Gostosinha se exibindo dentro do avi atilde_o

Gostosinha se exibindo dentro do avi atilde_o
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Family Vacation Part One We had gone to the beach to escape the mundane existence of everyday life. It was our family's regular vacation time.

Aunt's, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, nephews, the whole family would be there for fun and relaxation. We had rented almost an entire floor of a condominium complex in Florida for an entire week.

Although I dreaded the thought of an entire week with my family, I was happy and surprised that my younger sister in law decided to come and help with the kids. I had paid for her airplane ticket and the help would be welcomed with all of the kids and especially our 2 year old. You see my wife and I have an active sexual life and we were trying to get pregnant. This week would be the week that she was ovulating, according to her calendar, so we for sure were going to be screwing like rabbits the whole week.

And, with a 2 year in tow, for those of you who know, requires constant supervision, I was relieved that we would have help throughout the week. So, the fact that my sister in law could come, was a welcome relief.

My wife and I were looking forward to sun, sand and sex. Not necessarily in that order. ;) The plane arrived and as I hurried to get the rental car, pull it around, get the child seat in the car and pull around to the baggage claim area, I was hoping that we would be on the road soon. It was about another hour and half drive to the beach from where we landed and I was looking forward to getting to the beach as soon as possible.

My wife was beautiful as always. Even though a plane ride with two year-old was always challenging, she always took them in stride and didn't look any the worse for wear.

She had no care for what others thought anyway. Besides the plan ride wasn't that long and by the time we landed, our little one was ready for a change of scenery. As I pulled around to the baggage claim terminal, I jumped out of the car, grabbed, my sweetie-pie from my sister in law and strapped her in car seat.

My wife was inside looking for our bags and I rushed in and she had already gotten two of them. Only three more to hoist from the carousel and we were good to go.

I told her to head for the car and that Stephanie was entertaining the munchkin. I told her to drop the bags by the trunk and that I'd get everything arranged so it would fit in the trunk! I grabbed our bags and rushed to the car, got packed and we were off. "Ready," I said as I pulled the door closed and looked at my wife.

She peered out from her sunglasses and said, "What do you think," with a grin on her face. I smiled back, but then shot a look back at her as she pointed between her legs. I smiled widely thinking that she was ready as soon as we got to the condo. I was more than ready too. However, her smile turned to a frown as she indicated that she had gotten her monthly bill early.

I patted her leg and said, it's okay and took off for the condo. I thought to myself as we drove that some of my fun would have to wait until the end of the week but, as we sped towards the beach, I tried to relax even though the sexual situation with my wife would be delayed a few days.

You see, I'm not one of those guys that can screw his wife while she was on the rag. We would play around and she'd probably give me head (she is a great cock sucker).

So, our antics would be tame for at least the beginning of the week. So I had resigned myself to having to wait a few days for my sexual desires to cum inside a sweet wet pussy could be realized. Or at least that's what I thought. I hadn't paid any attention to my sister in law in the back seat during the brief exchange with my wife until I had reached the interstate.

I glanced in the rearview mirror to see Stephanie smiling widely, as if she was waiting for me to look at her. I didn't think much of it as I merged into traffic and headed south on Interstate 95. Thankfully, this part of our journey would be much more pleasant than our aeronautical one just an hour before. This was due to our little pumpkin fast asleep, safe and sound in her car seat. She had begun her terrible two's right on schedule and again I was thankful that my sister in law Stephanie was here to help out with all that.

She had a great way with children and it would definitely ease the load on my wife and I. As we pulled into the condominium's parking structure, the first order of business was getting inside and the portable crib set up so pumpkin could finish her nap.

I rushed in, set up as my wife came right behind me with the munchkin, still fast asleep. "Thank god," I mouthed to my wife as she passed by me at the doorway of pumpkin's room! She would sleep for another hour or two which gave us plenty of time to get unpacked and mostly settled.


