Vollbusige stepmom bekommt ihre enge Muschi hart gefickt

Vollbusige stepmom bekommt ihre enge Muschi hart gefickt
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Carol's Animal Adventures (Black Family's Nasty Adventures 02) By The Imp beast, dog/ff, horse/f, ff, mm/f, insertion, rough, ws, a2m, oral, anal, etc. This story stands alone; you don't need to have read the previous part.

This is a nasty stroke story, not erotica.

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It has no literary merit, and contains unrealistic depictions of human speech, behavior and anatomy. Don't read it if that's not your thing. *** Carol had left while the kids were still getting ready for school, and gone to visit her friend Emily. Emily was a petite blond white girl, a freshman at a local college. They had bonded over their mutual love of nasty sex. Emily was on her spring break, and Carol was visiting her at her family's nearby farm, while her family was conveniently away.

When Carol arrived, she found Emily sitting at the kitchen table in a flimsy bathrobe The robe was nearly transparent, and it clung to Emily's hot body, showing every detail of her round firm tits topped by big red nipples. The robe was short, and Emily's legs spread, giving Carol a look at her sparsely haired cunt.

It was swollen and red, and looked recently fucked. Carol asked her who she was fucking around here, and Emily told her that she had just been double-fucked by a pair of strapping farm-hands. Emily scooted her ass forward and raised her legs to show that her ass had just been fucked as well. The anal ring was swollen and red, and fresh sperm oozed from it. Carol had dressed in a loosely tied blouse and a very short, loose skirt.

When she was on the highway, she had opened her blouse, exposing her huge black tits, and hiked up her skirt. She frigged and fingered her pussy the whole time she drove on the freeway in her convertible, giving a great show to all the truckers she passed. They had especially enjoyed whenever she sucked the fingers with which she had just been deeply probing her cunt or asshole. As a result, she was now incredibly horny, and the sight of Emily's exposed and freshly-fucked holes was to much for her.

Hurriedly stripping off her skimpy outfit, Carol dove to her knees and fastened her lips onto Emily's open asshole, tonguing and licking the stretched opening. When she had sucked as much sperm as she could from her friend's pink pucker, she jammed two fingers into Emily's shit-hole and wiped her rectal wall with them, producing a blob of brown-stained cum which she quickly sucked from her fingers. She repeated this operation repeatedly, eating a stranger's cum and the residue from the young white girl's bowels.

She occasionally offered a few fingerfulls to Emily, who eagerly licked the tainted cum-sludge from her older friend's black fingers. When Carol had eaten every trace of cum in the girl's ass, she repeated the thorough cleaning procedure on her cunt.

This ended in an orgasm for Emily as Carol licked and fingered a stranger's cum from her pretty young cunt. Emily suggested that they take a walk out in the sun, telling Carol that she knew where the cum-guzzling black mother could get some hot sperm. Carol thought That Emily meant she would get fucked by the strapping farmhands. Emily stripped off her flimsy robe, and the two horny sluts walked naked out of the house in search of a good fucking.

As they were walking across the yard, a big Great Dane that lived at the farm ran up to them and poked his nose in Emily's sparsely haired crotch. Emily gasped and giggled, and Carol was surprised to see her spread her legs so that the dog could lick her open cunt with his rough tongue.

Emily got down on her hands and knees, and Carol joined her so she could get a better view. She watched as the farm girl reached under the dog and took hold of it's cock.

It was huge for a dog, about ten inches long with a red, veiny shaft. Emily pumped it for a few moments with her hand, then lowered her head to it, swiping her tongue over the pointed tip.

Emily sucked on the tip for a moment, then licked up and down the hot, slimy shaft before offering the dog's prick to Carol, who was avidly watching. Carol had never fucked around with animals before, but she was incredibly turned on by watching the hot blond minister to the dogcock that she didn't hesitate before taking the tip of the fat fuckstick into her mouth.

She was delighted by the salty precum that oozed over her taste buds, and nursed on the head for several moments before she started pumping several inches of hot throbbing dogmeat in and out of her mouth, giving the animal a wet, sloppy blowjob.

Meanwhile, Emily had moved around behind the big-titted black slut and was rimming her asshole with her quick pink tongue, laving the tender flesh of Carol's anus, and simultaneously pumping two, then three, of her long slender fingers in and out of Carol's hot box.

