Emo teen gay porn movie free Even after Ricki gave Chris a cum

Emo teen gay porn movie free Even after Ricki gave Chris a cum
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I awoke suddenly and sat up. I'd had a terrible nightmare that I'd been kidnapped. But when I moved to get out of bed and I felt an ache in my groin, my heart sank into my stomach. My nightmare had come true. All the memories of last night came flooding back to me. I looked next to me to see that "Master" was gone.

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But there was a note on the bedside table yet. I picked it up and read it. It was from him. "My darling Rachel, As is my nature I've moved to the coffin. I did you the kindness of unchaining you. To betray this trust would be a most unwise move. I have attendants all over the castle that can help you however need be. By your bed is a wardrobe.

Choose any outfit. I shall see you when I arise. -Drake" I noticed he didn't sign it "Master Drake" this confused me but I wouldn't question it now. I groggily rolled out of bed and headed to the wardrobe.

I picked out a simple blue shirt and black skirt. Again, no panties or bra. I found a bathroom leading off from the bed room and decided to take a shower. I turned the water up til it was scalding and let it wash away my shame and pain.

Soon I couldn't tell what was my tears and what was runoff water. I felt so scared and alone. But at the same time so safe. I finished showering, dried off, and headed out of my chamber. One of Drake's female attendants stood there. "Are you hungry, miss?" I felt my stomach growl and I realized that yes, I was. A smile spread across the attendants face and she silently chuckled to herself "Right this way." She led me through the house until we finally reached a dining room. I took a seat at the long table.

"Do you want anything in specific?" "No thank you. Whatever you have is nice." she exited through the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a plate of eggs, sausage, toast and a glass of orange juice. My favorite. She set the plate down in front of me. "Will there be anything else?" "No, but thank you." So I ate my breakfast in silence. Mulling over what had happened in the last 24 hours.

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All I knew is that I was now at the mercy of a vampire. A vampire who now intended to make me his mate for all eternity. When I had finished the attendant removed the dishes and came back out.

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"Is there anything specific you need?" "Yes actually. Is there a library here?" "Yes of course. The master does love his books. Right this way." As we walked along the vast hallways I felt compelled to ask her. "So are you like the Master? You know a vampire?" she giggled and I could myself blush.

"No miss. We're simply his humble servants. We live to fulfill his, and now your, wishes." "Interesting. I'm sorry; I didn't catch your name." "Sonya. Ah here's the library." she opened the large double doors, revealing the shelves upon shelves of books. The sight left my mouth agape. "If there is anything else you need, I'll be right outside the door." I entered the library and found it quite chilly. "Uhm Sonya, actually, Uhm is there a way to make the room warmer?" Sonya nodded and walked over to a fireplace and lit a roaring fire.

"Thank you, that'll be all." She left, closing the door behind her. I headed to the mystery section and grabbed a few Agatha Christie novels and sat down in a chair by the fire. I glanced at a grandfather clock. It struck 10. I knew I had a few hours left of peace and serenity, I might as well enjoy them. I cracked open a book and began reading. Losing myself in the pages.

A few hours later Sonya brought me a cup of coffee. Something I really needed. I was working on the last book I had grabbed when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped and turned to see who it was. Drake returned my frightened stare with a warm and comforting smile.

He slowly ran his fingers through my hair and then down to my cheek. "So this is where my beautiful girl spends her days. Bettering herself with the knowledge of books." "Ye.yes master." He let out a sigh.


"It occurred to me as I watched you sleep last night that maybe I did not take the correct route last night in introducing you to who I am and what I plan to do with you. That was my problem when I met the first love of my life. And then I lost her forever.

I don't want to lose you. I realized if I truly want you, I need to love and respect you, not scare you and paralyze you with fear. So starting now, you are no longer required to call me Master. You may simply call me Drake. Do you understand?" As I stared into his eyes I saw love and tenderness behind them.

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He meant what he said. I nodded. He smiled warmly and took my hand.

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"Very well. Come it is time for dinner." He stood me up and led me back down to the dining hall. Walking down the hall I felt compelled to make conversation. "So uh, did you sleep well?" "Yes, quite well actually. Usually I'm restless and I simply toss and turn but something about you finally being near me, I felt finally able to sleep." I started to blush. And then I asked him a question that had been racking around in my brain all day.

