Dirty legal age teenager girlfriend loves taking it up her pretty muff

Dirty legal age teenager girlfriend loves taking it up her pretty muff
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It wasn't until I was in my mid teens that I started to wonder why the women in my family never seemed to get any older. As a kid, they just looked like adults to me. Even my sisters who were in their early twenties. That age, to a kid, still just looks like an adult. But when I turned 14 I started to wonder - are you guys not aging?

I started to ask questions. My mom, who was 46 (apparently), and my four aunts would just laugh at my question. They'd explain that everyone in their family just had amazing genes, and took great care of their skin.

Their answers were vague, but they were confident enough that I just chalked it up to genetics.

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I didn't think about it much after that. I wondered if I would age at a similarly slow pace. The only boy in a huge family of women… None of my three sisters, my four aunts, my mother or even my grandmother seemed to get very old.

Would the one boy share the trait? I hoped so. On the morning of my 18th birthday, my mother sat me down for a talk in our living room. "Jack, have you noticed the girls looking at you differently over the last couple of months?" I had.

All the women in my family had begun to treat me a little more playfully over the last couple of months. They looked at me with a strange new curiosity, and they tried to find more opportunities to hug me or place a hand on my shoulder. "Now that you bring it up, they've been more affectionate these last few months." "Jack, what I have to tell you today is going to shock you.

For many reasons. What I need you to do is promise that after you let me finish, you won't just run out of the house and never want to see us again." She was looking at me with this expression that was the perfect combination of formal and adorable.

Plus, my mom being my mom, it couldn't be avoided that the look was also somewhat sexual. This is just because my mom is an obviously sexual person. The kind that anyone might suspect is trying to be seductive, simply because her face and her body are themselves so seductive. "Mom, obviously I would never do that. You know me. I'm not easily shocked." "Well, there's no way you could be prepared for any of what I'm going to tell you.

And, honestly, I wouldn't blame you for hating me. I just…" "Mom, stop. I love you. I love you more than the world itself.

I'll forgive you for whatever it is. Whatever secret. Just let it out." My mom's eyes began to fill with tears. "I'm not your mother." She buried her head in her hands and began to sob. "WHAT?" She didn't say anything. She just kept crying into her hands. "Mom, answer me! What do you mean you're not my mother??" She lifted her head from her lap and looked at me with her red, wet eyes.

She got up and then kneeled in front of me, putting her hands on my knees in supplication. "You were adopted." I was silent. I hadn't expected that. And I was a little distracted by her face and hands being so close to my lap.

I could feel her fingers digging into my thighs and almost clawing my legs towards her. Why was she doing that? After a while I said, "Who? Who is my family? Where am I from?" "I will tell you everything about your past.

But first I have much more to tell you about what's happening right now." Her fingers continued trying to draw me towards her. What was my mom doing? She was filled with a strange animalistic desire. "You shouldn't call me mom anymore, sweetie. Call me Laura. Don't call me mom anymore." She was weeping and breathing hard but her exhaustion and her energy weren't just coming from her sadness. She was filled with some other emotion as well. Something primal. "Don't call me mom, Jack.

I'm not your mom. I'm Laura." I was worried for her and in total shock. I decided to put myself aside for a moment. I brought my hands to hold her on the sides of her neck. "Laura, I don't care if I was adopted.

Please calm down. You raised me, Laura. You're my mother, no matter what. I love you. I love you completely." She was panting. "No. I'm not your mother. I'm a woman who loves you, Jack. Who has loved you forever. And I have so much more to tell you." She stood up now and straddled my legs. What the fuck was going on?? My mom was making me incredibly turned on. I was a virgin and it didn't take much for me to start getting uncontrollably horny.

And this was much. I usually can turn off my sexual feelings with my mother, despite how good looking she is. Because she was my mom! But now… Laura seemed to want me more than I knew how to deal with. I didn't think I could resist her if she decided to take this further.