Thankfully, the groceries I had ordered before we left were arriving just as we finished getting our clothes out of our suitcases and into the closets and dressers. I had built a great relationship with the local store owner over the past few years that we'd been coming here.

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He loved tequila like I did so every once in awhile, on my travels abroad, I would send him a rare bottle. Two or three times a year, a phone call every now and then and Joe was good to go. I could pretty much ask for anything while I was on the island, and he would have it delivered or deliver it personally. He was a great guy. He and his wife were from the same area as me and he had gotten rich in the online boom in the late nineties, cashed out before the downturn and moved here permanently.


He and his wife had no kids and decided not to have any and were spending their years, running the store on the island and living the good life. In fact, Joe owned a lot of property on the island as well as his store, a liquor store, two restaurants, all the beach equipment rentals and three Tiki bars that were setup along the beach in strategic places. He was making a killing. I envied his lifestyle. I thought one day, I'll be able to do this, just not for a while.

But, he was a good friend and I was happy that he hadn't let his good fortunes change his small town sensibilities, other than for the better. Surely, my wife and I would spend a few nights out with them and they were good for great conversation, meals and a bunch of laughs!

Ted, the delivery boy was about Stephanie's age. So, as he brought in the groceries, I made sure to introduce them. I thought surely Stephanie wouldn't mind having a little male attention on her holiday as well. After all, I couldn't have all the fun, right? My hopes were shattered when Stephanie paid no attention to him really and then later told me that Ted swings for the other side.

Man, I guess my "gaydar" had not detected that. Oh well, guess I must be getting old. I tipped Ted 30 bucks for bringing over the groceries and told him to tell Joe to put it on my tab for the week and we'll settle up at the end.

He thanked me and left and then came back. "Mr.

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Jones, I almost forgot this," he said as he handed me a paper bag with what looked like a bottle of wine it. "Thanks Ted! Will we see you around later in the week," I asked him, trying to be polite. "Yes sir," he answered and with a wave, he was gone. I turned around to see my wife already in her bathing suit, beach bag in hand, ready for the sun.

"Honey, I'm gong to go ahead and catch some rays," she said as she moved to the sliding glass door that led to the beachfront. "Ok, sweety, I'll stay here and get things set up. "We'll be down a little later once the pumpkin wakes up and gets a snack." I waved goodbye to her and watched her suit hug her body in all the right places. My wife stands 5'8" tall, blond/reddish hair, C cup tits and an ass that I loved.

The way it slightly joggled as she walked made me crazy. From the first time I saw her, I knew she would be my wife. She says that she knew from the first glance too, but I'm not as good looking as she was, but I'm thankful that she always said so. I always knew that I would find a good woman, and I'm glad that I finally met her later in life, both in our mid thirties.


I pulled the bottle from the bag and was surprised to see a very rare bottle of Porfidio Tequila. It was very rare because the owner of the tequilarie had ties to the Mexican mob and the government shut him down about two years ago.

So, they stopped making it. The owner's brother took up the business, but had to change the name to Pura Sangre, which means pure blood, and kept the signature bottle with a cactus on the inside of the most exquisite tequila I've ever had.

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But this was the real thing and I was very excited. I hadn't had any in almost a year. Even in my travels, I hadn't found any that was under two hundred bucks. Even though, I'm a tequila snob, I'm not going to pay almost $400 for a bottle of tequila, no matter how good. Pura Sangre was almost as good and was about $50 retail and was readily available. So, to have a full, unopened bottle in my hands was quite exciting. No doubt Joe had found it somewhere and bought it for me.

"I was very thankful for his welcome gift and was glad that I had just sent him a $200 bottle of great tequila two weeks ago when I was in Guadalajara. As I finished getting everything from the groceries bags into the refrigerator and pantry, I noticed that I hadn't heard from Stephanie in awhile and I wondered if she was napping.

