Indonesian labourer shoots cums on leg

Indonesian labourer shoots cums on leg
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Before my mother and father passed away in a horrific plane crash, I was living by myself with my best friend and his wife. Now though I had an obligation to watch after my 14 year old sister because I was the only family she had left.

Since me and my friends owned a three bedroom house, one of the rooms wasn't being used so we let Michelle stay in the room. To explain what my sister looks like, she is 5'1", has brown hair, and the best part has an amazing body. She's got a slim build but most of all has perfect breasts.

She must have hit puberty at an early age because she had to be a 38C. Since I was now the rightful guardian of my little sister I basically had to do everything with her.

I made her dinner, I took her to school, and I even went shopping with her. The hardest part was explaining to her about sex and "the birds and the bees". Some days after school, she would come home with questions. I would explain it to her but sometimes she wouldn't understand. Her first question, which I remember really well, was this: "Brother? I heard some of the girls talking about something at school and I don't know what it means." She had asked one day after coming home from school.

She was wearing a low cut shirt that barely covered her nipples and a short skirt. I could feel my cock getting hard. "What is it Michelle?" I replied back. "Well Angela and Erin were talking about how big Joel's penis is. They said it was like seven inches and they saw it because the locker room door was left open when he was changing.

The thing I don't get is what is a penis?" Looking shocked and kind of embarrassed I had to tell her because it was better that she found out from me than some guy at her school.

"Hun, a penis is a guy's private part. Your friends shouldn't know what that is and shouldn't have seen one because they are too young. Once you get older I'll explain it some more." "Brother, what it look like?" "Hun, I don't have any pictures to show you and I don't really want you seeing one until you're older." "Don't you have a penis?

You could show me yours just so I know what the other girls are talking about." "Sis, that's not a good idea." I said knowing that it might come off weird that my cock was hard now just thinking about my sis naked.

"I could get in trouble if anyone found out." "I won't tell anyone brother, I promise." She said while giving me the puppy dog face. She knew I couldn't withstand the puppy dog face. That's how she got her Ipod touch and her own cell phone. "You know that puppy dog face gets me every time. As long as you don't tell anyone I guess it's alright." My cock was now at its full eight inches.

I pulled down my pants and it sprung right out. I could see my sister was enjoying it because her eyes opened wide. "Wow brother that's the nicest thing I've seen.

How big is it? Joel's is supposedly seven inches." "Mine's eight inches hun but I'm older." And we left it at that as she complimented it a little more then went to bed. I went to bed too but not after masturbating because I was so turned on. What I didn't know until a long time from now was Angela and Tom watching me give a display of my privates to my sister.

A couple weeks later Michelle came home with another question, yet again wearing that same low cut shirt and short skirt and yet again I was rock hard at first site.

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"Brother, I heard some guys talking about something at school today and I don't know what it is." "What is it hunny?" I replied with a smile on my face. "These two guys were talking about masturbating and how one guy came 4 feet and the other came 5 feet.

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What's masturbating?" "That's when a guy plays with his penis when he needs to release some steam. It's usually when the guy is horny." "I still don't understand.


Can you show me?" "I bet if I said no you would say you wouldn't tell anyone and give me the puppy dog face." I said with a giggle. "So might as well just show you." I pulled down my pants a second time for her and my cock sprang right out. I started stroking it and said "When a guy strokes his penis like this it's called masturbation." I finished stroking and started to pull up my pants when I was stopped by Michelle.

"What did they mean by came so many feet? Can you explain but also show me?" "Its when a guy strokes himself enough and he releases a white liquid and I can show you but it might take a little while." I started to stroke again and about five minutes later I came all over my chest. "That's what is called cumming hun now please go to bed so I can clean myself up." Yet again Angela and Tom were watching pretty intrigued.

As you can probably figure out she came back with another question. "Brother what is a blowjob?" "Why sis? Where'd you hear that word from?" "You remember my best friend Ina? She said she gave Joel a blowjob." "That's when a girl sucks on a guys penis." "I guess you would need a girl to show me how that works and I'm sure you wouldn't let me do it for you." "Hun if you really wanna know what it is I'd rather have me show you then some random guy." I pulled down my pants again but this time my cock was limp.

