amy never released. She kept holding, like she was forcing the most stubborn foot long log from her back end. If my entire body, including my sex organ wasn't already under semi-sedative, her lock jawed vagina would have probably been causing me pain; but as it was, it was only fighting past the numb feeling to amplify the few sensations I could feel.

The blood vessels pulsing her little girl blood throughout herself and encapsulating my manhood were teasing my physical being the extra mile my mental one needed for release into such an oh-so entirely illegal and young girl's littlest womb.

But what surprised that sperm out of me was her letting go. Just like nothing, the rock hard walls vising me into that girl hole between her legs, melted into a soaking sponge of overstretched child molested vagina. A heavy warm, wet object seemed to have coiled right then over my testicles.

Did she just shit on me? And if so, why in the world did I just have the reaction I thought I did? I couldn't necessarily experience it past the shock and lack of feeling I had, but from a sudden memorable relief, I think I cummed in her. That's all I could do. As new blood rushed into my member and old, distilling left, I wasn't absolutely sure, but I really had a strong hunch that I was currently cumming into the body of that nine year oldish girl.

It lasted for at least thirty seconds, that feeling of flow through the length of my impaling male sex, but it was all so impossible to tell what was really happening. Amy gave me mixed cues to go on as she was breathing and reacting so much like she was currently having her underdeveloped womb filled with millions of fertile sperm from a twenty year old near stranger; but again, it could also have just as easily been from the massive relief she was feeling after over a minute and a half of maxing out the entire muscular system in her midsection in attempt to assumingly take a dump between my legs.


It was a little after the time my own wave of sensations down there stopped that Amy's breathing dramatically slowed as well. She opened her mouth and bit into my abs, trying to draw up some of the taut skin, but was unsuccessful.

Then she pushed up with her right side stabilizing her weight onto her left leg, flipped her body from the chest down, that barely hanging baby fat chest, and swung toward my knees and out of the bunk bed. All while she answered the prominent question on my mind. Cum was spilling out of the fissure between her legs. Oh that sweet pantiless sight I caught under the fanning of that skirt she wore.

A line coated me, swinging an arch around and over my legs, to off the bed where she stood up and walked to her dresser. Ashley couldn't help but watch the show as well. The little girl was stringing a stripe of my semen across the room all over their carpet.

She opened the top drawer and pulled out a clean pair of actually age appropriate underwear and did a slow gallop into the leg holes before sliding them up to shut a barrier over her leak.

In a quick and apparently sexiness check of herself, her skirt pulled up under her fingers and she eyed a three-sixty view of herself below. Although a half second peak out of the corner of her eye did make me question who exactly the view was for. I simply smiled to myself that she chose only than to wear a pair of panties that covered slightly more than half her butt cheeks, easily the most conservative I'd ever seen her wear.

I looked back to Ashley as she bent the wrist back on the new arm in her hands. "How does this one feel?" "The finger poking again." "See, look how clean they are," Amy said from down by my knees, pulling up and unscrunching a wet pair of pure white panties. The same pair I had poked into her butthole that very morning. I also noticed, seeing her eyes, that it was the first time she looked at me that night.

Not once during her assumed consensual sex with me did her vision come across my face. She seemed to have notice this thought going through my mind and simply replied with a mischievous grin.

I shifted my own vision back to Ashley who was then looking at me like she was ready to take questions. I honestly didn't have any.

What in the world could I possibly ask? I mean I certainly did have questions, millions of them, but they were all jumbled together so badly like a very long string crumbled into a fist. It was impossible to untangle them all, to word even one sentence. "When the time comes, you'll know what to do," Ashley consoled. "But right now, you have no more use being awake, and it'll go much faster asleep." I looked down only fast enough to catch sight of what just stung me in the side of my belly.

A very small syringe with an oversized needle. --- I woke again at what appeared to be dawn. Ashley was to my left sleeping with one arm over me, and symmetrically, Amy's body laid to my right.

My penis was aching in how hard it was. My entire body felt just as firm. I felt strong. I felt Good! Awake! I rotated to my side attempting to get out from the girls' grip without waking them up. Halfway out of the bed though and overtop Ashley, Amy reached up and grabbed me. "Where you going?" I was completely naked and had been passed out in their captivity for an entire day. Both the girls lying so soundly in bed were wearing clothes and acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Ashley even had found it comfortable enough to be wearing my clothes, my boxers and my shirt. I stared back to Amy. My first instinct should have been to run and tell somebody, go to a hospital, find help. But for the strangest reason, I felt disconnected from the world. Like it was below me. Like it wouldn't matter soon enough. Turning my face from the child, I finished climbing off the bed, ignoring her. I walked nakedly from the bedroom and to the bathroom.

If I ever needed a shower, that was the time. The glass door opened to my gentlest touch and closed almost too hard. I turned the water on which was warm near instantly. And I wallowed in the steaming rain for minutes on end. It felt so good.