She said, "What I have to tell you can wait, Jack. It can wait." She was dry humping me through her jeans at this point. She couldn't control herself.

Fuck. "I know this is is a lot to process but…" And then I lost it. I didn't want to hear her anymore.

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I pulled her face to mine and kissed her on the mouth. She let out a deep moan. I had no idea what I was doing. Despite everything being said, she had succeeded in making me feel the same intense desire she was, and I didn't have the strength to resist. Her hands went to my back and pulled me into an even tighter embrace.

We kissed like our mouths couldn't get enough of each other. I could hardly breath. It took my mom… it took Laura about five seconds to to start biting my lips a little. And then she had her tongue licking the roof of my mouth. I had hardly made out with anyone by this point, and I never knew someone could make these kinds of sensations happen with simple kissing.

She was tearing at my shirt from the back so I decided to help her out. I stopped kissing her for a moment and as I pulled back I could see a look of loss in her eyes.

But then I started to take off my shirt and she was filled with an almost girlish joy. She rushed to get her own shirt off of her body.

When we were both topless she lowered my body to the floor. She was on top and she brought her eyes to mine and said again, "Jack. I'm not your mother. Tell me." "You're not my mother, Laura.

I know that. But I still love you." Her eyes seemed to relax in a way that showed relief and passion at the same time. She started to kiss me again. She was digging her fingernails into my skin. Lightly at first, but soon her hands were making their way all the way down to my waist and she was leaving little pink trails behind her nails.

My body was covered in goosebumps. And then her mouth left mine and came to my neck. I didn't know so much energy could come out of this kind of contact. Her mouth was wet and warm on my skin and my body was rippling with excitement. Her mouth kept going lower and she got to my nipples. This blew my mind and she lightly tongued my nipple and then left her tongue on my skin and let it travel further south.

She lowered her body so her head was hovering over my groin. Then her hands reached behind her and she started to take off her jeans. My amazingly sexy adopted mother was hovering over my tented cock in just her underwear. I sat up to kiss her again and she pushed her hand into my chest.

She made me lie down again. "Stop. I need to do this. I need to do this now." She unzipped my pants and and lowered them down enough to get my cock out. I was harder than I have ever been in my life.

The moment she saw my erection she froze for a second. She made this primal sound that was almost a groan. One of her hands right under her own panties and she started to masturbate.

Her hips swayed a little bit as her own pleasure from fingering herself danced up her body, and her tongue to snaked its way up my shaft.

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I was in fucking heaven. I was always self-conscious about sex because I was never sure if the woman would enjoy it as much as I presumed that I would. In this situation, there was no doubt. I thought she might explode over how much she seemed to need my cock in her mouth. She fingered herself as if it was an emergency. The feeling of her tongue on me was blowing my fucking mind. At first her movements were rapid and almost panicked, she was making out with my penis like she had been making out with my mouth.

But then she her body stiffened and her mouth came off me, she craned her neck forward and I could see her face. The expression on it was a perfect image of someone experiencing the height of pleasure, and it looked a lot like someone experiencing the height of pain. It was sublime. Seeing this look on my mother's face had an overwhelming effect on me. As she came harder than I knew a person could, my cock came without her body even touching it.

I came hard. The cum shot out from beneath her craned neck hit the underside of her chin. It also shot past her and landed on my stomach and chest. When she realized what was happening, she buried her face into my chest and started to eat the cum off of me. Now her tits were pressing down onto my cock and I was still cumming, and this didn't do much to make me stop.

My orgasm seemed to get better in a matter of a second. If sex was always like this, I suddenly saw how people got addicted to it. But this was nothing like the porn I had seen on the internet. I realized how rarely porn stars actually feel any affection for each other.

If I had ever seen a video like this, it would have almost scared me. I didn't know if this was what passion would always look like, but I was so excited I was almost glad that I was so unprepared. Laura and I finally stopped cumming. She was breathing deeply and her nose was buried in my chest. She must have been smelling my cum.

