Anime cum tribute hentai huge tits swimsuit tube porn

Anime cum tribute hentai huge tits swimsuit tube porn
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I wake up to the sounds of pots clanking, and a singing girl.

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Glancing at my alarm clock I see it is 10 AM. My alarm will start chirping any time so I reach over and turn it off. My phone is beside my bed charging so I have a look. It seems Kelly has been posting more pictures on tumblr, so I open the app. The first one I see is of her on her knees using her hairbrush as a dildo. You still can't see her face.

She is sexy as fuck and my morning hard on grows even more. I reach under my sheets and start to rub my cock as I scroll through looking for Amy's picture. I find it again and she looks even better than she did the first time I saw it. I remove the sheets and start stroking my dick. Thinking about these two after Amy has passed her math exam. I am flipping back and forth between the pictures of my daughter and Amy's when I hear my daughter clearing her throat standing in the doorway to my room.

"Oh damn" I am trying to put my dick under the sheets, and my phone away. "Must be quite exciting" Kelly says while she watches me struggle. "I brought you some eggs and bacon, but you seem to be making your own eggs right now" She is laughing now and asks me what "I was looking at" "no.nothing" I reply as as my phone falls to the floor. "Whatever" she says, as she walks over and presents me breakfast in bed.

Reaching to pick up my phone I hear a sharp intake of breath as she sees what had me stroking my cock this morning. The picture was of her with her hair brush in her beautiful pussy.

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She is blushing as she hands me my phone, and hurries from my room. "Thank you Kelly" I manage to say. My head is swirling, and I look at my phone. And the picture of my daughter is still there.

My cock is still hard, and there is a plate of breakfast next to me. I get up and while pulling my track pants on Kelly comes back to my room and says her resume is on the table. "I'm sorry I barged in without giving you advanced warning Daddy" she mumbled "My fault Kelly. I should close my door when I go to bed. I'm so sorry you saw that" "Well that's twice in two days", she comments. "You weren't hard when you were cutting the grass yesterday though" "Wait, you saw that?

I ask "I couldn't sleep with the mower going, and when I saw you walking past my window behind the lawn mower IN THE NUDE I couldn't look away. Ah shit did I just say that out loud" she gasped. "Ahh yes you did. Or at least loud enough for me to hear" I confessed Figuring I had about 5 seconds to change the subject. I was wearing track pants after all. "Do you want to come with me while I drop your resume off today so you can meet your potential employer?" "Oh Daddy that would be great, but I am still not feeling that well" "Maybe not feeling well enough for school, but I should introduce you when I put your resume on his desk." "OK I'll go and get ready.

Did you enjoy your breakfast?" "Yes I did Kelly. Now let me shower and we will go into see my boss. What time did you get up I see you are already showered" "I've been up for a coupla hours" she answered Walking into the bathroom I see it has been cleaned up. I am relieved to find Kelly is not mad at me. Turning on the shower I shut the door and while the hot water is filling the bathroom with steam I get into the shower. As I am soaping my chest I feel my dick harden.

Remembering I haven't finished what I started this morning I begin massaging my cock with a handful of soap suds. With the pictures of my daughter and Amy flashing through my mind it doesn't take me long and I am cumming into my left hand as my right hand strokes me to completion.

I am washing my hand off under the spray as I hear a faint sound as the bathroom door is closed. I finish up and while getting out of the shower I see a hair brush on the counter top.

It wasn't there when I got in the shower and I realize Kelly had come in to use the mirror while I was in the shower. I'm not sure how she could see anything in the steamed up mirror. Then I see the handle is glistening, and I realize it is the hairbrush she took the picture with. I reach out and taking it by the bristles I bring it to my face.

I can smell my daughter's pussy on it. "Don't do it" the angel on my right shoulder says. "She will never know" replies the devil on my right I rarely listen to my good side so I bring the handle to my mouth and cautiously stick my tongue out. The handle tastes incredible. I have always been a fan of eating pussy, BUT she tastes amazing.

Before I know it I have the whole handle in my mouth. Licking my daughter's juices off of it.


She must have used it this morning because the taste is fresh. My cock hardens again and I rub her brush against it. With her hairbrush in my left hand I start massaging my cock with my right hand.


