Her anus eats two dildos

Her anus eats two dildos
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WARNING!!!: this chapter contains: very dubious consent, seriously weird monstrous creatures, tentacles, (cum) inflation and cervix penetration. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be realistic! If you don't like it, nobody's making you read it! Night 2: a swell experience When Myara woke up the sun had already risen for a few hours. She rubbed the sleep, and the dried up orc cum out of her eyes and sat up, squatting. She hadn't forgotten what happened last night, and she tried to get the moonstone out of her abused, aching pussy.

In vain. She pushed, she peed, the jewel seemed stuck in her body. Myara slowly stood up, feeling sore everywhere from the rough orc gangbang. Especially her ass was still stinging badly.

She walked anyway, continuing her sacred quest now she remembered her duty. She had to save this forest from the evil demon by sealing the portal. She hoped she'd still be able to. She was the chosen one after all… But it was weird to walk with a fist sized gem stuck in her body. Luckily the craving wasn't bothering her that much at this point. The orcs probably fucked it out of her, at least for a while. After an hour of walking on the barely visible path through the thick forest, she came across a small river.

Relieved that she could freshen up she splashed some of the ice cold water in her face and onto her dirty body. After she cleaned herself up as much as possible she continued her walk along the path. It took several hours, and by the time she noticed the path started to go uphill, she was starving.

The only thing she had eaten all day were some berries she had picked during the hike. She was also exhausted. She sat down on a large rock to rest a moment. "Good day," a voice came out of nowhere. Myara bolted up and turned to see who was there. To her great relieve it was a man, a human. His gray shirt, pants and boots were remarkably clean, and his outfit was completed by a long black cape.

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He was tall and handsome, of indefinable age, and he had gentle, dark eyes. "I'm sorry," he apologized, "I didn't mean to scare you…" "What are you doing here?" the girl asked suspiciously. "I live here," he shrugged. "you must be the new champion." "Yes," she confirmed, though she started to wonder why she was called a champion when she could barely defend herself from harm.


"Oh," she suddenly pointed at the man, "you must be the priest of the chapel." "Priest?" The man raised an eyebrow, "I'm an enchanter." "I was told&hellip." "Some things changed over the years, my dear," the man spoke with a patronizing undertone, dismissing her questioning look.

"My name is Torus, and my home features a shrine, but don't expect anything ornate. Follow me." He beckoned with his arm. When he turned his back Myara could see his cape was adorned with a large red and gold symbol. It was a five pointed star with an upside down triangle in the middle, and two mirroring crescent moons on the sides. They walked past the ruins of a small stone building, and halted by a wooden hut, built against a steep rock. They stepped inside the sober house, which strongly smelled of food.

Myara sighed contently, at least she wasn't going to starve. There was a small stove with a very large softly broiling pot on it. There were also a wooden table and two chairs. The far wall was carved into the rock, and featured a large niche adorned with chalices, black candles and otherworldly symbols. It was the strangest shrine Myara had ever laid eyes upon. Next to it was a wooden door. The place was not at all what the chosen girl had imagined. She would have to meditate here to gain her strength to be able to close the portal, but she didn't even know what god the shrine was dedicated to.

Thankfully Torus had seemed like a nice man. Though it was a little strange he hadn't asked her name yet. She gulped when she realized there was something she should share with him, about what happened last night.

Myara felt her cheeks turn into a deep red shade before she even dared address the helpful enchanter.

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"Mister Torus…" she cleared her throat. "The… the moonstone…" He looked at her, suddenly concerned. "What about it? You haven't lost it, have you?" "No it's&hellip." she lowered her head in shame. "It's inside of me. In my&hellip. Belly." "Oh, good," the man said, clearly relieved.

Good? Myara looked at him confused, and then gulped. "Will you… get it out of me?" Torus gave her a strange look. "I suppose it's best we take a look at it to see if it's fully charged. But, um…the moonstone is supposed to be inside of you. It needs to be in order to unl- I mean, to shut the portal and keep it closed. So even if we take it out, we should put it back in later." Take the fist-sized stone out and then put it back in?

Myara gulped, thinking back about how the moonstone ended up inside her pussy in the first place. Hey…" the enchanter gently caressed her face when he noticed the girl was upset. She fell into his arms. "The orcs, it was so terrible… I don't know what came over me… but… I'm no longer a virgin.

