My girlfriend sister wanted anal because her husband has small dick

My girlfriend sister wanted anal because her husband has small dick
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Had it been 4 years since she'd seen her brother? Thought Tara, everyone had been shocked when he'd announced to the family that he had joined the army.

Now 4 years later he was coming home from his posting overseas. Tara wonder what else had changed in that time, Mark had always been a bit of a geek with his nose always in a book or doing something technical.

Thinking back Tara realized she still thought of him as big a little kid, not that 2 years was much of a gap between their ages&hellip. Then Tara remembered the night she'd realized that Mark wasn't a little boy anymore, it still made tingles run up her spine thinking about it.

It had been a Friday night and as usual mum and dad had gone out, Tara was meant to stay over at her friends but there had been an argument between her friend's parents and Tara came home, walking in the front door she realized that the house was in darkness except for the living room, the lights we down low in there.

Curious she'd crept forward to see what was going on… Tara heard the TV on and thought that Mark was just watching a movie in the dark, so she just walked straight in and turned the light on… that was when it hit her&hellip.

Mark had been watching a film, but it was one of their dad's porn films&hellip. And there Mark was naked and playing with one of the biggest erections she'd ever seen on a boy let alone a 14 year old!! All she could do was stand and look while Mark jumped and scrambled for his shorts&hellip. Turning round she went to her room and shut the door, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, all she could see in her mind was that big cock standing straight up, 'shit' she thought why did it have to be my brothers!!!

Turning her TV on she tried to get the image out of her mind, 10 minutes later she was watch some film when there was a knock on her door, opening it she found Mark standing there, 'can I come in' he asked nervously. Tara turned without a word and walked back to her bed, dropping down on to it she found Mark standing by it, as she looked up her eyes lingered for a second on Mark's shorts for a second, was there a bulge there?

Tara felt a tingle run up her spine, when she looked a Mark he was blushing&hellip. 'Sis, please don't tell mum and dad' he stammered. Tara felt hot for a second, 'what's in it for me you little pervert?' shit did she just say that?

Mark's eyes were wide with shock, 'I said it out loud!!' Tara though. 'What do you want?' Mark asked in a whisper&hellip.

Tara felt hot with power; could she use this to her advantage? Staring at him she could hardly speak as she whispered back&hellip. 'I want to see IT again'…… Mark's eyes got wider and he slowly shook his head 'no' I can't he said&hellip.

'Your choice, I hope you like being grounded for the rest of your life'&hellip. She said, he flinched as if she'd slapped him, closing his eyes slowly his hands came up to the waistband of his shorts, tingling all over Tara said 'no' Marks eyes opened with a look of relief&hellip.

'I want to do it' she whispered sitting up… Marks gasp was loud in the quiet room.


Tara's hands came up and stroked over the bulge, 'just look you said' Mark whispered&hellip. 'No I didn't, now shut up' came Tara's reply, Tara moved her hands to the waistband and slowly pulled the down… thick black pubes greeted her gaze as she did, then the base of his thick cock, further down… 'My god it's bigger than I thought' came Tara's thought. Finally the head appeared slightly red and glistening&hellip. Looking up Tara smiled as she could see Mark's breath coming faster, slowly she reached out 'No sis please' he whispered, ignoring him her finger tips touched it and he jumped slightly as it twitched, touching it again she stroked up towards the base, Tara could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter&hellip.

As she looked she could see it getting harder and starting to rise. Running her finger over the shaft she heard Mark groan lightly 'sis please' this time she wasn't sure if he was asking her to stop or carry on… Now the head was pointing straight at her, staring at Mark's face as he looked back Tara leant forward and slipped her tongue out of her mouth touching the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue&hellip.

Marks groan came louder as his cock twitched, Tara felt his juices flood out the end and over her tongue… taking his cock in her hand Tara lightly covered the head with her lips, almost immediately Marks cock started to buck and he came in her mouth… Tara couldn't stop herself drinking his juices and working his cock so he came as much as he was able&hellip.'fuck sis no' Mark's actions denied his words as he grabbed her hair and held her on his bucking cock… Now it was her turn to be worried… she was almost gagging as Mark's cock kept pumping his cum into her mouth, she was having problems swallowing it fast enough!!

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Finally she pulled away, his cock slipped out of her mouth and a final spurt hit her breasts. 'Fuck sis, they were right!' shocked she could hardly ask 'who? What did they say?' Smiling Mark said he'd heard some older boys saying that she gave the best head in the whole of the school… Tara couldn't help blushing all over even after what she'd just done she felt like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her!

Now Mark was looking at her differently&hellip. 'What?' Tara said. 'Well come on&hellip.' Mark said 'we're not gonna stop there are we?' blushing more Tara froze as Mark leant down and felt her breasts without taking his eyes off her cum covered lips, she felt her nipples hardening as he played with them&hellip.

Tara moaned and suddenly Mark was pulling her joggers and panties off her baring her pussy, Mark gasped as he saw the tattoo just above her pussy mound.


