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Unlocking the door she enters the house. Reaching up she flips the switch. Nothing, power must be out with this storm no surprize she thinks to herself. She enters the back hall absently attempting to turn on the inside hall light knowing it's probably not going to work either as none of the outside lights came on when she pulled in the driveway.

Thinking out loud she says to herself "where are fuck are the candles" attempting to move into the house in the dark she suddenly remembers the small flashlight on her keychain.

"God, I always forget I have this thing!" again out load to herself she walks down the hall and heads toward the bedroom. The room comes alive with a slight glow from the flashlight and she focuses straight ahead of her, careful not to bang into the bed heading straight toward the bathroom. Entering the bathroom the slight glow of the flashlight on her keychain glows brighter as it reflex's off the large bathroom mirror.

With her free hand she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a lighter from her and she lights the candle on the countertop.

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And the bathroom glows a little brighter. Looking up into the mirror she catching some kind of movement in the reflection there behind her is she sees the faceless outline of a person standing behind her. Her mouth opens and she attempts to scream but the arms of the intruder are around her instantly and a hand shots up her face covering her mouth before any sound can escapee.

Dropping the keys and lighter onto the floor she reaches up clawing and grabbing the arms holding her as she feels herself pulled into the blackness of the bedroom behind her.

The stranger growls into her ear "Do Not Scream. I am going to take my hand off your mouth in a minute. You will do as I say. Do you understand?" She nods and again growling in her ear "Take off your cloths and I won't hurt you." He loosens his grip on her and moves his hand from her mouth. Then grabbing her hard by the hair pulling he yanks her head back as she cries out in pain and discomfort.

"Shhhh, I told you be quiet" With him holding her by the hair she starts to get her jacket off and it is pulled off her arms and dropped to the floor. She starts for the buttons on her shirt and is then pushed down onto the bed face first.

He falls on top of her almost instantly she has no time to move or even think of getting away. She can feel his weight on her upper legs and ass.

One of her arms is pinned under her chest the other is pressed between her leg and his knees. He is heavy and he has one hand pushing her into the bed. "You know I think I want to do this for myself. I'll finish getting these things off you just remember stay quiet and you won't get hurt. "He moves his hand from her back and grabbing her by the arms rolls her over on to her back. The intruder grabs her shirt and rips it open. He is still straddling her on the bed, looking down at her he sees her chest heaving as she stares up at him.

Those eye my god so amazing and now so full of fear. He reaches out and runs his hand over her stomach, chest and up to her tits, she is wearing a black bra with a silly looking little bow in the middle. He reaches out and takes the bow between his fingers, pulling up the bra pulls against her cutting into her sides.

She sees him reach to his side with his free and pulls a knife from a sheath on his belt and cuts her bra in the middle releasing her tits from their confides. Again he stares down on her taking in the view seeing them for the first time and not imaging what they would look like and now reaching out taking them into his hands and massaging and rubbing them.

Oh, God he thinks to himself, this is better than I could have ever dreamed. Catching himself, he then rolls her quickly and violently back onto her stomach like a rag doll and pulls her shirt and bra off her arms, tossing them absently to the side where they land on a pile on the floor beside the bed. Reaching around to his back he returns the knife to its sheath on his belt, and he pulls from behind his back the zip strip handcuffs he had fashioned for just this occasion.

He puts the cuffs on her and tightens the. She is trapped she can't fight now, not with her hands cuffed behind her.

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Again he ragdoll flips her onto her back she is scared, tears now forming in her eyes she looks up at him looming over her. "Please, just leave. I don't know what you look like. I swear I won't say anything. I promise. Please. "He stares down at her chuckles and says only one word. "NO" Her fear is pushing him on even more and he reaches down to undo her jeans, the button and then slowly pulls down the zipper. He grabs the waist of her jeans with both hands and pulls them down quickly first her pubic bone coming into view which is bare and clean shaven.

Then further exposing the front of her pussy lips and then her cunt. It appears to him for the first time. There before him he is so close it causes him to take pause for a moment to enjoy the unveiling of her private areas that will be his soon. He imagines diving head first with his tongue lapping between those large protruding cunt lips licking at her juices as they flow. He returns to continue pulling her jeans down. He is now at her thighs which are tight and strong again stopping to dream of biting into them, and then licking and kissing them.

