Grabandole el culo y dandole dedo por la panocha

Grabandole el culo y dandole dedo por la panocha
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It had been a couple weeks since I had last worked with Ashley, Erica or Alice.

Maria had quit, and I knew it was nothing to do with what had happened. She got a better job and so she left. Work started to get busier and so I started closing with more people. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I was able to close with Ashley, Erica, Alice and then another girl named Samantha. Samantha had dark red hair and bigger tits than any of the girls. There was a lesbian girl there with huge tits by the name of Lisa, but I really didn't count her as she was a lesbian.

She was really cool and nice, but she was very lesbian so I figured that she wouldn't want to fuck me anyway.

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The plan was to convince the new girl Samantha to join in the fun, and hopefully Erica and Alice were up for another round. I know Ashley was as she was wearing her most revealing work outfit and was constantly talking with me and flirting with me. Today was busy, but slow at work, so the work was constant, but it allowed time to chat with your coworkers.

More often than not I would ask Erica to help me with projects as she was one of the best workers we had and she was less flirty than Ashley, so we would actually get our work done.

As we were working, we had to get up on a ladder in the back room and Erica told me that her sister was going to come in that night right before we closed as she was her ride home that night. She asked if she could stay in the back while we finished up our nightly duties.

I told her that was fine, but I asked how old she was. She said she was 20, so it wasn't like it was a minor staying in the back. This idea intrigued me as I had never seen her sister, but I secretly hoped that she was just as sexy as Erica. This would be even better if she was because she would already be in the back room and that would make it possible to fuck 5 girls in one night. I could already feel myself getting hard thinking about it so I quickly thought about something else, and started writing down the packing numbers of the boxes that we had put up.

After the store closed and the nightly paperwork was done, we all went to the back and met up with Erica's sister, who was even sexier than I had imagined.

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I told everyone that they did a great job that night and that we could all go home. Erica spoke up, "Jack, I need to talk to you about something, if that's alright?" "Yeah, that's fine. The rest of you can go." I said. "I also have something to ask you, Jack." Samantha said. "Okay, whoever doesn't need to talk to me can go, if you need to talk to me, stay." I said and sat down in the chair. Lisa grabbed her stuff and said good night and left.

That left Samantha, Ashley, Erica, her sister Alli, Alice and me. "So what did you guys need?" I asked. "Okay, so Ashley told me what you guys do after work and I was hoping that I could join you tonight?" Samantha said.

I looked at her stunned, "Um… yeah… okay, sure. As long as everyone else is okay with it." All the girls nodded and then Alli spoke up, "Can I join too?" Erica said, "Duh, that's why you're still here!


Now everyone, let's get started, we don't have all night!" The girls began to take their clothes off and so I took mine off too. When we were all naked in the break room the girls turned to me and all looked down at my rock hard cock. Samantha immediately got to her knees and took my cock in her hands and gently stroked it.

The other girls followed suit and got to their knees and each took their turn gently stroking my now throbbing cock. The feeling was incredible and I couldn't believe that I was going to fuck 5 girls that night. Slowly, Ashley put my cock in her mouth and fit the whole length in her mouth and then pulled it out and each girl took her turn and then Samantha took control and began to truly suck on my hard cock.

Ashley and Alice began to play with my balls and then Erica and Alli got to their feet and put their tits right up to my face encouraging me to kiss and lick them.

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As I pulled them close and began to lick their perfect tits, I could feel my hips involuntarily bucking forward with the rhythmic movements of Samantha as she sucked on my cock.

I pulled Erica and Alli close as I felt myself pass the point of no return and I felt myself squirt once into Samantha's mouth and then I was lost in ecstasy of my orgasm.

I felt myself squirt at least 5 full loads before I could feel the cum oozing out of my still throbbing cock. The girls all looked at me expectantly, Ashley, Alice and Samantha had cum all over their faces and then Samantha said, "Is that it?" "Fuck no, I want all of you to line up and bend over so I can fuck each one of you from behind.

If you're all up for it, I kinda want to take it a little rough, so I want one girl behind be holding me in place and then the other three holding the girl getting fucked in place.


Deal?" I said. The girls nodded and Alli asked if I could fuck her first, I nodded and she bent over, and Samantha got behind me and I could feel her wet pussy up against my ass and then I felt her hands wrap around me and take ahold of my cock and she began to stroke it.

Ashley, Alice and Erica all took ahold of Alli and held her in place.

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Samantha helped me guide my cock into Alli's wet, dripping pussy and then Samantha put her hands around Alli's waist. I bent over her and grabbed her tits and began to thrust with vigor. I thrust in and out Alli as I fondled her tits and looked at the three girls in front of me and could feel myself close to cumming.

I did one final thrust and came deep inside of Alli. We then switched positions and I did the same thing for each girl there. Once we were done with that, the girls weren't done, but I was getting tired, I had cum six times. I knew I could cum at least once more, but they would have to do all the work. I was so tired, I sat down and could feel my cock still pulsating from the last orgasm.

"Can we suck on your cock one last time?" Ashley asked. "Yes." I panted and waited for the girls to do what they wanted with me. "Warn us when you're going to cum." Erica said. I nodded and closed my eyes to enjoy every second of what was going to happen.

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Gently the girls began to fondle my hard cock and then I could feel warm mouths covering my cock and their warm saliva was slowly lubricating my cock for their pleasure. As the girls kept sucking on my cock I opened my eyes and saw that Erica had my cock in her mouth at the moment and that Samantha and Alli were fondling my balls. They were all taking turns and then Erica pulled my cock almost all the way out of her mouth, but she kept the head in her mouth and began to lick my cock's head and then Ashley and Alice began to lick up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock causing me almost to the point of orgasm.


As I felt myself pass the point of no return, I said, "I'm going to cum!" The girls stopped and my right hand flew to my throbbing cock and within 3 strokes I exploded. Though it was the seventh orgasm I had that night, there was so much cum, I could feel myself shooting streams of cum and I could hear the light splat as each stream hit the girls in the face. That orgasm was so heavenly I couldn't count how many times I spurted but then I could feel the cum dripping out so one of the girls began to lick it clean.

I was in so much pleasure that because of her licking my cock clean I came again. The first blast landed mostly in her mouth but then the other girls took over. I felt like I couldn't cum anymore so the girls cleaned my throbbing cock off and then it began to limp. I was done for the night.

The girls began to lick the cum off of their faces and fingers and then we all got dressed and got up to leave. The girls thanked me for the wonderful night and as I drove home, I couldn't help but smile and as I thought about what happened my cock began to stir in my pants and I didn't care, but my cock was hard the whole way home and when I got inside and to my room, I tore off my pants and rubbed my hard, semi-sore cock until I came all over my floor.

It brought me to my knees. I hastily cleaned up the mess and then went to bed, still thinking of the wonderful experience of that night.