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My body and her neck were covered. She sat up for a second, suddenly calm. She used her hand to wipe the cum off of her neck. Once she had it in her palm, she brought it to her face and stared at it like it was gold. "Don't be grossed out by this, Jack. This… this is what I need from you." Then she brought her hand to her mouth and devoured all the cum she was holding.

She proceeded to scoop up all the cum lying on my torso and do the same. I don't really have a cum fetish, but her reverence for my body and my cum made me feel like a god.

And I definitely had a fetish for that… I said, "That was amazing mom…" She put her finger to my lips.

"Laura," she said. "Call me Laura now, baby." "That was amazing, Laura." We were both sweating. She had stopped breathing so hard, and she smiled down at me. She was proud of her work. She was still not even fully naked. Her breasts and her pussy were still covered by underwear. She looked down into my eyes with a look that said just you wait. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. I think I may have been looking at her breasts the way she was looking at my cock.

I had never seen something that brought me so much appreciation. I don't know what it is about breasts. They're just round orbs of flesh, and yet they take on some magical quality and my body sees them as some kind of magnificent home. I wanted them all over me. I wanted them in my mouth and in my hands and pressed up all over my skin. I quickly reached out to grasp them, but my not-mom caught my wrists right before my fingers could make contact. "Wait just a minute, baby.

I'm not done with my work down here." She went back down to my dick. I had lost a little bit of my hardness, but I didn't feel too sensitive. I chalked it up to the gift of youth that I could manage a couple of orgasms every time I jacked off. Every time I did, I thanked God the ability hadn't left me yet. I assumed as I got older it would get harder and harder, but for now I'm still able to have at least two orgasms per session with myself.

And that's to say nothing about when I'm the victim of a beautiful woman working on my cock with everything she's got. She hovered over my cock and in order to make it hard again she took the whole thing into her mouth. I expected her to start bobbing up and down on it or something else that I had seen in porn. But again she surprised me.

She just kept completely still. My cock was resting inside of her mouth, and because of the stillness I became completely aware of every sensation in there. Every inch of me became more alive. Even down to the centimeter I could feel sensations without even trying.

I could feel her pulse in her mouth. I could feel how wet and soft the inside of her was. It took about 20 seconds for me to return to steel. She would hum carefully around my my shaft when she felt it growing my increments. The vibrations were a whole other level of excitement.

She slipped her mouth off of me and smiled. Then she brought her tits to hover over my cock and she stared at my face. Looking at me to monitor how I was enjoying it, she lowered one of her nipples to the head of my dick and let it brush up against it. Then she would travel her nipple along my shift and let it go all the way down, and then all the way up.

This kind of minimal contact with such a precious part of her body once again my every nerve in my groin stand on end. It was almost ticklish, but a sweeter and more solid feeling. It was tantra. It felt almost like a fraction of an orgasm was constantly following her nipple as it skirted along the length of my cock.

I had no idea what expression was on my face while I felt this ecstasy, but whatever it was it made Laura happy to see. After a couple of minutes of this teasing, she brought her lips back down to the head of my cock and started to make out with it slowly. This was totally different from her first blowjob. It was slow, it was loving. She was actually taking care of me. She was using her full lips to tell my cock that it was beautiful. She used one hand to stand it upright and used the other to cup and handle my balls.

When she would finally lower her lips beyond the head of my cock and bury me inside of her mouth, she would only let it last for about a second before exposing me to the air again. It made me want her even more. I wanted to be inside of her again. She would tease me by putting me inside of her mouth just for seconds at a time, then return to making out with my tip. "Laura…" I moaned. I felt her laugh little bit.

I felt it, as her mouth was still on me. Then her tongue made its way down to my balls and I went over the edge. "LAURA," I almost shouted. It all felt good, but as good as it was, it wasn't a satisfying feeling. Every sensation was meant to heighten my desire for the real thing. And it was working.