Can I still lock the portal?" "Of course," Torus assured her, "It doesn't matter. No harm done." No harm done? Seriously? Myara felt strange. The weird man was saying a lot of things that hardly made any sense, but it was so nice to feel his kind embrace. She suddenly noticed she was panting, and without a warning, the craving welled up inside of her, and she lustfully looked up at Torus' face.

He was so handsome. When their eyes crossed he understood what she longed for, and he leant in to kiss her. The second she felt his lips on hers she slipped into another world, and while their tongues danced Myara became a slave to the craving once more. Her body awoke, and heavily leant on him, trying to make friction. Her hand reached down for his crotch and found his hardened dick.

His cock was disappointingly small for a man who's name sounded like Taurus. But then Myara realized she was comparing him to orc standards, which was hardly fair. "Sorry", she panted, fidgeting with his pants to get them to open "I don't usually…" "It's the craving, I know. It's ok, you can suck my dick now if that makes you happy," he said indulgently.

The second she had freed his cock Myara sank to her knees and took the entire length in her mouth. She sucked it fiercely and fairly easily accommodated his modest seven inches. Her hands clenched his ass as she urged him to move and fuck her throat.

Torus obliged and grabbed her blonde hair with both his hands, and then started ramming his cock in deep, and fast in the girl's face, his hairy balls slapping against her chin. Myara moaned gratefully, even though she had to be careful to keep breathing.

She loved to get her throat fucked roughly. Though somehow it wasn't completely satisfactory. Her hand reached under her dress and she pushed her fingers into her damp pussy. It pleasured her, what the enchanter was doing, but it wasn't enough. Though she could barely think in this state, the fingers of both her hand reached inside her needy cunt and pulled it open.

She wanted that skin stretched by something big! Her right hand reached further inside, and before she knew it she was fisting herself. Inside she bumped against a hard surface. The moonstone! She touched it! At the same time Torus started to emit deeper groans, and he turned her face and forced her jaw to open so wide his balls sunk into her mouth and brushed against the girl's tongue. Myara tried to move her cock crushed tongue to lick them, while he shot his hot seed into her throat.

He moved back a little, so Myara could breathe better and gratefully savor the salty taste of cum. While she still buried her fist in her pussy to touch the moonstone, she caught every load of Torus' jizz and thirstily swallowed all there was to be had.

When he was done she sucked his cock a little bit more, to make sure not a drop was spilled. Still panting and enjoying the aftertaste of cum, Myara leant backward and sat down on her ass.

She used both hands to hook inside her pussy and stretch it as far as she could, showing it to Torus. "Can you see the moonstone?" Torus looked down on the young girl gaping her pussy. "No, I can't see it from here." Myara moaned, still greatly under influence of the craving. "Come check it out", she tried to lure him. She had just given him a blowjob. The least he could do was reciprocate! "Later," he teased condescendingly, and turned his attention to the pot on the stove.

"You must be hungry." Myara was baffled by his rejection. Yes indeed she was starving, but so much in sexual need. "I need to feel something inside of me." Torus observed the girl that was still stretching her pussy with her fingers. It was unbelievable this slutty girl had been a virgin yesterday. His eyes bore deeply into hers. "I promise you, before the night is through you'll be so full you'll be begging me to stop." The girl was stupefied for a brief second, but the she pursed her lips seductively.

"Will you stop when I ask you to?" To that the man just laughed inauspiciously. "Come here and eat," he then commanded sternly, you'll need your strength if you want to survive the portal tomorrow!" He scooped up a plate of hot stew and served her. She sat down and ate fast while riding the edge of her seat. She knew the craving wouldn't go away unless she gave into it, and she started rubbing her clit during dinner.

Torus noticed, but he just scoffed and continued eating.

Myara sighed in frustration and cursed the craving, apparently she couldn't reach a climax anymore without help. When she nearly finished her stew she looked at the shrine carved in the stone, and the weird symbols. The largest one in the middle was the same as she'd seen on the back of the enchanter's cloak. A five pointed star with a red upside down triangle and two crescent moons.

"The shrine&hellip." She asked curiously, "to what god is it?" "Mezzalbur," Torus replied with a dark smile. "I've never heard of him…" "I come from a place very far away… He is the god of ordeals," the enchanter elaborated.


For a brief moment it looked like he was going to say more, but he kept his mouth shut. Myara gulped. Ordeals. That made sense.

