Desi bhabi enjoy with husband

Desi bhabi enjoy with husband
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I love to clean my house naked from time to time, it was a freedom that was awarded to me when my husband was gone, and all the kids were at friend's houses. This Saturday morning, I shut the door on the last kid for the weekend going down the street for a birthday party.

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I walked to the kitchen to start a load of laundry, I decided to strip off my clothes and throw them in the laundry. The blinds were still all closed as I perused around the kitchen loading dishes in the dishwasher.

Do you ever have the feeling that someone is staring at you. I had it, standing naked bent over with my cute little ass stuck up in the air. I straightened and spun around to find the dog staring at me, I chuckled as I turned and finished my task.

I moved on to clean the living room, and sat down on the sofa for a moment to clean off the coffee table. The dog was behind me, he nudged me I rubbed his belly while he was laid on his side. My hand brushed against his cock, I felt a strange feeling in my body, and I looked at the dog, and shook my head.

What the hell was I thinking, touching the dogs cock? My god my husband would have a fit if he knew I was turned on even momentarily by the dog. I continued on cleaning the house, and decided to clean the stairs. I took the sweeper and moved to sit on the bottom step and get all the little crevices, while busy I was sitting on the step with my torso twisted facing the next step. It was then that I felt a cold nose pressing against my pussy.

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Quickly I turned around to find the dog doing his regular crotch sniff that he does to everyone. I pushed him back "NO," I said forcefully, he looked at me and licked his chops.

I turned back to what I was doing absorbing myself in my thought when I felt that familiar cold nose in my pussy again, I turned back around prepared to smack the dog on the head.

His long hot tongue licked my pussy lips. I shuddered and gasped I was taken aback by the feelings that came with little puppy action I was getting. I leaned against the step behind me, and spread my legs a little further, I couldn't help myself it felt good. The dog's long tongue penetrated my slick soft pussy lips, which I shaved daily; my husband loved my little girl pussy, so I kept it slick as a baby's ass for him every day.

The dogs long tongue snaked between my lips and hit my clit, I shuddered violently as I spread my legs even further. I sat on those steps in my foyer naked pinching and pulling my hard nipples with my big dog liking my pussy, and clit.

I was about to cum, I was moaning and pulling my nipples hard losing myself in the sensation between my legs when I heard someone clear their throat, my eyes flew open.

My husband stood in the door, his face was frozen as he looks at me with a stern look.

I didn't even know what to say, and what I thought was probably the end of my marriage turns out wasn't. My husband dropped to his knees on the first step. He didn't stop the dog that was feverishly licking my pussy now. The hubby found my nipples with his hot mouth, I moan even louder. I lost myself again in the rhythm of the long tongue licking my hard clit, that was sticking out from between those pink slick little pussy lips.


My husband sucked my red hard nipples, I felt his tongue swirl around them and then his teeth sink into them.

I felt my legs stiffen and I lifted my ass off that step to meet the dog's mouth, and I came hard and long.

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My husband picked me up and carried me upstairs to our room; he lay me on the bed and knelt down between my legs. I started to protest about licking my pussy after the dog, but it appeared he was worked up and hadn't given it a thought. He pulled my lips open exposing my hard clit to the air, he pulled my inner lips apart, I felt his tongue probing and moving in little small swirls around inside my tight hole.

He felt so I good I was soaked me could feel my sweet juice running from my pussy hole down the crack of my ass.

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His tongue moved quickly in and out of my hole, and then down to my asshole where he licked as well. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm again when he stopped. He was over me; unzipping his pants he pulled his big hard cock out and shoved it into my mouth.

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I gagged; I could never take all of his 9 inch cock into my mouth and throat without gagging. He moved over me fucking my face harder and faster I tried to keep up with him. Moving from my throat he moved back between my legs as he stripped off his clothes he got between my legs and shoved his hard throbbing cock into my tight pussy.

I gasped, I wanted him but wasn't ready for all of him at once. He never stopped he thrust as I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. When I came I soaked him, I squirted all over him and the bed and down my thighs.