The hot clear liquid, filtered H2O, falling down my face, my scalp, my shoulders, back, chest. Through the overnight defined grooves of my abs, matting down my pubic hair and hosing from between my testicles over my sagging scrotum. My manhood stood in full attention, straining like the rest of my body to rip out of its too tight skin. I stood there basking in that one spot, for minutes and minutes, as steam plumed from above the glass wall of the shower into the rest of the bathroom. The door to my secluded tropical storm opened briefly letting in a draft of cool air.

Quickly enough it was shut out again.

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"So warm in here," Amy's voice shivered under the drastic change of temperature. "Ashley said you'd have some adjusting side effects. Pent up energies that needed to get out." I turned around putting my back to the waterfall of hot water and looked down to that littlest girl.

Her eyes traveled from my throbbing organ up past my hardened chest, to my face. "Are you my owner?" I asked her. "Um, not really. Who said that?" "Ashley said that you found me. That I was yours, not hers." "Well, you are mine, but I don't own you. We just can't exist without each other. Ashley's just a tamer, to raise me, and keep me under control. She's not necessarily needed per sey." "And I can do anything I want?" "Yep," she said with such a happy, cute smile.

"Then I guess there's no need to explain myself." "Never," she answered; except I wasn't asking a question. "Turn around, put your hands on the wall; and don't scream." Amy's face contorted between excitement and fear. But she quickly obeyed. Her body flung into a half circle as her palms pressed into the wall. She poked her rear into the air out towards me probably in hope that she had guessed right what I had in mind.

But from the angle she positioned her littlest baby smooth vagina right straight on for entry, I was sure she deduced wrong. My fingers on one hand gripped her bony hips and I lined my manhood up with the other tiniest hole she sported that tried hiding between those smallest butt cheeks. She inhaled a sigh of anxiety as she felt the massive mushroomed head of my organ poking at the closed shut barrier of her sphincter.

"Please go slow," she cringed. At her words, I drooled her child friendly, no tears conditioner all over the length of my penis, running it up her butt crack and squeezing the entire remnant of that half full bottle all over her naked back. Half her body glistened in the lubricant. I dropped the bottle back where I found it, took my second hand's grip, and slammed myself into her rectum with all the force of my new muscles. Amy's vocal system screamed moans into her teeth as she really, really tried her hardest not to make noise.

I ripped into her body giving her no chance for accommodation. I pulled from her no slower than I entered and pounded back into her.

Her legs began quivering under her own body weight. She was only a child; not even half my age of two years from high school. An elementary schooler. I repeated my thrusting into her bowels with no regard. I ripped through her bludgeoned hole multiple times. She was beyond insanely tight. Her shaking muscles involuntarily squeezed in attempt to force me out but I didn't leave, I only burned her dry, discounting her quaking strength.

Haphazardly, I quickly smeared another glob of her conditioner from the top of her butt cheeks down in between. Before long, the littlest girl's legs gave way and she collapsed to the ground trembling wildly, slipping herself to freedom.

My organ slurped quickly out of her and smacked up to my belly. "It hurts," she sobbed on the floor, curling up into a ball. Her face was blood red. Leaning down, I pulled my fingers underneath her armpits, lifted her out of the fetal position, and up into the air.

I draped her back over the front of my body and looked down her curveless form to the slit that ran up slightly above where her legs began. Like a leaking pipe, every so often, a tiny squirt of liquid splashed out of that crack.

Taking her entire weight into my one hugging arm under her shoulders, my other hand reached down to catch the next two squeaks of water.

I looked to her crying face rubbing the slightly creamy consistency between my fingers. "You would too if you were in my position," Amy defended embarrassingly. I wiped her cum up her belly and slammed her to the shower wall. The thud her ragdoll body made almost dehumanized her existence, making her body out to near be a sex toy I could do anything I so masochistically wanted.

My free hand slid down her lube soaked back and through her butt crack. Two of my fingers coiled into her butt hole, stretching in as far as possible and spread her conditioner all over inside her colon. Damn, to be groping the insides a nine year old's shimmeringly clean ass with my two longest fingers. To be lubricating inside her rectum, feeling her; how tiny she really was, and how with so little muscle on my part.

I slurped myself out reluctantly and quickly replaced the awkwardly positioned fingers with my thumb, where I squeezed and prodded as hard as I could, feeling as much as the girl as possible. Vacillating tears rolled from her eyes under the intense pressure.

Her face pulsed in scrunches as her eyelids quivered. She was biting her jaw down hard to keep from making the noises I could see all too well she needed to be making in such a dire situation.

But how could I care? How could I sympathize with the girl I was thumbing? Near holding her entire body weight up with a single two and a half inch long, jointed pole impaling her anus.

I forced it up her extra hard to bounce her into a better grip with my other arm. My thumb slipped out and I took a better hold of her with both my hands. My pelvis pushed into her butt and I ran the tip of my penis down her crack, stopping when it fell into the gaping indention it made earlier. And in a half drop of her, and a full thrust up of me, I bore into her intestines, smearing her childlike butt cheeks apart for maximum penetration.