"Now first you just need to come over here and stick my cock in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop." She stuck my cock in barely and started sucking on it. "Good now put more of it in." She did as told and by the time I was fully hard she had all eight inches inside her mouth. "Oh yah sis suck my cock." She started to get the hang of it and became even better. She either was lieing about not knowing or she was just born with this ability. "I'm gonna cum hunny." She just kept on sucking as she heard me and I finally lost all control and came inside her mouth.

"Now go spit that out and go to bed." Standing in the doorway of their bedroom again was Angela and Tom with Tom's cock being stroked by Angela. And the final question of the story. "Brother what's sex?" "Hun which one of your friends was talking about that?" "It was actually Angela and Tom. I overheard them last night saying lets have sex." "Well I'm gonna have to talk to them about that later." I said not knowing that they had said that loud enough so Michelle would ask me about it.

"Sex is when a guy inserts his penis into her vagina. That's all I'm gonna tell you. Now go to bed." Not watching her as she left she walked into my room instead of hers and took off her clothes. After waiting and pondering a few minutes I went into my room and to my surprise there was my sister butt naked.

"Sister what are you doing?" "I was hoping you could show me what sex is." "Hun that's what adults do. I know I let you give me a blowjob but this is a lot different." This was hard to say because this was the first time I had seen my sister naked and her breast were amazing and my cock agreed with me being the hardest it had been for years.

"But brother if you don't show me I'll have to find some guy who will." This made me think a little. She was right. I'd rather it be me then some guy. "Okay but you gotta be quite.


Angela and Tom are sleeping." I then got completely naked and told her to bend over my bed. "This might hurt a little" I said as a slowly stuck my cock in Michelle's pussy. She screamed and a couple seconds later Angela and Tom ran into my room and stopped in their tracks shocked.

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Even though I was embarrassed and they were both staring at us with awestruck looks on their faces I kept going. After about five minutes I notice Tom get up on the bed completely naked and stick his seven inch cock in front of Michelle's face.

"Show me what you learned from your brother." I looked at him confused and he just gave me a wink as Michelle started licking his cock. Now she had a cock inside her and one in her mouth. The whole time me and Tom were fucking Michelle, Angela was sitting in my desk chair fingering herself. "Angela, stop that and let me help you." She got up and walked over to me.

I started sucking on her nipples while fingering her pussy. Now I was getting really horny and didn't think I could hold it in much longer. Then I looked up and heard Tom grunt and pulled his cock out and cum all over her tits and one spurt made it all the way to her pussy.

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"Wow, Angela not good enough or something?" I said with a smirk. After seeing Tom cum it threw me over the edge and I came inside Michelle's pussy. This also threw her over the edge and she orgasmed like she had never had an orgasm before which she hadn't. "Wow that was amazing," said Tom and Michelle at the same time.

I had decided to lie down after that amazing fuck and fell asleep. I woke up to someone sucking on my cock but I didn't open my eyes. I figured it was Michelle. "Wow Michelle you've gotten a lot better." "Thanks brother." She said but how could she be talking with a full mouth. I opened my eyes and noticed Angela was sucking my cock.

I looked over and Tom was fucking Michelle. I just layed there and played with Angela's 32Bs as she sucked my cock. She was a lot better than Michelle was but she was also more experienced. After she had had her share of my cock in her mouth she got on her knees and straddled me. She then stuck my cock in her pussy and began to ride it. "Oh my god this is the best fuck I've ever had" she said forgetting Tom was in the room. I looked over at Tom and winked.

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He didn't care. He was having the time of his life with Michelle. I had come up with an idea. "Hey Tom, when you're about to cum tell me and then hold it in until I'm gonna cum and we'll cum inside the girls at the same time." He shook his head in agreement and we both kept fucking.

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After a little while I saw Tom give me the thumbs up and I gave him it back. At that time we both exploded inside the girls. "That was amazing Angela. You and Michelle are wonderful." This concludes my story. I know it's probably not much but it's the first time I've written something like this. If people actually do decide they like it maybe I'll write some more but until then we'll see what happens.