Thus stimulated, Carol was soon working the entire length the dog's cock in and out of her mouth, repeatedly embedding the full ten inches of bestial meat deep in her tight throat.

The dog was making little whining noises and humping at Carol's mouth, and suddenly she could feel its cock throbbing as it started to shoot its scalding load deep into her throat. Carol pulled the cock nearly out so that she could take the dog's salty semen in her mouth and taste it's nasty sperm.

As the dog was filling her mouth with its seed, Emily switched the oral attentions from Carol's anus to her clit, replacing her tongue with two fingers which she inserted deep into the older woman's ass. The fingers and tongue working her cunt, her packed asshole, and the dogcock spraying her tonsils with hot dogcum had Carol twitching in her own orgasm.

When her fuckholes had stopped spasming around Emily's probing fingers, she let the still-twitching dogcock fall from her mouth, turned around, and kissed Emily deeply, pushing dogcum into the girl's mouth with her tongue and sharing the dog's salty load.

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Once the two sluts had finished gulping down all the nasty dogjizz, Emily took hold of one of Carol's nipples and used it to roughly pull her over to the stable.

She pulled hard on Carol's nipple, distorting her huge tit into cone while she twisted and pinched the nipple and Carol stumbled after her. The horny housewife felt her cunt juice from Emily's dominant behavior, and even more so when she saw the big horse in one of the stalls. Emily shoved Carol to her knees on the dirty wood floor below the big animal.

Carol was getting really horny, knowing that she was a slut who deserved this kind of rough, painful treatment. The horse's cock was still in it's sheath, but Carol could see the huge ballsack holding two softball-sized horse testicles. She immediately started licking and slobbering all over the horse's huge leathery nutsack, then forced one of the big balls into her mouth.

It would have been too big for a normal woman, but Carol had a wide mouth, just built for nasty cock and ballsucking performances.

Even so, her cheeks bulged with animal ballmeat as she sucked and slobbered on one huge testicle, then the other, making loud sucking and slurping noises. Long ropes of drool were soon dangling from her chin.

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The ballsucking had it's desired effect, and the horse's cock started emerging from its sheath. It was a real monster, over two feet long, with a rock-hard 4" diameter shaft and a spongy flared cockhead almost 6 inches wide. Carol wrinkled her nose at the oversized member's foul smell, and, letting the horseball out of her mouth with an obscene popping noise, she saw that the horsecock was covered with lumps and streaks of a cheesy yellowish substance.

"I always wash off that nasty horsecock before I suck on it," said Emily, "but you've proved already what a dirty animal-loving whore you are, so I'm sure you'll enjoy cleaning up that cockslime with your tongue." Emily's degrading comments got the big-titted black mother so hot she would have been willing to do anything to prove what a tramp she was, so she got to work licking up the foul clumps of horse-smegma from the big beastpole.

She collected a golf-ball sized lump of the cockfilth by scraping the side of her tongue along the hard horsecock, and found that the paste was so thick she had to chew it thoroughly before she could swallow down the wad of disgusting filth. There was no was she could quickly get it down, and she had to mash it around in her mouth for almost a minute, giving her a really good taste of the vile stuff. Emily watched in amusement as Carol worked the lump of smegma with her tongue and teeth and choked down the bolus of cocksludge, and she laughed at the way Carol eagerly went back for more.

Carol was completely out of control with lust, and Emily was enjoying watching her humiliate and debase herself. The petite white teen kept up a stream of degrading comments, mocking the older black woman for her nasty behavior. By the time Carol was working her fifth mouthful of horse smegma down her throat, her lips, teeth and tongue were completely coated with the stuff, and she actually seemed to be enjoying her snack of raunchy, fetid cockcheese.

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"God, what a filthy nigger tramp you are," said Emily. "That horsecock is clean enough, bitch. Start sucking on it, and get your ass in the air so I can punish you for being such a sick slut." Carol obediently hiked her round black ass up, causing her big asscheeks to separate and provide an obscenely spread display of her holes.


She was so turned on that her sopping shaved cunt and asshole were both spasming open and closed, hungry for something to clamp down on. Her slutholes would be getting stuffed soon enough, but for now, Emily entertained herself by giving the older woman a hard prolonged spanking, smacking each jiggling buttglobe over and over. While she was getting her ass beaten, Carol turned her attention to the horse's huge, spongy cockhead. The flared tip looked enormous, and it seemed to puff out even more as Carol started running her tongue around the inside of the rim of the nasty-looking appendage.