She soon finished her bowl and put down her spoon. She looked up at the enchanter, biting her lower lip while cupping her tits, and he carefully observed her while eating.

She looked close to jumping up and fucking herself with a chair leg. Good, he thought. When he was finished, Torus slowly stood up.

"Why don't we go to the backroom and get you settled." Myara nodded eagerly. The enchanter had a strange way of expressing himself, but she was fairly sure he'd tend to her needs now.

The lowly lit room behind the wooden door was partially carved out of the rock, but the furthest wall consisted of rough stone, sloping down into a narrow, three foot high dark cavern.

Nearby, against the rough rock stood a long wooden trough. In the center of the room a set of shackles was bolted to the stone floor. "I… I… d… don't need restraints," Myara stammered, worried at the sight of the shackles. Torus turned to her, a smug smile playing on his lips. He suddenly pinned her against the wall and felt her up under her dress. "Oh yes," Myara moaned feverishly when the enchanter finally pushed his fingers into her dripping pussy.

His hand was soaked in mere seconds, and Myara lifted her leg to give him better access. "You want it like this, you desperate slut?

Huh?" "Yes! Oh yes!" Myara panted in delight. He dipped his fingers in fast and hard, trying to force them in deeper. He retracted his thumb, and soon his entire hand fit into her needy cunt. Torus had nice, big hands for a human, and she loved to finally get her pussy filled again.

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"Oh gods yes! Just like that!" "Yea you love to get your sloppy twat fisted don't you?" He fisted her hard and fast.


"Yes! Yes! Y -" Torus had suddenly retracted his hand. "No! don't stop!" He looked at her, unmoving. She clinged to him and grabbed a hold of his wrist, trying to pull it back down.

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"Please, put it back in! I need you to fist me more! Make me come I beg you!" He gestured at the floor, and the restraints. "I promise I'll make you come so hard you forget where you are." "Okay, Okay, fine!" she conceded, walking toward the shackles. Before she knelt, Torus pulled her dress over her head, so she stood completely naked. Then he made her go down, and restrained her securely. Myara now sat on all fours with her face toward the door and the exit, tightly pinned to the floor, her knees and elbows uncomfortably spread.

Torus took a moment to check out his handiwork, ignoring the girl's horny moans. When he was done he finally squatted behind her and forced his fist deep into her warm, damp pussy. Myara groaned upon the intrusion. It felt so good to get stuffed. She could feel his hand inside search and find the moonstone.

Then, with the stone in his fist he pulled back out. "Oh" the girl felt a jolt of pleasure ripple through her body when both hand and gem came out of her cunt. But then she felt empty again. Emptier than ever.

Why wasn't that man doing anything about her dire need! She turned her head as far as she could. She could see the enchanter hold the moonstone in his left hand, his right was moving in the air and he was whispering something, making the purple jewel suddenly shine even brighter.

"What!?" she nearly screamed when she felt something hot against the tender skin of her cock hungry snatch. "What is that?" "It's the moonstone," Torus informed her while pushing the nearly burning gem into the young girl's pussy.

"It's completely charged now." The burning sensation, it didn't hurt! But it did drive her even more crazy with lust. When she felt Torus' hand enter her again she couldn't help but move back and forth over his wrist. "Fuck me with your fist, mister Torus!" The craving was absolutely driving her insane.

"The moonstone is not in the right place yet," Torus told her, fumbling with his fingers in her warm, wet fuckhole. "Where is the right place then?" the girl moaned impatiently. "Oh, you're going to love this," Torus assured her, and forced his finger into her cervix. "Aaaaaah!" Myara screamed upon the sudden mind shattering sensation, a slave to the craving which turned her pain into immeasurable pleasure.

She screamed even harder when he pushed in a second finger and forcefully opened the young girl's womb. Her pussy clenched hard on his forearm as she toppled over the edge and came so hard it blinded her. Her orgasm didn't stop, she kept riding the hard waves of sexual bliss while Torus kept fingerfucking her uterus. She screamed again, from the top of her lungs when after a lot of hard work, Torus forced the entire heated moonstone into Myara's unused womb. And even when it was completely inside she couldn't stop coming for about five full minutes.

She hardly noticed the enchanter leave the room. While she was coming back to her senses a little bit, shivering, completely exhausted and her eyes wet with tears, Torus entered the room again, the cooking pot with stew in his hands. He emptied it in the trough by the cavern. Myara hardly noticed, or cared for what he was doing. Instead she gasped and wailed, "What have you done? The craving… it's even worse now!" She felt the moonstone, burning inside her.

