Blowjob finish mouth cory chase in revenge on your father

Blowjob finish mouth cory chase in revenge on your father
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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #4 A new player! Carly hadn't noticed that Bella had arrived until Zane almost ran over her trying to get back to the girl in the bedroom. She watched him stop and chat with her for a moment, make sure she was alright after their collision, then excuse himself and make for the back of the house. She also saw Bella turn and watch after him as he walked away. Carly also noticed that Bella had arrived alone. More to the point, she had NOT arrived with her boyfriend.

They were usually attached at the hip, almost literally. He was almost twice her height, which is probably what he liked about her, her head came just about to his… Carly ran over to Bella and did the squeaky giggly girly cheerleader welcome dance that made it seem like everyone was best friends. The whole time Carly's mind was churning, this was a golden opportunity. Her primary target was here, and free of entanglements.

That could not be a mistake. Bella went nowhere without her man. He was not here for a reason. She had a plan, but what was it, and how could Carly help her along? She grabbed Bella and pulled her over to squeak and squeal with the other juniors and seniors who were all gathered around the same table discussing the morning's competition, and guys.

All of the seniors shared a sly sinister smile and traded glances as Carly and Bella sat down. They were all thinking the same thing, now's our chance. This was exactly what Carly had been hoping for when she planned this party.

The only problem was, how could she get Bella alone with Zane. Especially since Zane was probably balls deep in Julia right this moment.

They all sat and continued gossiping, more about boys now than the competition, with a strong undercurrent about the secret vote. The juniors were trying anything they could to pry more information from the seniors.

The seniors were trying to pry more information from the juniors as to their plans to win Zane's vote. The whole time, Carly was trying to figure out a way to get Julia out of that room, and Bella in. Just then, divine intervention provided Carly with the perfect tool for the job, her mom.

Her mom came out on the patio and was roaming about making sure everything was okay, everyone was having a good time, there was plenty of food and drink, everyone had their clothes on, and no one was having sex. Carly, thinking as quickly as she could, turned to Sara and Ashley and told them to casually point out to Bella that Zane was in the back bedroom.

Just truthfully fill her in on what had happened so far. Gossip it up that it looked like Zane was making his move, or Julia was. Either way something was happening in there. Maybe they could even get Bella into the downstairs kitchen. She was going to pull Julia out of there and leave Zane alone in the bedroom for Bella to pounce. Carly then recruited Julie to distract her mom so that she could get in the house unnoticed and get into that room.

Carly knew the very next thing her mom would do is start checking bedrooms, and she knew the downstairs one would be the first one she checked. Even without Bella here, the last thing she wanted was for Zane and Julia to get caught, that wouldn't be good for anyone.

She snuck into the house, down the hall, and quickly into the bedroom without any warning. As she slipped through the door and quickly closed it behind her she was excited by what she saw. Here was Julia, completely naked, eyes closed and apparently in pure ecstasy as Zane was going to town on her tits. NICE tits by the way, WOW!

Who knew Julia had such a hot body. And was that his hand down between her legs working her into a frenzy? Sweet! But why did he still have his swimsuit on? Taking your time or what? Shouldn't she be pregnant by now? What an idiot. It was only the very quickest glimpse but every little detail was burned into her mind. Whatever, no time for that, she was getting distracted from her plan. What the hell? When the door opened and closed so quickly Zane moved to cover and hide Julia without even thinking about it.

Julia screeched and grabbed the sheet to cover herself over. Zane looked to the door to see Carly standing with her back against it, holding it shut. "What the fuck Carly?!" he said, "Get out of here!" "Mom's coming" she answered urgently, knowing she still had some time before mom actually showed. She assessed the situation and quickly came up with a plan, she told Zane "You get in the bathroom and don't make a fucking sound!" She then turned to Julia who was still trying to hide and turning a bright shade of total embarrassment, picked up her bikini bottoms and told her "You, put these on quick and grab your top" She pushed Zane into the bathroom and pulled the door half closed.

She knew that if mom saw the door shut completely she would know they were hiding something, that door is never closed, with it half closed it wouldn't seem as obvious.

