Kinky lesbos fill up their huge asses with milk and ejaculate it out stretching threesome

Kinky lesbos fill up their huge asses with milk and ejaculate it out stretching threesome
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Entry Five: -- Helen + Kelly make use of Laura's Jon --------- I've often wondered about being dominated. Submissively submitting my body to a man's pleasure is usually more of a turn on for me than just getting fucked. In fact, the special pleasure I get from the male phallus is mostly due to its symbolic value. I know there are dildos available that are so realistic my pussy couldn't feel the difference. Still other dildos promise better than natural pleasure.

Ultimately, of course, a penis can make a baby inside me. This is both the promise and threat of heterosexual sex. With birth control this option is pretty much up to me.

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With the danger of AIDS, I'm usually doubly protected from getting pregnant. The possibility, the exciting idea that I could be making a baby every time a man ejaculates inside me thrills me in a way a dildo does not.

Maybe the fact I control my fertility, surpressing my body's urge to reproduce, is the reason why I want so much during love making to give myself as completely as possible to my lovers.

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Or maybe females are just biologically wired to respond in this way that feels so wonderful. My question is, can heterosexual men enjoy being submissive to female lovers? Probably. Kiss a man on the nipples and usually he responds as strongly as most woman do. Even I love having my nipples kissed, although I'm very skittish about having my breasts squeezed. I have a girl friend who has a boyfriend: ------------------------- Laura's story: ---------- Jon and I had been lovers almost exclusively for about a year.

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But right from the beginning we agreed that it would remain almost. Neither of us wanted a restrictive relationship. Just to make sure there was no marking of territory I had an open tryst at least every other month with one of my other boyfriends.

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I generally told Jon several days ahead of time that I'd be "having a date". I often scheduled them for when Jon was out of town so my lover and I could use the apartment. I'd have to tell Jon or he might not even find out. I also had several girl lovers, but Jon hardly noticed what I did with other women any more than when I masturbated. Not that he reacted negatively to my interest in other men. He thought my occasional affairs were a healthy sign. He was getting some nooky outside pretty regularly, but felt little need to advise me of the details.

At one of my girl parties, there were ten of us. I was only sexually intimate with two of the nine other women, and all three of us preferred men to each other. Naturally the topic was men. One of the girls said she hadn't seen a new prick up close and naked since she'd gotten married four years earlier.

The way she said it obviously implied that she missed having new lovers. She admitted that hubby was her twelfth, and while a good mate, didn't offer her the variety of the eleven earlier ones put together. "Do you want sex with a man or just to look at him and play with his thing?" I asked with a smile on my face. "I don't know. I'd have to decide first I guess, because I can't imagine a guy being willing to whip it out and let me play with it and not expect to put it in me." "Oh, I don't know.

I bet Jon would let you do whatever you wanted as long as he got into someone's pussy afterwards. If we both got naked I'm sure he would let you give him a blow job and not mind finishing up inside me. And if you decided to go through with it, so much the better. By the way, do you consider doing it with a rubber between you actual sex?

I mean if he ejaculates into a rubber, are you being unfaithful to hubby just because the rubber is inside your pussy?" "Put that way, it does sound rather innocent. But only because I like the idea. Anyhow, what would I tell Mel.

That I was going out on a date with Jon? I always tell him where I'm going." "He knows you're here. So do it here. Jon should be arriving home in an hour.

Seduce him and get it over with. Or rather, let me seduce him and you do as much as you want with him." The other eight women listened to this by-play with much interest. It was clear that they were all turned on by the idea of my Jon fucking one of the other women present.

Just as one of the women started describing how much she'd like to watch or participate like Helen, the door opened and Jon walked in, an hour earlier than I'd expected him. He met an embarrassed silence. "Hi ladies! Laura, I got done work early. I forgot you were having your friends over. I can go read in the den if my presence inhibits you all too much. My guess in you want to talk about men without me around." "Ah, Jon. Actually we were talking about you.

Helen wants to see your dick and maybe give you a blow job." At this point Helen turned beet red, gave out an involuntary screech, and turned away, refusing to look at anyone. "Of course she'd have to be fair about it and get naked first. I was just telling Kelly, who expressed a similar interest, that it would only be fair if every woman who wanted a peek also got undressed first." This caused Kelly to blush also.

But she faced Jon and looked him squarely in the eye. Then with a funny smile on her face, she walked over in front of the chair he'd sat down on, and began doing a strip tease for him, right in front of the rest of us. But it was clear she was mostly just interested in his reaction. When she got down to her birthday suit, she deigned to notice the rest of us for the first time. "Well girls," she said looking around at the rest of the room, "I guess you either anti-up or leave and let Helen, Laura, and I have all the fun." With that she put her hands on the chair back, got her knees up on the arms, and stopped any protest Jon might have made by giving him a mouth full of pussy.

For me, getting undressed for Jon was nothing. But the other eight girls probably felt cheated.

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They didn't get to give him any show at all because while they undressed, all he could see was Kelly's pussy shoved into his face. Still Kelly deserved the attention she was getting. It had been a remarkable performance. Jon loves eating pussy. But I couldn't imagine him wanting to service ten women with his tongue at one time.