I was in ecstasy, but I was also in need. I couldn't take it anymore. I heard her voice from below, "If this were any other time, I would definitely take this time to have you eat my pussy…" "I want to," I told her. "No. Not this time. You're too ready, and so am I.

" I looked down and saw she was straddling my cock. She was moving her panties to the side. She had her hand between my cock and my stomach, and was using it to press my cock up against her naked clit. She felt incredibly slick. Holding it up against her pussy, she slid her body up and down its length.

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Her clit was pressed just lightly along my vein. Her face was somewhere between satisfaction and frustration. We were both caught in tremendous tension. She finally raised herself a little bit and used her hand to bring the head of my cock to her entrance. Then she stopped. "Are you ready, baby?" The question seemed almost rhetorical… "Laura, I want you." Before she could lower herself onto me, I took control.

I moved my hips upward, penetrating her for the first time. I didn't thrust. I didn't want to bury myself inside of her so quickly.

But I took the initiative with the first inch. Just feeling my head inside of her, that feeling alone was blowing my mind. She gasped and the top of her body fell forward a little. She had to use her hands to support her from the ground. She was on her knees, holding herself above me and one inch of me was inside of her. I continued to meet her, moving my hips up and up, centimeter by centimeter. I looked into her eyes the whole time.

Her eyes were closed. Her minds eye was inside herself.


I knew she could basically see me entering her. She was her pussy in this moment, and I was merging with her. She was totally still. After I'd gotten about halfway into her, I had the feeling that I was already going to cum. There was no way I was going to only last a minute into fucking her, and I didn't know if I could pull of a third orgasm.

I quickly pulled out and landed my ass on the ground. Her eyes shot open. "Whats wrong, baby?" She was actually worried. "Nothing. Nothing. I'm just going to cum too quickly and if I do that then I can't make you cum as well." A little smile crossed her face. "You're so considerate, baby." She came down and kissed me on the mouth.

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I used my hand to push her over onto her back, and then I put one leg over her torso. I was on my side next to her, one leg straddling her.

I cock against the side of her waist. I took her nearest nipple into my mouth. She moaned, and I used my other fingers to lightly brush up the length of her body. I sucked on her nipple lightly at first, but every time I increased the pressure I could hear her response.

I started to get harder. I brought my other hand's fingers to her other nipple and pinched it. When I was done pinching her nipple, I would then bring my teeth down a little hard on her other one. Obviously it was not a serious bite, but just enough for her to express a little pleasure, and then I'd come off. My knee came to press up on her clit and she was pressing herself against it.

She started to rub against my leg almost on her own accord. I decided I needed to be a little more direct in trying to make her cum. I licked my fingers and brought them between my leg and her pussy. I moved my leg away so I could be fairly light with my fingers. I let the length of my middle finger find her clit and travel up and down - light and quick. Back and forth. I felt that it might be easy to overstimulate her here, but that it was also too late in to be too teasing.

So I moved quickly to provide a lot of sensation, and lightly so as not to make her uncomfortable. The way she reacted made me arrogant. I was playing her like a violin. This wasn't normal.

I was a virgin, and yet it felt like I had been fucking this woman for a lifetime, that's how well we knew how to make each other feel good.

She pulled me on top of her. It had been long enough for me to feel a little less sensitive, and so I consented and brought my hips between her legs. I got to look down at this glorious woman. I held my hard dick in my hand. She had done such a good job of making me feel confident. I knew she loved this. I knew she loved my cock. I had no self-consciousness at all. I felt proud to have my cock in my hand, so hard and in control of the situation.

I brought the head to her pussy and that alone got a noise out of her. This time I didn't want to go too slowly. I entered her and and slowly, but not necessarily in slow motion, let my cock bury all the way inside of her.