I went up the stairs to listen in the hallway next to her bedroom door. I could hear some ruffling of sheets and figured that Stephanie, a neat freak had taken a quick snooze and was already making her bed. The door was slightly cracked and I could barely make out some movement inside. I knocked quietly and began to speak silently as to not wake my sleeping little girl at the end of the hallway. "Steph," I said as I pushed the door open. "Are you going&hellip." With that I stopped and I think my jaw hit the ground.

There she was, my sister in law, whom I thought was a total prude, laying on her bed, her bikini top on and the bottoms completely off rubbing herself and slightly moaning. Her eyes were closed and must not have heard me enter the room because she didn't stop or startle at all.

I could feel my cock become almost instantly erect. She had two fingers inside her pussy, her thumb was working her clit in circles and the other hand was grasping her bikini covered tits. Let me describe my sister for you when she's not in the throws of ecstasy. She stands about 5'5" tall, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair almost down to her shoulders. She's not fat, but she is a bit buxom, which I enjoy in a woman and turns me on tremendously.

She's got a very nice ass and D cup boobs. She's got just a poof of fat on her tummy, but there are no stretch marks (yes, I've noticed before) and she's got nice hips which makes her very curvy and shapely. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, because she has a very natural beauty and doesn't need to. She's not model-beautiful, but she has girl-next-door good looks.

She takes care of herself, works out, but definitely enjoys life, without being burdened by others ideas of beauty. She's 25 years old and hasn't really found her niche in life, so she tends to be a free spirit. She teaches art and music currently and has been known to make her own jewelry. She doesn't have a lot of friends and I can't remember if she's ever had a boyfriend since I've known her. I don't think she's a lesbian, but I'm thinking she's probably had experiences with that, due to her artsy background.

But, again, I thought she was a prude, so maybe that was just my dirty mind playing tricks on me. So, back to the story.

I am standing in the doorway of her bedroom looking at one of the most unbelievable sites I've seen in quite some time, other than the occasional porno that my wife I watch together to get us in the mood. A young girl in the throws of ecstasy, legs completely wide open, finger fucking herself, rubbing her clit and tits while she quietly moans.

I notice that my cock has sprung to half-staff and is getting harder to contain it against my shorts. I can smell the sweet odor of sex in the air of the room. Evidently, she'd been at it for quite some time. My hand involuntarily started rubbing my member through my shorts. I can see that she is close to climaxing and I don't think she'd noticed me yet.

I quickly realized what I was doing and I became really embarrassed. I removed my hand from my shorts and tried to sneak out of the room. As I began to make my retreat I bumped into the door causing a creak and a low boom. It was enough to startle Steph to look straight at me, but not enough to stir the sleeping baby down the hall. I closed my eyes tightly preparing for a massive tongue lashing from my sister.

However, I was surprised to hear nothing other than, "How long have you been standing there," mutter from her mouth very quietly and in a gentle whisper as if she had been sleeping. I opened one of my eyes and wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't asleep on the beach but I knew that this was really happening.

"I thought I heard someone in my room," she said. I then opened both my eyes not believing what I heard. I couldn't find the words to reply. "Look, I don't mind you looking at me naked. In fact, I've known for quite some time that you've wanted to get your hands on me," she said in a very matter of fact tone and a girlish giggle.

To my shock, as my eyes became refocused I noticed that Steph's hand had not stopped pleasing herself and that she was pretty much in the same place I had seen her just a few seconds before. As she spoke she continued to finger herself gently. She then did the most amazing thing I've seen, especially for her. She licked her lips, took her fingers that had just been inside herself and started sucking on them while motioning with her other hand for me to come closer.

"Like what you see," Steph asked me teasingly as she took her fingers from her mouth. I was standing right next to her bed and I obviously was not at full mast and the shorts I was wearing did nothing to hide that fact. Steph glanced down at my shorts and smiled approvingly and then got to her knees on the bed in front of me and said, "I knew it the first time you ever gave me a backrub.