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Moving out from under him I got up and laid on the bedroom floor, he looked at me perplexed, I patted the floor beside me. He moved down beside me, I sucked his cock again taking him deep into my throat, as his cock hit my throat I swallowed and he moaned uncontrollably.

I stood up over him and squatted down my pussy taking in his cock. I moved slowly and methodically my pussy down onto his hard dick. I rode him harder and faster than I ever had. I was in some kind of fucking frenzy. I was aware of the dog coming into the bedroom.

I leaned down and kissed my husband my tongue probing his mouth. He held my face in his hands while I sat on his cock holding it deep inside me.


He whispered in my ear that he would love to watch the dog fuck my pussy, would I try for him. I said that I would. I got on my hands and knees and on the floor; my husband guided the dog to my ass. I felt that cold nose again this time pressed into my asshole. I started to wiggle; my husband took my hand and put it on the dogs cock.

I realized the dog wasn't hard, but his cock was hanging out. I began to stroke his dick faster and harder with every slam of my little fist. He began to pant, my husband lifted him to mount me, the dog's dick found my tight little pussy hole. His big hairy cock slid in easily as he began to pound away. I braced myself against the wall to keep from being knocked down by the violent thrusting the dog was doing.

My husband had moved under me and was licking my clit, as the dog pounded my puss. Suddenly I felt a violent hard thrust; the dog shoved his knot into my cunt. I screamed it was quite painful. My hubby reached around and rubbed my ass as the dog had stopped fucking me and was hold his cock inside my pussy deeply, when he started to cum, there was so much I felt like if he didn't pull out I was going to explode.

After several minutes the dog pulled out his knot popping as it came out of my hole. The cum poured from pussy, I looked between my legs to see it running out and pooling between my legs on the floor. My husband let the dog out of our room; he picked me up and carried me to the bath tub in our bathroom.

He turned on the water pulling down the sprayer from the shower, he turned it to a vibrate setting that jetted water out. He asked me to pull my legs up and put one on each side of the tub.

I obliged, it caused the lips of my cum covered pussy to part. He began to spray my pussy cleaning all the dogs cum out of me, and ending by spraying the vibrating water directly on my clit.

I came again, when he got into the tub with me, and put his rock hard cock into my throat again; he grabbed my head hard and pulled my hair so that I could get my head away from him. For a second I thought that I might suffocate, but he began to fuck me harder and harder in my mouth, he rammed his hard cock right down my throat with every thrust he pulled his cock out running the head of it over my teeth and jamming it back into my throat, I felt his hot cum fill my throat as I tried to swallow it all down.

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We lay in the tub letting water run over us, I became very sleepy when he picked me up wrapped me in a towel and carried me to our bed. I slept quite fitful, only to be awakened by the dog on our bed between my legs a few hours later.

I opened my eyes my husband was up on his elbow watching the dog lick my cunt again. He pulled and pushed me around so my cunt was facing the dog. He had his big cock in his hand and shoved it right into my ass; I screamed the pain was unbelievable.

He didn't stop; he started to move me up and down burying his dick into my asshole all the way up to his balls. The dog licked my pussy and his cock every time he pulled out. I grabbed the dog and stroked his cock making it hard. I pushed him around with his ass facing me, I reached between his legs and pulled his cock over to my pussy, I guided his cock into my pussy, I moved the dogs dick opposite to the rhythm of my husband fucking my ass.

I was filled with two cocks at once. I was moaning and thrashing I couldn't control it; it felt so good to be this full. My husband fucked me harder and harder as he realized I had the dogs cock in my slick pink wet puss as he fucked my asshole. I came; I pulled the dog out so my husband could feel me cum and feel my ass tighten around his big cock. He came as well; we lay collapsed on top of each other. It was the next day before my house was clean, and every chance I get I clean it naked and I let the dog fuck me sometimes by myself, sometimes with my hubby, one thing is for sure, my husband never forgot the day he found me getting my clit licked on the steps when he came in.