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She urgently needed to get fucked or she would go completely insane. "Don't worry, little slut. I'll be right with you…" The enchanter whistled a few notes. And again, the same melody. A soft, muffled growling sound came out of the narrow den.

Miara instantly grew numb, and her eyes widened. What the fuck was that? She could hardly bring herself to turn her head. A pale white, seemingly amorphous creature slithered into the room. The animated blob was about the size of a goat, and when it reached the stew filled trough it suddenly extended a ribbed, tube-shaped part of its body, and a circular, wiggling mouth appeared on the end. It had minuscule, needle-like teeth and a thin, wiry tongue. It stuck its head in the manger and ate.

Myara was too torn apart to even speak, feeling disgusted and completely freaked out by the sight of the weird creature, and at the same time such a slave to the craving her womb was burning, and her pussy juice was trickling down her thighs and onto the floor. She was seconds away from begging for anyone, or anything to fuck the living hell out of her or she'd die from unrequited lust. Torus whistled again, and more of those formless heaps of flesh in various sizes entered the low lit backroom and ate from the trough with their one ribbed jut.

Myara could count eight of them. "W… what??" Myara finally managed to stammer, while involuntarily wriggling her dripping rear, "What are those?" "Oh, these are my losiphons." The enchanter spoke casually. "What… what are they doing here?" "Why they're my brainless underlings. Very useful beings," he assured her, while he observed the creatures clean out their trough of food to the last molecule. "They communicate with each other telepathically, in some sort of hierarchic hive culture.

It's absolutely fascinating-" "But when…" Myara gasped desperately, "when are you going to fuck me!?" Torus laughed at her impatience, and finally moved over to her and gave her ass a good whack.

The smacking sound echoed through the chamber and one of the losiphons turned its mouthed tentacle toward its master.

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Myara shuttered, looking at the eyeless white creature with disgust as it slithered in her direction. "What are you doing?

Keep that away from me!" Torus whistled a short tune again, and as if just given permission, the losiphon's proboscis extended further and the thin little tongue began to tickle Myara's inner thighs. "Noo," Myara moaned hard, tugging at her restraints, but her pussy was practically oozing in anticipation, and her insides were burning with desire. "Aah" she wailed as the wiry tongue fumbled around the delicate folds of her cunt.

The creature seemed to enjoy the taste of human pussy, and with quick, ticklish moves it licked up the girl's juice. "Oh gods!" Myara cried, shivering with hot desire as the horrid creature feasted on her sap.

She hardly noticed that the other losiphons were also coming closer. And then, upon a short whistle from Torus, the tentacle fondling her pussy wiggled and pushed against her drooling slit, slipping in.

Myara gritted her teeth. It felt so good to finally feel something in her needy pussy again, but the thought of what it was restrained her from expressing her pleasure. The proboscis made short, in and out movements, making a clear sopping sound, and the ribbed surface made it such a delight to get fucked by it. With panic in her eyes she looked at Torus, who was calmly smiled.

"Looks like that losiphon has found a way to please you," he observed. "It's mouth is in my body!" the girl exclaimed. Torus shrugged. "A losiphon is a simple creature. Its mouth is also its dick. So you're getting fucked, just like you asked." The enchanter whistled again, and some of the other losiphon's slid forward, their tongued tentacles seeking the young girl's copious pussy juice. One of them soon bumped into the one fucking Myara, and prodded the already occupied fuckhole.

When the other didn't move it simply forced itself against it, and suddenly slipped into the warmth of Myara's pussy, successfully jamming it with a second tentacle. It immediately adapted it's movement to that of the first losiphon, and together they merrily kept bumping the hot stone in her womb. Myara groaned as the two tentacles poked her insides.

It felt so good to get fucked. What did it matter that those dicks belonged to some weird, monstrous, amorphous creatures. She felt so grateful now, her womb glowing as she was used by Torus' underlings. While she closed her eyes, enjoying the ride, more of the creatures started poking her, and a third wiggled it's way, soon followed by a fourth. "AAAh," Myara drooled, delighted as her pussy got stretched wider than ever before.

Wider that she would have imagined were possible. The four ribbed dicks seemed to be picking up their speed as well, ramming the girl's overly stretched cunt, and her belly bulged visibly each time they reached the deep end.