The red pisshole was a half-inch across and protruded nearly an inch; when Carol saw that it was drooling a thick, constant stream of gooey precum, she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking at it like it was a straw in an extra-thick milkshake.

Emily heard her going "Mmmmmm.mmmm.mmmm." in between the loud spanking noised she was making as she abused Carol's ass. The horny black bitch was loudly demonstrating how much she enjoyed the gamy, musky fluid she was sucking straight out of the horse's balls and swishing around in her mouth with her tongue, getting a good taste of it before gulping it down.

After she'd guzzled nearly a half-pint of the horse's fucklube, Carol pulled her mouth away from the juicy horsecock she was nursing on, and twisted her head around to look at Emily. "Emily," she gasped, " I know I deserve to be punished for being such a perverted whore, but my ass-cheeks are really starting to ache!" "You deserve a whole lot worse than this, ho," replied Emily. She didn't stop spanking Carol's ass while she spoke, but then she paused for a moment. Carol's eyes widened when she saw Emily reach over to the wall of the stable and take down a rake that was hanging there.

"I'll stop beating your slut ass when you stuff that whole nasty cockhead in your mouth." As she spoke, she wound up with the rake like she was a baseball batter, then brought it down hard against Carol's ass.

Carol yelped as the sharp metal tines bit into her ass-cheeks. They were too flexible to break the skin, but the thin, sharp-edged strips were extremely painful, and Emily was already lifting the rake to take another swing.

When she brought the rake back down as hard as she could, it made a loud thwacking noise as is impacted Carol's buttmeat. Carol frantically started trying to wedge the smelly horsecock into her mouth.

Even with her oversized oral cocksocket of a mouth, she couldn't imagine how she could take in the six-inch diameter flare of that cockhead. But once Emily had struck her ass a dozen times with the rake while she tried to lever her mouth open wide enough, she knew she'd have to find a way. To make matters worse, after every few strokes, Emily would drag the tines of the rake along Carol's ass and her spread-open holes, letting the pointed tips irritate and abrade the tender membranes of her cunt and anus.

Despite the pain, Carol came close to orgasming every time she did this; her cunt was a dripping mess, and a pool of her juices was forming on the floor between her legs. Finally, after 40 or 50 hard swats of the rake, by angling one edge of the cockhead into her mouth and using it as a lever to stretch her lip and cheek out on that side, Carol was able to cram the fist-sized organ into her oral orifice. Her mouth-hole was stretched so wide that her lips were white at the edges, and her oral cavity was completely packed.

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Her cheeks bulged, puffed out to their limit; Emily could actually see the shape of the cockhead through the taut skin. As promised, Emily stopped brutalizing her tenderized ass with the rake, but she wasn't done mistreating the black slut yet. She immediately turned the rake around and started prodding at Carol's twitching asshole with the fat two-inch wide wooden handle. Carol tried to protest as the rough handle wormed its way into her colon, forcing her innards to straighten out around its unyielding width and causing her extreme discomfort, but her cock-stuffed mouth was able to produce only a few muffled groans.

Unfortunately for Carol, the vibrations against the cockhead stimulated the horse, and it responded by taking a step forward. The spongy cockhead, already occupying all available room in her mouth, compressed against the entrance to her throat, exerting tremendous pressure on the windpipe. Her muffled protests at Emily's abuse of her asspipe were suddenly replace by loud choking and gagging noises.

Emily just laughed at the guttural snorting noises coming from Carol's throat. "You sound like a real cockpig, Carol," she said. "You really want that horsecock down your throat, don't you?" Carol wanted no such thing, but pinned between two uncomfortable penetrations, there wasn't much she could do about it. Things only got worse for her when Emily started swiveling the rake handle, which was buried nearly a foot deep in Carol's rectum, around in a wide circle, forcing her straightened-out length of asstube to rotate with it and putting painful pressure on a new part of her protesting sphincter at every angle.

What was more, the compressed cockhead was, millimeter by millimeter, finding its way into her esophagus, and it was getting hard for even a super-experienced cocksucker like Carol to breathe. She could feel the constant stream of precum still being manufactured by the giant balls and drooling out of the pisshole, now directly into her throat, where is collected in a greasy pool before sliding towards her stomach.