As long as he didn't make any noise mom would have no reason to suspect anything. Zane shut up and followed orders. Carly then rushed over to Julia, who was hurrying to put her top back on and said "No no, don't clip it yet, just wait" Carly could see Julia was completely humiliated at being caught in bed with Zane. The poor girl couldn't even speak. Carly stood behind her whispered into her ear "Don't worry, no one knows you two were in here except me, and I won't tell. It'll be our little secret" Julia wanted to jump out the window.

Carly was so excited she was shaking too. She found herself checking out Julia's ass, and even copping a feel as she worked Julia's top into place for her. Wow she had a great body. That's when mom popped in the door as expected. She froze for a moment at what she saw. "Carly, what the hell is going on in here?" her mom said.

Her mom was surprised to find her daughter and another girl with her top half off. She fully expected to find some boy trying to get someone's top off, but not her daughter. Carly snapped back at her mom, as she started fumbling with the closure. "Jeez mom nothing's going on, Julia just had a little wardrobe malfunction and we're trying to fix it.

Do you want her running around the patio half naked?" Her mom started to walk over to them offering to help when Carly just hooked it together. "There, got it." "Okay" her mom said. "Well if the crisis is over let's all get back outside, you know the rules" Carly noticed Zane's phone sitting on the bed on as her mom started herding the two of them out of the room.

Perfect! She thought. She discretely picked it up like it was her own. Her mom escorted them out of the room, pulling the door closed behind her. Zane waited in the bathroom. When they reached the downstairs kitchen, which is right off the patio, they found Sara, Ashley, and Bella refilling drinks and snacks. Her mom was okay with them being in the kitchen, it was the bedrooms that were off limits.

Carly hung close to Julia, who was still red from embarrassment. She had clearly been caught doing something. The other three girls all noticed but kept their mouths shut. They traded knowing smiles. Carly started heading back out to the pool with Julia, but then quickly turned, checked to make sure her mom was gone, put Zane's phone down on the counter and whispered "Someone give this back to Zane, he's hiding in the guest bathroom" She said this as she was looking at Sara and Ashley, but she pushed the phone closer to Bella.

Sara and Ashley both agreed, but made no move to touch the phone. Bella took the bait. Bella's opening Bella had intentionally not told her boyfriend about the party today. She told him she had to go to a cheerleader meeting to discuss their next competition. She didn't want him there. She really didn't have any kind of "plan" at all, but she knew she had business to do.

She had to cozy up to Zane and see what it would take to buy his vote. That's what it came down to. Every other girl on the team was trying to buy him off, she had to make sure no one had a distinct advantage. She didn't know what she would do exactly but she was sure it wouldn't be difficult to manipulate him.

He wasn't that smart. She liked Zane, he was a nice enough guy, but she'd never really had any interest in him. She'd known him since junior high school, but he had always been dating someone else any time she had been single.

Not that she ever had any interest in dating him, she liked much bigger guys. Besides, he was Julie's next door neighbor and she always thought there was kind of a "thing" going on there, even when he was dating other girls.

Julie could make her life hell and Bella never wanted to give her reason to do so. Bella didn't know that Carly could make her life even worse.

She did know that that ever since these rumors about this secret vote started, all of the other girls were trying to get to Zane.

There was always at least one of them hanging on him if not more. She'd been a little skeptical at first since she'd never heard of any secret vote before, but after asking around a bit she was starting to think there might actually be something to it. She didn't think she needed him to vote for her, everyone loved her, the coach and faculty advisor both loved her, she knew she was a sure thing.

Still, if all the other juniors were hanging all over him, maybe she'd better make some kind of effort too. What could it hurt? Up until now all she had actually heard were rumors that he had hooked up with Chloe, but she's just a freshman, even if he did vote for her, she'd only have one vote. Bella never did get the point that Zane would only even have a vote if there was a tie.

She also knew that he was giving Natalie a ride to school every day, everybody knew that by now, and Natalie had to be giving him something in return for those rides. She wasn't doing it just because she liked his company.

He wasn't that interesting. Natalie was definitely her competition and if all the rumors were right, she was way ahead of everyone. And now, here was Carly trying to keep him from getting caught alone in the bedroom with Julia. Why would she do that? When Carly asked for one of them to return Zane's phone to him Bella immediately recognized the perfect chance to get him alone, that had worked out well.

She realized she might have all the answers to her questions right there in her hot little hands, his phone. Time to snoop. Fortunately he didn't have a code set, so she was able to open it. The very first thing she saw was a phone message from Natalie. Her name popped right up, along with the picture of her in the school bathroom showing her tits. Bella thought she looked like a little tramp, but she knew Zane would love this.