Starting yet again he takes the jeans and moves them down to her knees to the ankles then over her feet. They are off and he also tosses them to the floor along with her shirt and bra. She is scared she is laying on the bed now naked except for her little socks her one leg slightly bent up to hide it as well herself the only covering she can do with her hands cuffed.

She is now sobbing harder and as hard as it is she tries to stay quiet the odd louder sob escapes from between those soft pink lips of her mouth. Thinking to herself should I try and fight or should I let him do this to me. Then maybe he will leave. Glaring down at her he leans in close to her ear as if he had read her mind he responds to her "You can fight me or you can do what I tell you.

You decide, but if you fight it's not going to be fun for you." Laughing he begins touching her again, moving his hands up and down her stomach and begins grabbing and rubbing her tits once again. Moving his fingers up to her hardening nipples, he leans forward taking one into his mouth sucking hard and then letting it begin to slip from his mouth slowly, biting down on it just before it escapes his lips. She cries out and he laughs. "You don't like that?" he says.

She shakes her head and whispers "No." "Ok, then let me give you something that you will like and I want to make sure you are going to be quiet so I'm going to put something in your mouth to keep you that way." Climbing off the bed he undoes his jeans pulling them down slightly to rest on his hips his underwear still in place but she can see the large bulge already formed beneath the material.

He then walked around the bottom of the bed climbing back in on the other side beside her, he propped himself up on a pillow leaning back onto the head board. He reaches down and pulls the massive cock from his underwear and holds it at the base with one hand. "Sit up!" he growls again. And she tries to pull herself up with difficulty having her hands cuffed together behind her back.

He puts a hand under her back and helps her sit up with a push. Keeping his hand on her back he is slowly rubbing it up and down coming back each time to rest just above her ass. Hmmm that ass, but he resists touching it, it is not quiet time to touch it. And he knows if he does he won't be able to stop and there is so much more he wants before he gets to that. Then quickly his hand shoots up her back of her head, grabbing her hair in a large fist full and yanking it back hard and quick. "Suck my dick.

No biting either! Remember what I told you, play nice and you will have fun." Pushing her towards him, she loses her balance and falls face first into his thighs. He laughs releasing her hair and helps her into a better position. She is on her knees beside him and then grabs her hair again pushing her forward toward his dick, his free hand holding it for her mouth to latch onto and begin sucking and licking. She takes his dick into her mouth unwillingly as he forces her down onto it pushing and pulling her head up and down.

It is hard to gain moment at first her mouth is dry from the fear. But, soon the spit starts to flow from and her mouth moves smoother. She chokes and coughs gasping for air as he forces himself deeper each time into her mouth and down her throat. And then suddenly he feels her mouth relax slightly and knows she is now "getting into it" and then her tongue takes over and begins licking around the head of his dick.

He feels the tongue ring rubbing against it. Oh that tongue ring, he has seen her playing with when talking to customers.

He knows she doesn't even realize half the time she is doing it. This is what drew him to her to begin with.

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Her cute little smile and that silver ball resting on her bottom lip. One eyebrow cocked up above those eyes. Then the giggle and laugh as the old man had flirted with her.

The twinkle in her eye and the devilish grin on her face. He knew then he was going to have her. And have her his way. And she would like it she would come around and enjoy it. Just as he had thought she was already submitting to sucking his hard dick taking it into her mouth.

He had come back several times to the store and talked with her as she helped him locate items he said he needed. He would follow her around the store just to watch her ass in those tight jeans move. He would take note of the items that she would have to bend over to pick up so he could look. To just be able to stare at that cute little ass forever.

So many times he wanted to reach out and touch it. Grab that ass pull her close to him and taste her, kissing her deep and pushing his tongue into her mouth leaning over her shoulder. Taking in her smell. He would chat with her and make jokes to see her smile and hear her laugh. She would give him a look head slightly tilted and the smirk on her face.

