Horny Officer Likes To Inspect This Teen Thief

Horny Officer Likes To Inspect This Teen Thief
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The Kindness It was the middle of a muggy hot afternoon that on the last day of her life Danni was paid a surprise visit by her Uncle Rudy at her family's summer house on the shores of Funeral Lake. Danni had been living at the lake house since her Father died in early May, at first to avoid her stepmother Claire, then once Claire had moved out to avoid the reminders of her Father that the big house held.

Danni missed Dad badly and felt very alone most of the time now. She had never got along with Claire and her cruelty, and now that Dad was gone there was no reason for either of them to even pretend to like each other. Danni had gone for a walk in the morning down to the lake, then returned as the sun rose in the sky and the thermometer rose to higher degrees.

It was just past noon and Danni already found herself clammy with sweat, her clothing sticking to her. She had used an elastic band to pull her hair up in a ponytail to try to stay a little cooler but her bangs still stuck to her sweat damp forehead. The air-conditioning in the lake house hadn't worked all summer and Danni was too uncomfortable to call Claire to ask her to have it repaired.

Danni had made the insufferable trip upstairs to her even hotter bedroom to get the novel she was reading from the bedside table and was surprised to hear the sound of ice tinkling from the game room as she descended the stairs. Cautiously peering around the corner into the game room, Danni saw Uncle Rudy mixing two drinks at the bar. "Uncle Rudy?" The man looked up and smiled.

"Hi, pumpkin." Danni always found her Uncle Rudy's smile to be contagious and one that melted her heart. She hadn't seen Rudy since the funeral and ran to hug him tightly. She was full of hopeful questions; When did he get in? How long was he staying? How were things at home in Seattle?

Rudy, shook his head and handed her one of the drinks with a wink it was some sort of rum drink with coconut and pineapple juice. That was one of the reasons Danni loved Rudy even though she still wasn't old enough to legally drink alcohol, Rudy had snuck her sips and drinks since she was 12.

"We need to talk, sweetheart." Rudy said as he lifted his own drink and led Danni by the hand to the big armchair in the corner furthest from the sliding glass door. Danni sat on the wide arm and Rudy sat in the chair. "It sounds serious." said Danni, looking down at her Uncle. Rudy wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him and Danni slid into his lap like she did for as long as she could remember. Rudy was her Mom's brother and after her Mom died when Danni was only six, Rudy became one of two people Danni clung to for comfort.

Rudy was second only to Dad in Danni's world. "It's very serious, pumpkin." Rudy said softly, sipping then setting aside his drink so he could hold her in both his arms. "You know I love you with all my heart?" "Of course." Danni answered. "And I would do anything to protect you?" Danni nodded, setting her drink aside, growing worried.

"But I'm just one man, Danni.


There are some things I just can't stop." "You're scaring me, Uncle Rudy." Danni said, snuggling in closer to him, reverting to that little girl who used to come for comfort and be welcomed into Rudy's strong arms. And like before, Rudy hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. "Do you know what Claire got in your Dad's will? Rudy asked. Danni nodded. "Well, she wants it all.

Even the money held in trust for you." "She can't have it, my lawyer said." Danni said, dreading the thought of having to go to court to defend the trust left to her by her Dad. "Is she going to sue me?" "No. She's not that kind." Rudy answered, then; "Do you know the depths of how much Claire hates you?" "A lot." "More than you can imagine, sweetie." Rudy said and again kissed her lightly on the forehead. Danni felt Rudy's chest rise as he drew a deep breath then let it out slowly, "She wants you dead, Danni." Danni lifted her head to look into Rudy's eyes and saw only seriousness there.

"Serious?" "Serious." Rudy replied. "Then we need to call the police." Danni said, starting to rise, but Rudy pulled her back into his lap and hugged her again. "You need to listen to me, pumpkin." Rudy said as he held her, then he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes, "Claire knows some very dangerous people. VERY dangerous. One of those people is a man known as the Turk. Claire has hired the Turk to kill you and to make it a horrible death.

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I've tried everything in my power, Danni, but Claire is going through with it. If I don't call her by a certain time today, the Turk will be here within minutes and ." "And what? Danni asked, gazing into Rudy's eyes, seeing sorrow and pity there and something else she couldn't be sure of. Embarrassment? Shame? "Tell me, Uncle Rudy." Rudy paused, then; "Claire wants you gutted alive, sweetheart." then responding to the puzzled look on Danni's face; "Cut from your .

