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Real Amateur girl has pussy licked and fucked with vibrator
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I guess I had been lucky to get a decently well paid job when Governor Wilson had hired me to wade through his grandfather's collection, but despite the monetary gain, the work was rather arduous. The old man had been an avid collector of movie memorabilia, but I soon noticed most of the items were not all that valuable. Well, that's not quite true. They would have been worth decent money for someone like me, but the fact was that selling them would not have made a noticeable difference to Wilson's bank account.

I still accurately appraised and catalogued everything, since I was a professional and I wanted Wilson to consider me for further work in the future, but I was certainly getting tired of archiving dusty publicity photos. I had left the actual film reels and tapes for last, since I thought they might offer at least something of interest.

I had now set up a projector as well as several VCRs and other players which could handle all the different formats of film I had ran across in the collection. I sat down to watch some which I had thought looked interesting. Most of the reels and tapes were labeled, and offered no great surprises. The contents had been exactly what the labels had said. There were some decently rare silent films in the collection, but even those were not all that valuable in today's market.

I became interested in an unlabeled reel onto which was taped a hand-scribbled note: "Lost Episode. Surely not a part of the official series." It did not say which series the text was referring to, but this note seemed to indicate there could be some kind of rare footage in this reel, so I decided watch this more carefully than the previous ones.

I immediately recognized the animated opening credits when they appeared on screen. This was "I Dream of Jeannie" from the 60's, starring Barbara Eden as a foxy genie. It was still a decently popular show which was often shown in reruns, so if this really was an unseen episode of that, it might have had some value to someone.

The credits were in color, so I knew this was not from the first season. The credit sequence ended, but the following footage did not look like any kind of a scripted episode from the show.

Barbara Eden was standing in the middle of the stage in her Jeannie getup, which consisted of harem pants and a top with a frilly pink bra underneath it. She had the same complex hairdo she always had in the show, complete with that scarf thing around her neck. Despite the credits and the stage obviously being from the actual show, this very clearly was not a real episode. That was somewhat disappointing, since I was sure an actual missing episode would have been a lot more valuable than some kind of test footage, or whatever this was.

Well, that was what I thought at first, but what followed was pretty damn surprising. Barbara, or Jeannie if you wish, was looking directly into the camera and smiling.


She was beautiful as always. She winked and said: "Tonight your dreams will come true." Then she pulled the bra up and showed her amazing breasts to the wildly applauding studio audience.

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This had suddenly become very interesting. Everyone had always wanted to see her breasts, but I'd never even in my dreams have thought there would have been an actual chance of that happening. This was a highly unusual, not to mention stimulating, material to see. And it didn't end there. Barbara, playing the sultry genie girl, went down on her knees and seductively asked: "Who will be the first?" An older man's hairy naked ass came to view on the screen.

His face was not shown, but Barbara kept making eye contact with him as she bent down to kiss his hairy balls. This episode might have been light on plot, but it was certainly starting to keep me entertained. The man quickly got a raging hard-on, and Barbara's pink lips traveled upwards, giving sweet kisses all around his shaft.

Her left hand moved to his balls and started caressing them, and her eyes kept on looking up at him as her lips started working sucking. It didn't take very long until her soft and attentive lips were soon driving the man mad with feelings. He sighed and groaned and shifted his hips. She was constantly keeping eye contact with him, and fondling and touching his balls. Her wonderful tits were bouncing in the rhythm with the motions of her head, and she was making little sounds: "Mm.

Mm-hmm." There was no way any man could have resisted that for long. The man sighed and groaned, and his hand found a hold on Barbara's genie hairdo.

This guy must not have gotten any from his wife for a while, considering how he made Barbara's eyes widen when he shot his load.

When the man came, Barbara just started sucking faster, and a camera view between the man's legs showed her pink-nailed fingers carefully fondling the man's wrinkly testicles. The man's buttocks clenched as he sent the last contents of his balls on their way, and then he sighed deep and relaxed.