Is that what he wants? Pictures? She cautiously walked into the room, closing the door behind her. She looked around but didn't see him anywhere, then she remembered Carly said he was hiding in the bathroom.

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She was looking through his camera now and had come across the first few pictures of Julia, sexy, but still dressed. As she kept swiping, she called out to him. "Zane?" Zane froze. He was hiding in the shower waiting for Carly to come tell him the coast was clear, or for Julia to come and invite him back into bed.

That wasn't either of them. Who was that? Again, softly "Zane. are you in here?" Son of a bitch. That was Bella. THAT's why Carly shut him down with Julia, she wanted him on Bella instead. She was obsessed with it. Fine, but he was going to handle Bella differently. After all, Carly said she wanted Bella to suffer.

He was going to make Bella suffer. He wanted to make Bella beg him to fuck her. Bella poked her head around the corner and found him hiding in the shower. She just laughed at him and asked "waiting for something?" She knew he was.

He answered "Yeah, you. What took you so long?" Ohhhhh that was smooth, she thought. Good cover. She swiped to another pic of Julia on his phone, the one of her topless. "Whoa!" She exclaimed. Then answered "Oh I was just looking through some of your pics.

Pretty nice! That Julia's got a nice bod! Zane reached over, grabbed the phone from her and looked to see what she was looking at. He was glad she hadn't gotten to the last shots of Julia fully nude.

He looked Bella over. She was wearing a nice little orange bikini that accentuated her deeply tanned skin. With her dark brown eyes and the long black hair, he had to admit, she did look good.

He was going to enjoy fucking her, when he finally did fuck her. She didn't know that yet. Then again maybe she did, he couldn't be sure. Not that he cared either way. Bella spoke right up again. "I saw the shots of Natalie too. Is that what you're doing now? Collecting nudes of all the cheerleaders?" He answered "Why not, that's a great hobby" She just smiled at him.

They both knew the dance they were dancing. Zane was thinking yes, I am, so let's get that bikini off and show me what I have to look forward to. Bella was thinking, hmmm, can I get away with just letting him take a couple of pics? Would that be enough? She didn't really want to, Bella had a history with nude pics.

The summer she started high school, Bella had taken some nude selfies and sent them to her boyfriend. Her parents caught her. She got in so much trouble. She was grounded for the entire summer and had her phone taken away, and was definitely banished from ever seeing that boy again. By the time school had started, every boy in the school knew about those pictures.

Within a month, every boy in school HAD those pictures. This established Bella's reputation as a total slut. "Is that what I have to do too? To get you to vote for me? Do I have to take my clothes off?" she asked, in a very seductive tone. She thought she was being sarcastic and seductive. She was stalling. Was this a good idea? Is that all he wants is pics of everyone naked? If he took new shots of her and they ever got back to her boyfriend there would be hell to pay.

Zane looked her over. She did look sexy. Let's see how far we can push her. If he couldn't have Julia, maybe he would fuck the shit out of this little bitch today after all. He swiped through his phone and actually found her previous nudes. He held up the phone to her and answered her. "Yup. But any pics I take will have to be better than these, of course", showing her the pics of herself in her bathroom freshman year.

Bella cringed inside, she hated those pics now. She never thought anyone would find out, let alone spread them to everyone she knows. Now any time she'd started dating someone new, those pics would come up, and here she was thinking about letting someone take even more. But did she really have a choice here? And was it really such a bad thing? Her body was so much hotter now. She actually had tits now, compared to those pics, and she was tight and toned and tan now.

She was proud of her body, and she'd worked hard for it. Why not let him take a shot or two if that's what it takes to buy his vote? Bella struck a pose. Hand on hip, other behind her head, bent the legs, and stuck out her chest. Zane laughed and snapped a pic. She changed poses. He shot again. And again. And again.

At first they were just playful poses and they were both actually laughing about it. Then Zane pulled her out of the bathroom and sat her on the bed. Now it was time to get serious. He had her pose again draped over the headboard. Snap. Then Zane reached out, slid his hand over her right breast, grabbed the string of her bikini and said "Let's get rid of this" He expected her to protest. She hadn't expected him to be touching her. His touch actually thrilled her a little.