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sex . to your sternum. Your insides pulled out. She wants you to suffer." "Oh my god." Danni was breathless, thinking of the brutality, "I have to run, hide. Call the FBI or someone." "It won't help, pumpkin. I'm sorry, but there is no escaping this. I've known Claire and her crowd for years. No one gets away. Ever." "What am I going to do?" Danni gazed off, tears filling her eyes, fear making her belly feel like it was full of ice water.

Rudy hugged her close, holding her in a way that spoke of despair. "There is a way to avoid the Turk, but not the . deed." "How?" Danni was ashamed at how small and weak her voice sounded. "I begged Claire to let me do it, so you didn't have to die the way the Turk will do it." Danni gasped and sat up, searching Rudy's face, hoping that this was some sort of sick joke. "Danni, the Turk is a butcher." Rudy spoke softly but swiftly, "If I don't make that phone call he will find you.

He's probably watching the house right now. He'll find you and he will torture you for hours. He will rape you and butcher you and make you suffer. you'll die alone with a psychopath as your only company." Rudy swallowed hard and wiped away a tear in his own eye, "But if I do it, you'll be with someone who loves you . someone who will make it as easy as I can. Danni sobbed then and Rudy held her and rocked her.

His heart broke for this sweet girl, a girl who had lost her Mom, then her Dad, and now was about to lose her life no matter what he did.

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Almost an hour passed as he held Danni. The afternoon grew hotter, the air still and muggy. Danni and Rudy felt overheated and were wet with sweat, their clothing clinging to them. "It's not fair." Danni whispered at last, resigned to what was going happen to her, either by her Uncle or a murderer "There are so many things I haven't done." "I know, baby." Rudy whispered, his lips close to her ear, his hands stroking her back. With his free hand, he dug five small red capsules out of his shirt pocket and placed them in her hand.

Danni stared down at them as he picked up her now warm drink and held it out for her. "Take these." he said, "They'll make it a little easier." Danni stared at the capsules and took a deep shuddering breath.

Then she popped them into her mouth and downed them with the sweet warm rum drink. Setting her drink aside, Danni wrapped her arms around Rudy's neck and hugged him close. She nuzzled against the crook of his neck, and as he held her, Rudy became aware that his little Danni had matured into a young woman. Her body smelled of musk and sweat the clean sweat that comes from summer heat. Danni was never big on sun tanning and her accidental tan lines were exposed where her shorts had ridden up - He looked down at her pale inner thighs.

The top few buttons on her blouse were open and he could see the milky white softness of the upper curve of her breasts. Rudy found it so easy to stroke lower . to allow his hand to drift down her back to her hips, then onto the bare skin of her thighs. Danni didn't protest, just kept snuggling in tight.

God help me - Rudy thought as he stroked her thigh, working his hand to the underside near her bottom, feeling the impossible smoothness of her skin there.


Still his niece stayed relaxed in his arms and it encouraged him further. "Uncle Rudy?" she whispered so softly he barely heard her. "Yes, pumpkin?" "It's okay." Danni knew it was the pills that were letting her relax and do this. She knew how this would all end, and somehow it seemed alright. Rudy brought his hand slowly around to the top of her knee and as he did, Danni shifted her weight and opened her thighs slightly.

Rudy stroked down the inside of her thigh and as his hand neared her crotch he felt the moist heat radiating there. He stroked her inner thigh, closer and closer to her sex and as he did she reached up and unbuttoned her top slowly, one button at a time until the thin fabric opened like soft curtains and exposed her braless breasts. Rudy lifted his hand and gently twirled her nipples, first one then the other.

Danni closed her eyes, hanging her head, breathing deeply and slowly. Her nipples swelled and tightened. Danni had been feeling her sexual desire growing as she nestled in Rudy's arms. It had begun once she accepted that what Rudy had said was true. She was confused that she felt sexual at the thought of a painful and perverse death, but there was a sensual nature to having it done by someone who cared about her.

Plus for the last fifteen minutes she could feel Rudy's cock swelling under her thigh and that turned her on.

Danni whimpered as Rudy twirled her nipples, then moaned when he pinched one then the other and stroked her breasts. Her nipples felt electric and the tingle went through her belly right to the pit of her sex. Then Rudy had moved her and his lips were on her nipples, sucking, licking, making her tingle, making her flesh go all goosebumps and she felt his fingers fumble with the button and zipper of her shorts and felt those fingers sliding deep between her thighs.

As Rudy cupped her smooth sex and massaged, he felt her labia open and the clear mucus within flowed over his fingertips. "Sweetheart" he whispered as he slid two fingers inside her. "Oh god" Danni moaned as she felt his fingers slide into her and hook inside her cunt and press up against her g-spot. It felt like the start of an orgasm, she felt her belly loosen and the sweet feelings began.