Tara couldn't help but part her legs slightly as the smell of her juices filled the room, bent over as he was Tara could see that Mark's cock was getting hard again; she was shocked when she realized that the head was still pointing at her even though he was bent over&hellip. Mark suddenly bent down further and Tara almost jumped as he kissed her pussy mound, 'Mark please not now, they might come back any minute' Tara begged. Mark looked at her and with a shrug turned and walked out!

But not before Tara got a good look at his fully erect cock she saw it reach up past his navel!! Laying on the bed naked with his cum all over her lips and breast, feeling her pussy throb with heat and lust and the memory of his kiss Tara felt like screaming!!! Groggily Tara comes awake, 'God she thinks I fell asleep!' she wonders what had woken her&hellip.

From the clock she can see its 2am, there must have been something! Tara lays still and listens, was that someone in her room? Slowly she looks round the room, by the door she can see a silhouette someone's standing there. 'Whose there?' she asks&hellip.

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''Shh you'll wake the folks', shocked Tara realizes that Mark has crept back, he moves quietly to her bedside, 'what do you want?' she whispers. He sits on the edge of the bed and leans down, she can see his face as he grins and whispers&hellip.'well I thought you might have changed your mind…' Shocked Tara realized he was naked, before she could say a word he slipped under the covers his hands exploring her naked body&hellip. 'Mark if they come in&hellip.' Tara feels a quiver of excitement hit her body as his hand brushed her hardening nipple&hellip.

'Then you'll have to be very quiet then.' comes his reply as he slips down the bed taking the cover with him&hellip. Suddenly Tara feels his tongue liking over her pussy mound… it feels hot and rough, a shock jolts her body… without willing it she opens her legs so Mark can move between and down&hellip. He buries his tongue inside her pussy lips… seeking her hole licking round and round up and down&hellip. Suddenly he stops, she feels him move his head up slightly&hellip.

Electricity floods through her as his tongue attacks her hardening clit&hellip. Licking roughly over it he sucks at it &hellip.

She hears a keening sound as he bites her swollen clit gently&hellip.


Shocked Tara realizes it's her making the noise&hellip. 'Quiet! You don't want to wake the folks!!' Marks voice comes muffled&hellip.

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'Please Mark don't stop' Tara begs&hellip. Mark chuckles before he bites her pussy hard! 'You're a slut Tara!' shocked she tries to move away but Mark has to good a hold on her&hellip.

Then he adds 'but you're MY slut now'…… Tara realizes she can't deny it… right now she'd do anything he asked, and what's worse she knows he knows it! Slowly Mark moves onto the bed&hellip. Taking her hand he pulls her up and then on top of him&hellip. Tara can't help but slip her legs either side of his waist&hellip. Tara's breast hang over Marks face and he stretches up and sucks her nipples &hellip. A moan escapes Tara and she half closes her eyes&hellip.

'Move back a bit slut' Mark commands… Tara looks at him and almost says no but she thinks if she does he might leave again&hellip. Tara moves her body backwards thinking he just wants to feel her nipples as they rub against his chest&hellip. Without warning Mark bucks his hips and Tara feels his hard cock spear inside her wet hot pussy&hellip.

The shock makes her cry out! Mark sits up pushing her backwards burying his cock deeper with the movement&hellip. Tara can't help but cry out again… slowly Marks hands grasp her hips and push her upwards&hellip. Then pull her down&hellip. All the while Tara can feel Marks thick hard cock move inside her!! Pulses of pleasure hit her and she knows she'll soon cum if he keeps this up&hellip.

Suddenly her hands are on his shoulders balancing and helping her move faster up and down his cock&hellip. Tara gasps&hellip.' How do you know to do this?'&hellip. laughing quietly Mark tells her… 'Dad's porn films…' Tara can't help moving faster&hellip. 'Yes baby ride me' Mark commands&hellip. Leaning back Mark watches Tara's breasts bounce as she moves faster… completely lost in the feeling Tara almost falls when she feels her pussy flood with warmth… Mark cries out that he's Cumming!

Tara goes wild moving faster making him go deeper filling her pussy with his cum&hellip. Tara feels her pussy tighten as she starts to cum&hellip. Flooding her juices all over Marks thighs… she can't stop herself falling to the bed beside him&hellip. Tara feels his cock come out of her soaking swollen hot pussy.

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Before she can move Mark is behind her and enters her again&hellip. 'NO I Can't Mark not yet'&hellip. Mark ignores her and buries his cock deep inside her, Tara almost screams and another orgasm hits her, again he's fucking her hard&hellip.

Burying his cock inside her, wave after wave of pleasure hit her body… Mark doesn't stop until he cums again deep inside her&hellip. As he stops Tara realizes she's crying with the pain of the pleasure&hellip. 'Mark leans down as he moves off the bed and whispers&hellip.'See you tomorrow night slut&hellip.' Then he's gone and Tara knows that she won't be able to refuse anything he said from now on…… that was 10 years ago now, Tara felt her pussy tighten just thinking about it&hellip.

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Where the hell was he? The plane landed 20 minutes ago. Suddenly Tara felt someone close behind her&hellip. And a familiar voice say 'Hello slut&hellip. Have you missed me?' This will be one hell of a reunion…… Tara hoped!!