I could tell the way your hands would creep down my arms in the hopes of getting a feel of the sides of my breasts. Did you not think that you were getting me aroused," she asked me as she moved closer and closer to me with her knees on the bed. "I could feel your cock get hard when I would scoot closer to you sitting on the floor while you massaged me. I could tell that your hands wandered next to the clasp of my bra, seeing if it buckled in the front or the back. I know you wanted so badly to take it off and feel my skin against your warm hands," she said as she finally got to the edge of the bed and wrapped her hand around my clothing encased cock, She was right.

Everything she had said was one hundred percent accurate. I think every man who has a hot sister in law has thought the same thoughts as me. I never really thought I'd act, or certainly that Steph would ever act on any of those things. I only considered these exchanges teasing and innocent flirting. I said nothing to dispute her claims and then did something very daring.

I moved my hands to her bikini top, felt the sides of her breasts, like I had done so many times before massaging her, and lifted the stretchy fabric to expose the sweetest pair of tits I'd seen, next to my wife's, in real life. Her nipples were fully erect, like the nubs of little erasers.

Here areolas were a lovely shade of dark pink and engorged with blood from her arousal, about the size of quarters, the perfect shade of red. I brushed one of my fingers across them and looked her right in the eyes. I pulled her close, looked her in the eyes and she leaned forward to press her mouth to mine and kissed her very gently on the lips, pulled back to make sure she was okay with it and then kissed her again, sucking her lip into my mouth.

I felt her tongue dart and swirl against mine as my mouth opened to greet it. She then abruptly stopped our passionate kiss and I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my hands on the smooth small of her back. "Well, is it what you pictured in your head," she asked. "Better than I even imagined," I replied as my hands wandered down her smooth back and then to her fleshy butt cheeks. I had longed to feel her skin uninhibited by the fabric of her shirt and jeans during our massage sessions.

Now to caress and feel the smoothness of her skin was a bit like taking a drug for the first time. I felt exhilarated and alive. I had dreamed of this in my private masturbation times and although those dreams were quite powerful, the real thing was even better than I could of ever imagined. Here she was, fully exposed to me. This lovely creature actually desired me as much as I desired her. I could feel the goose bumps raised on her skin. My hands caressed her lovely skin as we kissed again, more intentional and passionate, she pulled her body to me, closely.

I could feel her nipples dig into my shirt and touch my skin. As my hands wandered her body and stroked up and down, my right hand lingered at one of her ass cheeks and bravely moved to the crack of her ass very gently just tracing the valley. I slipped my middle finger between the cheeks and worked its way southward across her anus and just lightly felt the wetness between her legs. I couldn't wait any longer, the sensations were building inside me more and more with each passing second.

Steph then reached up and undid the top button of my shorts. She looked up at me as she unzipped them and placed her hand inside my underwear. The feeling of her hand on my cock was amazing.

She wrapped around my shaft fully as I let my shorts drop to the floor. She then pulled my boxer briefs over my ass and let them drop as well. Bending down and kissing my cock lightly on the head Steph sucked a small droplet of pre-cum that had oozed from it as she looked to me for approval.

"Bigger and wider than I had expected," she quietly said and with another grin she quickly inhaled my member taking the entire length into her mouth. She gagged very slightly but adjusted her body so it wouldn't invade her so deeply.

I reached down and grabbed her ass and gave it a little spank as I felt her tongue glide across the underside of my growing appendage. The feeling of her slippery, warm saliva was incredible. To think that my sister in law was such a good cock sucker was almost unbelievable.

She set a slow rhythm, wrapping one hand around the base of my cock to steady it as she guided in and out of her waiting mouth. She would inhale it as much as she could, the head of my cock penetrating her throat, feeling it slide almost to the top of her esophagus and then take it out, look up and me and slap it against her tongue, then glide up and down the shaft on either side and do it again.

Each time she engulfed me her lips got closer to the end of the shaft. I could tell she was trying to get every inch inside of her. It was as if her life depended on it and that she was trying to prove that she could take it all inside of her and keep it there. My cock longed to explode. The sensations were growing stronger. She would look to me for approval as she continued her handy work. I could only smile down at her then look up to the ceiling, close my eyes and enjoy one of the best blow jobs I had ever experienced.