Danni's head was spinning . she felt her top slide off her shoulders . then she felt Rudy lowering her onto her back on the floor and her shorts were sliding up her thighs and off . somehow he was now naked also and she parted her thighs wide as he settled there, his cock touching her wetness. Then the too rare pressure and he slid inside her . so deep. Soon Danni was gasping as Rudy thrust and thrust and thrust, slamming her bottom down hard on the rough wooden floor, pinning her pelvis there with each pounding of his hard cock.

Both of them were sweating hard now, their bellies slapping wetly as they fucked. She could feel the head of his cock impact her cervix, driving the force up into her uterus. Danni felt herself orgasm once, twice, then a third time. And suddenly she felt his cock swell and heard him groan loudly and spasm inside her, ramming deep almost bruising her mound as his sweet cock jetted thick ropes of cum deep inside her body. Danni lay on the floor with his weight on her, drenched in sweat, her skin shiny and slick with it .

feeling spent . weak . so very sleepy. She felt her leg being lifted, herself turned on her side and suddenly Rudy was lifting her, moving them back into the big chair and she found herself in his lap once more, his softening cock still inside her.

She felt overheated, dizzy, and all she wanted was to lay back down and to sleep. "It's time, pumpkin." Rudy murmured in her ear and she felt the hardness of steel touch the skin of her lower belly just above her mound.

"no . no . no . " she whispered, "not yet . not yet" "Shhhhhhhhh" Rudy hissed softly and pressed the knife inward, dimpling her skin. Danni opened her eyes a slit and looked down, it was a type of knife she had never seen before, but she immediately understood that the curved tip of the knife was to hook inside her flat belly muscles. It was in fact known as a gut hook dressing knife and was used to gut deer. Danni bit her lip as she watched the knife tip pressing firm, indenting the tight skin on her lower belly, the muscles there softened and loosened by the pills and her orgasms.

She felt a sharp bite as the tip of the knife broke through skin and sunk through the thin layer of fat to press against the band of muscle there. Danni's mouth opened in a silent O and she looked up into Rudy's eyes.

"Tighten up, sweetie." Rudy said, stroking her arm as he kept the knife pressed firmly against her lower belly. Danni slowly clenched the muscles of her belly, feeling them press up against the knife tip, firming up forming that tight flat band she got when she did sit-ups at the gym.

The blood that had pooled in the dimple now flowed down over her mound and between her thighs. The tip started to penetrate muscle just as she squeezed Rudy's soft cock out of her cunt.


Danni closed her eyes, surprised that the pain the knife was causing was somewhat sexual a pin point of sensation so close to her g-spot. Then the blade slid slowly through the muscle. Danny cried out and squeezed her thighs tight together. Rudy worked the blade into her, rocking it slowly back and forth, opening the slit wider and wider until the hook slipped inside her belly. Danni felt her toes curl as the steel moved inside her.

". fuck ." Danni gasped as Rudy tilted the handle upward toward her belly button and slipped the hook under that band of muscle. "Relax now, pumpkin." Rudy whispered in her ear, hugging her to him, kissing her forehead where her bangs were plastered to the sweat of her fevered face. Danni felt herself start to tremble, but did her best to relax. She pressed her abdomen outward, forming a little pot belly and Rudy took that as a sign she was ready.

She wasn't. Danni felt the pulling in her cunt as Rudy began working the knife ever so slowly upward, pulling the skin of her mound upward, tightening her crotch.

She grit her teeth and buried her face against his sweaty chest, panting now, feeling her lower belly being split by the sharp hook of the gutting knife, the pain suddenly immense and climbing toward her belly button. She began to squirm on his lap, her left hand gripping the edge of the armchair, her right making a small fist that she pounded against her own thigh.

Her belly alternatively pressed outward then tightened flat as the knife moved. Danni cried out wordlessly again, squeezing her thighs tight together and straightening her legs out, arching her back. Rudy could no longer hold her as her body trembled and squirmed. He eased off the upward pressure of the knife and let her belly slip back, feeling how tense she was. He let go of the knife and saw that it stayed put, imbedded in her lower belly, halfway to her belly button.

"Shhhhh, sweetheart." Rudy whispered to her, "It's okay . we'll rest a minute. Easy now, pumpkin" Rudy massaged her tight thighs and embraced her and was relieved that she snuggled back against his chest. ". it hurts ." Danni whimpered, her wet hot face against his chest once more.

