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The Abduction and Rape of Denise A black rapist named Sam has been watching and stalking Denise off and on for several weeks he has a special hi tech tracking device that has given him the ability to listen in on her cell phone conversations.

This has let him know exactly when she is alone and at what point her husband will be gone and out of town!

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Denise is a 36 yr old dark headed woman 5' 7" tall with gigantic tits and a 36" ass. When in school she had played sports and for her age is still in great shape.

They have no children, but had been trying hard up until the last several years. They had gotten married after college when she was in her mid 20s.

They have had a good, but fairly plain Jane vanilla sex life, and the last several years her husbands business has become more demanding and this has required him to be gone longer and much more frequent. This has been both a blessing and a curse as when he is gone she is left wanting and each time he returns it is almost like their wedding night all over again! But good missionary sex is usually what occurs and other times she is so ready and willing, but he is just to tired and not interested!

Her husband is not that well endowed, but sports an adequate 7" cock! He has called and left a message telling her that he will be gone and out of town for the evening and probably for the rest of the week. This particular evening Denise has been watching a rather explicit movie about rape and abduction that has some really hot sex scenes on HBO andhas also sipped a little more red wine than she should, is quite horny very relaxed and has gone to bed late easily falling asleep waiting for her husband.

She did not hear and has not listened to his phone message and assumes from their earlier conversation that he will be home later. It is a warm summer night and in her haste to sleep leaves on only her panties and nothing else!

She has donned a sleep blindfold from habit as the glow of the lights from their secluded home on the hill of the city usually makes it hard to sleep. The fact that it is so warm this evening she has only pulled a thin sheet over her. Denise is in an upstairs bedroom that will make her abduction even easier as she has carelessly left the upstairs sliding glass door open and in her condition has not even bothered to lock the screen!. This along with everything else has made our stalkers plan easily come together, her house is the perfect setting, no neighbors close by.

Her sliding glass bedroom window conveniently has a large deck and stairwell down to the back yard and patio. Sam our black rapist has planned this out well, and do to the earlier phone call knows exactly where and when to put his plan into action!

He has parked his well equipped van behind her house in some secluded trees along a small alley way that is only used for weekly refuge pick up. Denise is in bed asleep and has helped our rapist even more by kicking most of the thin cover off of her. Sam is wearing his dark summer sweats with his half ski mask as he quietly sneaks into her back yard up the back stairs and effortlessly inters her unlocked up stairs bed room!. Our rapist has all the tools of the trade, and has done this numerous times before.

He is so good at it that of all the women he has raped only a few have gone to the authorities and even then half hardheadedly! These tools are the ones needed for abduction and rape! Cord, duct tape, and a wicked looking and very sharp knife, But he is also a romantic and loves to fuck with the women he rape's and to play mind games with them usually leaving them scared shitless, but still wanting!

Many women have fantasy's about being raped, and Denise is no different, but fantasy and real rape are to entirely different things! He just stands there in the dim light of the city admiring the incredible unblemished beauty of this almost naked and very attractive woman! She has stirred slightly and has rolled over on her side facing away from him and exposing more of her naked beauty. His big black 11" cock has gone from half hard to rock hard with anticipation, he has pulled his sweats off revealing a very muscular 28 yr old body, and has climbed into bed with her, pulling the sheet over both of them.

Then lovingly has brushed her hair off to one side and starts to kiss her softly on her neck, and has reached around under her arm and squeezes one of her big breasts and its perked up nipple! She barely stirs, and then only with a slight pleasurable gasp as his hand has now moved down and slipped inside her panties and found its way into her folds!

She still half asleep thinking it is her husband has easily relaxed and lets him finger her ever more ardently! Oh my goodness she thinks he has never done anything quite like this before? As Sam's experienced fingers are now stimulating her wanting flesh that is surrounded by thick and now very wet pubic hair!


This is an area that has had little attention for the last several weeks and is easily responding with sexual lust and an even more wanting desire! These fingers have almost brought her to orgasm, as they slowly move away to the waist band of her panties. OMG! She thinks as he tries to work her panties down and around her bottom! She has raised up and squirmed around slightly just enough to allow them to be pulled down well below her buttocks!

She, still laying on her side has pulled both knees up and can feel this hard cock against her bare bottom as his fingers have gone back to the front, and have found their way again into her pubic hair and a very wet pussy as he just barely pinches her swollen clit! At the same time her willing cunt hole is opening just enough for him to slip the head of his cock up against her open lips!

This is all that is needed and has produced and even more erotic and pleasurable gasp from Denise! Wow, she thinks he is really hard, her husbands cock head is big. But our rapist Sam's cock is at least four inches longer and almost an inch bigger at the head. This, to her at first seems to be little different and gives this unusual feeling no further thought. She is so horny and wanting having no idea that not only is the dick a black one it is also much larger that her husbands.

