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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 11 Visions Part 3 "And then, the milk started shooting out of her nose." Sam & Tucker share a laugh over Tucker's story as they share a booth at the Nasty Burger. Danny is with them, but he's not laughing. He remembers this moment in his dream, but it still feels so real.

He's unable to discern whether this is a dream or not. And even if he could, it's too late. He hears the same loud slashing sound as before, and turns to see Sam collapsing onto the table, severely wounded. Once more, the shadowy figures rise up around them, and once more, the dark hooded figure rises above the shadows, pointing his scepter at Danny.

"Your enemies are now closer than ever. You have the power…and the Time to stop this." "Time." Danny wakes up to find himself in a large glass chamber, sitting on a bench in his boxers. Dozens of censors are attached to him as he begins to remember where he is…the Fentonworks Basement.

His mother, Maddie, woke him up early to do some analysis on his body structure, in order to learn more about his powers. It didn't help that he hasn't been able to get much sleep as of late. In fact, it's been more than two weeks since he's been able to sleep through the night…all due to his "Dreams." "Ugh, Mom how long do we have left?" Danny asks, still tired. Maddie turns around in her chair, but doesn't look at Danny. Instead, she keeps her eyes on a clipboard with a sheet of paper attached that has Danny's information on it.

"Well, taking into account that we haven't analyzed your flying ability and…" Her eyes gaze over at the clock on the wall, which reads 8:15am. "Oh, no. Today's a school day! Come on, Danny.

Before you're late." She runs over and opens the chamber, and begins to remove the censors from his body. Once they're all off, Danny flies up and ghosts through the ceiling and the house, until he reaches his room, which is right above. There, he gets dressed and grabs his school gear before rushing out. He dashes down the halls & down the stairs towards the door, before his sister Jazz stops him.

"DANNY, WAIT!" She says, blocking his path. "Mom's still spending a lot more time in the basement. She might be getting closer than ever to finding out your identity. I think you should…" "Uh, Jazz?

You don't have to worry about that." Danny says, sleepily continuing past her and out the door. "Trust me, it's all under control." Later That Day… It's the Gym Period for Danny, Tucker & Sam.


Tucker is spending this time updating his PDA, while Sam is going through her workout. Danny, however, is giving the bench a workout as he sits there in deep sleep. It only lasts for a few minutes though, as the hardness of the bench doesn't allow him to get comfortable. "Geez, now I know how Dad feels when he gets out of the Fenton Stockades." He says. "Hey Tucker, know anyplace I…" As he opens his eyes, he notices that everyone is standing perfectly still, almost as if they were frozen in time.

"Sam? Tucker? What the hell's going on? It's like time has stopped." "That's exactly what has happened, young Daniel." Danny turns around to see a small portal opening behind him. And out of that portal steps a very familiar face. "Clockwork?" Danny says. "But, what are you doing here?" "I am here to give you a warning, young hero." He says. "Those dreams you have had…they are far more than they seem." ""My Dreams?" Danny says, shocked that Clockwork knows about them.

"What do you know about them?" "That they are a message to you, of possible impending doom." He says. "You're enemies have aligned, and time is running out." Clockwork responds by holding his Time Scepter high in the air. A moment later, the school clock tower starts to wind forward, faster and faster. Danny looks at it, wondering what Clockwork is trying to show him.

After a couple of moments, it finally stops on a time…8:59pm. "8:59…what's gonna happen then? Is Sam gonna die? Is that what my dream's about!?" Danny says, becoming so worried and angry, tears start to well up in his eyes. Clockwork remains silent, which only serves in enraging Danny more. "TELL ME, DAMMIT!!! WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN???" "Only you have the power…and the Time to stop this." As those words leave his lips, Danny notices another portal opening on the ground…behind Sam.

A creature steps out of this one, and raises its hand up to strike her down. "NOOOOOOO!!! SAM!!!" Danny leaps from the bench area and charges Sam, trying to save her.

He gets there and tackles her to the ground, hoping that he saved her in time. But when he gets up to look around for the assailant, he only sees the rest of the students staring at him. No portals, no creature, and no Clockwork.

"HEY, FEN-TOENAIL!!!" Dash yells at him. "FOOTBALL PRACTICE AIN'T TILL NEXT WEEK! NOT THAT YOU'D MAKE IT!!!" The students start to laugh at Danny along with Dash. Everyone but Sam, who's been a little roughed up. "Uh, Danny?" She says. "If it's not too much trouble, could you GET OFF OF ME?" Danny does just that, but there's a look of confusion on his face. "It…it was a dream?" He says to himself. "But…it felt so real.

