Ailine rodrigues cabo verde gostosona puta

Ailine rodrigues cabo verde gostosona puta
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Its my forst time writing, though i have been reading for quite some time. I thought it was time to tell my story. the beginning part was later explained to me by my wife. My wife and i have shared responsibilty of dropping my son off at school due to my rotating shifts at work, so we both get a chance to meet the other parents that drive their kids in.

There is one woman we have both noticed as being very good looking, and coincidentally very similar looking to my wife. Kat is approx 5'9" long straight black hair, full 38D tits and a great body. My wife Jessica is the same height and same tit size, though my wife has not lost all of hher baby-weight from giving birth like Kat has.

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During the first few weeks of the second year we have been seeing Kat at the school, my wife decided to invite her over to our house for the first time. I had worked the night before and gotten home while my ife was at the school, so i had no idea that she would be bringing Kat over, and she had no idea i would be sleeping in only a pair of boxers.

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When my wife and Kat came in the door my wife offered the tour of the house, quickly showing the main floor before moving upstairs. When they got upstairs my 2yr old daughter ran into the play room to play while my wife continued the tour. They quickly made it to the spare room where i had decided to fall asleep.

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When they walked in, they found me asleep on my back, on top of the covers, and apparently sporting a rather large erection in my sleep. My wife didnt notice me at first but apparently Kat did as she seemed to stop listening to my wife talking and focus on my cock bulging through my boxers.


Wife evenyually noticed me sleeping and my erection and she laughed, apologized to Kat and led her to another room. After the tour they sat and talked for a while until my mother in law called asking my wife to bring her something, and she needed whatever it was right away.

My wife quickly asked Kat if she would mind keeping an eye on our daughter while she drove over to her mothers. She shouldnt be any longer tha. 10-15 minutes. Kat agreed and my wife left. Kat made her way back upstairs to check on my daughter, and after making sure she was ok Kat quietly snuck back to the guest room.

She must have debated with herself for a while but eventually gave in and crawled o to the bed next to my legs. She stroked my cock gently through my boxers until i was completely hard and then slowly lowered them down, exposing my 7" cock. Im not overly long but rather thick. Kat auickly ducked her head down and ran her tongue up my shaft a few times until she eventually took my head in her mouth. I stirred then and as she bobbed up and down my shaft i started to moan. "Oh god Jessica that feels amazing".

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This made Kat pickup her pace a bit causing me to moan more. I eventually opened my eyes and looked down to see the top of "my wife's" head sliding up and doen my cock, her long black hair hanging down onto my stomach.

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I grabbed her hair and started pulling her harder onto my dick and moaning. I could feel myself getting close to cumming and dropped my head back and closed my eyes saying "oh my god im gonna cum.

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Dont stop!!!" Neither of us hesrd my wife make her way into the doorway of the bedroom, but before she could completely lose her shit she heard me say "oh god jessica, dont stop!!

Im gonna cum!! Im gonna cum!!" She instead chose then to say "what ghe fuck is going on here?" Kat shot up so fast she nearlell off the bed. I looked atKat then at my wife and said "holy shit i thought it was you." My wife stormed into the mm and asked Kat "wha thehell do you think you are doing?" "Umm i. i. im sorry." was all Kat came out with.

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I on the other hand started to sit up but my wife looked at me and said "dont you dare move." so i flopped back down. She then looked back at Kat and said "i asked you a question. what the hell do you think you are doing?. Dont stop, hes almost resdy to cum." Kat and i looked at my wife in shock but my wife simply grabbed kats hair and pushed her back onto my cock.

As Kat eventually gave in and started sucking me herself my wife crawled up onto the bed as lifted her skirt.

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She strsddled my fsce and told me to start "apologizing for cheating". I immediately started licking up and down her exposed, shaved pussy lips bug didnt get very far before i felt myself getting ready to cum. I moaned this to my wife who leaned down next to Kat a d started sharing my cock.

When my eife knew i was seconds away, she made Kat and undress, leaving me on the edge. She told Kat to kneel as she now hsd to take my cum the way i loved to give it, meaning all over her face and tongue. Kat never said a thing simply dropping to her knees and opening her mouth. I stood quickly and slid my cock back into her mouth while my wife knelt next to her. As soon as i felt myself cumming i shot 1 blast into her mouth but pulled out and lasted 3 or 4 more large shots directly across Kats face and letting the last little bit dribble onto her tits, which my wife surprised us both again by leaning down and licking up.

My wife then told kat to keep the cum on her face as punishment, "until we were done with her", to use my wifes words. My wife then turned to me and said "i know youve been checking her out for a long time, and i know ive gotten myself off a few times thinkjng of her, so lets have some fun." These were the LAST words i ever expected to hear out of my wifes mouth in a situation like this but i'd gladly go with it.

Please let me know what you think and whether i should post what happened next.