Carol's head was swimming with lust at the idea of being throatfucked by a horsecock that was fatter than her arm, with a head bigger than her fist, when Emily, having cored out Carol's shitchute to her satisfaction, let go of the rake. The tool's rapid descent forced her rectum into yet another unnatural angle, as the rake was falling to a position pointing straight backwards from her, while her upturned ass had her asshole facing the ceiling; when the rake came to rest, her innards were forced to take a hard turn a foot inside her.

When her intestines had reached that point of maximum distortion, the rake came to a sudden stop, the butt-end impacting hard against an already overstressed spot a foot deep in her ravaged craptunnel. An explosion of pain originated in her shitbasin and rippled through her body, and Carol tried to scream around the lump of horsemeat infiltrating her throat. Unfortunately, trying to scream just made things worse for poor Carol, as it opened up her throat a tiny but vital bit more.

The horse's cockhead finally popped completely into her throat. Carol made a gurgling noise as her gullet was distended by the fist-sized intruder.

Six inches of horsecock was now buried in her mouth and throat; Emily could clearly see the bulge of the flared cockhead through Carol's necktube. The well-trained horse stopped there, letting Carol's constantly spasming throat involuntarily jerk off his engorged cockstalk. Of course, Carol's windpipe was now completely blocked, and she started trying to rock backwards to extract the obscene obstruction and get a breath. Emily had other plans, though.

She knew that, although most women would have been traumitized by Carol's experience so far, Carol was so slutty and perverted that the stream of abuse had raised her horniness to a fever pitch.

Emily reached between Carol's legs, running her fingers over the black woman's swollen, swampy cunt, and deftly found her big clit. She pinched it between two fingers and gave it a sharp twist, sending Carol into an enormous, immobilizing orgasm.

The rake, still protruding from between her huge asscheeks, bobbed up and down as her sphincter clamped down on the rough wooden handle again and again. The inner meat of her spread cunt protruded obscenely from her cockhatch with each spasm, making a nasty slurping noise each time, while Emily continued to maul Carol's clit, giving it hard tugs away from her body in time with Carol's spasms of fuckpleasure.

The thought of how whorish it was to have a intense orgasm with a horsecock buried in her throat just made Carol come harder. After nearly a minute of hard, wrenching convulsions, Carol's twitching subsided. Emily knew she must be getting low on air, but Carol seemed too exhausted to move on her own.

To motivate her to back off of the throat-clogging horsemeat, Emily tightened her grip on Carol's throbbing clit and pulled it hard towards her, stretching the sensitive bud to a length of nearly an inch. Carol squealed and began trying to rock back towards Emily. It was slow going; the flared cockhead six inches deep in her facehole had compressed into a cone to penetrate her throat, and reversing direction meant pulling the mushroom cap of he cock past the thickest part to reverse the way the cone was pointing.

As a result, Carol had to violate her throat with its full diameter for a moment. Emily was amazed to see a place in her throat suddenly expand with what looked like an impossible swelling for a second, and Carol thought her throat might burst from the pressure. But it was worth it to alleviate the pain in her stretched-out clit. Carol made slow progress backwards, dragging her huge black tits and swollen, inch-long nipples along the rough wooden floor as she went. Once the cockhead popped out of Carol's throat, forcing her cheeks to once again hug the bloated head, Emily stopped pulling on Carol's clit and took hold of the rake handle sticking out of her asshole.

As soon as Carol had snorted in some oxygen through her nose, Emily pushed the rake forward, putting a steady, painful pressure on the tender tissues inside Carol's rectum.

Carol whimpered and rocked forward again, willing to re-impale her throat if it meant getting away from the pole that was causing a dull throbbing deep in her bowels. Emily kept using the rake in her ass to shove Carol forward as the cockhead popped back into her throat, prodding Carol ahead until she had taken a little more cock down her throat than before.

Without pausing, she pulled the rake halfway out of Carol's ass, and started yanking back on her clit again. This time, in order to move backwards, Carol had to fuck her own asshole onto the wooden pole.

When she could breathe through her nose again, and had taken as much of the rake handle as she could force herself to, Emily once again used it to torture Carol's bowels and push her forward onto the facefucking horsecock. Once Emily was satisfied with the depth to which Carol had swallowed the horse's beastcock, she repeated the whole cycle again. And again. And again.

Over and over, the horny black mother was forced to rock back and forth, dragging her massive tits along the ground, in order to alternately impale her throat and asshole.