Amy moaned in pain. Her legs wriggled about under her floating, quaking body. My weight drove forward and I pressed the back of my muscular arm into her shoulder blades. She was vised between me and the shower wall, squeezed soo tightly that her entire mass hovered a foot over the ground. I continued stabbing into her behind, slamming her chest harder into the never opening gap between the tile.

Every thrust met with her knees kicking out and her heals flailing about. Her vocal tract was stuttering moans. She was beyond tears; like in a cold rain, all alone with no hope, she just quivered almost in coughs of saliva, crying past the pain. I was almost there though. Almost about to reach my sexual high inside her seemingly half dead body. My steam soaked balls smacked with every entrance against her tightly close and so lonely grade school vagina.

Patting her lips into puffy, ready and willing, pink water balloons of little girl flesh. But it was only an empty tease. My face was on her scalp, inhaling her as she cried under me, thrusting up and down. Her bare tiny armpit squeezed on top of my hand under it, between my thumb and index finger, as I held her up. I was anally forcing myself into that nine year old girl. She was sooo, sooo very tight but now she was gapping, fiery hot in accommodating my fully grown manhood and using her no tears hair conditioner.

I could feel the head of my penis poking past her colon and squeezing through her large intestine. That's when I lost it. My own legs gave under both our weights as I unleashed torrents of my seed into the end of her digestive system. I fell back and thankfully cushioned our landing, before more slowly drifting my back onto the floor with Amy on top of me.

My sperm flooding her bowels with massively powerful shots. The rain of hot water poured over Amy's reddened chest and belly. Her entire body quaked and shook violently. It was almost seizure like; the pain she looked like she was enduring was almost unbearable to watch. It was like there was no end to it and there was nothing that could be done to ease it.

And I was filling her rectum with semen, boiling waves of my semen. Coming from my high but still pooling my potential children into her rear end, I couldn't keep watching so much pain and discomfort fill such a little body. I immediately hugged her as securely as I could into my arms and rolled onto my side with her, curling her into me.

I squeezed her convulsing figure until it had no room to convulse. My still impaling pike finally slowed to a drizzle. I just kept pulling her into my chest as hard as I could. I felt so bad for her. I caused her that much pain. Damn it looked beyond insufferable. An agonizing pain that had no cure. Over the next ten minutes, my penis shrunk from her backside and her newly devirginized hole seemed to have quickly swelled shut.

At least from the always present pressure paid to my organ up to the final parting from her butt hole. I didn't know how to perceive that really; how she just so easily closed back up like that.

Was I really not that hard on her, or was she just beyond humanly fresh; so small and elastic that she could just close back up after something well over an inch in diameter just boared through with zero mercy, for continuous minutes on in?

Her entire body too slowly began calming down, but seemed still full of a restless pain that ached if she moved in the slightest but also burned if she didn't. "Are you okay?" I whispered to her concerned. "Y-ye-ye, ye-s," she whimpered uncontrollably. "I just wanted to see how far 'an-ny thing' could go." "Y-y-ya-y-you c-c-c-ca-ccn d-d-o th-th-th-hat an-anytym-time y-y-yuouou wawawant, b-b-u-but itt-t r-r-r-ree-al-ly, h-hur-rts aa-a-a lot." "I'm soo sorry.

I never meant to hurt you." "I-I-I st-s-sti-till c-c-ummed th-though. F-f-fee-feel." My hand obeyed her crying and my fingers dipped between her legs. Even with the rain of hot steamy water, the distinctive boiling, watered down, almost syrupy liquid coated the crack between her lips.

My index finger couldn't help but delve a little deeper, running the length of the entire crack one knuckle deep. "I-I I l-l-lu-love y-you." "Shhh," I consoled. "Thirteen is too young to be making those accusations." We laid another ten minutes under the downpour of water. Both our skins were becoming pruny, but Amy seemed to be accelerating her muscle regeneration as we held position.

Her breathing became more steady and her twitching stopped. I didn't really know whether to attribute it to time, the sauna-like conditions, my firm spooning embrace, or the fact that I found it impossible to stop scooping that one knuckle back and forth inside her tiniest little vaginal slit.

My own respective organ had regrown to an almost fully erect state but I left it as was taking its new stance squeezing itself between her legs, under her butt. The bathroom door opened then and someone walked in.

Whoever it was, the distorted and fogged glass didn't stop all light; they would be able to easily see that whoever was in the shower was lying on the floor.

With my unfortunate correctness, the shower door opened and the water was turned off. "What's going on? Are you two okay?" Oh my ***, it was Natalie! "Uh, yeah," I quickly replied. I pulled back off of Amy and fumbled around in attempting to stand up. Reaching full stature, I stood facing the woman in all my glory, with a near fully erect sex. "What's going on here?" "Natalie, look what Popscotch did to me," Amy said not even looking back, but sure enough in a revived, upbeat voice.

Natalie looked down to the little girl curled into a ball on the shower floor. And with the too clearly distinct movement from her hips, both the woman and I knew that Amy was making to take a shit.