She didn't want it to. She didn't want him to touch her at all. Nowhere in her mind had this ever gotten to a place where he would be touching her. But still, no one but her boyfriend had touched her body in over a year, and Zane definitely had a soft touch. That was kind of nice… No no, let's not get carried away now. She hesitated, but Zane kept pulling her top to the side, exposing her breast.

She took a deep breathe then slowly and seductively she took her top off. Zane just clicked away. Damn she does have nice tits. He was going to be more than happy to help Carly get her revenge. He took a couple of shots and then sat on the bed next to her and reached out to touch them.

Her nipples responded immediately, and her breathing shortened momentarily. She watched his hands exploring her breasts. Hmmm that was nice. He really did know how to use his hands. But hey, that wasn't part of the deal.

She pushed him away and struck another pose. Zane was amazed at how easy she was. She clearly thought she was in control. She had no idea. He already owned her. After a dozen or so shots of her topless, Zane just looked at her with an expectant grin.

Bella asked "What?" He reached down and grabbed the string on her bikini bottoms and started to pull. Again, he expected more resistance. After an instant, she understood.

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He wanted more? Completely naked? None of the others were completely naked. Then again she hadn't seen all the pictures. She looked at him staring at her body and hesitated yet again. She really needed to be captain. She already had scholarship offers from a couple of schools, but if she made captain she was almost guaranteed an offer from her dream school.

Did she really want to let this nobody see her naked just for that? Yes. That was worth it. He thinks he's such a stud, I'll give him a thrill. She slowly untied her bottoms and pulled them away from her body. Zane thought Wow. Within five minutes, Bella, who had barely even spoken to him in the last three years, was now fully naked for him, in bed.

How easy was that! If he'd known she was this easy he would have fucked her long before now. She really was a little slut. Still, what an awesome body. His cock was at full attention and wanted him to put the camera down and jump on her.

He snapped a few more shots. Her poses got sexier and sexier. Then he took a few that looked like he had just caught her sleeping naked. Then he started to climb up next to her on the bed. "Whoa dude! What the hell?" She balked.

Why the hell is he climbing in bed with me? No way boy! She was thinking he was going to try something, especially since he was tenting his swimsuit at this point. Good lord how big was that thing? "Shhhhh…" he answered "Someone will hear you" and then he continued to climb in the bed and cuddle up close to her, with no explanation.

Suddenly flustered and unable to think, Bella stiffened up as tense as she could be as he cuddled up to her from behind and got a shot with himself nuzzling her neck and his hand on her tits. "Come on this is too much! I never said you could touch!" she said. He said "Oh hush, you know you like it when I touch you" and then he touched her again, soft and gentle across her belly.

Not even anywhere near the important parts Honestly, she did like it. It was so sensual. Eventually she just gave in and let him take his pictures. He ended up with about thirty shots of her naked and in various poses, with a whole series that looked exactly as if someone had caught them in bed together.

Carly was going to love these. But wait, there's more! As they were cuddled up close, Bella completely naked, Zane still in just his swimsuit.

Zane's cock kept poking her. Clearly he was enjoying himself. Oh my god when would this be over! Still, it felt enormous. She kind of wanted to reach back and just take one little feel, see what he's got. She was so confused and conflicted. She kept thinking about her boyfriend. Then again, that's exactly why he wasn't here… he would never know if she just… and she really did want desperately to be captain. Finally she said something. As she looked down at the tent formed in his swimsuit, she asked "Having fun there big guy?" Zane knew she was hating this, and was only doing it to gain his favor, but here she was in bed with him completely naked, so who cared why she was doing it.

Maybe he would fuck her right now after all. He had been pressing his cock against her in every shot. He had his hands all over that body, and knew he heard the occasional little moan escape from her. This was going to be good. When she asked if he was having fun he said… "Of course I am!

Look at you, you're beautiful. You're sexy. And you're naked. And here I am in bed with you, what guy wouldn't want to be where I am right now?" Bella actually blushed a little. He was right about that. She could rattle off a list of guys who would want to be exactly where he was right now. She was flattered that he said she was beautiful and had a great body. She never knew he thought that of her. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. He put the phone down, leaned over, wrapped and arm around her and pulled close.