Emily was really working her hard, too, forcing her to take the horsecock deeper and deeper down her throat, and keeping her moving quickly; when Carol wasn't moving fast enough, she'd shout "Faster, bitch!" and emphasize her order with an extra-hard tug on Carol's clit or jab against her bowels. After nearly ten minutes of this action, during which Carol had raped her own cunt and ass about 50 times each and come twice from the rough handling of her clit, Emily let her rest for a moment.

If she hadn't just gone through ten minutes of a vigorous clit-yanking, ass-prodding, throat-fucking workout, Carol might not have thought that it was possible to "rest" with ten inches of horsecock disappearing into her face, producing a bulge just above her collarbone, but she was grateful for the respite, even though she was actually loving the whole thing. "I'm concerned that your ass is still gripping this rake pretty well," Emily told her, "and you might get hurt when the horse fucks your asshole.

So I'm going stretch out your anus some more." And with that, she resumed pulling on Carol's clit. It was news to Carol that she was going to get assfucked by the horse, but she had more pressing concerns; when she started moving backwards, she felt an obstruction against her asshole. While she was talking, Emily had taken two garden trowels down from the wall, each with its own two inch thick wooden handle, and was holding the three handles bundled together.

The rake was still about six inches deep in her asshole, and the trowels were pressed against the rim of her anus. Carol couldn't see any of this, of course, but she knew that Emily had something back there that she was going to have to take up her ass if she wanted to relieve the pain in her clit, not to mention get a breath. She pressed her ass backwards, letting out a muffled moan at the pressure on her asshole, and after a few seconds, the two trowel handles popped suddenly past her sphincter.

To move backwards enough to get the cock out of her throat, she had to drag her over-stretched anus along six more inches of the rough wooden handles. Her asshole, now deformed into a triangle four inches on a side, protested with every inch, as did her rectum as she forced it to wrap itself around the large irregular penetration.

Once Carol had reached the point where she could breathe, the rake had reached its maximum penetration of a foot while the two trowels only had six inches of their fourteen inch handles stuck up her ass. Of course, this wasn't enough for Emily, so she jammed first one, then the other, into Carol's bowels as far as they'd go, then used the three handles together to force Carol forward once again.

Once again, Carol was being forced to repeatedly impale her throat with an enormous, dirty animal cock and then thrust her ass backwards onto a stiff wooden assreamer. The only difference was that her anal penetration was now not only painful and degrading; it was also huge and misshapen. On each forward stroke, her asshole tried to turn inside out, her rectum protruding from her anus by over an inch as her shitpipe clung to the three handles.

This new, ass-wrecking source of friction slowed Carol down at first, but Emily's not-so-tender ministrations soon had her throwing herself back and forth at her former rate, taking just five seconds to impale each of her holes on a long, fat lump of cock or wood.

Once Carol was up to speed, Emily started making her take more and more of the horsecock down her throat, not letting up with her anal abuse on the forward strokes until Carol had taken a full foot of the monstrous slab of fuckmeat down her throat.

Now every time Carol jammed her throathole forward onto the cock, the flared cockhead could be clearly seen as a grotesque lump sliding down her neck and disappearing behind her breastbone. Even once it was out of sight, of course, her throat was still bulging outward from the rigid four-inch diameter shaft that violated her esophagus.

Next, Emily started pulling on Carol's sensitive clit for longer on each backstroke, forcing her to take more and more of the bundled handles up her ass. At a foot deep, they were already jammed against a sharp turn in her bowels, and Carol really had to grind her ass back against them to get them any deeper.

But Emily didn't let up on her stretched clit until another two inches of Carol's intestines were being straightened out by the massive intrusion. She was now taking fourteen inches of wood up her ass, and the blades of the trowels pressed against her asscheeks at the moment of maximum penetration. Emily forced Carol to keep up this brutal, hole-ruining routine for the next fifteen minutes. During this time, Carol fucked her mouth and asshole about 90 times each. Her throat and anus were burning from the friction, her rectum and clit were aching from the constant abuse, and her nipples were swollen and abraded from being dragged along the floor so many times.