And then there were those eyes again. The blue of her eyes was like staring at a darkening blue sky. He felt if he looked hard enough he could see the stars coming out one by one. How corny was that but he could not help it. He had fallen for her and wanted her. He wanted her to be his whenever he wanted, however he wanted and anytime he desired. Then earlier that day it had happened they were in the store and she had come out to help him find something he wanted.


Again, he had made sure and planned it was on the bottom shelf. She bent to pick it up. Not realizing she had stopped quicker than expected or than he had anticipated and he bumped into her almost putting her head first into the shelf near her head. He reached out quickly and caught her, she giggled and her hand came up and touched his. At that instant he could feel the electricity run thru his body as her hand touched his and without realizing he pulled her to him and his one hand moved forward to her stomach pulling her closer to his body.

Holding her ass against his hardening dick. She came to a standing position looked over her should and into his eyes, smiled and pushed back ever so slightly, on her own against him. Could this really have been happening? Was this a dream? One of his fantasies he had had so many times since he had first seen her. And then as quickly as it had happened she was gone moving away. She moved up and back behind the counter and proceeded to ring him thru. She got quiet, not saying much other than his total, never looking at him, her eyes down and then she thanked him.

And she looked up finally. And her saw it a look, her eyes said so much more. That was when he knew she was his for sure. And soon and tonight would be perfect! Then a short time later, when the storm hit it became as perfectly clear to him as he waited and watched her leave work and head out with friends to the bar.

He formed his plan while he waited and watched from the parking lot thru the evening and the storm played on. Then he saw her thru the front window of the bar, saying her goodbyes. And he raced from the parking lot and rushed to her home.

He had seen her and knew where the spare key was for just the other day she had been late for work rushed out the door and locking behind her then realizing she had forgotten to grab her keying. Yes, he had been watching for quite a while. Had seen her come home from work lights going on and off as she moved from one room to the next. What time she turned off the TV and went to bed what time she got up in the morning how many coffees she had before getting ready for work.

What time she left each day. He had even got up the nerve one night to sneak up to the house and peak thru the window. What a night that had been, she had been masturbating when he got to the window and could hear her moans and muffled cries.

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She had been turned away. He heard her cum and calls out seen her legs shaking with the orgasm. He had to move quietly and quickly so she did not hear him. Getting back to his car and immediately pulling is hard dick out and finishing himself off. Before drifting off to sleep. Tonight was different he saw the headlights come up the driveway from inside the house. Heard her unlocking the door and entering the back hall. Trying to turn the lights on. He had turned the main power off just moments before she pulled into the driveway he had raced into the dark bedroom closet.

Yes, he had come into her home while she was at work. Knew her home layout where everything was, even what she ate and drank. He had seen her laundry on the floor and taken a shirt with him before leaving it was intoxicating with her smell; he loved her perfume and soap. Hearing her enter and muttering about candles, he slowly eased back deeper into the dark corners of the closet. Heard her walking down the hall, saw her move into the bedroom with the little flashlight heading to the bathroom.

She was focused on her treasure, the candle and he slipped out quietly and followed behind her. And then everything happened so quickly. He had moved cat like. And now here he was with her mouth around his dick willingly sucking and licking it he was still holding her by the hair. Moving her off him and turning her to face him he smiled. "I want to watch you suck my dick." With that he let go of her hair and she fell forward again onto the bed while he got up of the bed and walked from the room.

Walking straight for the fuse box turning on the power a kitchen light had come on over the stove. Small condolences of light to show the way when coming home late and after dark. He returned to the bedroom and turned on the bedside lamp. Climbing back on the bed propping himself up on the head board againshe could see the mask covering his face, his hand moved toward it and she taught he was going to take it off, but he only pushed it up to reveal his mouth.

She was scared and yet at the same time so turned on she wanted more. Wondered where it would go, and what would come next. Grabbing her by the base of her head and neck he pushed her back to his dick, where she picked up where she had left off. Sucking licking and trying hard to work it with her tongue and lips he continued to hold it to help her work it he was growing anxious.