Like he was actually here. I…I could've sworn…" "Now you see why I'm on top every time." Sam says, referring to their 'time together'. "Danny, what's wrong with you? And what's with the Linebacker impression?" "I don't know, Sam. I…" He turns to look at her, but finds that he can't. Thoughts of her death immediately fill his head, to the point where he has to turn away.

Sam is about to put her arm around him and comfort him when the Gym Teacher, Mrs. Tetslaff, blows her whistle and calls her over. "Look…I gotta go, Danny." She says. "But you & me can talk later. Till then, try not to clothesline anyone else." As Sam rushes over to Mrs.

Tetslaff along with the rest of the class, Tucker walks over to Danny. "Wow, great Ray Lewis impression, Danny." He says, jokingly. But the jokes stop when he notices the worried & scared look on Danny's face. "Whoa. Buddy.

What's going on?" "It's…it's these dreams I've been having." Danny tells him, ready to break down "Oh, it's not the one about Mr. Lancer giving you the S.A.T.'s in a Bikini, is it?" Tucker says cautiously. "No." Danny says in a serious tone, as they walk away from the practice field. "I'm having dreams of Sam's death.

Almost like their visions. And they haven't stopped. I think…I think some of my enemies from the Ghost-Zone are trying to kill Sam." "So that's why you leaped onto Sam?" Tucker asks. "You were having another dream?" "Yeah, but this time Clockwork was there." Danny tells him. "He was trying to warn me…in his usual vague way.

He told me, 'only I have the power & time to stop this'." "Aw, man." Tucker says solemnly. "So what're you gonna do?" "I'm ditching school." Danny says, with renewed determination, as they reach the back of the bleachers. "I'm going home to get the Fenton Ghost Tracker, then I'm gonna start asking questions. If all this is real, Sam's got until 8:59 tonight. Till then, I need you to keep her distracted." Danny doesn't even bother with the words this time.

Instead, he transforms into his ghost form and rockets from the school, towards Fentonworks. "Whoa, wait, DANNY!" Tucker yells out to him. "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP SAM DISTRACTED???" Meanwhile… Back at Clockwork's lair in the Ghost Zone, he stands in front of his observation screen. Deep in his mind, he wonders and hopes that the information he gave Danny is enough to prevent the event from happening. "I have done all I can without interfering with the Timeline.

All I can do now…is hope." "Hope…now there's something I know a lot about." The voice comes from the shadows of Clockwork's lair. Clockwork doesn't even bother to turn around though, he knows who it is already. The Warden, Judge, Jury & Executioner of the Ghost Zone…Walker.

He takes a step out of the shadows and reveals himself. "Hundreds of my inmates hope each day for their freedom…or my demise." He continues. "Neither comes to them, and they lose more hope by the day." "Why do you continue with your plan, Walker?" Clockwork asks.

"Your vendetta against the Ghost-Child will bring nothing but misery." "And that's exactly what we want." Another familiar voice to Clockwork, which he doesn't need to turn around to confirm.

It's Penelope Spectra, and she walks in out of the shadows beside Walker, in her human form, before wrapping her arm around him. "Once Danny loses his true love, he'll have no reason to go on. Misery will consume him. And with a boy that powerful, his life energy will be nearly endless." "And he can spend the rest of his miserably existence in my prison." Walker continues.

"Paying for his crimes against the Ghost Zone, and feeding Spectra all the while." "Are you so sure your plan will work, Walker?" Clockwork asks. "Do you think Danny not powerful enough to save his love?

Your deadline for venturing into the human world is rapidly approaching." Walker & Spectra just laugh as they turn away from Clockwork and walk out of his lair. "We shall see, timekeeper." Walker says. "We shall see." The two leave Clockwork to his watch, and exit out of his lair.

Outside, Walker's look changes from a confident one, to one of anger. This doesn't go unnoticed by Spectra. "What's wrong, honey?" She says. "Why are you down?

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Our plan is going so well." "The pathetic timekeeper might be right." Walker says. "The Ghost-Child might indeed be able to save his woman, and foil our plans." "Aw, you worry too much." She tells him. "What you need is something to take your mind off of the negative, and get it focused back on the positive." With that, she reaches down and grips his manhood through his pants. Knowing exactly what she wants, Walker responds by palming her round ass and squeezing it tightly.