Carol, dirty debasement-loving whore that she was, had been orgasming almost continuously. Emily was really entertained by watching the black fuckslut raping her own holes in such a nasty and brutal way, but the horse, although trained not to thrust while getting its cock sucked, was starting to whinny and stomp. Emily could tell it was ready to fuck, so she yanked the tools out Carol's ass, and used her clit to pull her completely off the horsecock. Her mouth made an obscene popping sound as her lips were once again stretched to the limit by the six-inch-diameter flare of the cockhead, and her asshole stayed open a good three inches, her sphincter muscles having been fucked into submission.

"You got your assjuice all over these handles, whore," commented Emily. "Turn around and clean them off with your mouth." Carol spun around and obediently plugged the soiled tools into her facehole. They hadn't been very clean to begin with, and as she sucked her bowelslime off of them, she was also swabbing up nameless, rank filth, which she eagerly swallowed.

She wondered if she might even be getting a taste of horseshit, and the thought nearly made her come again. She was so consumed with her nasty task that it took her a few moments to become aware of the rest of the barn. Her eyes widened when she saw two husky white teenagers standing there watching her. They were about 17 years old, buck naked, and had huge, rock-hard erections bobbing in front of them.

Even as she was tonguing her own filth off of the dirty wooden rods, her mouth watered at the sight of their fat fuckpoles. She realized that they must be the farmhands whose dickslime she'd sucked out of Emily's holes earlier. Seeing that she had an audience, Carol cranked her mouth wide open so the teenage boys could get a good view of her slime-covered tongue scraping the filth off of the handles.

"God, what a dirty slut," said one of the boys. "Be sure to get a close-up of that nasty stuff in her mouth, Frank." "I'm getting a real good shot of it, Gary," said the other.

"Damn, Emily, you said she was a disgusting skank, but I didn't know she'd be this much of a fuckpig!" Carol's eyes had been glued to their throbbing cocks, but now she saw that one of them was holding a video camera.

She wondered how long they'd been recording her perverted performance. Now that she knew she was being photographed, she wanted to increase her appearance as a nasty, do-anything tramp, so she let some of the waste she was slurping up dribble down her chin. Once Emily had removed the now-clean rods from Carol's mouth, she made a big show of gulping down the mouthful of sludge she'd collected, then smiled at the boys.

"Hi guys," she said with an air-headed giggle. "Have you enjoyed watching me be a dirty whore? I hope you're not going to show that video to anyone!" "Don't worry," snickered Gary. "It's just for us, and all our friends, and anybody who looks you up on the internet." Carol's cunt gushed at the thought of total strangers and people she knew seeing her nasty actions online. "That's enough chitchat, lazy slut," said Emily.

"It's time to let this horse get a piece of that nasty ass of yours." She yanked Carol to her feet and led her over to a corner of the barn where a wooden construction had been set up.

It looked like a set of stocks, except a plywood platform jutted out from it, under Carol's upper body, that would give the horse a place to support his front legs. It had two holes cut in it that Carol guessed were to allow access to her big tits.

Emily bent Carol over the board and brought down the top piece, locking Carol's head and arms in place. The titholes were slightly too small for Carol's enormous hooters, but Emily just yanked down on her tender nipples until her melons were wedged through the holes. The jagged, roughly cut edges of the holes scraped the soft flesh of her jugs as they were going through, and bit into the wide base of her tits once they were firmly seated.

While Emily was leading the horse over, Frank got a close-up of Carol's gaping asshole. The boards she was lying on slanted slightly downward, so her ass was hiked up, offering the camera a clear view deep into Carol's asspipe.

Frank could see the red, irritated tissues of her inner rectum pulsing and spasming. "Your asshole looks hungry, Carol," he remarked. "Do you want it stuffed with horsecock?" Carol wiggled her big black ass eagerly. "Ooooh, yeah!" she said. "I loved deepthroating that dirty horsecock, and I can't wait to have it packing my ass!" She didn't have to wait long, either.

Emily had the horse in position, and it immediately reared up, resting its front legs on the board on either side of Carol. Emily took hold of the cock and moved it so that the head was nudging Carol's anus. Even with her ass gaping open, the cockhead looked enormous, and Emily wondered if it would fit. Her question was answered when the horse gave a lunge forward and immediately buried eight inches of its shaft up Carol's asshole. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Carol shrieked as her rectum was suddenly and enormously expanded.

She had been expecting a more difficult entrance, with the cock pushing against her hole until the head popped in, and she wasn't prepared for this sudden invasion of her bowels. Nor was she prepared when the horse, without pulling back at all, thrust forward again and packed another four inches of its huge cockstalk up her anal tube.