Then he kissed her. Wow, she wasn't expecting that, she shouldn't be doing that! But she found herself kissing back. Damn he was a good kisser too. Mmmmm I wonder how that tongue would feel on my… Oh she should not be thinking this.

She should definitely not be doing this. His hands explored her body. Again, his touch actually set off tingles all over. He was right, she really did like when he touched her.

He kissed her shoulders. Her neck. Her earlobes. Her chest. Working his way down, she knew where he was going. His hands were already fondling her tits. She made no effort to stop him. Why didn't she make any effort to stop him? What the hell happened to just pictures? Mmmmmmmmm, oh yes, more of that. Wait, NO! No no no! She was enjoying his mouth on her.

Her boyfriend wasn't soft and tender like this. He was a mountain of a football player and was usually every bit as rough as he seemed. She shouldn't be liking this. But damn he was good. This was such a bad idea.

His lips closed over her nipple and it sent a shockwave through her. Her eyes grew wide, then closed, and she drew in a breath, and then let it out slowly. Oh she should not not not be doing this. But… his tongue played over her nipple, and he started to suck. She closed her eyes and lay back as he started to suck, and lick and bite, and tease her nipples.

She loved what he did with his tongue. Oh my god that's so good. His hands squeezing and fondling her. Her boyfriend wasn't this attentive any more. She lost herself for a moment. At the same time his hands were exploring.

They squeezed and fondled her breast as he sucked on her nipples, and then slowly began lazily tracing the muscles on her belly. Her skin was so soft and tender, yet he could feel every muscle of her six pack. She let out a little moan. Zane was enjoying playing with her. Her body was amazing. Both nipples were hard like little pebbles as he sucked and licked them both.

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Her stomach was amazingly tight and hard, yet her skin was so smooth and soft. He pushed his hand lower, wanting to feel how wet she was, because he knew she was by now. As his hand slid over the wiry tuft of hair just above her pussy, her legs just slipped apart for him, and he slid his fingers gently down over her lips. Bella had completely lost herself in the moment.

She knew she shouldn't even be here, let alone have her clothes off, but with his mouth working magic on her tits and his hands so soft and gentle, she couldn't bring herself to make him stop. When his hands slipped down to her pussy, she just spread her legs and awaited his touch.

She didn't even think about it. His touch on her pussy was electric. She drew in a sharp breathe and arched her back, pushing her breasts harder against his mouth, and her pussy harder against his fingers. Zane was thinking "yeah, I need to fuck you right now" He drew his fingers the length of her labia, with the tiniest bit of penetration.

He started to rub and push his fingers more and more. When his finger hit her clit, her eyes opened, she let out a much louder moan, and after a split second, she reached down and grabbed his hand. Bella stopped thinking for a moment. She surrendered to everything she was feeling. His fingers on her pussy were amazing, and then, he penetrated her. Oh that felt amazing. He started to work, and her legs just fell wider apart.

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She barely realized it. When his finger hit her clit, the feeling throughout her entire body finally woke her up out of the trance he had her in.

Her eyes opened with a start, she let a loud moan that turned into a startled exclamation, and she immediately reached down and grabbed his hand.

OH my god how did he do that? I thought we were taking pictures and now he… Must stop! Have to stop! Oh I'm in so much trouble. Realizing that was as far as this was going at the moment, Zane took her hand and slid it right down inside his shorts. She was shocked for a moment and tried to pull back, but he held her there. She was shocked by the size of what she found in her hand. After a moment's hesitation, she tried to wrap her hand around it, but couldn't quite.

Granted, Bella is short and has tiny hands, but still. Wow. Zane stood up next to the bed and pushed his swimsuit down. He pulled her up to sitting position on the edge of the bed. Bella was surprised when his cock jumped out at her. It was much bigger than she expected. What was she saying, she wasn't expecting to see his cock at all, especially not right in her face. Despite her reputation she'd only seen a couple other than her current boyfriend's, and she didn't expect Zane's to be more than average.

She sat contemplating it for a moment. He had distracted her again. Then she came to her senses, wait, what was he doing? Why was he…? He didn't expect her to… Did he?

Oh my god he DID! Zane reached down and put his hand on the back of her neck. He pulled her head forward and said "Look what you did Bella, you're gonna take care of this for me right?" She couldn't think of what to do, so she wrapped her hands around his cock and started to stroke it, stalling. This was so never part of her plan. Wait, did she ever even have a plan?