Barbara Eden as Jeannie turned and blinked her long lashes at the camera. She had swallowed everything. Then the man was quickly replaced by a new one. This one was younger and he was obviously both nervous and very excited.

He was fully hard already. Barbara looked at him adoringly and then leaned forward and started kissing and sucking again. It was clear there was no time for any extra cuddling, which made me wonder how many men were actually waiting outside the camera's view.

"Oh G-god." the young man whimpered as his whole body shivered. It was obvious he would not last long, but Barbara did her best to make him retain his excitement but not to shoot for a while yet. Her pink lips were alternating their rhythm and tension, and she was constantly keeping eye contact with the guy.

Suddenly the young man forced her head down and shouted out loud as he fired his jizz into her mouth. It was another big and eye-widening load, but Barbara kept on swallowing.

The next man had already appeared and he was waiting for his turn, and Barbara immediately moved to take care of him after the young man had finished emptying his balls with a few last twitches of his hips. More and more men followed each after the last, until I was sure the number was in double digits already. Every time when a man came, the gentle genie's pink-nailed fingers always immediately started fondling and stroking his hairy balls, making sure he would shoot absolutely everything he had.

Some guys were harder to make come than others.

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There was one she had to deepthroat so hard her tits were bouncing vigorously. Her pink-nailed hands were holding onto his buttocks and her tongue came out to meet his balls as they touched her chin.

She made a desperate sound when she suddenly found herself gargling on the man' s semen, but she handled it very well and just started bobbing her head faster while still staring the man in the eyes. After the first hour Barbara was looking a little queasy and disheveled. Her hair was messed up, because the men kept grabbing on to it, and her pink lipstick had smeared.

I guess the ones from the 60s tended to do that, especially after this kind of treatment. She had already done twenty or so men, and you could see from her expression that she was feeling full and having second thoughts about the whole thing, but she knew it wouldn't have been fair for the rest of the men to stop now. I had to wonder how many were still left. After thirty or so men Barbara was not smiling anymore, and she had to really concentrate to force herself to swallow their spunk.

When the thirty-seventh man came she almost gagged, and she had to slosh the last spurts in her mouth for a while until she closed her eyes and finally managed to swallow.

However, the next man was already waiting. When this one came, you could see Barbara flinch and wince and the corners of her mouth turn down, but this man was a bit rough.

He grabbed her hair when he came hard and groaning, making her swallow everything. Despite this, she still kept on fondling his balls with her fingers. After the fortieth man she was holding her stomach. I could only guess how much that many men would shoot, especially when they came as hard as she made them do. It couldn't feel good, but Barbara still paused to give a forced wink and smile to the camera.

"Only ten to go," she said, not looking all that happy about that fact. These men must have really been dreaming of Jeannie as they filmed her, or her skills must really have been something otherworldly judging by the immense, toe-curling, balls-emptying orgasms everyone had been getting. Barbara had sucked every man to the finish, gently stroking their testicles with her pink-nailed fingertips and swallowed everything. The film had been quite repetitive, but that did not make it any less fascinating.

Between the different men the camera had concentrated on Barbara for a while, especially on her breasts, and then the next man had walked in the picture with a massive hard-on he had gotten from watching her do the others.

A few minutes later he would come in her mouth in massive, shuddering bursts and let her swallow his balls dry just like all the others had.

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When the last men in line appeared, you could see she was bobbing her head completely mechanically now, and she kept her eyes closed, not even pretending to like any of this.

The men still kept coming hard, grabbing her hair and groaning as she drained their balls. When it finally was the very last man's turn, he gently caressed her hair, and she tried her best not to gag when he fired his sperm cells into her mouth with an audible squirt.

He was being compassionate, since he knew it had to be hard for her at this point.


He looked her in the eyes as he fired his balls dry and let her swallow everything. Then she covered his testicles in warm kisses and it was finally over.

Everyone was now completely finished, so the camera zoomed in on Barbara and all the participants applauded her. She looked disheveled since many of the men had grabbed her hair when they came, and her lipstick and makeup were a mess. She had swallowed everything, even though there had been at least fifty men present.