Rudy continued to make soothing sounds as he massaged her thighs until they relaxed and opened slightly. Rudy then brought one hand to her throat and the other to her inner thighs. He found her pulse in the carotid artery on the side of her throat her heart was pounding. He stroked her bloody thighs then worked up to her sex, cupping her, massaging her.

And he pressed the fingertips of his other hand into her throat, slowing the flow of blood to her brain. Danni felt his sweet hand stroking her and loosening her sex once more and as he did it, the pain in her belly eased. When she felt his fingertips press in beside her windpipe, she thought at first he was going to strangle her, but as she felt the pressure increase there she felt herself calming further.

Less blood going to her brain meant less panic . less fear. Danni put her trust in Rudy and felt her body become loose and relaxed. She also became aware that Rudy's cock was now once again rock hard and pulsing between the slippery cheeks of her bottom, its head near her cunt once more. Danni opened her eyes and looked up into Rudy's eyes.

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"I'm sorry, pumpkin." Rudy said softly, his cheeks burning. Danni reached up and stroked his lips with a fingertip. "It's okay, Uncle Rudy." she whispered, then moved her pelvis, grimacing as a small sharp pain reminded her that the knife was still inside her. She reached between her thighs and guided his cock, not to her cunt, but to her anus. Something she always wanted to try, sometimes experimenting with her oily fingers.

Danni gasped and opened her mouth, staring at nothing as she moved her body, guiding his cock through the crease of her bottom, slick with her mucus and his cum. She pressed it there, feeling her anus loosening, then feeling her body slip on his sweating thighs and his cock slid deep into her rectum, filling her.

"Oh god" Danni moaned and closed her eyes. Rudy slide two fingers into her cunt once more and hooked them so he massaged her g-spot again. The feelings inside her where her pelvis cradled her lower belly were sweet and warm. And in that moment, Danni felt that the knife was all part of it.

"Do it." she whispered, "Just do it . and don't stop until it's over." She slid her hand between her thighs and over Rudy's and when he slipped his fingers out she slid hers in. She found that she could easily slide four fingers into her cunt she'd never been able to get four in before but now her cunt still felt loose enough to take more. She felt Rudy's hand slip from her throat and hug her tight once again and then his other hand was on the knife . she felt it move and lift upward, and that pulling sensation resumed and the pressure resumed and she felt her belly slowly surrendering to the hook, opening .

opening. ". hungghhhhhhh ." Danni moaned as she felt her flesh below her belly button separating, opening . she felt her large colon pressing upward, bulging from her lengthening slit.

She slipped her fingers out of her cunt and slid her palm up over her mound. Danni encountered her bulging colon and cupped it with the intention of holding it inside herself.

But when her hand slid over it she felt a quivery sensation flood her belly. Her eyes opened wide and she shuddered, taking a weak gasping series of breaths. She looked into Rudy's eyes. Rudy studied her face, trying to imagine what she was feeling in that moment. With his free hand he reached around and stroked her bulging colon. Danni's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned loudly, her own hand and Rudy's too stroking her protruding gut.

Danni was panting now, awash in a sea of sensation, her thighs working like she was slowly treading water. Rudy felt the gut hook catch on the underside of her belly button. "This will be the worst part." Rudy whispered. Danni drew in a deep shuddering breath. And as she exhaled, Rudy applied a slow firm upward pressure and felt her belly button resist the knife.

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Danni screamed and arched her back. Rudy kept the upward pressure constant as he tried to work the gut hook through the knot of scar tissue that was her belly button. ". nnnnnggghhhaaaaa ." Danny squirmed in Rudy's arms, panting now like a woman in labour, riding the pain and the amazing sensation of her belly being opened like a caught fish.

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The pressure in her belly from the hook pulling on her belly button was immense. Danni felt as though she would lose her mind as the hook pulled up hard, stretching her, pulling hard on her cunt. It felt like he was going to rip her core right out of her. ". oh fuck! ." Danni cried out gutturally, squeezing her thighs together and pressing her belly upward Rudy was working the knife, rocking it, trying to split her belly button. She could feel her anus tighten on his cock.

"I'm sorry, pumpkin." Rudy moaned in her ear, "I shouldn't have tried it this way. We should stop and go around." " . no ." Danni gasped, feeling a determination to complete this. There was a perverse sensuality to this act she was sharing with Rudy she wanted to finish what they started.

". don't stop . oh god, don't stop ." Danni felt Rudy's arm hug her tighter, and felt his right arm tense as he pulled upward even harder. Danni felt as though her cunt would be pulled from her body up through her belly as she gripped his right hand in both of hers, feeling his strength as he worked the blade. Danni clenched her teeth and hissed and felt Rudy pulling harder.