How the hell did she end up here? How the hell did she end up naked? How could she get the hell out of here? She tried to think, but he was pushing her head towards his dick. When it touched her lips, instinctively, she just gave up.

She whispered to herself "for Captain!" Then she opened her mouth and leaned forward. As Bella took his cock in her mouth Zane thought, well damn, that was easy. Then he put both his hands on her head and guided her along as she bobbed up and down on his tool sucking hard.

At first she seemed to be just going through the motions, but then she really got into it. Oh she was good. She was getting a surprising amount of cock in her mouth for such a tiny girl. He threw his head back and enjoyed as she sucked for all she was worth.

He would pull her head against him and force more of his cock into her mouth. She got the point, and started going even deeper. Apparently she'd had some practice. Coming to his senses for only an instant, he quickly grabbed his phone and switched to video.

Bella didn't even realize he had the camera on. She had closed her eyes for the whole event. She actually found herself enjoying his hardness in her mouth. His cock was pretty amazing. What she couldn't fit in her mouth, she stroked. She cupped his balls. She worked every part of him. This was actually pretty hot. Damn, how did she end up in here sucking his cock? She shouldn't be enjoying this. No no no no no no no! But still. not bad In no time at all she could tell he was ready to burst.

Bella tried to pull back but all of a sudden he was much stronger than before. Her eyes opened wide as he held her head right there and started to push himself into her throat. She wasn't ready for that. She tensed up and couldn't breathe. She felt his cock push right down into her throat and she started to gag, but he didn't care. Another push, she felt her throat try to close around him. He instantly started to pulse hot cum right down her throat.

She never had a choice to swallow or not, he was just shooting it straight down her throat. He moaned. She swallowed. Then she was finally able to breathe. Zane shot two or three more loads into her mouth and then collapsed on the bed next to her. She couldn't do anything but swallow it all down.

After a moment he started touching her again, pulling her down on the bed next to him.

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She said "oh my god, do you always cum so much?" She had some dribbling down her chin. He answered "Always. But you handled it like a pro, mmmmmmmmmm" She did not miss that nasty little dig.

Bella was disgusted with herself. The taste of his cum lingered in her mouth. How had she so completely lost control of the situation? She had to get out of there before things went any farther.

She reached down and grabbed her bikini and started to put it back on. Zane asked "where are you going?" She answered "ugh, I have to get out of here, I need something to get that taste out of my mouth" You think that's enough? Zane just watched her get dressed. He wanted to throw her right back down on the bed and just rape her right then and there, but he somehow managed to control himself. If he hadn't just blown his load down her throat he would be burying himself in her tight little cunt right this moment.

This might actually work out even better though. She thought she was done. Hahahah. She begged him not to show the pictures to anyone, and to keep them their little secret. Of course he agreed, and of course he had no intention of keeping that promise. He was going to show everyone. Especially the video she didn't realize he'd taken. Bella's head was reeling. She had come into this without a plan or expectations or even a clue as to how she could get him to vote for her and ended up THAT close to fucking him.

She was so flustered from a belly full of his cum that she that she forgot to even ask if he would vote for her. As she got to the door and was about to leave, Zane asked… "Hey Bella…" "What?" "You don't really think we're done do you?" Bella stopped and looked back at him lying naked on the bed, his cock already getting hard again. She didn't understand. "What?" she asked. Zane said it again, "I mean, do you really think that's going to be enough?" "What the hell are you talking about?" she asked.

Zane propped himself up on his elbows and looked at her. He had nothing but contempt for her at this moment, having heard all the stories about her. She thought she was a master manipulator, and here she had just peeled her clothes off and sucked his dick with almost no resistance at all. She was his plaything now and he knew it. All because she wanted something from him. She was so easy. He was loving this. Time to turn the screws. He said "Come on, we both know the only reason you're even here is to get my vote, you don't really think a simple blow job is going to be enough to do it, DO you?" Bella froze, working through what he was saying.

She raised her voice an octave or so. "What?" she said again. Zane smiled as he watched her start to seethe. He answered. "Bella, if I am the secret vote, and I'm not saying that … I am … A simple blowjob is not going to be enough to make me vote for you. Hell I can go out to the pool right now and get three freshman to suck my dick in front of everybody with no promise of anything in return.