She is still wearing the sleep mask that is covering her eyes and so far is not suspicious at least for the moment! He is just playing with his cock head and her opening and is a little more forceful each time poking her, again something that her husband has never done especially in their normal vanilla lovemaking past!. She loves this as it is so kinky and different than before!


To be teased with his fingers in front and to have her cunt poked from behind the excitement and feeling from this big hard cock head in her opening has easily tempered any thought that it might be someone else! She cannot help herself with so much inattention over the last several weeks and now with this unbelievable erotic probing from behind and clitoral manipulation from the front is more than she can stand and it has easily brought her to an incredible trembling and mind blowing sexual orgasm!

Soft moaning gasps of pulse pounding pleasure have easily allowed this wonderful feeling to rush from deep within her innermost feminine being! Denise just lays there for several minutes tired and exhausted savoring this beautiful sexual pleasure. She has tried to push the sleep mask up, open her eyes and tell her husband how exciting that was, and how much she has enjoyed his new kinky sex play! Our rapist has pulled his cock back a bit, it is still hard, and has grabbed both of her wrists along with some duct tape and has pulled them up high behind her back and taped them tightly together!

Then he has rolled her over onto her back! This is one of Sam's favorite situations she is totally helpless with her hands under her, and at first does not struggle still thinking it is her husband! Even after the forceful duct taping she still does not resist!

Again thinking he is just playing, and that this is only part of a new different, and very interesting way of love making ! Then he bends her knees and pulls her panties down and then completely off leaving her totally naked! She is trembling with excitement as he slips his big black hands under her bottom and his shoulders in between her legs!

This has allowed him to aggressively feast himself on her well stimulated slit and clit! Her husband has never done this to her before either and she, for a moment wonders why he is doing so now?.But the clitoral pleasure is so different detracting and intense that she again rather quickly dismisses any concern! Enjoying only more incredible genital pleasure!

Under normal circumstances this aggressive behavior would be uncomfortable even unpleasant, but she is so stimulated and relaxed from the wine that his rough treatment and the fact that he is biting her clitoris really hard has only made her push up even more to meet this almost aggressive abuse and helplessly orgasms again! After this, he pulls her up,and rolls her over onto her knees just enough to slip several pillows under her!.

This is followed by pushing her legs wider apart than ever. She so far has been quite docile but starts to complain with a yelp as it hurts her. legs to be so wide.

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Though the excitement of this new kinky and forceful sex, after such an incredible orgasm has left her wondering what he will do next, and wanting what ever that is even more! Denise after being warmed up so to speak, is now going to get the fucking of her life! With her face down, her bottom up and her cunt wet wide open and vulnerable, almost dripping with anticipation she feels the hard head of his enormous 11"black cock enter her wet folds, and pushed up against her opening!

But this time it does not stop as the big baseball sized head slowly and with some real force now passes painfully through her pelvic opening. She, now frightened groans with a loud and long pleading nooooo and begs him to stop!

Now, not at all sure what is happening and is even more terrified as she realizes that she is going to be brutally raped by?. She can feel the searing pain as the large head harshly stretches her cunt hole pelvic bones and enters her vaginal tunnel! It seems even harder and bigger as her soft vaginal flesh is painfully and horribly stretched and pinched against her pelvis! She screams out again and again as this brutal violation hurts and almost tears her much more than anything she can ever remember?

The fact that she is helpless and in the perfect position will allow her to feel the full force size and depth of this monster black home wrecker along with the hard and brutal fucking that she has no idea .is coming! OMG! She realizes that everything about this is wrong, but with her hands and arms taped helplessly behind her back and with his knees, and his lower legs on top of her ankles she is helpless as this big cock is going where no other has ever been!

The feeling is something she has never felt or could imagine before and it has still not reached her vaginal depth!

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Slowly at first and then faster and faster! Denise has become more vocal calling her husbands name and begging him to stop! She is in denial and wonder, followed by even more concern as some full stroke hard humping begins! God it hurts as his big black dick has found its way to her depth and his balls start banging against her swollen pubic haired cunt lips and even more stimulated clitoris!

But the pain is somehow fulfilling in a perverse desire she never knew existed only moments ago, and that is, to be used abused and helplessly hard fucked! The noise of white wet female pubic lips and the pulsing of hard black meat from a big cock coming together gives off a juicy and perverse whap, whap, whap sound that is both vulgar and erotic!

Sam is now no longer in control, normally he is a master at holding back. But this beautiful large breasted woman Denise that he has been watching for weeks just reeks with helpless sexuality and sinful thoughts of raping her is something he has thought about every day for the last several weeks!

Plus to actually see and feel her warm naked and now helpless body next to his has made him want to fuck her ever so much harder!

He, in his lust is slamming her as hard and deep as he can and she is now screaming over and over for him to stop! All, this fitful agonized screaming does is make him want to jam his enormous hard black cock into her deeper!. He has been waiting patiently the last several weeks for this chance and has stored up an incredible amount of cum as his big balls are so full they hurt!

