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Voracious Pamela with great natural tits fucks like an expert
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Obviously it goes without saying that this is a work of fiction. First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is David, I am a19 year old student that is currently taking a gap year. I am not exactly the most handsome young man to say the least. Long days and nights sitting in the dark with only my monitor providing light has stumped my growth quite a bit. I am your old stereotypical nerd.

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Short, skinny, glasses, I guess you could say I am the full package. To help save a bit of money, I have moved back into my parents house while I work at a local IT Company to gain some work experience during my gap year. My parents are the usual.


My mother is just motherly, and my Father is, I suppose Fatherly? He is relaxed because he has to be in order to balance out the crazy motherly urges of my mother.

Unless of course I find myself in trouble, which tends to be the reversal of my Mother becoming the relaxed one and my Father turning into Strict crazy fatherly mode. Now whether this is just part of my Mother being Motherly, or just my magnificent features I mentioned earlier that make her forget, she still tends to treat me like a child.


So much so that I have somehow found myself to be in the situation of having a babysitter for the weekend at the age of 19 while my parents had a well needed break. Despite my protests, and even my father agreeing with me for once, my Mother never budged on the subject, so I was stuck with a sitter for the weekend.

I decide to go to my room and let off a little steam before the babysitter gets here. Eventually the door goes, and I hear a voice that I recognise.

Aunt Julie?


She is the babysitter? Well OK.

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I suppose it isn't as bad as it could have been. Let me tell you a bit about my Aunt. She never took herself seriously, always ready to laugh with us while I was growing up, even if it was at her expense.

She was pretty good looking as well.

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She still is. She still has long, thick red hair, and even though she doesn't quite have the same tight figure as she use to, the curves are still in the right places.

She was always my favourite Aunt though. She was around when I started seeing girls in a different light. And when you have a beautiful redhead around while going through that phase of your life, you cant help but wonder. In fact most of my fantasies involved either my Aunt, or women who looked far too similar for it to be a coincidence.

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I go down downstairs to say hello to Aunt Julie, and she looks just as embarrassed as me. The first thing she says to us all is jokingly telling me bed time will be 8, before turning to my Mother and telling her how silly this is. My Mother didn't really have time to answer back as they were quickly running out of the door to get to their Taxi. They waved goodbye and off they went, leaving me and my Aunt to spend the weekend catching up.

After a day of chatting away and catching up, we realise it is getting late, so we decide to relax and watch a film. During the film, I decide a drink would be nice about now and ask if Julie would like something.

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She accepts, saying it will go down well with her sleeping tablets. This is where my aunt tells me she has developed problems with sleeping over the years and needs to the tablets to help put her under.

Within minutes you could see she was struggling to keep herself up.

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Even commenting herself that she didn't expect the wine to have that much of an effect. Within minutes she was completely out.

I thought I had better check on her and make sure she was OK. I did the usual, checked her eyes, felt her pulse, and put my head to her heart. Everything seemed to be normal, Thankfully. As I am moving away, I catch a glimpse between the buttons of my Aunt's blouse. How did I not realise she wasn't wearing a bra? And then I realised I had just spent 5 minutes stood checking out my own unconscious aunt, but I just couldn't help it.

I told myself to snap out of it, but before I could even finish that thought I was already trying to get a better look. It was hopeless. It was something I had to see though. Fighting with myself, almost like the mini devil on one side and the good in me on the other, I eventually came to an answer.

I told myself, one real look and that is your lot. I slowly moved towards her again, unbuttoning her blouse as gently as I could.

Once I had got a full view of her breasts in all their glory, I again start talking to myself, this time to button up her blouse and move on, but I am still going further. Her breasts are fully free, and I cant stop groping them. Before I had even thought about the consequences, I was already making my way down to her trousers. I tried to open the top button, just enough to loosen them enough to be pulled down, but they way she was sat, her dead weight restricted any opening.

That seemed to be the stumbling block I thought I needed. I took a step back and almost came to my senses as I looked over her. Buttoning up her open blouse, Just as I am about to walk away, leaving my aunt to sleep, I realise her mouth is slightly open.

Now THAT I can get to. I shuffle round the sofa, and start to kiss my aunt on the lips, forcing her mouth wider open with my tongue. Again my hand moves towards her breasts, fondling then over the blouse as my tongue assaults her throat.

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I step back for a second, there is still no movement from her. If she has not woken up now, she isn't going to. I unzip my trouser fly, and pull out my penis. Slowly I inch towards her, gently easing my penis into her mouth. Once my penis is fully in, I gradually start pushing in and out, speeding up and roughing up with each thrust, eventually unloading my cum into her mouth. I watch in awe as it dribbles out of her mouth and down her chin. At this point though, she starts to wake up.

I quickly panic and use my sleeve to wipe away the cum, and run upstairs, hoping she doesn't realise what has happened.

My aunt eventually wakes up properly, and with me peeking from the top of the stairs, I see her swirling her mouth, trying to figure out the taste, and looking at her blouse, seeing mismatched buttons, she has a look of confusion in her face. Panic comes over me and I freeze on the spot. I feel nothing but dread, repeatedly asking myself "what am I going to do?" At this point, she casually laughs to herself "its a good job David is in bed, what would he think seeing his aunt with her blouse half open." She turns off everything, and I sneak into my room.

I hear her making her way to the bathroom, and then to bed. I have never been so relieved. relieved.