"Do you have to wear that ridiculous human disguise?" He asks with a smirk. "It gives my body more curves." Spectra answers, dropping down to her knees. "Curves in which you love." She unzips his pants and reaches in through his fly, pulling out his Cock. Immediately she wraps her lips around it as if it's been an eternity since her last one. Gripping the bottom of the shaft with one hand, she works the head & the rest of his rod as best she can. She moans in pleasure as her head works back & forth, and her lips tighten around the shaft.

Walker can do nothing but smile, enjoying the "therapy" Spectra is giving her. Soon, he's more than rock hard, and ready to go. "Enough with the foreplay," Walker says, pulling out of her mouth, "let's get to the main event." Spectra stands back up and hikes up her skirt, before pulling off her panties. She leans against the wall and stands with her legs wide, ready for Walker to take her.

Walker indeed does just that, walking up to her and bringing his Cock to her moist pussy lips. She wraps her arms around him as he grabs her legs and picks her up. He thrusts his manhood deep inside of her, making her gasp at the sensation. She quickly starts to enjoy it though, as he starts moving in & out of her pussy. "Just think of it." Spectra says. "The Ghost-Boy locked up back in your prison, hundreds of inmates making his life a living hell, all while praising you for giving them the chance to get revenge.

It's a win-win, baby." "As long as you get to feast on his life force, you mean." Walker says. "And remember, not enough to kill. I want him to remain alive, so that he can suffer within the walls of my prison." "Don't worry, baby." She tells him.

"I remember the deal exactly. Oh, yeah! That's it!" Walker begins to pick up the pace, stroking in & out of her faster now. With each pounding she takes, her breasts slowly bounce more free, until they're finally released from their shirt & bra. Walker leans in & kisses Spectra passionately, pressing his chest against her massive melons. Spectra's fingernails start to scrap against Walker's back, hard enough to draw blood if he weren't already a ghost.

She then breaks the kiss and encourages him on. "Oh, Fuck me Walker!" She tells him. "Shove your Cock deep inside me!" Walker starts to grunt louder, as he's now giving it everything he's got. She grunts back with each thrust, and starts to come closer to her limit. It takes a few more minutes of hard fucking, but she finally reaches it.

"OH FUCK! OH YEAH! OH GOD…YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" She hits her orgasm as her body begins trembling. Walker also cums, shooting his load deep inside of her pussy. They remain in that position for moments on end, with nothing but heavy breathing between them.

Until Spectra breaks the silence. "But as for your deal…are you sure that he can get the job done?" She asks. "Trust me." Walker tells her. "That dog is under a new, more powerful leash. He will do the job quickly, and efficiently. Just like his master." 2 Hours Later… Back in the Human realm, Danny has the Fenton Portable Ghost Tracker in hand (the normal tracker is the size of a minivan) and is soaring high above Amity Park trying to follow the signal.

It started out as faint, but as he flies near the Downtown Area, the signal picks up stronger. "I must be getting close to a ghost." He says. "Finally. Maybe I can find out some more information about who wants to attack Sam. Speaking of her…" He activates one of the Fenton Phones he's wearing on his ear to call Tucker. "Tuck, I think I'm close to finding out more information." He says. "I need you to keep Sam distracted a little longer." "Well, that won't be much of a problem." Tucker replies on the other end.

"Good. Danny out." He hangs up on the phone and focuses back on his mission. Meanwhile, Tucker hangs up on his side, and continues to plow into Sam's pussy. The two have been going at it in the Janitor's Closet at Casper High for a while, and it's getting hot and heavy.

"Oh, yeah!" Sam says. "Fuck me, Tucker! FUCK ME!!!" "Well, Danny did say keep her distracted." Tucker thinks to himself, trying to rationalize this moment. Back with Danny, he floats down to street level and lands in front of an abandoned factory. The sound from the Fenton Ghost Tracker is blaring, signaling that Danny is very close.

He cautiously enters the factory and starts looking around for any signs of life (or non-life in his case). It's dark, and Danny can barely see his hands in front of him. "Doesn't look like anyone's here." He says quietly to himself.

"Maybe Dad busted it again. Man…I'm so tired. It's like I can fall asleep on my feet." Regardless, Danny keeps searching, lighting his finger with some of his ghost energy to illuminate the area.

But mere moments after he does that, he begins to hear heavy breathing, mixed with growling. Stopping in his tracks, he tries to listen for the exact location of it, and discovers it's coming from a creature…that is right behind him.

Instinctively, he leaps forward, turns & fires off a Ghost Ray. But the creature dodges it easily. Before Danny can fire off another attack, the creature grabs him and slams him hard against the wall.