Even still though, both our eyes glued to the swollen, puckering sphincter between her spreading butt cheeks. The most relieving hour of my life would have been if that little girl actually took a shit right there on the shower floor in front of me and Natalie, but that is so unfortunately not what came out.

My heart stopped cold when in pulsing pushes, shot glass filling quantities of my cum poured from her butt hole. Oh my goodness I thought it would never end. I thought my heart would never start beating again. That first wave of semen most literally splashing from her rear end was just simply so much. But she wasn't done. Another shove proved an almost equal amount of sperm, gushing out of her and down her cheek. And then another. It didn't make matters any better that a certain organ on my body found that sight to be the most erotic thing it had ever seen and grow nearly past the limits of its encased skin.

Eventually, but way not early enough, the torrents of cum spilling out of her slowed to a trickling, stringing semen down her baby soft most childish butt cheek. I quickly looked to Natalie. Even though I really, really, really didn't want to see her face right then, I figured her seeing mine looking to her would be maybe a little tiny bit better than her seeing me staring to the cum dripping grade-schooler's butthole.

"She said I could?" Natalie inhaled deeply. She appeared ready to explode. Oh how I wished I never took the invitation to live there. "Natalie, why are in our bathroom?" Ashley had just walked in. I honestly didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse. I honestly didn't know anything anymore. I was so far beyond confused about everything in my life right then. "I came to get the clothes hamper," she said as coolly as a taunted lion could, "and found these two lying on the shower floor.

Take a look for yourself what your guest as done to your little sister." Amy seemingly interested in the new events stretched out and rolled onto her back, looking up at all of us. Her chest was still scorched red from the beating she took against the shower wall. Her face looked like a child minutes after being calmed down from finding out both her loving parents had died and she would be put in an orphanage. "I am calling the-" "Who!?" Ashley pounced.

"Who are you calling? Because you have yet to ask him what kind of pizza he likes, so obviously not the pizzeria. He is not a guest of mine. He is a paying customer of yours. A customer included into a party of three. He leaves, everyone leaves. Everything leaves. Who are you going to call?

I do hope it's not someone that would violate the terms to our living arrangements. Surely I would think that after four years of living with you, we would have proved our responsibility, our ability to take care of ourselves." There was a deafening silence that seemed to last for minutes.

I had no cognitive sense of time though. There was no clear indicator of the length that passed before Natalie spoke again except maybe that my erectness seemed to have died down half way. "I'm sorry. You have proved beyond a doubt your unnatural accountability." "Maybe not a boy at the time, but I'm sure even you at the age of thirteen wouldn't have minded someone giving you a little more than appropriate attention." Ashley seemed almost to be deescalating the situation.

"I'm sorry." Natalie looked to have been taking in her bait and calming down after the humiliation. "You, come. I've got to check one last thing," Ashley waved at me to follow. I turned out of the shower enclosure and around Natalie before stopping. "Chicken, tomatoes, and onions," I said. A small movement from Amy dragged my eyes to her face. She grinned so mischievously. "What?" Natalie replied. "That's what I like on my pizza. Not being mean or anything, I'm just starving.

You wouldn't believe the night I had yesterday." "Well, if it had anything to do with Ashley walking around the house in your underwear and shirt, I don't want to know it." "She stole those from me. I had nothing to do with that." "Come on," Ashley griped as I tried defending myself. I turned away and followed. "Natalie, can you help me up?" Amy asked as I left the bathroom grabbing a towel. --- Sitting down on Amy's computer chair, I scooted towards Ashley.

"With the amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals I pumped into you while you slept, there's no way you should need food." "But you brought up pizza, how could I say no?" Ashley looked into my eyes. "How are you feeling?" "Good." "No, how are you feeling?" "Good." "More detail please." "Good.

Better than I ever have. Powerful." "I haven't seen the aftershock of so much physical pain on my sister in quite some time. Indeed you must be feeling powerful to treat her little body like a mere toy with no nervous system." "I didn't mean to hurt her.

I lost control." "You can do whatever you want. Throw her body across the room, break her bones, suffocate her with whichever body part you please. As you can do the same with me; it is your privilege, your right. But there are other ways. Ways where you can gain pleasure more abundantly and more productively than beating two young girls until they can no longer move while you defile them." "What did you do to me?" I changed the subject.

"You already know." "You give me more credit than I'm worth." "I give nothing of worth to the one I serve." "Who do you serve?" "You already know." "Are we done here?" I gave up annoyed. "If you feel as you say you do, then yes." "I'm going to watch TV than, until my pizza arrives." "Okay." I stood up and looked down to Ashley. "If you're so apt to do what I say, then please change out of my clothes." "Sorry." I walked past her and left the room.

In my own room, my clothes went on and I was out. It wasn't until halfway down the stairs that I was able to regain a semi-normal breathing structure. I was so damn confused.

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Ashley was beyond amazing and I wished I could spend every second of every day with her, even more so when she was wearing my boxers. But what she did to me and what I was feeling sent titanic shockwaves through my mind like nothing I had ever experienced. My mind and body alike were being forced steady by my strength to battle full on convulsions. What I did to Amy in the shower was so, sooo much a relief for both of them, mostly my body though.