I've been getting blow jobs from Natalie every morning in the school parking lot. Yesterday, I fucked her before school in her cheerleader uniform.

You're going to have to do better than a blow job and some pictures." Bella was steaming over. Mostly she was panicking. Holy shit! He had nudes of her. She had let him climb in bed with her and take pictures. Pictures that clearly looked like they had been sleeping together. She had let him climb all over her.

She had let him suck het tits. She had sucked his dick. She had swallowed that awful juice he shot down her throat. Worse yet, she had enjoyed it! And now he wanted more? What more could he want? She still couldn't connect the dots. "Well what the hell do you want?" she screamed.

Zane just smiled and laughed a little. Bella was not amused. "Well?" she asked. He just kept smiling at her and tilted his head as if to say "Come on, you can figure this out" Bella's mind was so steamed over that she could not think al all. The only thing in her head right now was rage, and the memory of his cock shooting all that cum down her throat.

She stuck her head out at him, shrugged, and held her hands up in a silent "what?" gesture. Zane smiled at her for a moment savoring the sheer outrage going through her mind. He could almost see the steam blowing out of her ears like in all the cartoons.

Carly would be loving this, she'll be sorry she hadn't set up the camera now. He looked and Bella, smiled, and calmly said "I wanna fuck you" Bella's head almost burst. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes practically turned to fire.

Even when he had his fingers in her pussy, the idea of fucking him had not occurred to her. "I am NOT going to fuck you!" she screamed. She was outraged. Zane just laughed. Zane is a smart ass. He answered "That's okay, you can just lay there, I'll do all the work" Bella could hardly form words.

"That is NOT gonna happen" Again, Zane just smiled at her and calmly said "Oh please, it almost happened just now. You asked what I want, I want to fuck you, you want my vote, that's my price" "It did not almost happen just now, I was just…" He interrupted, "I mean if you WANT to be captain, you probably will, but if not, hey, there's lots of other girls on the team who do" "I don't' fucking NEED YOU to make me captain asshole, I have all the votes I need already" "Really?" Zane asked.

"Why isn't your boyfriend here today? What made you come to this party without him? And what made you come in here with me? Alone. And why did you have all your clothes off in less than five minutes? And what made you spend the last fifteen minutes sucking my cock like a little whore? If I had just kept going I'd be fucking you right now and we wouldn't even be talking.

Did you do that just because you like me? I don't think so" Bella was fuming. She knew she didn't need pretty boy here to prop her up. She answered. "I already know that both coach AND the faculty advisor will vote for me. AND I know that Sara and Ashley will both vote for me, so that's enough right there. I don't need you." Zane laughed and explained things to Bella, of course he was making up some of his "facts" as he went along.

"The coach, and the faculty advisor only vote if the seniors come to a tie, and none of the seniors are going to vote for you. Maybe you remember freshman year when you hit on Ashley's boyfriend and started to make out with him at a party RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Do you think she forgot that? And Sara? Do you remember telling everyone that Sara lost her virginity to that fat ass softball player? That rumor that people still believe to this day? They know it was you who started that.

And just by the way, Sara lost her virginity to ME, and we've been fucking on the side ever since. (He wasn't really, but twice).


Julie and I have been neighbors since we were four, even if we weren't each other's firsts, which we were, she would still vote the way I asked her to. And Carly? I've been fucking Carly AND her sister for the last two months. (It was one month at best) You didn't know THAT did you? If anyone has all the votes they need, it's me. I will decide who gets to be the captains next year" Bella stood there shell-shocked and fuming.

She suddenly realized that in reality she may not have any votes at all! How could this have happened? God how she hated Zane right this minute. She re-directed her attack. "Fine, I'll just go out there and tell everyone the scam you're trying to pull. You'll probably get fucking arrested" "For what?" he said.

"For… for… for fucking freshman that's what! That's right, I know you fucked Chloe and she's not even sixteen. She's underage!" Bella retorted. "I don't know what you're talking about.

I never had sex with Chloe. I gave her a ride home and she kept all her clothes on the entire time, and she'll tell you the same thing" he said. Zane continued. "…and If you go out there and say anything, nobody is going to believe you. No one is going to admit anything.

The girls who set this whole thing up will deny everything. The girls who still want to be captain will all deny it, call you a liar, realize you're out of the competition and then come fuck me themselves.