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As Danny struggles to break free, he notices glowing lights, which seems to be coming from around the creature's neck. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!" And just like that, the creature lets go & disappears into the darkness, leaving Danny alone.

He finds himself sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall as he wakes up. It was another dream. But one so vivid, he can still feel his ribs hurting from where the creature grabbed him.

As he climbs to his feet, he can remember one thing that was said from his "Dream." "Did…did he just say Walker?" Later That Night… Danny sits inside of a booth at the Nasty Burger, just like he did in his dream. He's not here by choice. Jack & Maddie have gone to Chicago to investigate a Ballpark being haunted, and they left money for food.

And Nasty Burger is the only restaurant close by that's open this late. Danny has a look of fear on his face, as he tries to keep himself awake.

He doesn't want to fall asleep again, for fear that he'll dream of Sam's death…and it might lead to reality.

Frantically he searches the place for any sign of someone who would attack Sam.


He's at his wits end, as it shows when a Casper High Student carrying books gets to close to her. "BACK OFF, MAN!!!" He yells, jumping to his feet at the shock of everyone in the place. "My family hunts GHOSTS for a living, and we got over two dozen ways to separate you from that human body!" The student runs off and out of Nasty Burger, screaming into the night.

"OK, first the tackling thing, now threatening complete strangers. Are you sure you're not on some ghost steroids or something?" Sam asks, pulling Danny back into the booth and looking him in the eye. "Danny, what is going on with you?" "I…I…" His hands are shaking, and he has a cold sweat on his forehead.

He wants to tell her, but can't bring himself to do it. There's a long moment of silence between the two, which is finally broken by Tucker. "O…K. Maybe I should soften things up with a joke." He suggests. "You see there was this one guy…" Sam reaches out to grab Danny's hand & looks him in the eye. Slowly, Danny starts to calm down and his fear and uncertainty begin to fade. He doesn't think about anything that could happen to Sam, or anyone else. He's just glad to be there with her, the woman he loves.

But that feeling quickly goes out the window once he hears Tucker's next words. "And then, the milk started shooting out of her nose." At that very moment, it seems like time slows down for Danny. Everything that has happened in his dream comes back into his head. He remembers it all, the attack, the warning, Sam's fallen body brutally slashed, dying in his arms.

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Looking over at the clock on the wall, it confirms his fears…the time is 8:59pm. But instead of panicking, as a shadowy figure lurks up behind Sam, Danny Phantom…takes action. "SAM!!!" He quickly pulls her arm, sending her crashing into him just a split second before a claw slashes her seat. It's an attack that would've definitely ended Sam's life, and as she looks back at her seat, only one question roams through her head.

"OK, what the hell is going on?" The shadowy figure rises up into the light, and reveals himself as Wulf.


Everyone quickly rushes out of the Nasty Burger at the sight of him, leaving Danny, Tucker & Sam alone. "Wait, what is Wulf doing here?" Tucker asks. "And, it looks like he's wearing the control collar again." Sam notices. "Which means, there's one person who's behind this." Danny says. "Actually, it's two people, dear." Two more shadowy figures appear from out of the ground, and they're soon revealed as Walker & Spectra. "And it seems that the pathetic Timekeeper was right." Spectra says, before starting to power up a Ghost Blast of her own.

"Oh well, this calls for a woman's touch anyhow." She fires a concentrated beam of Ghost Energy right at Sam. It's powered enough that it will rip right through her body, killing her instantly. Or at least it would…if Danny hadn't have put up a Ghost Shield to protect her. "So Walker got a new…wait a minute? You & Walker are together?" Danny asks. "Oh yes. I love a man that gives authority." Spectra answers. "Unfortunately for you Ghost Child, this union will mean the end for you & your love." Walker adds.

But at that moment, the clock on the wall changes from 8:59 to 9:00. A moment later, Wulf's collar opens up and falls off of him, dropping to the ground. Wulf rubs his neck, trying to get the feeling back as he snaps out of his hypnotic state. "The time limit has run out on the Collar's control." Walker says coldly, extremely angry. "Oh, pooh." Spectra says. "Now our plan has completely fallen apart. Oh well, when you have lemons…" Cutting herself off, she charges full speed at Sam, intending to take her out first.

But she's stopped mere inches away from her by Danny. "You know what, that chipper & upbeat act you put up is really getting on my NERVES!!!" He says, before launching her across Nasty Burger, causing her to crash into the Deep Fryer. Walker looks on, becoming more enraged. "Then how about I set the tone to Grim?" Walker asks, rolling up his sleeves ready to fight Danny.