She pressed her belly outward as best she could and felt the knife move slightly. Her mouth opened in a silent 'O' as she felt it splitting. Danni squeezed her eyes closed and kicked her heels against the chair.

Then it happened it was like a release of pressure as her belly button split and the hook slid up into her softer upper belly. ". unghhh ." Danni grunted and felt the tension leave her body as the knife moved easily through the thinner muscle above her belly button. With each passing second, Danni could feel her belly getting looser and opening. Once it was through her belly button she barely felt the slicing as the hook slit her all the way to her sternum. As she shuddered and gasped, Rudy slipped the knife out and threw it, hearing it clatter across the floor.

He then set to stroking her and kissing her, whispering "shhhhhhh" as she calmed. She felt her insides shift as the muscles released their hold and now she looked down . Her belly was open from her mound to her sternum, her coils of intestines were shifting slowly and pressing up out of her, bulging like a knot of live snakes from within her.

While she gazed at herself she saw and felt her colon slip upward and slide over the band of muscle and skin on her left side. Danni gagged, her tummy heaving at this large shift inside her. Danni looked up into Rudy's eyes and saw pity there. ". Rudy ." she whispered. Rudy's right hand returned to her colon and stroked it gently along its length.

Dannie whimpered and quivered from the sensation. ". I have to pee ." she gasped and realized how ridiculous it sounded, but she did have to go. She felt Rudy's fingers slip inside her and massage her bladder. ". oh god ." she cried out weakly.

"Let it go, pumpkin" Rudy whispered in her ear.

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So she did and felt the warm urine flowing out of her over her thighs to mix with blood and cum. Rudy pressed down on her bladder and the stream jetted for a moment then was done.

Danni squirmed, shifting her weight, feeling his cock still imbedded in her rectum and relished the feeling of him still inside her. She swallowed hard and felt her intestines shift again, uncoiling and rolling up out through the widened slit in her belly.

Then Rudy's hand was there, stroking them, sending ripples of sensation through their pink undulating coils. Danni was relishing the sensations but was feeling weaker by the minute, she became aware of how much blood she had lost, working her thighs and feeling the clotting stickiness there. Suddenly something was slithering out of her belly. Danni gasped and tensed for an instant then relaxed, Rudy was slowly pulling a length of intestine out of her belly toward her crotch.

He turned it and pressed its coil against her cunt. "Claire asked for this." he whispered to her as he pressed the coil inside her, "It won't hurt.". Danni opened her thighs wider, lost in the perversion of this act. Danni felt her cunt fill as Rudy pressed more and more of her intestine inside her. Danni found herself panting and feeling like she could not get her breath. She was feeling weaker and weaker. Her fingertips started to tingle and grow numb.

". Rudy?" she gasped. "I know." he whispered reassuringly in her ear, "You're slipping away. Just let it happen, sweetie. Don't fight it." Danni allow him to cradle her in his arms as his hand found its way back inside her belly, his hand exploring the slippery coils. She felt a quivery sensation at the back of her throat as he stroked the underside of her stomach sac.

". oh fuck ." she gasped softly as her mouth started to water and she opened her lips, drool slipping down her chin. And Rudy stroked it more, cupping it and gently massaging and Danni felt her drink flow up her throat and over her tongue. Danni became aware of Rudy moving under her, ass fucking her as she lay dying in his arms.

He lifted her more into a sitting position as he ground his cock inside her and Danni felt the rest of her intestines slither out of her to puddle in her lap. Her stomach sac hung in her now empty upper belly like a heavy pendulum, pulling on her throat. She heard Rudy groan and felt his cock swelling inside her once more.

". do it . cum inside me ." Danni managed to gasp. She felt him erupt in her rectum and heard him growl loudly as he orgasmed inside her again.

And as he orgasmed, she found she couldn't keep her eyes open. The lids, so heavy, closed for the last time. And she felt lighter. All pain was gone. And she was floating . adrift . "I love you pumpkin" she heard Rudy's voice from far away. . and then there was sleep .

blissful sleep . After a few moments, Rudy laid her body out the way Claire asked: on the floor, legs spread wide, belly opened. He found the plunger filled with bleach that he'd hidden beside the chair and injected half into her cunt past the coil of intestine, then the other half into her loose anus. That should destroy the sperm, he thought to himself. He washed himself and wiped his fingerprints off everything he touched before dressing and opening his cel phone.

He hit a button and waited for the call to be answered. "It's done." he said simply then hit end, walking out the open door and away from the girl who he had paid a kindness to. The Turk would have been worse.