Alt amateur femboy strip and jerk session

Alt amateur femboy strip and jerk session
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Christine is a very attractive blonde real estate agent, she handles commerical real estate and we have been negotiating a deal for a week. She is 5' 7" tall with a hot petite body, breasts the size of oranges and long blonde shoulder length hair. Christine stops by to see me at my office completely unannounced.

I look up from my desk surprised yet very happy to see her. My eyes travel down the sexily-clad length of her - taking in the short skirt, black stockings, sheer blouse and ridiculously high heels. My gaze turns from one of appreciation to one of lust as she silently closes the door behind her and struts over to my desk and straddles me there on the chair.

She faces me, pushing her firm tits up against my chest as she leans in to kiss my mouth. My hands grab her ass pulling her closer to me as we kiss, deeply, sensually and she grinds her tingling pussy into the growing bulge in my pants.

It's clear that we desperately want each other and that this growing chemistry of ours is about to combust. I push her away telling her, " Let's go to my condo for further negotiations." Christine gets off me smoothing her skirt down and replies " Ok." We finally arrive, I close and lock the door telling Christine to relax and that I will be right back.

She is upset with herself for being so eager. My condo is incredible. It has huge windows that open onto a balcony, an amazing view from almost anywhere you were seated.


Christine sat on the couch pouring out glasses of the wine from the iced bottle on the coffee table. A few moments later I walk from the bedroom wearing just a towel.

We look at each other and smile as we glance in the other's direction. Christine sees a massive hard erection beneath the white towel as I laid eyes on her again.


When I dropped the towel, she realizes her mistake. A terrifying look of lust crosses my face as she ran to the door I had locked. Christine tries to make it open. She told me she wanted to leave, she needed to go back to her office. I stared back at her angrily. " The only place you are going, is to my bed." My cock is enormous.

It is the largest she has ever seen. or even heard about. Thicker than her wrist, it is the length of her forearm. My testicles hung below the size of lemons. I grab her by the shoulders pushing her down to the floor. " Suck my dick now, Christine." She did nothing. She just tried to get away. She feels my hand grab her hair pulling her towards me.

She resigns herself to her fate as tears stream down her face. " Now, get on your knees." A million emotions run through her head as she rested her knees. " Do I have to tell you again?

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PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!" What else is she going to do? I force her her head forward forcing my cock into her mouth. At first she only took the tip. It is too big to get in much further. It is hard getting her mouth around it enough to let the head in. I grab the back of her head and before she knew it, her entire mouth is full and I'm pushing down her throat. She feels her teeth touch my rod as I slap her cheek.

" NO TEETH." She opens her mouth wider. " Christine," I said, " I really like you a lot, but before I can complete the deal with you, you've gotta know how to be my slut." She starts pumping her mouth vigorously as my cock stretches the opening to her throat. I'm hurting her badly. Her throat feels like it is on fire.

She is gagging, choking, and crying as I force it back deeper. " You've only got about half of my 9 inches, pretty good for the first time. You will learn how to take it all though soon enough." I reach down between her legs and she feels me insert two of my fingers into her pussy as rough as I can. Christine tries to pull away but my fingers drive into her deeper. My two fingers alone are thicker than any cock she has ever had inside of her.

Christine wants to get away, to be any place but in my condo with me. " I WANT THIS PUSSY NEXT," I growl knowing she has no way out. I pull her mouth off my cock and lift her up, driving my fingers yet deeper into her now wet pussy.

I carried her in my arms down the hall. I drop her on my bed and lifted her skirt around her waist exposing her tight bald pussy. It takes me 2 seconds to bury my cock in her pussy as deep as it will go. My 200 pound body easily drives home my cock striking her cervix. It was the most intense pain she has ever felt in her life.

She blacks out a few seconds as I slam her pussy hard. only able to get a little more than half inside of her. She screams.begging me to stop.

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I kiss her hard as I fuck her harder. There is no condom between us, the only lubricant our natural body fluids. Christine hates me more than anyone she has ever known. As things got worse.


" Are you enjoying this Christine?" I ask her as if it were really a question I needed answered. She shook her head screaming no, I fuck her harder like a pile driver. " Tell me that you love it.

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That this is what you have been wanting." Christine would not. She can't.She can hardly breath she is crying so hard. " Tell me that you love it or It is going to get worse for you." How could he possibly make this worse? She said nothing, lost in her own world of fear and pain-spawned confusion. I flip her onto her stomach. Part of her is happy to no longer be facing me. She can't stand my face.

This cannot be worse than missionary! That's when I lick her anus. " I told you this was going to be worse if you didn't enjoy it." Christine screams at me to stop.

She has never been fucked in the ass before. She has never even considered it. Nothing has ever been inside of that passageway before and now I'm about to fuck her with 9'' of hard cock.

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She cries, she struggles to get away, but my body is to big to push away. I spit on her tight little rosebud enough to make it moist, then force my cock inside. This is the most excruciating pain she has ever felt in her life. While in her pussy I could only physically push myself a little more than halfway inside, her asshole provided no limit. In a matter of seconds, I have 9'' of cock all the way inside of her. Christine feels my balls slapping against her pussy as I force myself all the way inside.

Christine can't handle the pain. She blacks out and wakes up and never stops crying, she will do anything to be anywhere else doing anything else at this point. but nothing makes it stop. Christine realized later that I spent four hours fucking her ass. I came inside of her many times.

I loved every second of it, I clearly enjoyed her tight ass more than her pussy. I fucked her slow and powerfully, than as fast as I could.

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I would pull the entire length out and then ram it back in. Christine thinks I enjoyed seeing her scream. I fucked her in every position, on her stomach, doggy-style, on her side, missionary. Before I came in her ass for the 7th or 8th time I put my face close to hers and kissed her. For some strange reason she kissed back. It is the most passionate sexy kiss she has ever received. The way my tongue swirled in her mouth as my taste mixed with hers making her have the most intense orgasm of her life.

As she came harder than she ever had before, I shot my final load of cum deep within her. Her body hurt like hell, but she didn't care, she fell asleep with me buried inside of her.