But as he takes one step forward, Wulf reaches out and grabs his neck with his claws. "I do believe things are Grim…for you." He says, right before Choke-Slamming him to the ground. Danny flies over to see about Spectra, while all the while, Sam & Tucker look on in shock. "OK, this whole thing is REALLY confusing." Sam says.

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"And I'm guessing you know something about it, Tucker. So spill!" "What? I'm just as shocked as you!" Tucker says, lying through his teeth. "And even if I did know something, Danny's my best friend. And I would never…" Sam cuts him off by grabbing his PDA and hovering it over a bowl of her Tomato Soup, threatening to drop it.

Instantly, Tucker caves. "HE WAS HAVING NIGHTMARES ABOUT YOU BEING KILLED BY SOME GHOST!!!" "So THAT'S what this is about?" Sam says, dropping the PDA.

Tucker catches it just before it drops in the soup. "It's OK, daddy's here." He says, coddling it. "Did the mean Goth Vegetarian hurt you?" "Tucker, we don't have time for that." Sam tells him. "Right now, two of Danny's enemies are here, ready to rip him apart. We have to help him!" "No need to panic, Sam." Tucker tells her. "I mean we got Wulf on our side now and…" Tucker's cut off again, this time by the sound of a loud thud.

The two turn around to see Wulf lying motionlessly on the floor, and Walker standing over him, cracking his knuckles.

"I always enjoy when my prisoners get out of line." He says smugly. "OK, now there's a need to panic!" Tucker says. Just then, a Ghost Blast sends Spectra flying across the room again.

This time she lands right beside Walker, and is in her true Ghost Form. Danny climbs out of the rubble that was once the kitchen area and faces his two foes, hands glowing & ready to fight. "You must have a death wish, Ghost Child.

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You stand alone." Walker says. "I've had worse odds, skull-face." Danny replies. "None worse than me, I'm sure." Walker tells him. "You're helpless against us. And those humans can do nothing to say you." "YOU'D BE SURPRISE WHAT A HUMAN CAN DO!!!" Everyone immediately turns to the front entrance to the Nasty Burger to see…Jazz Fenton.

Or more precisely, Jazz wearing one of Maddie's jumpsuits and carrying an arsenal of Ghost Capturing weaponry. She immediately leaps into action and fires off a Jack of Nine Tails, which ensnares both Walker & Spectra in dozens of wires.

They fall to the ground trapped, as Jazz blows on the barrel of the cannon, showing off. "JAZZ! Am I glad to see you!" Danny says, rushing over to her. "But…why are you dressed like Mom?" "They did a news report about the attack at Nasty Burger." Jazz tells him as Sam & Tucker walk over.

"She said she was too busy to leave, so I offered to come over and help you guys." "But, that doesn't explain the suit." Tucker says. "Look, it was the only way I could get out." Jazz says. "It was either me dressed as this, or Dad coming to help." "In that case, glad it was you." Danny says, as all four gather around for a group hug. They stay that way for a moment, before Jazz notices a glowing off in the distance. It's Spectra's eyes, and they look ready to fire.

"DANNY! GHOST SHIELD, NOW!!!" Danny's confused for a moment, but figures it out when he glances at Spectra. She fires off and eye beam, and Danny puts up his Ghost Shield. But it's not fully charged, and it breaks upon impact, sending all four of them flying away from each other.

Walker uses his power to break free from the trap, but finds himself weakened by it. "You have got to be the most troublesome convict I've ever had." He says, limping over to Danny & Jazz. "But I will put an end to that.

Time to play executioner. Here comes the Fist of Judgment." Meanwhile, Sam is recovering from the attack a distance away.

She sees Walker raising his arm, hand glowing, ready to strike down Danny & Jazz. Frantically she searches for anything to help her, when she sees it. The Fenton Thermos lying in front of her. Quickly she grabs it, dashes forward and dives in front of the two, unscrewing the Thermos just as Walker brings his fist down.

"Sorry, but Danny's just been pardoned!" Danny reaches out to her. "SAAAAMMMM!!!!" And everything goes white. It takes several moments, but everything starts to come back into focus. As Danny looks up, he sees that Sam is still there, with the Thermos still open. Spectra is being sucked within, and it looks like Walker has already been captured. Once both are inside, she screws the lid back on, and starts to get up slowly & painfully. Danny immediately gets up and rushes to her.

