Ebenholz und Elfenbein mit bella foxx nikki Stein 2 4

Ebenholz und Elfenbein mit bella foxx nikki Stein 2  4
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I had always had a very unusual relationship with my best friend. David was straight and I was not so much. I had always liked men but had only ever had relationships with woman. The relationship which was described by my Girlfriend was like that of siblings with a whole heap on incest thrown in.

Between the play fighting, bickering like an old couple and public displays of affection/embarrassment in order to claim the title of top dog. we were often mistaken for a couple and no matter what, we picked each other up off the floor when life got us down. One winter morning at 5am I rang David annoyed and upset and as expected he told me to drop dead and hung up the phone, so naturally I kept calling till he answered.

I had been invited to be a guest speaker on a panel in the city and my Girlfriend decided last minute to not to come with me choosing to spend the next few days meditating with her meditation group (stupid hippy) and I was in desperate need of some moral support and someone to get drunk and order room service with.

So, after very little convincing he agreed to come with me and at 9am we were on our way into the city and I was feeling much better. We checked in and made our way too our room on the third floor. The hotel room was pretty basic two double beds, a bathroom and a tv.

The first thing on our agenda was to go to the bar and get drunk because I wasn't needed till the next evening and it was a perfect opportunity to play our favourite game of top dog.

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It pretty much just meant that whoever could embarrass to other the most won, a game I usually won't due to my lack of shame. After way too many shots and self made cocktails which were disgusting, several advances from drunk men who spent the vast majority of the conversations staring at my double E chest before David put his arm around me to pretend he was my boyfriend an act he did often.

I was crowned me the winner and carried each other back to our room, falling and laughing about how we had been kicked out of the bar for lowering the tone of the hotel bar after I was dared to give David a lap dance. Before the door was open I started to get undressed and by the time I reached the bed next to the bathroom I was in nothing but my underpants.

I climbed into the bed and started to drift off to sleep but soon I realised that I was no longer alone. David had climbed into bed with me and was spooning me.

this wasn't uncommon for us but usually we had more clothes on and he had also stripped down to his boxers before climbing into bed. I wasn't too bothered as I was drunk and too tired to kick him out of bed.

I was woken in the early hours feeling very turned on and could feel something pressing up against my back.

it soon became clear that David was playing with my boobs in his sleep. I reached my hand round to his face and stroked it to wake him up a little. He stopped playing with my boobs as he started to wake. "David, you're playing with my boobs in your sleep.

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I'm turned on to fuck here and your dick is stabbing me in the back." I whispered my head feeling fuzzy from the alcohol that was still very much in my system. "shut up! you are not turned on. look you're not even wet" he reached down forcing my legs apart and quickly realised that my underpants were soaking wet and I was so sensitive I couldn't help but let out a little moan as he brushed up against my clit. In that moment my desire for an orgasm took over.

I rolled over and kiss him passionately as I climbed on top of him and felt his hard cock press up against my stomach.

David rolled me on top my back, pulled down my underpants and threw them across the room. He then rolled, pulling me on top of him again and he took off his boxers and threw them and they landed down the back of the tv.

I lifted my body up off his and in one swift but slow movement lowered myself down, his strong cock slowly entering my hot, wet and eager pussy. I had used a strap on before but it felt nothing in comparison to how his pulsating member felt entering me.

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we locked eyes as the last inch of his huge cock filled me. My arms either side of him, nipples gently rubbing against his chest and his hands on my hips, still eyes locked he asks "are you sure about this?" I don't need a so much as a second of thought before answering with a declared yes. David lifts me up a little before lowering me down and I can feel his cock moving in and out of my pussy.

I take a deep breath in and bite my lip and I see a smug look of victory on his face. Not wanting him to have the total satisfaction of being in control I start to move my hips in a fast motion and in doing so take control.


his face changes to that of surprise but quickly excepts and puts his hands behind his head and watches me grinding on him. I can feel his pulsating dick rubbing against my g-spot and my already soaked pussy get even wetter as I begin to get tighter. I start to moan and breath heavily as my climax starts to build.

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David removes his hinds from behind his head as my nails start to dig into his chest and my back starts to arch. He places on hand on my thigh and the other on the lower part of my back and takes over control.

he lifts his ass up and starts to thrust hard and deep inside me. Its feels so good that I dig my nails into his chest and break the skin.


He moans in both pain and pleasure as his climax starts to catch up to my own. I am now at the point of no return and with every thrust my body gets hotter and my pussy gets tighter around his thick and glorious cock. He pulls me down so I am with my arms both sides of his head and he lifts his head and takes my right nipple into his mouth. He gently bites it and in that moment I am push over the edge and I start to cum and cum hard. with every stroke of my g-spot and every fresh nibble of my nipple my body tenses and my orgasm ripples through me.

David can feel my orgasm and cums too. We both moan and his cum fills my pussy and I collapse on top of him. we lay there his dick still inside me and drift of to sleep. later that morning I woke to David still being in me and as I started to move he started to stir and I could feel him getting hard again so I kissed him and god him I was going to go in the shower. I got up and half stumbled to the bathroom, I look at the shower turned my head slightly and said "this shower is massive.

I bet two people go fit in here." and started to run the shower. the water was just about right and as I stepped into the shower I was tackled from behind, picked up and carried the rest of the way into the shower by David. once in the shower I was put down and when I opened my eyes I was met with Davids hard cock.

I ended up missing my panel later that night. David and I didn't leave the hotel room and when it came time to leave we went begrudgingly.

We wen't home to our respective partners and never spoke of what happened in the city but we did make excuses to spend weekends together just the two of us almost every other month.

that is till we decided a year later to cut our losses and dump our girlfriends and move to the city together.