But Ashley. Right in that tiniest time span I spent sitting directly next to her in that most strange and girly bedroom… It was all building back up, and fast. I would never want to treat Ashley like that, and definitely never Amy again.

They offered it to me so freely but in the aftermath, it was almost unbearable. What was really scaring me too was that it was only 'almost unbearable.' Ashley said that there was more productive ways; ways to feel even more relief.

How much more? I plopped down into the couch and turned the television on. I was really hoping it would take my mind off things. That all lasted about fifteen minutes before I heard Amy chatting up a storm coming while down the stairs. Traveling around the couch, into my sight, I found her to be hugging and latching on to Natalie's chest.

"On the couch?" Natalie asked. "No, on his lap. He owes me a butt massage." I looked up to Amy who actually appeared to be wearing her most normal clothes since I first saw her in the park. Simply, just a pair of tight, but not skin tight, khakis, with a same in not so tight, khaki colored t-shirt.

Natalie picked her up off her chest by the armpits and spun her around to sit on top of me. The little girl most quickly reattached herself to from the woman, to me. "I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything." "Okay!" Amy stared at me while Natalie left. "Will you touch my butt?" I looked back. "Rub it, press your fingers all over it; get an erection between my legs while you grope me. I pwomise I won't tell any adults. It'll be just between me and you." Amy batted her big childish eyes at me while she wriggled in my lap.

Her face dropped to my neck and her mouth opened, licking and sucking at my skin. She whispered up to my ear. "I won't say anything if your hands move too far down between my legs. I understand about boys. It makes me tingly too." Her breathing was picking up. Amy was taking everything I called her as and turning it against me. She knew too well I saw her as a nine year old girl, and it appeared she had done some research as to what a normal nine year old girl says and does, then completely inversed that.

The worst part of it was, that it worked. Those two conflicting points were beyond a stimulant. My hands instinctively wrapped around her sprawling butt cheeks.

Underneath that so tensed khaki material was the cutest little rear, to the cutest little girl sucking my neck and asking to be molested - because it turned her on. My massaging began, groping and feeling up her little buns, every square inch. And what I found most amusing was that once I established a rhythm to pulling my palms up her cheeks before then squeezing them down to my fingers below, Amy licked herself off my neck dropping the seduction act, and simply rested her face on my shoulder.

Her breathing slowed to that of someone being soothed, her tensing hinde end pumped into relaxation, and she was acting A Lot more like a nine year old girl. I continued massaging her for the rest of the current television show and half the next. Well, to her it was massaging, but to me, her initiation never left my mind. I was feeling up a little girl's rear in my head.

She seemed inside almost a meditative trance when my fingers took her up on another offer she gave to me. My right finger tips slowly transferred themselves from the bulge of her cheek, to the smaller one of the pair of her lips. Darkness overcame me as I closed my eyes, taking in with more detail, the touch of her littlest fatty vagina behind a pair of panties and khaki pants.

The sponginess of the area pressed in under the gentlest force. I could hear Amy's meditative trance slipping into something more resembling a fantasizing trance as her breathing began shifting. "Having fun rubbing my little sister's vagina?" Ashley whispered into my ear.

"Size matters for girls too," I whispered back. "So you do like the vag. of nine year olds?" "She's thirteen." "Am I too loose for you?" "I don't quite remember. I'll give you another try if you promise not to stab me again." Ashley's teeth began lightly gripping the back of my right ear.

"I promise from that now on, you'll be doing all the stabbing." She finished with a gentle chomp and her head left my side. Quickly enough, I was greeted by her as she rolled from the backrest of the couch behind me and with a plop onto the two cushions to my left. She left her knees bent in the air keeping room to not rest her feet on her sister and I.

At least that's what I thought. Reanalysis of the situation very fast came into play at the soft sounds of a thudded poop and then a line of zzzzzzzip. And I was confirmed my lottery winnings as I watched with my own eyes, Ashley's jeans and panties sliding up her legs to her knees. The half assed boner I sported up to then immediately kicked into action. Her pants and underwear slid down her calves where she poked them off with her perfectly white socks. I sat there in shock, staring between her slightly ajar legs down to her flawlessly trimmed fifteen year old garden.

A shimmer of the creek below the grass glistened under the living room lighting. Her knees pulled back closer to her chest, tugging her butt cheeks taut and accenting the valley below her meadow so, sooo well. Natalie turned the page in her newspaper. Ashley stared at me between her barest lengthy adolescent legs. My fingers traced up from the bottom of Amy's butt over the crease roofing her crack below, and lifted to her lower back. "Amy, go play a game, okay." "Alright," she sighed.

As the small girl rolled off me onto the floor, I heard Gabrielle coming down the stairs behind me. "Gabrielle, wanna play a game with me!?" "By yourself," I whispered half loudly down to her. "Not right now, gotta talk with Natalie." "Okay!" My hands were already undoing my belt hearing Gabrielle walking into the kitchen. I flipped it out of the loop, pulled it from the buckle, pop went my button, down with the zipper,… Faster and faster I worked.

