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Amazing anal vanessa sky brandi bae quinn wilde vienna black
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."Should We?" Continued. As I let you rest for a moment, kissing your thighs and avoiding your still sensitive clit you find your melting into the bed as if you were a puddle. You find yourself drifting off with a feeling of euphoria. I am lingering around your orgasm soaked pussy. I love the way your juices taste and smell. I am enjoying this quiet moment with you as you begin to catch your breath. My hands are lightly caressing your silky skin and brushing up against your breasts.

I can hear you moan a little as my caresses circle your body. I feel you twitch a bit as I begin licking your juices still dripping from your lips, mmmmm soooo good I say.

With my fingertips I start circling your nipples and feel them begin to harden. I feel your arms come to life and you begin stroking my arm with your nails. The chills run through my body. In a soft voice you say, "come up here".

I take one more slow lick of your pussy lips and move up towards you. When our eyes meet you smile at me and pull me down for a long wet kiss. Your juices are still wet on me and our lips slide against each other like never before. As our tongues touch I am breathless. Your hand caresses my chest and your nails graze my erect nipple causing me to sigh. My hand is now caressing your inner thigh and moving slowly to your warmth. With my finger, I begin trace the lines of your pussy.

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You are even more wet now than before. As we continue our kiss I can feel your hand moving down to hard cock. Again your nails lightly touch my head and you feel my cock twitch.

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I roll back to my pillow to let you tease my cock…it feels soooo good! If feel you nails running up and down my shaft and around my head. Down again, up again. This time I feel them run down the shaft and around my balls. I losing my mind and my cock is harder than it has ever been. I look up just when you pull your hand away to see reach down between your legs. I see you massage your wet pussy with your fingers brushing your clit with the palm of your hand.

I couple more rubs and bring your wet finger to the head of my cock. Your juices feel so slippery and warm on spongy head. As you massage your wetness into the head of my cock I can feel my legs begin to tighten. My breathing is becoming deeper. I can feel you begin stroking my shaft slowly up and down. Every time you stroke up you rub my head. Your stokes are getting stronger and I can feel my climax building. "Oh yeaah", I say, "that is awesome!" You lean over now and bring your lips to the head of cock.

While stroking my shaft you touch my head with your tongue so lightly. You begin to circle my head with your tongue around and round.

All of a sudden I feel your lips on my cock and I get even tenser. I know I am not far from blowing my load. You plunge your head down and take all my cock in your mouth. I can feel my head rub the back of your throat. Just then you lick my shaft and I know I had it. Two more pumps of your head and I can feel the release of an intense orgasm. I'm cumming hard. My cock is deep in your mouth and you feel my sperm spill into your mouth.

You continue stroking to milk out every drop. I am shuddering with every stroke. As I am catching my breath you roll back on your pillow now and pull your hand away. After a few seconds, I look up to see where you went. I can't believe my eyes… the hottest thing ever.

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I see you caressing your erect nipples with your finger nails. You head is back and your eyes are closed. You seem to be retreating into yourself.

One hand moves down between your legs rubbing your inner thigh.

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Your thumb is rolling around just above your clit. I hear your breathing deepen. Your fingers begin to trace your lips. Your other hand is massaging your breast and flicking your nipple. I am enjoying this sight and I feel the blood begin to fill my cock again.

You are sooooo hot! I watch as your fingers move through your wet lips and move up to your clit. You moist finger rubbing circles around your clit.

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Your hips begin to move with the motion. I can see you are really into it. You middle finger reaches down from your clit as you press it into your pussy. You breath in heavily. You continue sliding your finger in and out of your dripping pussy. You begin to shake now and you hand quickens moving up to your clit and rubbing firmly.

As your hip thrust I can see you are about to cum intensely. I've already begun to stroke myself at this very intimate sight. Your moaning is getting louder and hand a bit fast yet. I hear one more loud moan and your hips are convulsing and your fingers are in and out of your pussy. I can see your juices flowing as you push through orgasm.

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As you sink into the pillow again, I tell you "that was the hottest thing ever!" You say, "I was a little worried you might find that weird." "Not at all", I say, "That was awesome and it did the trick." Through all that I have regained my erection full steam.

I roll towards you and begin kissing you. We are again intertwined together as one, kissing passionately. My arms are wrapped tightly around your back. Your leg is rubbing my cock.

It is completely insatiable we just can't get enough of each other. I roll on top of you and begin to rub my cock against your clit and your soaked pussy. You beg me to put it inside you. I keep rubbing my shaft against your wet pussy and then suddenly stop.

I grab my cock bathed in your juices and begin to tease you pussy lips with the head. You are squeezing your tits and telling me to fuck you. One more slide and I push the head of my cock inside you.


I can feel your heat as let out a gasp. As I slowly plunge my shaft deeper in you I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock. Each time I slide my cock inside you I feel your clit rub against me. Slowly I continue to push deeper and deeper inside you.

I lean down and wrap my arms around you shoulders. Our chests are pushing against one another. You feel my rough chest hair on your nipples. My lips reach down to nibble on your neck and ears. You feel my cock inside you pushing deeper. I can feel your legs wrap around mine as you pull me in deeper and deeper.

Our hips meet and we thrust toward each other. You tell me "I'm gonna cum" and I thrust inside you again.

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I feel you squeeze my cock as your body tenses and heaves towards me. One more thrust and I can feel your body begin to shake all over.


Now you yell "I'm cumming". I continue to push my cock inside you and you continue to convulse. I can feel you pussy pulsate on my shaft harder and harder. You push me off of you and catch your breath because you know you're not satisfied yet. You quickly jump on top of me and straddle my legs. This time you're teasing me by just allowing my head in your pussy.

I beg you "ride my cock", "slide down on my shaft", " I want to be inside you". It's as if you didn't hear me, you just move slightly up and down on my head. You know I want to feel you slide down my pole but you won't. You pinch my nipple hard, "Fuck" is say, "that hurts awesome!, do it again" I really like how sassy you being, you're really turning me on! A couple more bounces and FINALLY I feel you slide my cock inside you.

"Damn that feels good" I say. You lean down and push you tits in my face. Mmmmm your tits are so silky. I start squeezing your tits and licking your nipples and you are thrusting your hip toward me pulling my cock deeper inside.


You rhythm quickens and I can feel your clit rub against my groin. I can feel my wad building up inside my balls. I know I'm close. I begin to meet your thrusts with mine.

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I can feel the head of cock touch you inside. I can feel your pussy squeezing my shaft. I can hear you start to huff. We are both building for a huge climax. You thrusts are get shorter and faster.

My cock is ready to explode deep inside your pussy. You begin to shake and thrust, your moaning loudly with every thrust and then I feel it, a wave of shudders on my shaft causing me to lose it. My cock explodes, I can feel my cum squirting inside you. With every thrust I feel another explosion. "I am cumming HARD". It won't stop, "FUUUUUCK". Now you collapse into my arms and lay your head on my shoulder.

We just lay there for what seems eternity melting into each other.