Tanned superbabe rubs herself on sandy beach

Tanned superbabe rubs herself on sandy beach
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I was at the library, watching Grace intently. Her nice perky boobs bouncing slightly, and her juicy ass sticking out at me.

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She looked at me and I broke into her mind, planting an idea in her head. Grace's demeanor changed immediately, as her eyes misted over and an expression of lust formed on her face. She was clearly ready to do whatever her master told her to do, as she dropped the book she was holding. Grace had only one thing on her mind as she approached me. Grace's gaze quickly fell to my crotch, which to her excitement, was already expanding to accommodate my hardening cock.

She pushed me into a quiet secluded part of the library.Grace got on her knees and began to remove my buckle, and I felt my buckle loosen and heard it fall to the ground before I felt Grace pull down my pants and underwear, releasing my seven inch cock.

I could tell that all Grace wanted to do was suck on my dick, but she waited dutifully for her master to give her the go ahead. 'Suck on it bitch… and be quiet about it!' I told her quietly, not wanting the librarian to hear us going at it.


Grace took very little time to slide my cock into her hot wet mouth. I moaned at the sensation of having my cock enter into Grace's slick mouth.

I nearly blew my load right then and there, but I was intent on having an opportunity at fucking her sweet pussy.

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I began removing her clothes while Grace continued to bob her head back and forth, nearly engulfing my entire shaft with each stroke. Soon she was using her hands and fingers to massage my balls while he tried to take off Grace's top.

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Frustrated at not being able to remove her shirt easily, I decided to take the simple approach, tearing her tight fitting pink shirt off her body and throwing it aside before doing the same with the skirt she was wearing. I nearly came again at the sight of Grace's fantastic body in her tight bra and panties, but was quickly disappointed when he realized she was wearing plain old white cotton panties and nothing special.

'Well that just won't do' I said, as I leaned over Grace and tore off her tight cotton panties with a single pull. I could distinctly hear her moan like a little whore when had yanked and tore her panties off of her. I then quickly tore off her bra with a single pull, revealing her small firm breasts and her tiny rosy nipples which were already rock hard.

'Stand up slut' ordered Me, who couldn't take another minute of Grace sucking on my cock without cumming. Grace stood up dutifully, revealing her perfect breasts and a tight pussy that had been trimmed into a little strip of fuzzy brown pubic hair. 'Fuck! I can't believe how hot you are' Me said, excited at what I was seeing. 'Now turn around and let me take a look at that tight ass of yours', stroking my cock to the sight of her.

Grace again followed my orders, enjoying the attention she was receiving and the reaction she was getting out of her master. Grace slowly turned around as my hand pumped my shaft faster and faster. To my exhilaration, Grace's back end was even better than her front as my eyes locked onto her luscious but tight looking round ass.


I nearly came again after taking a little initiative; Grace started wiggling her ass at me to see if she could get a little more praise from me. 'Ohh my god! Bend that sweet ass over right now!' I commanded.

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I had stopped stroking himself off in order not to blow my load. I watched in anticipation as Grace slowly bent over and presented her tight round ass to me.

I pulled off my own sweater and shirt before getting on my own knees and sticking my face in her pussy. I stuck my long tongue as deep into her pussy as possible as my hands found her waist and held Grace still while he continued to eat her out.

'Mmmm… mmmm!' moaned Grace, as she felt my tongue pierce her deeply. Grace could feel my hand massaging her ass just before giving her ass a quick smack to entice her further. 'Ungghhh!' groaned Grace as I gave her another smack for pleasure's sake. I continued giving her a hard tongue fucking for ten more minutes before Grace approached her orgasm.

Her pussy quivered as she moaned out in orgasmic pleasure and bathed my tongue in her sweet juices. I lapped up her juices as she continued to shutter, nearly collapsing.

'I didn't say you could cum!' I roared angrily, as I stood up and made her bend farther over. I lifted one of my hands and slapped her ass as hard as I could.

Grace groaned in pain again and before I smacked her again, I stopped in midair, cautious about the level of noise I was making.


I made Grace stand up before forcing her leg up onto one of the shelves so her pussy was wide open and completely exposed to him. I gave my cock a quick rub before I guided it towards her wet slit. Grace looked back at me and gave him a sexy smile before she felt him guide my seven inch shaft into her tight pussy.

Damn! She was such a slut, she wasn't even a virgin!Still, she was so god damn tight! She was spurring me on by taking one of my hands and guiding it to one of her firm breasts. I, glad that my dutiful whore was taking a little sexual initiative, obliged her slutty advances and took hold of her breast and massaged it while he continued to force more and more of my cock into Grace's tight cunt.

'Mmmmmm!' moaned Grace, as the dual sensation of me both massaging her tit and thrusting my cock into her, made her cum for the second time that day. The extra lubrication was just what I needed as he thrust the rest of my seven inches into her with her still cumming. 'Ohhhh Danny… You're so big!' cried Grace, as I bent over her and kissed her neck.

Grace kissed me on the lips as I started to twist her nipple. 'I'm gonna fuck ths sweet pussy every chance I get… you're so hot!' I whimpered into Grace's ear, just before kissing her again.

After five minutes of slowly sliding my shaft in an out of Grace's wet pussy, I started to pick up my rhythm; slamming my cock into her with as much ferocity as I could muster.

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My cock was moving in and out of her so fast that my balls were smacking against her pussy with each thrust. The sensation of having my balls smack against her pussy with each thrust was quickly draining whatever stamina I had left and after another five minutes of furious fucking and another huge orgasm from Grace, I was ready to explode.

'Ohhhh god! I'm gonna fucking cum baby!' I groaned into Grace's ear, as my pace quickened in anticipation of a sticky end. 'Fill me up baby… I want your cum inside me Draco… Fill my pussy full of your hot seed!' whimpered Grace sexily, right back at me.

'UNGHHHHHH!' I grunted, as Grace's sexy and slutty words were more than enough to push him over the edge and begin to fill Grace's tight pussy full of my potent seed.

It was the largest orgasm of my life; my desire to plant my seed deep in the young slut had produced almost a gallon of cum, all deposited into Grace's womb. 'Mmmmmm!' moaned Grace, as she felt her pussy being filled to the brim with my hot sticky cum. The sensation of her womb filling with my cum was more than enough to put her over the edge for the fourth time, adding her sticky mess. I pulled out of Grace in a hurry after releasing her nipple. A rush of both my hot cum and Grace's sticky juices rushed out of her tight pussy.

There was simply not enough room to hold all that cum. Grace's leg remained in place, as she let the accumulated semen leak out of her pussy and run down her long slender legs. I had her clean up, and then rushed out of the library,looking for another victim.