My God, fifty. I don't know how she must have been feeling, but she bravely winked and gave a flying kiss to the camera when the film ended. I was feeling a bit sweaty and I noticed my hands were shaking.

Well, this would most certainly be worth something, if I actually told Governor Wilson about it. I wasn't sure that would a good idea, for many reasons. I didn't want to ruin Barbara Eden's reputation, for one. She was a great actress, and while this certainly was a great film in my opinion, many people would probably not see it that way.

There was also the fact that Governor Wilson surely wouldn't want to be known as a porn peddler, so it would be difficult to even sell something like this in his or his deceased grandfather's name.

Despite these thoughts, I knew very well the biggest reason for my hesitation was that I wanted to have this film for myself, and not let anyone else see it. Secrets were always fascinating to have, especially as titillating ones as this.

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I soon started wondering if the old Wilson would have more material of this kind among his films. I started checking the reels more carefully, even the ones I had already partially watched. It took a while, but I eventually uncovered another treasure.

This one was presented as an episode of "I Love Lucy", although the title instead said "They Love Lucy". This had clearly been filmed on the set of the real show.

Lucille Ball was standing there with two men, and neither of them was Desi Arnaz. I remembered they had separated later, so I had to wonder if this had something to do with it. The beginning of this film, apart from the title, seemed similar to the real show, except there was no plot of any kind. The men just walked in and said "Hi" to her.

The picture had also been colorized at some point, which was unfortunate, although I had to admit Lucy certainly looked more fetching when you could actually see her with red hair. Lucy's eyes widened and she said: "Oh, my!" as the men started groping her breasts and removing her dress. Her underwear was very stylish, so different from what women would wear today. She turned to kiss one of the men as he removed her bra. When the action proceeded further, I noticed the colorizer had used great care to make her bush the same tone of red as her hair was, even though I knew it wasn't really her natural hair color.

One of the men lay on the floor, and both of them pushed Lucy on top of him, but it was not like she was resisting them. There was a close-up shot, which showed him entering her, and it was a most wonderful sight.

Then the other man moved behind her, and her eyes again widened beautifully.

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Another camera angle from behind them showed what happened. The second man had pushed his raging erection tightly against the other man's, and slid it in as well, until they both were both comfortably inside Lucy's warmth.

It was surprising to see vaginal double penetration in something from this era. This felt very genuine and lovely since Lucy obviously was not a smutty porn star.

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The men, of course, weren't either, and they didn't seem to mind touching each other inside her, or that their balls were snuggled together, unlike the tattooed macho freaks you often saw in modern productions. They began fucking her, and their hands were constantly moving and touching her ass and hips and breasts.

It was amazing to see the wholesome Lucy's breasts jiggle and her nipples stand tall and erect as she was taken hard by two men at the same time. Her back arched, and one man's hands immediately moved comfortingly on her shoulders and the other's on to her breasts.

The men were alternating their rhythm, occasionally thrusting at the same time and at other times taking turns. Their erections and hairy balls were rubbing against each other, but their only purpose was to send their warmth deep into Lucy's womb. The men started groaning louder and louder until they had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen.

They literally shouted and drove their hips with all their strength while tightly holding on to Lucy's hips. The camera behind them showed their tightened balls pressed against each other, throbbing as they fired all of their contents into Lucy.

Lucy's eyes widened even more than before when the two men's spurts mixed together in her womb. She looked like she could literally feel herself getting pregnant. I wondered when this had actually been filmed in relation to her children.

Finally the men started sighing and relaxing, but they finished with a few more hard thrusts just to make sure they had shot absolutely everything.

Lucy shared a kiss with both of the men. First she tenderly kissed the one who was underneath her, and then she turned her head and responded to the kiss of the other who leaned over her shoulder. The men were still inside her, lingering in the warmth as long as they could, and then the picture faded out. After this film I was feeling even wobblier than before. I started searching the old man's archives for more material of similar ilk.

Unfortunately I didn't find anything more that day, but I was now certainly looking anticipating my next workday with far more enthusiasm than ever before.