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At that point I can guarantee you won't be captain next year. Hell if you try to blow the whistle there's no guarantee you'll even make the team next year!" Bella was shaken to her very core. This was beyond losing control. She was devastated. She thought she had gotten away with all those stupid pranks.

She didn't know they all had her figured out. Her entire world was crashing down around her. But she was never going to let this asshole put his dick in her. Never. Bella set her resolve and repeated herself. "I am NOT going to fuck you. You can just keep on dreaming asshole. I don't need you" Again, Zane remained calm and answered "Whatever you say.

I'm not going to force you. But I think we both know that you will… eventually." Bella's rage filled the room. She grabbed the door and pulled it open, preparing to storm out when Zane added one more thing. "Oh, and Bella…" She stopped, but didn't look back at him. He could hear her teeth grinding with rage. "I absolutely hate condoms, and I have no intention of pulling out. You might want to make sure your birth control is up to date" Back outside Bella stormed out of the room and down the hall.

Zane heard her go out the door into the party, gather her things, and then leave. Two minutes later she was gone. He just laughed. Zane took his time, washed up, then went back outside himself. He saw Julia sitting with Sara and Julie, they had been helping her recover from the embarrassment of almost having been caught naked in a strange bedroom with him. Poor Julia was so embarrassed, she just KNEW that everyone was staring at her.

But Julie and Sara assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about. No one was staring at her. No one knew anything at all. After all, she hadn't been caught with Zane, she had been caught with Carly trying to fix her bikini, that's all.

Carly's mom didn't care, she just asked if they needed help. No one even knew that Zane had been in there with her. Except them of course. Still, there were already plenty of rumors, even though no one actually saw anything. Carly had noticed Bella come out of the house, her face controlled but obviously upset. She started over to act the concerned friend but before she could get there, Bella just turned her head away, gathered up belongings, and left in a hurry.

Once she was out of sight Carly gritted her teeth, quietly grinned, and pumped her fist in victory. "YESSSSsssssss!" When Zane came out of the house a few minutes later, Carly ran up to him and pulled him over to the side where they could talk in private.

"Did you fuck her? TELL me that you fucked her. PLEASE tell me that you fucked her, ohhhhhh she did not look happy, I thought she was going to burst into tears." And then she just laughed. Zane answered, "If I had fucked her, she would look happy.

So no, I didn't fuck her. Yet. But even better, I'll tell you later, for now you can look through these. ONLY YOU!" and he handed her his phone. Carly burst into a wild look of anticipation and all but ran into the house to see what he had given her.

Zane walked over to where Julia was sitting with Sara and Julie and apologized for taking so long, he had to wait until the coast was clear. Sara and Julie had been telling Julia that they thought she was perfect for Zane, and they truly did! The two of them would look so cute together.

Then they all started telling stories about him and feeding her infatuation. Julia even shared her secret of the little crush she'd had on him since freshman year. She was so cute, she made the seniors swoon at the idea of her and Zane together.

It was so romantic. They genuinely thought the two of them would be amazing together. Here it was supposed to be just him fucking his way through the whole squad, but Julia was so sweet and honest and cute and naive.

They never really knew her that well before, but now they loved her more than ever. Julia instantly became their "little sister".

Without even knowing it, she had achieved favored status among the seniors. Between recovering from her shame and hearing all the stories these girls were telling her about Zane, Julia hadn't even noticed how much time had gone by before Zane came back out of the house, and so never even wondered what he could have been doing in there all that time. He stood her up, sat down in her seat, then pulled her down on his lap. Julia was happy again. She cuddled right up into his arms, not the least bit embarrassed.

The seniors all melted watching them. Julia and Zane remained side by side for the rest of the evening, with the blessing of the seniors.

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Sara declared that the two of them would be dating by Prom. Julie, who knew Zane better than anybody, said more likely by tomorrow. The rest of the underclassmen had been watching events unfold all afternoon and took special interest when Bella came out of the house.

Something was not right. She seemed both mad and broken at the same time. What the hell had happened? Then Zane came out a short time later, and the theories and rumors began to stir more than ever.

The two of them must have been in there together. What the hell had just happened? This could be huge! Everyone was probing for answers anywhere they could.

Carly came out of the house with the biggest smile on her face and handed Zane his phone. "Here…" she said. "You left this in the house" Carly was beaming with joy.