"So.when you make me like you, would I get my own coffin or will we share one?" He brought his face close to mine and whispered, "Which would you prefer?" His soft voice sent a chill through my spine. I couldn't tell if I was scared, in love, aroused or some combination of the three. Before I could answer he led me through the door to the dining room.

He pulled one chair out for me and then he sat at the head of the table. Sonya brought out a plate of steak, a baked potato and a small side salad with a light Italian dressing.

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She also brought out two goblets. She placed the plate and one goblet in front of me and the other in front of Drake. I said a quiet "thank you" to Sonya and began to eat.

He remained silent and so did I. I occasionally looked up and caught him staring at me.

I needed to end this silence. "Aren't you going to have something for dinner?" He raised his eyebrow and took another sip from his goblet. I suddenly realized, he was.


We sat in silence another few minutes. He finally spoke, "So tell me about your life." I began to give him my entire life. I told of how once I entered middle school, I was constantly bullied and tormented.

I told of how my dad had been practically my only friend and then he died in combat when I was 14. And I finished by telling him about how once my dad was gone, my mother had fallen into a state of seclusion and she completely ignored me. By the time I had finished, I was crying. And my appetite was gone. He sat there quietly and after a few minutes he took my hand and I looked at him. He gave me a gentile and comforting look. He moved his hand and brushed the tears away from my face.

I looked away, embarrassed and I downed the rest of my wine. Drake pushed his chair out and grabbed my hand. "Come with me." He lead me out to a balcony and we looked up at the moon and stars. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we slowly started swaying. I heard his melodic voice in my ear. "Are you ready?" I wanted to tell him no but something in me forced the word from my lips.

"Yes." he scooped me up in his arms and a squeal of delight left me. He then carried me in his arms back to the bedroom then set me down. He pulled the dress over my head. He removed his clothes and I lay back on the bed and spread my legs, ready for him and to become like him. He lay on top of me and began to kiss from my lips down to my jugular. I held my breath and at the same time that he bit, he thrust himself into me. The pain of the bite was washed away by the pleasure of having him in me.

He continued thrusting into me. "Oh drake. Oh! Oh! Oh!" He was pounding me relentlessly and the combination of his fucking and drinking from me sent wave after wave of ecstasy through me.

He finally pulled himself away and licked my blood from his lips. But he pressed his lips all over my face. "Oh Rachel. You feel so good." He dragged one of his nails across his wrist and held it to my lips.

"Drink. Become one with me." I drank from his wrist. His blood was sweet and rich in my mouth. I drank heavily until he pulled it away. I wrapped my legs around his waist in order to bring him even deeper into me. Until I felt him hit my G-spot. I cried out. "Oh drake! Drake! Harder!" My wishes were obliged and he was soon plowing me even harder.

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I could feel his blood starting to go through my veins. It was pure bliss.


"Rachel, do you love me?" I managed to gasp out "I will love you forever!!" and at that moment I felt him shoot his cum deep into my womb.

And I followed soon after. We lay there a few moments. Our cheats heaving in rhythm. He rolled over and looked at me, his hand stroking my stomach. A smirk on his face; he asked me, "Do you feel it? My blood in you?" "Yes. It feels.so wonderful." And at that moment I felt it.

A surge of power went through my veins.

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I ran my tongue over my teeth and felt my new fangs. And I felt so thirsty. As if sensing it, drake called for Sonya who brought me a glass of blood. I drank it quickly and thanked Sonya. I wiped the excess blood from my lips. Then looked at him. He gave me an evil but loving grin. "Dawn approaches my love. Shall we move to the coffin?" I was speechless. But I nodded. He stood up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. And I realized at that moment, just how much I loved him.

We reached his chamber and he lay me in the coffin. He got in with me and pulled the lid close. I snuggled against his chest and his arms wrapped around me.

"We are now bound to each other forever. We feel everything the other can. We can communicate telepathically. If one of us dies, the other will not be able to live. If one of us is in danger, the other can sense it. We are one." Being there with him I felt so safe and secure. Like nothing or nobody could ever hurt me again.

I whispered to him, "I love you, my dark one." "And I love you, my sweet." And after lying there a few more seconds, sleep overtook me.