Unfathomable bawdy cleft penetration in a car

Unfathomable bawdy cleft penetration in a car
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Ever since we were little, my younger sister and I always enjoyed each others company. Our parents died in a car accident when we were teenagers and we had been on our own ever since.

Now, much older we had drifted apart some since she moved away to college and I started my own business. After a few years of being estranged, we would reunite in a whole new way. It was a cold winter when my sister Leila returned home. Since my divorce a few years back, I had chose to remain single and now had this big two story home all to myself. The doorbell rang and I opened to find my sister at the door soaking wet.

Move, let me in she said rushing inside. I welcomed her in and helped her drag her luggage inside. Hey sis, I said reaching to hug her, I've missed you. My shirt got wet too, but I didn't care I was just excited to have my baby sister back in my life. It seemed like a decade since I had last seen her and she looked magnificent. She stood at 5'1, about 130lbs, with long black beautiful hair that was dripping wet.

Just as beautiful as I remembered her, her body was more curvaceous now. With one quick glance my eyes scanned her big round sexy breast and her coke bottle waist that connected to a big, round, beautiful ass.

My God my sister was smoking hot; I could not help keep my eyes off of her while I walked her to the living room. "Why don't you go take a shower, get comfortable, and Ill turn on the heater" I told her.

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She came out of the shower just in time for dinner, so we sat and talked and got caught up. After dinner, she took the rest of her things to the guest room and said she was going to call it a night. "Good night sis" I called out watching her sexy ass sway as she walked away. Life had been good to my baby sister she had grown into quite a sexy woman. That night I dreamt that we made hot passionate love on my bed, where we kissed and touched each other all over.

I masturbated in bed that night, hoping I'd get a chance to see some skin or get some type of action soon. Little did I know my time was coming sooner than I expected.

Throughout the next few days I continued my normal routine, going to work, the gym afterwards, then home to prep dinner. A few times Leila had dinner ready by the time I was home. It felt so good to have the company I missed and desired. The more time went by the more comfortable she grew. Shortly after she was wearing skimpy clothes around the house gaining my attention more and more. One Friday night, she decided to stay home with me and watch movies while thunderstorms scattered outside.

She came into the living room wearing white biking shorts and a white muscle shirt, with a blanket in her hands. "Scoot over" she said smiling, let me get in there.


Speechless, I made way, and she sat very close to me and hit play on the remote. Midway through the movie she told me "put your arm around me, I'm still cold", so I did. She cuddled close to my chest and I could smell her beautiful hair.

"I haven't been with anybody in a while now, she whispered. Ever since my last boyfriend broke my heart I'm scared of getting hurt again. So I hope you don't mind this, I'm just really comfortable here with you she said looking up at me.

Of course I don't mind, I said smiling, and kissed her on her forehead. Our eyes met briefly as we gazed into each other's eyes while a love scene played in the movie. So I hesitated; you must be real lonely huh?

Very she responded, with bulging eyes, you have no idea. After the movie we retired to our own bedrooms and I stared at her wonderful body as she walked ahead of me. She turned to face me right before she entered the guest room and said "Good Night". Just then she caught me starring at her ass, and smiled. That night I woke up with the most aching hard on ever. I'm going to jack off in front of her door and watch her sleep, I thought as I walked through the hall.

But something caught my eye, I realized the bathroom light was on and the door was cracked. I walked in only to find Leila on her hands and knees inside the garden tub.

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Soap suds covered her sexy body as she fingered herself through the back. In shock I could only stand there and gawk, till she realized I was standing there looking.

Do you like what you see big brother; she asked now turning to face me. Oh my God, I said, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.

Its okay, she said. I don't mind if you watch, in fact, I kind of like it. And well, I can see you like it too, she said pointing to my crotch.

My hard cock stood erect through my shorts and suddenly I felt embarrassed yet excited. I looked into her eyes as she squeezed her beautiful tits and rubbed her pussy.

Never had I imagined I'd be here, seeing my sexy sister play with herself in my tub. Her flawless body laying there covered in soap from the bubble bath. "Do you want to jack off with me? " she asked softly. I hesitated, okay, it's not like we're doing anything bad by just watching she added. That's all I needed to pull my cock out in front of Lei, and start stroking it, wishing I could fuck her brains out. Hmmm, she moaned, you have a big dick brother, I know I'm not supposed to look and want but I can't help it.

Oh Lei, you're so hot, I wish we weren't related, I'd eat your pussy right now, I said stroking my 8inch cock. The more I stroked the more she moaned and rubbed her clit. Until we were both suddenly unleashing a lifetime of cum built up for one another.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up. This was fun, she said smiling, don't worry, it will be our own little secret. I went back to bed that night and slept well with sexual thoughts of my sister's hot sexy body.

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The next few days after were kind of strange but we avoided each other the majority of the time. Then one night I decided to have some drinks with some friends from work.