Or even nine if he skipped me. I could imagine him fucking all of us, however, if we all lubricated first and took it easy on him. Kelly started sliding down into his lap, and it was obvious that if she could get his pants open, she was going to be his lover by the time she hit bottom. "Wait Kelly. Let him get undressed and put a rubber on.

You can have him first, but only I get him without a prophylactic." So she backed off, and helped him undress while I went into the bedroom and got a condom like sex toy that I knew would be just perfect for one guy about to fuck nine women.

I didn't say anything to the girls about it so they hardly noticed until they felt it inside them. All I said was that it was a heavy duty reusable one that we could wash between pussies, there not being enough regular condoms in the drawer for all of us to have our own. Actually, this toy is mostly a girl's delight. Textured a little so you know you're getting fucked, and thicker so that he doesn't feel as much as you do.


Meaning you get one hell of a fuck before he has to come! In fact, Jon and I only use it for a short time because I'll end up exhausted from my third orgasm, while he's still trying to get started. The hidden reason why it's so exciting for the girl is that, near the head it's only like a thick condom. But toward the man's root, the walls thicken considerably, making him more than a half inch larger inside your opening when you hit bottom.

You can hardly see the taper when he's got it on. But boy does you pussy feel it! Every stroke you get stretch and relaxed that extra half inch.


It's much more stimulating than just having a lover uniformly a half inch bigger. And when you feel it the first time, you realize as it's happening that you can't stop it. You can only relax and enjoy your helplessness. When you're lowering yourself down around it you can only gasp with pleasure and surprise. Incidentally, the thick base gives Jon extra support.

Sometimes I call it a dick bra, and accuse him of being able to fuck me without even having an erection. This may not be true. But I was willing to bet he could get through all ten of us even if he ejaculated in the middle.

And that was a risk. I know Jon just loves new pussy so much that he has a hard time holding back the first time with a woman. So imagine doing it with nine new women! Well that was the first such prick party I ran. The girls took turns sitting on his lap, fucking themselves on his enlarged dick. Several would have passed if everyone else wasn't taking a turn. But afterwards, every one of them was delightfully happy. Gloria, one of the ones who was nervous about cheating on her husband, was glad she'd given in to peer pressure, but added the following request.

"Laura, if it ever comes up in conversation, tell Lou I paid for what just happened. I hope Jon enjoyed fucking me, though probably not nearly as much as I loved getting fucked. Lou wouldn't mind much me paying for some pleasure. He thinks girls going to Chippendale shows is amusing. But I'm not sure he'd like it so much if he knew I was giving pleasure to other men. He doesn't think going to a professional is nearly as significant as having an affair.

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I'd hardly call this an affair we all had with Jon. It would be easy to explain what just happened if we pretend you hired a gigolo." I told her that I wouldn't say anything unless her husband asked me. But her suggestion hit a cord with the other women. One said she'd just paid twenty dollars to see a male stripper and for her money only got to look. Jon, she claimed, was even better to look at.

I didn't see her go to her purse, but when she went over to give Jon a thank you kiss, she left a twenty between his legs. "That's not for tonight. That's for next time, in hopes that there will be a next time!" Before I knew it, every woman wanted to give him a twenty, "For next time." I gave him one also.

But I took it out of his wallet. The upshot of all this is that there was a next time. Several. I've had to limit the girls allowed, but the fee has remained twenty. With the event prearranged, we now do a show first, more for our fun than the customers. I think most of the women who come would gladly just sit on his dick and pay up. But they enjoy the show.

It always starts with Jon doing a strip. Sometimes I tie him up and blindfold him so that he can't see or touch the girl he's fucking.

Every woman seems to want to try that once, but most afterwards decide they'd rather be seen naked and touched by their lover.

For twenty dollars, the girl gets to ride his dick for sixty seconds. She can buy extensions for ten a minute and many do. But most, especially first timers, are more thrilled with just the idea of coming to the party and getting themselves dicked. They aren't trying to achieve an orgasm. When a girl asks to fuck herself on his dick while he's restrained, I give her the option of saving thirty seconds for doing it the regular way.

I won't let them split half minutes because I wash the rubber between each girl, something I had forgotten to do that first time. Anyway, most women who do thirty seconds each way love it much better with his eyes and fingers exploring their bodies. Even an ugly woman doesn't like passing up the opportunity to flaunt her tits at the man with his dick in her vagina. Jon is very good about treating every woman he has coitus with as if she were a special beauty. He told me that he enjoys playing with big flabby tits more than normal ones because he thinks he's giving the woman more than the usual amount of pleasure.

As much as most women love surrendering to a man when he holds her nipples, the ones who don't expect a man to take this pleasure with them, are the most appreciative. Before Jon told me this I might have turned down a woman if I thought she was too unattractive to give him pleasure.

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In spite of the nominal fee, Jon only does it because he really loves sticking his dick in a lot of different pussies. And also because he loves giving women pleasure. -------------- end of Laura's story. ---- Laura, Jon, Helen, Kelly I know Jon, Laura's boyfriend.

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He's attractive though I wouldn't compare him with a professional like the studs that perform for Chippendale. Still, he's a real man.

The guys that parade around on stage remind me of huge female breasts that are almost completely phony. I wouldn't mind taking a turn sitting on his dick.

And I'm sure he'd go easy on my tits if I asked him to play with other parts of my anatomy instead.