Un amigo muy putito se lo cogen a pelo

Un amigo muy putito se lo cogen a pelo
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Rachel And Jason It was a night unlike any other.

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Rachel had just arrived for our date. Rachel was a girl about five feet tall and she had deep brown eyes that glistened like the morning dew, she had a passion for life on it's own that could never be broken.

Her ass could not be compared to the likes of any living, she could only be compared to the goddesses on Mount Olympus. I had the perfect evening planned. First I was going to take her for a candlelit dinner at a restaurant where my buddy worked. It was about one in the morning when we were done with our meal.

We went out onto the lake in a boat built for two. We went out onto the center of the lake. You could see every ripple on the water. The ducks would come and go as they pleased and every so often a fish would jump out of the water and then smack back down.

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It was a wonderful place. I put my hand on her thigh and she gave me a look of reassurance. Then, almost as though god intended this to happen, the wind blew her skirt up only to leave her thong and a very needy snatch.

Then my wandering fingers find the opening to her snatch, they burry themselves beneath her lips and using a cum-hither motion I stimulated her clit. Now I manage to unbutton her blouse with my free hand and thank Jesus she wasn't wearing a bra.

As my magic fingers do their work my free hand finds her longing tits and then the groping begins. My lips instinctively go down as I suck her nips. I flick her nipples with my tongue and it drives her crazy.

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I can tell by her breathing that she's reaching climax. Her breathing gets heavier and physically she is about to drain. The combination of fingering her and groping is to much for her to bear.

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She explodes into an orgasm that only fingering can bring on. She has now reached those few moments of pure satisfaction that only exist directly after an orgasm. Now she looks up to greet me with those glistening eyes and it's understood what she will do next. She reaches down to release my throbbing cock. As she does so the tent in pants is gone.

With out any hesitation she completely engulfs all eight inches of me in her mouth. Automatically she begins to work my cock up and down with her mouth.

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Her saliva is all the lubrication I need. She starts to work my shaft up and down with her hands as she caresses my supple head in her mouth. It's almost like I'm on another plane of existence, for how can something feel so good in life, her skill was a miracle in and of itself. She would flick my head with her tongue and being the cock tease that she was, would blow ever so lightly on the my head. This continues for some time until it becomes to much to bear.


I cum with such force and such great magnitude that I shoot a stream of my jizz in an arch form right over her and into the lake. We paddle out to the island now and lay a stadium blanket on the grass.

We lie down and look at the stars. I don't know if it was just my mind but I swear stars look more beautiful than ever before after having been sucked like that.

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Rachel is lying naked on the blanket as am I. Lying there in the nude somehow gave me a feeling of pure cleanliness.

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Even though our intentions were hardly innocent I felt somehow more innocent than ever before. I don't know how long we sat there before we turned our heads and truly made eye contact.

It was as though we were able to speak without uttering a single word. My cock very quickly grew rock hard once more and Rachel just rolled over on top of me. As I just laid there she rode me like no one before her. She thrust her gyrating hips to the rhythm of my heart beat. It was the perfect moment, she continued until I came and buried my seed deep inside her once more.

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Again we just lay there basking in the ambience of each other until I get my last hard on of the night.

As she lay there on her back I come up and pull her legs to my chest and I very carefully insert my cock and begin to plow into her snatch with the full length of my cock. She moans in pure ecstasy as we look at each other and a tear rolls down her face for the pure love of the moment. For in this single act of love making we have reached a sexual enlightenment and furthered our relationship like never before.

As I plowed into her she thrust her hips upward and we both climaxed in an orgasmic whirl wind. We lie down in extreme physical exhaustion from fucking each others brains out. And as we lie there basking in the light of the rising sun, you could feel the love and energy in the air.

As that sun rose we could not love each other more and it was a sight to be had.