"Sam! Are you OK? I thought…" "Calm down, Danny." She says, showing Danny that she just has a mere elbow scrape. "I know you were worried, but I'm OK, so you don't have to worry about my imminent death." "Tucker?" Danny asks.

Sam just nods her head yes. "Look Sam, I know I should've been more upfront about this and told you…I was just worried and…I didn't get any sleep&mdash." "Danny, you don't have to explain." Sam tells him. "I know you wanted to keep me safe, and you didn't want me to worry. But next time just tell me. I don't wanna be tackled unless I'm on the Football team…or in the bedroom." She reaches over and lifts his head gently so that he faces her.

"Got it?" "I got it, Ms. Manson." Danny says, jokingly. "Look, I'd better get these two back into the Ghost Zone. You & Tucker should head home before the cops come around and start asking questions." And with that, the four start to disband, making their way home as sirens can be heard approaching from off in the distance. Late That Night… It's past 1am at the Manson house, and everyone is nestled in their beds in deep sleep.

Everyone except Sam, of course. Wearing her purple stockings, an oversized Punisher T-shirt & her panties, she lies on her bed and flips through channels on her TV with her remote, with a bored look on her face. Thoughts wander through her mind about Danny, and how he can definitely cure her boredom.

But due to the late hour, and the fact that her parents saw her on TV near the Nasty Burger, it most likely wouldn't happen. At least that's what she thinks until a cold breeze blows in through her window. "BRRRRRRRR!!!! I better get up and close that thing." She says sitting up. But a moment later, she feels a pair of lips press against hers, and her body being laid back down on the bed.

The kiss is deep & passionate, which arouses Sam, but also freaks her the hell out because she can't see whom it's coming from. Once it's broken, she makes the obvious guess. "Danny?" There isn't a response. Instead, she begins to feel her legs being opened, and her panties pulled off of her. Once they're off, she can feel someone's tongue going to work down there, licking her inner thighs and working their way up to her sweet snatch.

Sam breathing gets a little heavier as she starts to blush a little. "OK Danny, I'm really hoping that's you down there." A small chuckle can be heard in the room, as the ghost who's there decides to show itself. It is Danny, wearing a smug grin on his face. There's a relieved smile on Sam's face now (things would've been awkward if it was the Box Ghost) as she reaches forward and pulls him closer. They kiss again, as Danny starts to unbuckle his pants.

He pulls them down along with his boxers, then breaks the kiss, ready to enter into her. "Wait." Danny says.

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"I wanna try something new. Turn over." Sam just grins & complies, turning onto her stomach and pointing her round ass in the air, like a target for Danny. Without delay, he grabs hold of his shaft and brings it to her lower lips, then pushes forward, entering deep inside of her. He starts moving in & out of her slowly, wanting to take his time with it.

Sam, on the other hand, isn't in a patient mood. "Come on, Danny!" She begs. "I want it hard. Give it to me!" Danny does just that, picking up the pace and doubling his strokes. He's now drilling into her like a Jackhammer, and the sound of flesh smacking flesh begins to fill her room.

Sam begins to moan loudly with pleasure, which begins to make Danny worried. "Sam, not so loud." He tells her. "You're parents room is down the hall." "Sorry, Danny." She says. Thinking quickly, she bites down on a nearby pillow to muffle her moans, as she clenches her bed board tight. Both of them are deep into it now, with Danny banging her Balls deep, giving it everything he has. He reaches forward to lift up her T-shirt, and begins fondling her breasts, which gets her off even more.

Both of them are now drenched in sweat, and getting close to their climax. Sam's moans are still muffled, but Danny doesn't need to hear her clearly to tell she's about to cum, because so is he. "Hold on, Sam." He says. "I gotta ghost you, so I can cum." Sam takes the pillow out of her mouth to protest that idea. "No! Don't!" She says. "Pull out! I want you to cum on my ass!" Reluctantly, Danny does as she asks.

He pulls out of her and, a split second later, hits his limit as he shoots his load all over her ass. He's letting off like a firehose, and Sam is enjoying every moment of it, as she has her own orgasm. Exhausted, he catches himself from falling on top of his love and instead falls beside her on the bed.

Sam wraps her arms around him and pulls him close. "Not that I'm complaining…" She says, also tired. "…But what's with the impromptu sex visit." "I needed to fix my insomnia." He says, ready to fall asleep right there. "And I knew you could help me out with that problem. I love you, Sam." "I love you too, Danny." She replies, before kissing him on the lips.

The two slowly start to nod off asleep in each other's arms, in that very position.