We both sighed. "Come here baby," she said. I brought my face close to hers. "I love you" she almost whispered, "I love you so much." I was pumping into her now. "I love you too, mom." … then we both stared at each other a while. I didn't stop pumping. "Laura. Sorry. I love you, Laura." She pulled me into another kiss. I can't describe what it was like to be connected to this person.

Below we were inside of each other, and on top our lips were clasped together. We were becoming one person, pressing and pulling in and out of each other. It was almost mystical, but, almost more importantly, it was fucking hot. I have no idea how my body was still under control, because I was mentally not there to control it. I was with her, inside of her, out of my body, inside the new body we were creating together.

I rubbed my hands up and down her torso, feeling her flesh and sometimes letting my nails trail along her sides. Her hands were pulling me into her. After I don't know how long, I thrust all the way inside of her and then stopped. My body was completely still. Then I made my cock jump. I used that muscle that causes your dick to pulse a little, and I did that while I was inside of her. She gasped. "How do you know how to do that??" I didn't respond.

She relaxed and sighed and said, "You were MEANT to fuck me." I jumped my dick again. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming! Don't stop!" I was keeping my body still, and my dick was pulsing. I felt like I was just pressing a very simple button inside of her and it was making her go wild.

I kept pressing it and pressing it. Her body seemed to become charged with electricity. Her chest pushed out as she arched her back. I suddenly had an image of an exorcism. I got a little mischievous smile on my face as I realized the power I had in this moment, exorcising my mother in a way, almost magically pulling an orgasm out of some deep part of herself. Her hand reached behind my head and grasped my hair. She didn't pull, but she squeezed.

The tension on my head felt amazing and my spine stiffened as I kept pulsing my dick. Her orgasm was coursing through her whole body. When it was finally over, she went limp. I held myself over her. I watched her rest for a second. "Did you cum?" She asked. "Not yet." She rolled her eyes. "Bring your dick up here." I pulled out and brought my dick up to rest above her tits. "I promise you, I'll always be okay with you cumming inside me.

But for now, just for today, I want it all in my mouth, okay?" I laughed. "Okay." I assumed it was just a kink. "Good." Then she used her hands to wrap her tits around my shaft. "Take what you need, baby." I started to hump my cock through the valley between her breasts.

I almost felt guilty enjoying the action that I knew she wasn't getting any pleasure out of. I'm pretty sure it doesn't make her body feel good to have my cock between her breasts, but before I got worried about it she lifted her head a little and let my cock meet with her lips.

I kept myself there for a moment, and then retreated out of her mouth and back in between her tits.

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She started talking to me. "Baby… I love you so much, baby… I want you to cum, baby… Cum for me…" I started humping a little quicker now. "I need your cum, baby. I need your cum in my mouth." My dick appeared and disappeared into her tits. "Give me your cum, baby. Mommy needs your cum." That did it. "I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING LAURA." I thrust forward and she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

I was over her breasts now and I started to fully fuck her mouth. I could feel my cock-head pressed against the roof of her mouth as my cum started to shoot down her throat.

She was moaning and I expected her to choke, but she never did. She just kept her eyes closed and focused on sucking every drop of cum out of me. She looked like she was savoring it. If I wasn't so overcome by my orgasm, I would have wondered what the fuck made my dick and my cum so magical to her. I know porn isn't the thing to compare real life sex to, but I knew this sex wasn't normal by any standards. People don't feel this way whenever they fuck.

If they did, they would never stop. Ever. Why did she worship me like this? Why so all of a sudden? I rolled off of her and we both lay on the ground breathing deeply. She reached up and found my hand. We held hands and breathed on the floor, staring at the ceiling. "You said you had some more to tell me?" She started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. "Yeah. I have a whole lot more to tell you." "Is it bad?" "Well… it's weird.

But it would only be bad if… if you never wanted to fuck me again." The double negative confused me. "So, what if I really, really want to keep fucking you?" "Well then, you're about to be very happy." End of part 1.