Her tits swayed with the motion of her body. She truly looked beautiful. She then took my cock and placed it in between her tits. I obliged and began pumping my cock in between them. As she looked up at me our eyes connected and I could tell that she wanted me and wanted me to treat her as naughty as she was being. I then took her by the back of the head and guided my dick into her mouth again and made her take me in fully. This time she didn't choke. I felt it slide across her tongue and reach down into her throat.

Her tonsils gripped the head of my cock and I thought I was going to unload my splooge right then and there. I released her head and she looked up at me and just smiled and sighed with approval. I thought for a second that, here I am, on vacation, thinking that I wasn't going to get laid at all, at least not until later in the week, and I hadn't been here less than an hour and my sister in-law, whom I thought was a prude just deep throated my cock.

This vacation is starting off well, very well indeed. Realizing that I was the one getting all the attention and wanted to please her as much as she was pleasing me, I couldn't wait to get my face into her hot snatch.

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I had only briefly felt the moisture and desired deeply to taste her and feel her cum against my tongue. I guided her to the bed and removed my short and lay atop her as she wrapped her legs around me.

My cock poked at her entrance as I began to kiss her neck then collar bone and made my way south to suck each nipple. I flicked my tongue across them making them engorge even more than they already were. I then tongued my way down to her belly and belly button, lightly kissing it and trailed past to the treasure my tongue desired. I had longed for this in my dreams. The site of the light patch of dirty blond hair at the top of her sweet smelling pussy that lead to the gentle folds were so inviting.

I raked my tongue through the neatly trimmed forest and then worked my way southward, barely grazing her slightly protruding clit.

A wave of sex scent and taste danced at my taste buds. She jumped slightly and exhaled a quick sigh as I positioned my knees on the floor and pulled her close to the bed's side as she open her legs to my desire.

I stopped only briefly to look at this magnificent specimen before me. My eyes drank in the site of her body laid out allowing me to taste, smell and eventually fuck my sweet sister in law. The site of her ample breasts splayed across her body and lightly sagging to either-side and her legs beautifully sprawled in a lewdly, beckoning me unprecedented access to its inner sanctum.

This moist sweet terrain of her sweet box stood before me. Her aroma was amazing, she smelled similar to her sister without that older woman pungent odor that occurs as you age. It was sweeter and more innocent and I couldn't wait to taste more. I kissed her inner thigh and worked my way towards her sweetness. My hands now wrapped under her legs as my tongue began its expedition.

I lightly tongued my way up and down her slit. Then I moved on of my hands to open it granting me a better view of the sweet pink love canal below. I slid my tongue inside of her. I thought Stephanie was gong to explode right then and there. Two quick strokes in and out and then back up along the folds to find her sweet nub just protruding ever so slightly, engorged and beckoning me to suckle at it. I gently rolled my tongue against it. Her hips bucked slightly and a small scream escaped her lips.

She quickly pulled her hand to her mouth and I looked up at her. She mouthed the words "I'm sorry…" and I could see that her eyes were glazed over. I then dove in licked up the slit again and then placed my tongue hard against her clit, swirled around it twice and sucked on it lightly and then added pressure.

Her legs wrapped around my head uncontrollably and turned to the side. My hands went to her hips and I adjusted her body so that she was now straddling my face. She then lowered her lips onto my face and I licked and licked up and down. I then pointed my tongue out and entered her shiny sweet hole. I lifted her up and down as my tongue made its way inside her then out. Steph began to pant and her hips bucked wildly as I continued my assault on her sweet cavern.

I then hastened her movements and swirled my tongue around her clit. Again and again, the circular motions brought her closer and closer to climax.

I could see her tits sway and tell by the shimmy of her legs that she was getting ready to cum. "Oh god, she whispered." I then moved a finger up to her opening and plunged it inside, quickly adding another.