I couldn't wait. Ashley. It was Ashley. Bounce up and swoooop. My pants and boxer were at the floor next to Amy as she put a game into the 360. My socks, gone. Shirt, well no way in hell my chest wasn't going to make contact with hers. Ashley. The beating of my heart was beyond even the intensity of that very morning in the shower.

I pivoted over toward her, between her legs as she stretched them out at me. Behind the back wall of the couch, I slipped my shirt from me. I was buck naked right there in the living room, twenty feet from both Natalie and Gabrielle. The girls said I had power. Could I actually not get caught having sex with Ashley right there?

My fingers were already under her shirt as my thumb hooked and lifted the fabric from her body. I dipped my fingertips down and with luck, slipped under the sides of her bra. No force lost on my end, Ashley squinted and then poofed a grunt as the tight cloth popped from her two breasts. But man what a smile I saw while I strung those two clothing items from her arm onto the floor. Amy was surrounded by our clothes as she started a race on the obnoxiously giant television.

The too real sounds of cars all around us roared but only under half the volume. And Ashley and I, we were both completely naked, from toe to scalp, bearing all, my manhood and her maidenhood, her most succulent breasts, right there on the couch.

Natalie and Gabrielle one wall less room away not knowing a single thing that was taking place. As my body touched, just touched, half hovering, half laying atop Ashley, I quivered. I lowered my face so close to hers. I couldn't get off that one most simple fact. Our two completely nude bodies were fully touching each others. "I love you." "No you don't," she almost cried back.

"Feel me." The muscles all throughout my body had been beyond tense. How couldn't they be in that position? But I knew I had to do something about it. I knew I could. If I just knew how. I stared to her confused and scared face looking back at me. Her coy fingers slowly made contact with the sides of my body. I had to show her. I had to show Ashley. Ashley. That girl I was on top of. That face. Ashley. Release. My mouth dropped to hers and I forced her jaw open just slightly. I bit into her lips with my own.

And I released. Her eyes went indescribably wide. I could feel her body shaking. It wasn't a bad shaking. She was having the most intensely insane orgasm of her life. It was as if I could feel what she was feeling, but only through her I actually wasn't experiencing it myself. But it was amazing. I bit harder into her lips, my lips biting hers. Never hard enough. I wanted to be one with her.

My ball sack began feeling particularly wet. After a quick thought, I realized that it was resting right over her slit. The soft cushion of her adolescent pubic hair was quickly becoming a slick matted down runoff. My mind ran up both our bodies from that point to where I also took notice of two pins stabbing me in my chest.

Her nipples. Ashley's nipples. As I thought her name Ashley it was as if another wave of energy pumped from me into her. Beyond her. Even as I heard Amy's voice facing us. "Wooah! That's intense." Every hair on my skin stood at end. I was covered in goose bumps.

Ashley was covered in goose bumps. Her arms were so roughened by them as I slid my grip up and down to feel her out. But it was Ashley.


Those where her small arms… under me. Naked. Another pulse. Ashley's eyes were in the back of her head. She looked as if going through manic seizures but her skeleton and muscles couldn't get any stiffer, keep any more still. She was soo wet, but only between her legs; soaking, leaking like a drizzling faucet. Her entire body though couldn't have been drier.

Covered in brail, her skin had no temperature. Perhaps it was the exact same as mine. I was as cold as my body's movement suggested, frozen solid. Ashley. I bit my lips into hers as hard as I could, just below the breaking point for our skins. I was lost. I was going to go. Right there. Right then. If there was one distinct difference between Ashley and I right then, it was that she seemed to not be breathing, as I felt like my rapid explosions of inhales and exhales were never enough.

My hands pushed down. My elbows pivoted in. I rose off the appearingly dead girl. And right then and there, without ever moving a single inch before lifting, in that one biting kiss, I was pushed to ecstasy. Never even having entered her body, my seemingly refrigerated male reproductive organ, shot its first half foot line of sperm way over Ashley, landing at least four feet out onto the carpet.

The next explosion grazed her hair slightly off center and splashed into the lamp on the side table by the couch. Six more powerful shots coated the fifteen year old's chest after one last arching slice across her face. Several more quakes of cum almost painfully unloaded from me creating a small pond on her sucked in belly. And then the oozing. So much oozing. From where my semen poured just north of her wet catlike fur, it looked like a glacier of cum flash melting and sending a river of its liquid contents down the slope and into that pond.

I watched breathless as she overflowed, spilling millions of my potential children off the side of her belly and onto the couch cushion. Suddenly Ashley drew in her breath, dipping her stomach in even more and repooling the escaping primordial puddle. But just as she inhaled, a second later, she exhaled. Her belly went up and half the lake of cum she carried poured around her onto the couch. My eyes quickly traveled up the streams of glimmering semen though, over her breasts, up her neck, and to her face.