There is precum on the tip of my cock and use her brushes bristles to wipe it off. The devil resting on my right shoulder smiles as my stroking reaches it's peak and I shoot a smaller load onto her brush. Then I start to panic as my cock softens. "what the fuck? How do I get her brush clean without her knowing something is up?" I realize the solution as I look in the mirror and see my scruff.

I will tell her it fell in the sink while I was shaving. "Phew that was close" The devil on my right side is smiling, while my left sided angel is slowly shaking his head. I finish up in the bathroom, and wrapping myself in a towel head to my bedroom. I knock on Kelly's bedroom door as I pass and remind her that she left her hairbrush in the bathroom.

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She opens her door, and I see her smile while looking at my towel wrapped around my body. "Covered up this time." she says. "Yes, for now" I respond.Thinking to myself. 'For now?' What kind of an answer was that you idiot? I hand her her wet brush and tell her the cord of the hair dryer knocked it into the sink while I was drying my hair. "I didn't hear the hair dryer" she says, matter-of-factly. "Well with my short hair it wasn't on long" I laugh.

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Thinking to myself again that I had better rehearse my answer's a little better. "I'm going to get dressed and then we can go into my work to drop off your resume. As long as you don't have anything important at school today." "Nah, we are just reviewing for the upcoming exams. If there is anything important I will get the notes from either Julia or Amy" "OK I'll be ready in a minute then" "Remember to put your wet towel downstairs.

I'm going to do a wash later" she tells me. 'How perfect is my daughter?' I think to myself as I walk into my bedroom. I remember to shut my door. Even though I won't be playing with myself anymore today. I get dressed and walking into the kitchen I get a coffee to go courtesy of my Tossimo. Grabbing my keys I remind Kelly to grab her resume. She looks the part of the secretary in her business attire.

A dark blouse, slacks, and her heels. The slacks show off her perfect butt, and I see no panty lines. On the drive there she is texting Amy, and Julie I presume to get her any notes she may find important. The only problem is every time she sends texts' my phone vibrates telling me she has sent, or received a message. She looks at me oddly because I don't usually get a lot of messages.


At the first set of stop lights I take my phone from my pocket and turn the ringer off. "It's just Mr. Mint telling me he looks forward to seeing your resume" I explain Pulling into the parking lot Kelly declares "I didn't know this place was so huge.

Now I'm nervous" "Don't worry Kelly" I tell her in a soothing, fatherly voice. Realizing this is her first job interview. "I'll be with you the whole time. Just be your usual, bubbly self and you will do fine." Walking inside the yellow lines along the floor I see a few guys I know and nod in their direction.

I know a few of them and address them by name. "Hey Dave, How are you Bill, Good morning Deb" As we approach Mr. Mint's door I look to see Kelly looking a little pale. "Don't worry. Just be yourself." I tell Kelly. Then I introduce her to his very pregnant secretary. " "Andrea this is Kelly. Kelly meet Andrea. She is hoping to be able to do your job half as good as you do in your absence" Kelly walks to Andrea's desk and extends her hand.

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Andrea walks around her desk and Kelly looks at her and says "Oh you look beautiful Andrea" Andrea looks at her and says "Thank you very much, I see you have your father's charm. I am just looking forward to bringing this baby to the light. I'm not sure how much longer I can carry her." "Well you are doing a great job by the looks of it" With that I cut the conversation short and ask if Mike is in.

"Yes he is" Andrea replies with a big smile. "I will let him know my replacement is here" Kelly looks at me and gulps. We enter Mike Mint's office, and I excuse myself so the he can find out about Kelly's skill's, education, and future plans. I sit in the chair outside his office and talk with Andrea for a bit. I notice she is typing so I just sit there quietly not wanting to bother her She comes out ten minutes later beaming and excitedly exclaims, "it went great, he really likes my personality and says that by rights he has to wait at least till the end of the week until he can offer me the job.

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AND that no one else has actually come into his office for an interview while dropping off the resume" "It was great meeting you Andrea. I'm sure she will be a bundle of joy" Kelly says as we leave. "Best wishes for you and your child Andrea" I say as I shut the door.

"Thanks Kevin. Good luck Kelly, I'll put in a good word for you"