Still more of the tentacles seemed to be prodding to find a way in. Torus stepped in closer and slipped a wet finger in her ass. Then he pulled it up and guided one of the largest seeking tentacles to the puckered hole. First the little tongue tentatively outstretched to explore. Apparently it liked the taste of Myara's asshole, and enthusiastically forced it's way inside. The enchanter then guided the last of the larger Losiphons to the girl's ass and made sure it got securely inside.

Now Myara was getting relentlessly fucked by six losiphons. "Fuck!" she exclaimed, "Oh fuck this is so crazy!" She thoroughly enjoyed getting her expanded holes pounded now, and was steering quickly toward an astounding climax.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Aaah! Aaaah!" The girl's voice broke as she toppled over the edge and came hard. She yelling hoarsely as the pleasure rippled through her body like jolts of electricity, frying her brain. Torus whistled for the two remaining smaller losiphons that idly stood by, their mouthed jut aimlessly wiggling in the air, finding no more room around the human's hospitable funholes. The creatures heeded the enchanter's call and moved forward. Torus grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and pulled the girl's face upward.

She meekly looked up at him with dazed, wet eyes, her mind lost in sexual bliss. "Open your mouth," he commanded. Myara complied, opening wide. A thin losiphon's tongue tickled hers, and explored the warm inside of the human girl's mouth. The enchanter whistled again, encouraging the creature to push in further, to the back of myara's palate.

The girl momentarily gagged upon the tentacle prodding her uvula, but then the creature pushed through, and descended her throat. "Now choke on this, little slut," She vaguely heard Torus mumble. Myara's eyes opened wide upon the sensation of getting a ribbed tube forced through her gullet. It was a strangely pressing type of pleasure. And she had to keep her head up to keep breathing.

When she saw the last Losiphon's mouth draw in closer she momentarily panicked, and tried to shake her head. Not another one! Her throat couldn't possibly take it! But in it went, pushing the first one aside and forcing itself into the girl's now bulging throat. They moved simultaneously, leaving just enough room in the middle so they didn't completely crush the girl's windpipe, and she still could breathe.

Torus took a step back to enjoy the view of the young girl getting pounded by eight of his monstrous underlings. Telepathic as they were, they were all in sync, battering the human's holes at exactly the same, quickening pace, bulging her belly and throat. The enchanter smiled, pleased with the 'champion's' good work.

He took a hold of his stiff dick and jerked off to the pleasant scene. A few moments later the losiphons started trembling, and then started hosing their cum into Myara's crammed holes. They filled her pussy, her stomach, her bowels, making her swell as there was no way for the fluid to leave her body. Myara's eyes rolled back in her skull as her belly kept expanding. The pressure was both fantastic and terrible at the same time, she couldn't grasp what was happening to her.

Upon a commanding whistle, all of the losiphons held still inside the girl. "Now that's befitting for a cum craving slut like you!" Torus stepped forward. He touched the smooth strained skin of her big cum filled belly. "Mmm, you should see how hot you look now, all saturated." He then walked over to her face, and admired her wide open, crammed mouth. She was crying, but it was impossible to tell if it was out of joy or sorrow. The enchanter straddled over the facefucking Losiphons and prodded the girl's face with his dick.

"Think you have room for one more?" he asked, pushing his dick against her upper lip. "Or maybe I should fuck your nose…" He poked her nostril, and then laughed, slapping her cheeks a bit. Myara blinked and tried to look up at him, and the enchanter smiled when he noticed she was still consciously present. He jerked off to the sight of her cockfilled, terrified face. His warm spunk splattered against her face.

Her nose, her eyes, her forehead, the enchanter had a lot of cum to give. When he was done, he pulled up his pants and walked toward the door. "I'll leave you to meditate now," he stated, and left the room. Myara screamed inside, but she couldn't produce a single sound, as her vocal chords were completely crushed.

The hotness, and the pressure, she thought it would kill her! In any case it left her on the brink of madness.

TBC… -------------------------- a/n: Losiphons don't exist. I made them up yesterday XD Next chapter will be up in one or two weeks, depending on how smoothly the writing goes. If there's anything you liked or disliked about the story so far, feel free to comment. I would really appreciate some feedback.

I vaguely know where I'm going plot-wise, but nothing's been chiseled into stone yet.