Teen boy first gay sex After I got myself under control I

Teen boy first gay sex After I got myself under control I
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William and Ann Chapter 8 Larry and Ann were still in bed snoozing after that exhaustive and intense sexual session when William returned. He had taken a trip to the "other side of the tracks" where he found an adult toy store. Will was happy to go shopping with his dad's money, especially since it was to please him and his sister. When he walked into the shop, he noticed it was divided into three sections. One portion had racks full of magazines, another section had dildos, vibrators, pumps, and other novelty items, and the third part had shelves stocked with video tapes.

He couldn't believe he actually got in the front door without getting nervous, but after a guy fucks his sister and is given a blowjob in a public theater, what's left to do?

He walked over to the magazines and saw the largest selection of porn magazines he had ever seen! There were magazines with big boobs, little boobs, young girls, old women, lesbians, gays, pregnant girls, and even transvestites. What drew his attention, though, was a little magazine called "Family Ties". Inside, there were pictures and stories of incest.

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He got one of them and walked to the toys where he picked up a bright pink vibrator that he knew Ann would appreciate. Finally, he browsed the video section and found himself looking in the "Classics" section.

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He saw "Debbie Does Dallas", "Behind the Green Door", "The Devil in Miss Jones", and "Taboo". After reading the backs for the story line, he chose "Taboo" and made his purchase before heading back home anxious to get to his room and start reading his new magazine. "Ann?" He saw her bikini and shirt on the living room floor and thought she had to be in her room, but it was empty. He then realized she was in her dad's room. He peeked in and saw her spooned by Larry.

They were both fast asleep, so he walked into his room and opened his magazine. It was chock full of stories discussing sexual episodes involving sons, daughters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and siblings. William wasn't able to get past the first three stories before he had stroked himself to orgasm. He was now officially a fan of incest sex. Without care who saw his new stash of porn material, Will left the magazine on his dresser and went to the living room to watch "Taboo" on the VCR.

As the movie started, William sat on the rocking chair near the television so he could pay attention to the dialogue. It began rather mundane, but quickly escalated to the type of entertainment he hoped for as the story progressed.

Suddenly, behind him, stood Ann. "What you watching?" she asked.


She was completely naked, even though it was only 7:30 at night. "Taboo. It's a classic movie, Ann.

You wanna watch it with me? You're lookin' good." "Thanks. Sure I'll watch it, but don't you think Dad will be mad when he sees you watching this, especially with me. I'm too young to be exposed to this," Ann replied with a giggle. "Yeah, right! I saw you two in Dad's bed. Was he better than me?" "No, Will. You're the best. He is too big for me, and I think he's a hypocrite." "Why? What happened?" "He tells you that you have to wear a condom when you and I make love, but he didn't have one on when he was inside me." "Did he come in you?" "Yeah, and he wanted me to say that I wanted him to get me pregnant.

Will, I don't care if I do have a baby, but I'd rather have yours first. I love you. If he is going to be playing games, then we can play games back. We'll just say we are using condoms, but you don't have to unless you want. I enjoy feeling your bare skin in me. I feel so close to you and don't want anything getting between us, especially if I have to deal with Daddy now. Personally, I don't think I can have a baby yet, so I'm not worried about that, anyway.

I do have to say, though, Will, it was a bit of a rush knowing his stuff was in me and it was the same stuff that made us." "Gross!" "No it's not! I think it's cool. Do you know of any other girls that have their own dad's sperm in them? It's pretty special. However, how many girls do you know that want to have their brother's sperm in them, too?" "I can't think of any off the top of my head." "See?

You should feel lucky." "I do, Ann.


It's just I guess that I'm a jealous boyfriend. I don't like having to share you with anyone, not even Dad." "I know, but if it's the only way we can stay together with his approval, then I'm willing to do that.

Besides, Will, it's different with you.

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I think that if I do ever end up carrying a baby in my belly, Dad will leave me alone, but we'll have to pretend it's his, whether it is or not." "You may be right, but I still don't like it." On the TV screen, the movie showed the Kay Parker masturbating thinking about her son. Ann became enthralled and watched with enthusiasm.