Afterwards on my way home, incest thoughts raided my mind as I thought of coming home to fuck my hot sister. I got home with a massive hard on and I was planning on making her mine. I knocked on the door and she opened wearing a very sexy red teddy. Her tits poured out the front like they were aching to be sucked and touched.

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Hey, she said turning around to walk back to her room. Hey yourself, I said grabbing her by her arm and turning her around. What are you doing, she asked looking puzzled. Come here, I said pulling her towards me. No she said, you're drunk, go to bed. She tried to pull away but I pinned her to the wall and went in to kiss her. She turned her head and I kissed her cheek then starting kissing down to her neck. "What are you doing, its late, you should go to bed".

Why don't you come with me" I whispered. "I meant alone" she added. I heard her exhale as I ran my hand up her thigh around to grasp her ass then up to her big tits. I was moving it back down to her crotch all the while kissing her on her neck then she slapped my hand away and walked off.

I caught up to her just in time, before she had a chance to run in her room and close the door. I pinned her yet again, this time with her back to me. I kissed the back of her neck and she poked her ass out as I kissed her and fondled her breast. Her breathing was getting heavier and I could tell she was enjoying this just as much. Stop, she whispered through hard breaths, stop we can't do this. Then she turned around and pushed me away and walked inside her room and closed the door.

"Fine, have it your way" I said upset, and then made my way down the hall to my room. Teasing bitch, I thought, as I undressed.

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She left me with a massive boner when I knew she wanted me just as bad. Just then I heard my door open and turned around as my sister walked into my room. "What do you want you tease I asked still upset with her.

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Look, she started, I just wanted to apologize for leading you on, we can't do anything, were brother and sister. I was wrong to lead you on like that, but the truth is I haven't had sex in a very long time and well, its normal for me to be excited. But this between us, cannot happen, I won't allow it. With that, I pushed her back against my bed where she landed on her back.


I immediately climbed on top and began kissing her neck. Then I made my way down and began kissing on her luscious tits. By this time she was moaning heavily and I made my way even lower. I reached her thighs and began kissing them moving my tongue up to her wet pussy. Her panties were moist from the excitement and I knew she wanted to fuck just as bad as I did. Smoothly I moved her panties to the side and began kissing her pussy lips and licking her clitoris. She moaned louder as she pulled her tits up and began pinching her nipples.

My sister's pussy was so delicious that I savoured each drop of juice her throbbing pussy released. With my tongue, I began to fuck her pussy and she loved this even more. Her moaning intensified when I spread her legs, still holding her panties to the side, and began stabbing her pussy away with my tongue. "Eat my pussy brother, that's it" she moaned, oh, oh! Lick my forbidden pussy. Then it occurred to me to flip her over on her stomach.

I had her bending over on my bed then I got on my knees and ate her pussy from behind. This was the most sensual feeling I had ever felt. Here I was on my knees, with my face dug deep into my sister's juicy ass.

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I sucked on her delicious lips and licked all the way up to her asshole. Then I began to tongue fuck her ass and bite her butt cheeks. She moaned more and more and not before long, she was moaning "I'm Cumming brother, oh God I'm Cumming so much".

My face flooded with her juices which I swallowed entirely. She turned around and was now on her knees on my bed while I stood. "Now I really want you bad" she said with such fire I thought I'd never hear. She pulled me towards her and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I groped her ass and tits while we made out, our tongues entwined and wet. She then went down and pulled my zipper down and inhaled my cock. This felt so good, I held my sisters head as she worked my knob, licking the head and sucking my balls on her hands and knees.

With my right hand I felt on her ass, then slid my finger in and began finger fucking her asshole while she sucked. Ahh yeah Lei, I moaned, that's it, suck my cock like the dirty whore that you are.

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After a few more minutes of intense cock sucking, she turned around to put her ass on me. I slid down her panties to her ankles and slid my cock inside of her wet, moist pussy.

She moaned and begged me to fuck her hard. "Fuck this forbidden pussy brother, fuck me good" she moaned. I fucked her doggy style and slapped her ass for about 20 minutes. Then she told me to lay back and let her do some work. "I'm going to give you the best pussy you've ever had in your life sweet brother of mine" she whispered. I laid back and she climbed on top and rode my cock while I sucked her tits and squeezed her butt cheeks.

Her ass jiggled in my hands and her juicy tits bounced up and down my face as she rode my dick hard. She was riding me harder and faster and having her sexy body in my hands was drawing me closer and closer to Cumming. "Slow down Lei, I'm about to cum" I huffed. Its okay, she said, I want you to shoot your delicious cum inside of me. Just then I shot my load deep inside of my sisters throbbing pussy.

We moaned together as we came at the same time, huffing and puffing, our bodies covered in sweat. Our tongues entwined again and she collapsed on top of me. "I love you brother, I always will" she whispered.

I love you too, but now I don't want to fuck anybody else but you. That's okay, she said, we will work something out. Our years now are spent as normal as any other family, though any chance I get I fuck my sisters hot forbidden pussy.