Denise feels his warm cum load quickly release inside her and there is little room for both his big dick, and all of this sperm! He ejaculates with such force that it is squirting out with each hard thrust almost like some sort of perverse and sexually sadistic cum pump! Her cunt hole and the folds around her pubic mound are stretched wider and wider each time he rams her, and her buttocks jiggle wildly and so obscene with each of these brutal thrusts! Her body has helplessly and shamelessly reacted to the painful fucking by having yet another screaming uncontrolled orgasm!.

She has gone from wonder, to real concern and then to outright fright from the incredible pain of his big organ, and has had yet another helpless orgasm! She cannot understand how it can be so painfully abusive one minute and so incredibly pleasurable the next! Her heart is pounding she is whimpering and is gasping almost breathlessly as she feels him slowly pull out!

Now she cannot help herself and says noooo, please don't and wanting him to stay in her and make this painful pleasure last!.Her true feelings are not fantasy at all as she and her dark innermost sadistic desires ones she has never said to anyone to be brutally raped are coming true!

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He hesitates only for a minute giving her plea some thought, but his cock is finally all the way out as it squirts the rest of his load all over her dark hair and naked body!.Now that it is no longer encumbered by the squeezing of her formerly tight white pussy! Denise is now protesting quite loudly almost screaming her husbands name telling him to stop and let her go!

But she is finally starting to realize and is now very aware that who ever is doing this to her. is not her husband?. He has found and picked up her wet panties and holds them up to his nose for a moment savoring her ambiance before wadding them up and forcing them through her lips an deeply into her throat almost gagging her! This is followed by more duct tape that is wrapped around the back of her neck and tightly through her pursed lips several times!

This has left her silently gurgling with the feminine taste of herself! She can make little noise now and is only able to breath through her nose! She is totally helpless, and to her this uncertainty is even more terrifying as he has taken his big cock and sticks it directly in her face, and pulls the sleep mask up!

This is so that she can see it, and that the rapist is a big naked black man, this has left her eyes wide and terrified with fright! He is also a muscular man and with the realization of his still hard and gigantic manhood that is only inches from her face coupled with the sinister half ski mask leaves her scared shitless and trembling in helpless and submissive awe!

For him though, it is back to the business at hand, as he unceremoniously grabs Denise's ankles and the duct tape once again and tapes her ankles tightly together! This has left her totally naked, helplessly raped and brutally abused! But to make sure she understands and will do what ever he tells her has taken this very sharp wicked knife and says her name "Denise"!

You are such a dumb cunt and deserve to be raped, you will do exactly what I tell you and not resist at all, or I might cut your nipples off ! Or maybe your clit! As he grabs it and viciously squeezes it up into a swollen nub, and with it swollen and pulsing from all of his attention just barely pokes it with his sharp knife!

The results is a tiny squirt of blood arcs up and each time her heart pounds and pumps, a little squirt emits from it! The sensation of this sharp sadistic prick is both terrifying and stimulating! He takes his time with her helplessly watching and slowly puts his sweats back on, then has picked her up easily throwing her over his strong shoulders and carefully steps out onto her back deck!

Cautiously he listens for anything out of the ordinary!

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Or something that may have brought her screams to someones attention? But he already knows, her screams have alerted no to her helpless naked plight! In less than a minute he has carried her prostrate form down the back stairs out of her yard and to his van.

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She, now fully aware that this situation is a rape an abduction, and has been trying to free herself unsuccessfully, only being able make barely audible wheezing noise's! With her helplessly on his shoulder he opens the doors of his van, and drops her hard onto the cold metal floor! Her soft bare bottom is slightly bruised as it cushions her fall, and as her back hits the floor knocks the wind out of her! But she will welcome this treatment as it will be nothing compared to the brutality of what will happen to her naked bound body over the next several days!

Then he places a black cloth bag over her head and pulls the tie cords tight! Denise's thoughts of this new kinky sex play only minutes ago that was so wonderful?

Is now coldly terrified and strangely stimulated by her fantasy's about rape and abduction, this along with her thoughts of how horrible and sadistic things could get that are starting to become reality! But it has also made all sorts of what might happen to her helpless and naked race thoughtlessly through her mind! She hears the back doors of the van slam shut! She is naked bound gagged with a hood and can taste herself, her cunt is sore stretched open and dripping as she feels leaking cum slowly ooze down her butt crack that is now between her bare bottom and the cold metal floor the other incredible sensation is of her clit!

This sharp prick has left her already swollen and stimulated orb wanting, but it is also burning with an even more indescribable feeling and desire to be touched and abused! She, still wondering waiting and unable to see, hears nothing! Sam has returned to her bedroom and has tidied up taking some of her clothes and purse so that there is no sign of a struggle and has flipped the lock on the sliding glass door and has closed it and the screen all have left little in the way of his presence.

The engine has started and the van with its naked helpless cargo is now moving off towards Denise's unknown fate! Continued in part 2