Just as the second one made its way inside her hips started to shake. Suddenly, sweet, honey-like dew began to ooze from her already moist hole. Drips dribbled from her to my mouth and then down my chin and goatee. The taste was sweet and filled with lust.

I licked as fast as I could which only intensified the sensations flowing through her body. I heard gasp after gasp. I could tell that she had cum every hard and that she was incredibly turned on and perhaps for my cock to enter the sweet warmth of her hole.

I lapped the sweet juices as Stephanie tried to collect herself. "Oh&hellip.," was all that could escape her mouth. "Fuck," she exclaimed. "That was intense.

If I knew it was going to be like that, I would have done this a long time ago," she said as a giggle escaped her mouth. Finally her hips released their grip on my skull. She had collected herself enough to look at me and say, "Mike, I want to feel your cock inside me. Will you please fuck me. I've been so naughty!" I couldn't wait to pound this nubile young body that I had dreamt about for so ling.

My cock was at full attention. Stephanie moved herself around on the bed, placed her head on a pillow and raised her ass, pointed and said, "Take me from behind.

I love it that way." I was more than willing to do whatever she wanted at this point. She turned to me, beckoning me with her lustful words saying, "Fuck me, fuck me right now," I guided my rock hard cock toward her. She then pulled her ass cheeks apart to give me greater access. I placed the head at her entrance and ran it up and down the slit, teasing her. Them without warning I slammed it inside of her as deeply as possible. I could feel my balls against her cheeks as I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer to me so that she could feel every last inch inside her.

"Ohhhh, yeah! That's so good," she whispered as I pulled it out again and repeated it again. She just turned and bit her bottom lip as I began to start a slow rhythm that got faster with every stroke. Every fiber of my entire body wanted to fuck her. I moved my hands to her sides and pulled them harder and faster with every stroke.

I loved watching her plump ass cheeks undulate as I slammed my hips against her body. They bounced as I continued feeding myself inside. I wanted to fill her hole completely. She raised her head from the bed and grabbed her tits.

Then I could feel one of her hands go between her legs and massage her clit, making circles around. My balls slapped against her hand and she would lightly brush them delicately as to not stop the insatiable appetite of my cock for her inner sanctum. I knew I couldn't hold my seed for very long. I had long desired to spew my seed inside her and I was about to get my wish. She then steadied herself on the bed with her arms and whispered, "I want you to cum in my mouth&hellip.don't cum in my pussy, I want to save that for later.

I need to taste you!" This nearly sent me right over the edge. I increased my pace as my balls slapped against her ass. I knew I was close and pulled out, Stephanie quickly spun around and get to her knees on the floor with gymnast-like agility.

She then let her tongue flap out to catch my load. She took the tip and slapped it against her tongue as I held the base. I held it as long as I could and then let go. Streams of cum emitted from my cock and washed her face with sticky sweet goo. She lapped at the globs that were flying in her direction. She had longed to taste my seed and now that the streams seem to never end, she wanted to get as much of it inside her mouth as possible.

I looked down at her as she desperately tried to find each swath of white substance that hurled towards her agape mouth. This lovely girl that I had known for so long was now a lustful woman.

She was the girl that I had given rides to the mall and home from school was now in front of my gobbling my sweet seed and enjoying every last drop. I must admit that I was proud of myself. I couldn't believe that this had actually happened. Little did I know what was in store for me this week. I half thought that I might be taking a nap and that this was merely a dream that I had concocted for my own masturbatory fantasies.

But, as I heard the wake up cries and giggles from my little one, I knew that this had not been a dream at all. Stephanie had grabbed a towel, cleaned her face and I pulled her close to me and kissed her gently and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could taste the salty cum still in her mouth. She released our kissed grabbed my cock one more time, quickly got on her bikini and said to me, "I can't wait for you to cum inside me Mike. You have such a nice cock, I can't wait to see and taste it again!" With that, she left me in her room to gather myself and quickly bounced down the hall and began getting my munchkin ready for her trip down to the beach.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on Stephanie again!