She stared blankly at the ceiling as if coming from a coma, coming from an alternate reality, one where she was being flogged to near death by orgasm.

And then I heard a woman clear her throat above me. I didn't care at that point. I had Ashley. I just gave her the happiest time of her life. My life was complete. I pulled my body back and bore it all. Standing up straight on my knees, I revealed to any onlookers my entire front-side as well as all of Ashley, as covered in my cum as she was. I noticed that her skin was beginning to shine a second before I myself started feeling a massive heat wave wash over my entire body.

All I could do though was hold my posture and display the scene to Natalie and Gabrielle. Amy too looked on with interest under the silence of her game between races. Ashley seemed just then to only be regaining some of her cognitive functions. She appeared able to move her eyes and head around, but not quite up there with talking. "I think you're gonna need to have the couch cleaned," Amy breathed in disbelief.

Natalie and Gabrielle just stared speechless. Ashley soon enough looked to have gotten her voice back so I spoke up. "I love you that much, and that much every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

And I'll never stop." Tears welled up so fast in Ashley's eyes. "No. You're not supposed to. It's supposed to be you and Amy. Amy gave you everything you have now. She's your carrier. She's your other. I'm just her bodyguard, her guardian. My only purpose is to make sure you two are together and safe." "Ashhhleeyyyy." Amy drooled, "I don't want all that flashy stuff you and him just did. Besides, I never looked to you as my sub-sub-suuu-" "Subbordinate," Ashley said for her.

"Yeah. It's only fun if you're bigger than me. I don't want respon-respons-sabil-ity. You can love him back, and I'll just play with him whenever I want." "Whenever he wants," her sister corrected. "Seeee, and he wants you, so by contract, you have to accept." Ashley looked to my eyes. Tears still leaking.

"No matter who you are, or what she is," I motioned to Amy, "I'm not going to stop loving you. And as far as your size goes, to be honest, I couldn't even feel myself go in." Ashley smiled past her wet face. She glanced down her cum soaked chest and belly, then looked back to me. "Don't feel too smug premature ejaculator, you didn't go in… yet." Amy pushed her body forward and reached out taking a hold of my still painfully hard sex organ.

She pulled it down, dragging my weight with her and poked the head into the entrance slit of her older sister. "It goes in this hole. Not the other one. Remember that one, okay?" I looked down to Amy.

In my peripheral vision, Ashley had the biggest smile. "Thank you," I sarcastically responded. "I love you too." My vision scanned almost immediately back to Ashley's face. "I mean I think so. I wouldn't let myself think about it before, but if I'm allowed to… I love you." "Natalie, Gabrielle, do you want to play a game?" Amy interjected before anymore verbal communication between Ashley and me. We didn't need verbal though.

"Actually, not right now," Natalie replied. "We've got some stuff to take care of in our room," Gabrielle continued. "Childhood reminiscing." "What's that?" Amy asked. "You'd find it terribly boring apparently." "Oh." My entire body shivered in boiling coolness as I dropped my weight forward to Ashley, forcing my entire length into her squishiest, tightest, inhaling body. --- The air was almost chilly. In a good wind, the hairs on my arms would stand and salute, attempting to trap the ever radiating heat my skin perspirated.

But the sun was out and under its direct gaze, I felt warm. An unusual cold front tidal waved in the day before. That afternoon before. If I had to guess, I would put it around the time I submersed Ashley into a second consecutive state of near death. Just before I matched the coating of semen on top her with an equal force and resilience inside her. Although that may just have been my exponentially expanding ego thinking.

I hadn't been outside in several days. I missed the park. Ever since I had moved to the city, I had always been drawn to that park. In particular, that one park bench.

An acute curiosity quickly washed over me as I spotted that bench, my bench. Someone was on it. There were hardly any people around in the area and several benches dispersed throughout, but there was somebody sitting on my bench.

As I moved closer, I was delighted to see long hair and a petite body that signaled all too well, Girl.

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I walked closer and closer. She was reading a book. Nearer still. She was young. My last steps were confident ones. Until I was there, where I stopped and sat down directly next to her. Sik Coy by Edward Logan. "What's your name?" I asked looking out into the near empty scape. "Katy." Her face kept with the words of her book. She had read it before. Her eyes scanned the lines in attempt to look occupied. I could feel her heartbeat. "How old are you Katy?" "What's your name?" "Devlin." "Fourteen." … "Katy?" "Yes?" "I want you to take your pants off.

Your underwear too." I paused for a few seconds. "I'm going to give you my child." Another short pause. "Do it now." Katy's hands shook a little as she closed her book. The only people around were far enough away that they wouldn't be able to tell what we were doing. "Katy?" "Yes-s-ss?" A noticeable shake in her voice. "Are you a virgin?" "Y-ye-s-s." "We'll make that an exchange than. Your virginity for my child. I won't repeat what I told you to do." "Y-yes-s-sir." Katy set the book down on the bench and oh-so slowly stood to her feet.