He wanted to taste her, see her cunt again, that he longed to lick and eventually fuck hard and deep. He forced her up and off his dick, a look of disappointment came across her face. "Was that not good, don't you like the way I was sucking it?" "Oh no, I loved it. But I want more I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours and then I'm going to fuck it so hard.

You will beg me for more." He moved her back in to a laying position on the bed and then straddling her lower at her legs, he used his hands to pull them apart. They seemed to open easily at his touch. This couldn't be happening thinking again to himself as her pussy came into view once again. He reached up to touch her twat as it glistened with her juices; she was wet soaked, already. Touching it gently with his fingertip she whimpered not in pain but in ecstasy and delight.

He pushed the mask up a little further over his nose with his free hand. Then plunged his face and tongue into her wetness lapping at the lips of her cunt nibbling licking and biting. He felt like a man who was dying of thrust and this was his water. He drank deeply from her and she became wetter the spring of her juices coming out of her to his waiting mouth and tongue in a never ending rush.

He thought back to earlier when he had finished paying and she had finally looked up at him. She had gotten up and walked him to the door of the store. Saying goodbye and wishing him a good day, she had touched his arm and smiled one last time before walking away and he watched her move, his eyes on her ass again.

She took one last look over her shoulder before turning down an isle on the way back to her chair at the counter, and another waiting customer took her attention away from him.

Coming back to his task at hand, he realized he had her full attention as he felt a warm gush of fresh cum flow from between her pussy lips and he continued to lap it up. He knew he couldn't wait much longer and the need to be buried deep inside her twat. She moaned and called out to him not to stop as she was Cumming "Yes, I know" he thought to himself.

He also knew she loved it. She was as turned on by this as he was. He would take her now. He had to take her now. Moving up her body kissing her he sat himself up on his knees and pushed his pants and underwear down a little more so that his dick was fully released and could enter her without them getting in his way.

He moved toward her he needed to kiss that mouth taste her feel her tongue. Wanted it for real not a dream or fantasy. Wanted it in his mouth as wanted their tongues explored each other. He kissed her gently at first then started to force and push his tongue into her mouth she did not resist for long and responded by opening her mouth her tongue coming out and then started licking his mouth and chin. She was cleaning her cum off his face tasting it in his mouth.

She now lapped it as her thirst took over. This turned him on more and knew he would have to act quick as he was going to cum soon himself.

He moved closer and pushed his dick between her cunt lips till it found her hole and he pushed in quickly. She was so wet he slid in, but, she was tight too. He could feel her muscles spasm as he entered her. Her cunt felt like velvet and so wet and sweet. God she felt good he plunged his massive cock deep inside her over and over. She moaned into his mouth and licked and kissed him harder deeper.

She was Cumming again. He could feel her squirming under his weight her arms cuffed and pinned behind her wanting to touch him pull him to her. Closer. Her legs were able to move and snaked up to wrap around him helping to pull him closer.

He fucked her hard and deep in quick thrusts.

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She responded pushing her hips to meet his forward thrusts. Groans and cries escaping her between kisses. They were both moaning, and she cried out "Yes" as he quickened his hips feeling the pressure build and knew he would cum soon. With one last hard deep thrust he shot his load deep into to her cunt and she cried out pushing her whole body into him as his orgasm ripped thru his body.

Never had he cum so hard while fucking a girl both when they were willing and when they weren't. He fell on to her in exhaustion and pleasure as she kissed and licked his neck where it rested by her mouth.

They laid there for a short time while each caught their breath. Soon he felt his dick limpen and begin to slip from her cunt along with another gush of their combined juices come with him as he left her body. Pulling himself up and off her he got out of the bed. Pulling his underwear and pants up he also did them up. Looking down at her naked body and the puddle now formed on the sheets beneath her cunt. He stared for a while at her and she stared at him.

Her eyes red, her cheeks stained from the earlier tears and he reached out and roller her on to her side. Reaching to his side he removed the knife again from its sheath and cut the bindings on her wrist and removing the cuffs.

He leaned in closer over her cheek kissed her it and pulled the mask back down over his face. Standing straight up and again taken one last long look at her naked body still lying on her side in the bed and turned and left the bedroom. She rolled to her back and pushing herself into a sitting position sat on the bed pulling her legs up to her chest rubbing her wrists, staring at the empty door way.