Will said he'd be right back and got up to get her present. When he returned with the bag, her eyes lit up. She peered inside and saw the pink plastic shaft, she squealed with delight.

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William got a big hug and kiss. "Ann, where's Dad? I'm surprised he's not out here yet." "I don't know. He was snoring when I woke up. I think I wore him out." "I'm sure you did, Sis." "So, let me try out my new present.

I love the color. Looking at this lady on the movie has given me some ideas." "Oh, really? I want to see what kind of ideas you have in mind." "Go get some batteries for this thing and I'll show you." A minute later, William returned with a basket of various batteries. Ann opened the rear of the vibrator, inserted the batteries, resealed it, and turned the knob. It came alive with a buzz. Being nude already, she didn't need to remove anything, so she sat herself in the rocking chair with her legs spread eagle on the arm rests.

Together, the siblings watched "Taboo" while Ann used her new toy to stimulate her clit and William stood beside her torn between looking at the erotic scene on the screen and the one his sister had created.


His eyes darted back and from one to the other. Poor William was again in agony as his erection was reborn. Ann ran the plastic cock over her protruding clitoris and the entrance to her steaming teen tunnel of love.

She was mimicking the movements seen on the screen. William started to stroke his growing appendage. Ann turned her head and saw him jerking himself and loved what she saw.

It was so erotic to see her brother jacking off beside her. They had come such a long way in such a short time. "Get over here.

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I want to suck you," Ann told William. Without a moment's hesitation, he shuffled up beside the arm of the rocking chair where Ann leaned over to take his erection into her warm and wanting mouth. She handed the pretty pink vibrator to him so he would continue on her so she could concentrate on his pleasure.

With her head to the side, her legs spread wide, and her arm wrapped around her brother's waist to pull him close to her, she looked like a contortionist. The moaning and incestuous dialogue from "Taboo" was getting William hot. Between that, seeing Ann's wet pussy dripping her dad's cum as he moved the vibrator over her tiny clit, and knowing his little sister's mouth was engulfing his penis with her mouth just overwhelmed his senses, causing him to leak pre-cum like a faucet that wasn't completely shut off.

Ann's sucking action took his watery cum down her throat and into her stomach where it mixed with Larry's late-arrival semen. She was quickly becoming quite a cum slut. For a girl her age to be so addicted to sex and sperm was unheard of at her school. Would she be thought of as "Little Oral Annie"? William moved her hair out of her face as the movie showed the daughter sliding into bed with her dad.

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Will wanted to make sure Ann saw this scene. He thought of himself as the dad in "Taboo" and enjoyed the way the actress was seducing him.

Ann's mind rewound to her recent tryst with her dad, and she thought the scene looked quite familiar. With the pink toy massaging Ann and the cheek muscles surrounding Will's cock, the two teens were nearing climax. Ann was beginning to squirm and her legs flailed out as the sensations on her clit increased to an unbearable level. William's ass cheeks contracted and he knew it was only a matter of a few seconds before he launched another load, but this one would be into Ann's waiting mouth.

She felt the tension in his back with her hand and relaxed the suction to allow him full control. He grabbed her head and forced himself deep to the back of her throat as he unleashed his seminal fluid. Ann gagged as the shots of white cream hit against her uvula, causing her choke and spit out his seed. The corners of her lips looked as if she had rabies as Will's cum frothed.

Realizing she had just consumed her brother's fresh cum full of sperm, Ann shook and moaned around the dick still in her mouth. It was a glorious moment in the living room as the mutual masturbation came to a head. Will withdrew his withering meat from her mouth. He leaned down and kissed her, getting some of his own cum in his mouth, but it was worth it considering what she had done for him.

Ann turned off the video and got up, her legs aching from being in that exposed position, and walked to her room to get dressed. William followed her lead and took the movie back to his room. A dribble of cum remained on the front of his underwear, but he didn't notice or care. At least they weren't interrupted by their father, Larry, this time.