In like pace, she took a step forward and reached to her jean zipper. The faintest pop of her button, then the slow slide of the zipping sounded. "Both at once please." She kicked her shoes from her small feet, again so slowly, before her thumbs reached into her pants. As she pushed down, I watch her naked, barely pubescent legs shine into my eyes under the bright sunlight. I began unbuckling my pants. The girl stepped from her clothes as I just started sliding mine to my knees. They reached the pivot point and I let them drop to my ankles.

"Wrap your legs around me; put them through the gap between the seat and the back." One by one, her shaking muscles obeyed. Her eyes were glued to my penis as it grew to its full size. My own were being saturated by the untamed first small patch of pubic hair the girl had ever sported. As she drifted lower, my finger and thumb pointed to her entryway. Her body halted as the mushroomed head poked just into her slit. I stared at the meeting point, even past the few tear drops that speckled the shirt over my abs.

She kept holding. "Katy?" "Please no." "Katy." I let my answer be known in my tone. And then oh-so incredulously slowly, she sunk down, I sunk in. I couldn't stop watching as my penis slowly slid into a complete stranger's, a fourteen year old girl's, vagina. I was the first thing ever inside. Katy slowed and stopped only a little way in.

"I will not redirect you with my words another time." She continued. My eyes never broke contact. A small bounce of her and a whimper, then I was sinking faster into her. A new warmth of liquid overtook her natural tissues. She was smoother. All the way in I watched. I felt myself pressing into her vaginal cap; as she forced herself to apply more weight, I little by little continued to descend an extra two or three inches, pushing the cap up higher into her. And there it was.

She was sitting all the way on top of me. I was one-hundred percent inside a girl I met only two minutes prior. Right there in the middle of a public park on a bench. "Let me see your blood, a few strokes and I'll give you my seed. It'll all be over with soon enough." More rain splashed down to me from the girl's face. She started lifting up. I watched and could feel as I was sucked out of her, I was coated in her hymenal blood, her virginity. Up, up, up a bit further. All the way to almost the tip.

And then back down. Again, I didn't blink as my manhood was hydraulically forced into her body. I could hear her breathing; birds chirping. I could see people walking in the distance. They could see me too. Just a guy cuddling with his girlfriend. Oh her fur was pressing back into me.

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Her next lift met with a good breeze, chilling her blood on my impaling organ. I forced my eyes up her body, to her face. It was in so much pain physical and mental. "Katy, one more time, okay?" I lifted my hand up and put it under her armpit onto her ribs and guided her down. Gently, I pulled her chest to mine and closed my eyes.

I released myself. I filled her with my cum. Soo much of it. It boiled into her womb through the tightest crack in her cervix. Tablespoons more forced its way passed the impossibly tight bond our sex made.

It bubbled from her circular slit with blood. Tears flooded her face as I opened my eyes. The warmness soon stopped jetting into her body and sat pooling, sinking into her pores. "Your period won't happen this weekend like you planned." Katy just kept crying.

"We each play our part. It's not for us to decide, only to live through it." She sniffed a glob of mucus down her throat. "I'm scared." "Did you want to watch?" "N-nno," she shook her head. "Okay, put your pants back on." The fourteen year old girl sucked her body off of my intrusion and climbed from me. As she hastily returned her panties and jeans through my drooling cum, I pulled my own pants and underwear up and latched close my belt.

She straightened herself out and sat back down with me. Her head dropped to the side as she fell to lean on my shoulder. "I wish I never found the book," her voice quivered. "It wasn't our choice.

They chose us." "I didn't want to believe it so I came to prove it wrong." "Do you know your part?" I asked. "Just this one hour." "That's all I know too, and I've been playing along for a week now. Who knows, probably longer somehow." "Do you know how many people?" "No, but I'd imagine thousands at least." "Do you know if we'll-" "No. I'm leaving with them. This is all I know of you." "When is it?" "Three seconds ago." There was no screaming.

There was no sound at all really. Even the birds stopped chirping, the wind stopped blowing. One by one, the people in the distance ahead turned to face us.

All of them silent. Some chose to put their hands over their mouths. Some hugged their children into their legs.

Katy and I were the only ones in the park not facing the city. The only ones who weren't looking directly at the scene. The portrait of hundreds of buildings falling silently as if through the earth, but not quite through. Sinking lower and lower, the entire cityscape slowly but quickly transformed from scattered polygons in all shapes, sizes, and colors in all three special dimensions, into one single cloud of grey, rolling like a stampede in plumes of ash.

I inhaled deeply as I felt the ring of energy expanding towards us. My ring of energy. Three… Two. One… In the flicker of the half sphere of shielding energy engulfing us, Katy twisted her eyes into my shoulder, pulling her hand up for extra coverage. I watched blankly as the invisible wave passed us by in a quarter of a second.

A forty-five foot tall ever expanding convex ring. The people, benches and lamp posts in the distance flipped completely black for a millisecond, and then they were ash, free falling to the newly breezing green foliage below. "Goodbye," I said to Katy. "No, pleas-" - End. - Comments will help me determine what direction I should take my writing and/or if there is a market for me to continue writing for. Thank you.