"Where are you? Where did you go? She called out with no answer except the closing of the door as he left the house. She jumped off the bed she rushed to the window and looked out through the curtains.

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Nothing. Dark He was gone the storm and the night had taken him away. Turning she moved back to the bed and picked up the shirt from the pile on the floor and put it back on. The buttons were gone from him ripping it open so she wrapped herself in it. She then went down the hall and into the entrance way.

Checking the door and locking it before returning to the bedroom. She crawled back onto the bed pulling her knees and covers up to her chest. She fell asleep in that position with the lights still on. A few days later he found himself sitting in his truck in the parking lot back at the store. He got out of the truck slowly and began walking towards the front door. Stopped and stood outside looking in for another long moment.

Could he open that door? Could he enter the store? Should he, or would she see him and recognize him, know it was him?? He was sure she did not know it was him yet as he had waited and the police never showed at his home or work. He had waited these three days. These questions surrounded him.

But he could not take it anymore. He needed to see her, hear her voice and laugh. See her smile. God was she still smiling. And who was he kidding he wanted her again.

He had wanted her again soon after he had left her alone in that house. What if it had been an act to save her life? She had no idea he would never have hurt her. Finally, he decided he could wait no longer and entered the store he would face his future and hope she didn't and would never know it had been him. Slowly walking down the aisle he turned to head back to the counter where she usually sat.

He stopped suddenly she wasn't there her chair was empty. Oh my god she was not here but it's wasn't her day off. Why was she not here, had he hurt her and she had not come back. He hadn't even looked to see if her vehicle was here on the side where she always parked it. Stupid why had he not looked. He had just assumed she would be here waiting.

Then from across the store he heard it. It was her giggle and laugh. Turning he saw her there she was with some customer on the other side of a display they had set up just the other day. She looked up and saw him standing there and smiled at towards him. "I will be right with you ok" and went back to chatting with the other customer.

He felt his heart stop. She had smiled at him she had no idea it had been him. She was her usual self. She did not show any sign that someone had broken into her home and attacked her just a few short nights ago. He heard her say to the customer "Take that up to the counter and they will take care of you. Have a great day." And began walking away from the customer and heading toward him.

Her smile grew larger and those eyes twinkled. Really he saw it. A glow had come to her cheeks. She was excited to see him.

It showed in her walk, smile and attitude. As she approached she put her hand out touching his arm still smiling. "Hey! How you doing today? What can I help you with?" He was shocked she didn't scream or freak out. She was happy to see him. "I just need a couple of things, think I'm good thanks. Your busy I can find it myself." She looked up at him and nodded her head giggling she said "Oh!

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I know you're good, you're very good. Next time you should stay the night as I was far from being done." What he thought to himself did he just hear what she said correctly. No! He then knew with certainty it was real and wasn't an act to save herself He then smiled back at her "You knew, I hoped you didn't know.

"How could I not know I saw your eyes I love those blue eyes. And I could not mistake them." "I should apologize. You caught me and now what?" the smile leaving his face he realized the jig was up and he could be heading for jail. That scared him. Maybe this was part of the act to catch him. She saw him turn pale as he spoke.

"Relax, it's all good. I thought you knew I liked it."She said to him smiling. Color flood back into his face and the smile returned to his lips "So we could do it again?" "When??" He asked. "Tonight I will be home around 9 you know where the keys are. DON'T leave a light on for me again okay." And with that she stood on her tip toes kissed his cheek and walked away and pushed through the employee's door into the back of the store. Gone just as he had left her. Grabbing only what he needed he left the store.

He wanted to get home and get ready for his date. This time would be even better. He would have more time to prepare at her house. This time he would focus on that ass and have his way with it the way he wanted. She may not be smiling so much when he was done with it.

He jumped into the truck and reached over and opened the glove compartment. Pulling the mask from it and placed it on the passenger's seat. Thinking to himself, I will need this again tonight. I think she liked that, pulling out of the parking lot and heading toward her home.