Again and again the horse thrust forward, encountering more resistance as it went, but unrelentingly battering her assguts with its powerful cock. "AAAH! AAAAH! AAAAH!" Carol cried out loudly in time with its thrusts. "Damn, look at that!" said Gary.

"She must have a foot and a half of cock up her ass!" It was true. Emily had only been able to penetrate Carol's asshole to a depth of fourteen inches, but the horse's strength had powered an additional four inches of meat into her intestines.

Her onlookers couldn't believe how much meat she was taking. No wonder she was screaming! Whole new places inside her ass were being rudely violated, and she struggled against the stocks, but of course, she wasn't going anywhere. Now, with three-quarters of its cock in Carol's crapchute, the horse started truly fucking her, pulling its cock almost all the way out, then slamming it back in, over and over. The speed and force of its fuckstrokes were amazing. Carol kept shrieking every time it launched its meatpole into her; even if she had been able to get used to having her asshole dilated to a four-inch diameter, the depth of her buttfucking was sending a jolt through her body with ever thrust.

Emily was getting tired of listening to Emily's squawks. Fortunately, she could think of something to do about it. "Frank, let me take the camera," she said, "and you boys can give this noisy bitch something to do with her mouth." Frank and Gary were more than happy to oblige.

They were really worked up from having watched the ultra-hardcore show, and they were ready to get their cocks sucked. Carol's head was locked down at waist height, and her mouth was hanging open, presenting an attractive target for their engorged teenage pricks.

Her yelps were soon replaced with gagging noises as Gary started jamming his fat cock into her face. Holding her ears for leverage, he roughly and repeatedly sank his cock deep into her gullet. "Frank, you gotta get some of this," said Gary, pulling his cock out of Carol's mouth. A thick string of drool connected them for a moment before snapping and hanging from Carol's soiled chin.

"This nigger cunt has a great throat." Gary stepped to one side, and Frank started poling Carol's throat with his ten inch sausage.

While riding her face, he reached under her and groped her big jugs, using them for leverage to fuck deeper into her facehole. Carol barely seemed to notice that she had a cock in her mouth; all her attention was focused on the enormous cock raping her bowels.

As a result, she wasn't really sucking cock, and the boys had to wedge their cocks right into her esophagus to get any friction. They didn't seem to mind though. The boys kept trading off, taking turns stuffing her throat with meat while she got buttfucked. They were turned on by the way her huge tits hung down like udders, and they played roughly with them while they facefucked her, grabbing fistfuls of titmeat and twisting and pulling her massive boobs as well as pulling, stretching and twisting her sore nipples.


After about ten minutes, Carol was starting to get used to the massive penetration in her ass, and started actively sucking cock, as well as making moaning noises.

Emily, who was getting some footage of Carol's stretched anus accepting inch after inch of cockmeat, could see that Carol was now actually humping her ass backwards like she was trying to take even more of the outsized cock. After taping this for a moment, Emily moved around to the front and filmed her trying to bob her head while making slurping noises and groaning with pleasure.

"Hey, Carol," she said. "Are you enjoying getting fucked in the ass by a horse?" Frank, who was taking his turn reaming her face while mauling her hooters, pulled out so that she could answer. "Oooooooooooooh, yeah!" said Carol, looking directly into the camera with a big, slutty smile.

"I love the way the horse fucks me so deep and hard!" "You liked sucking it, too, right? Which do you like better?" "I did love sucking horsecock, especially eating its cockcheese and drinking all that precum, and I loved the way it stretched my throat open. But I've never had my ass fucked so well before!

Moaninmrsgrey laute Stöhnen reiten Hahn

I'm going to have to take animals up my ass a lot from now on!" "I like the way you're so eager to admit what a whore you are for the camera, Carol. Since you like having your throat stretched, do you think you can deep-throat both of these guy's cocks at the same time?" Carol opened her mouth to answer, but she didn't get the chance, as both boys eagerly jabbed their fat red cockheads into her mouth. Her lips were spread into a wide oval as the two cocks tried to wedge themselves inside her throat.

The two excited teenagers both started facefucking her hard and fast. Sometimes they planted their cocks down her throat alternately, and sometimes together, making her neck bulge; the irregular rhythm kept Carol gagging and choking, stimulating the stiff members. For the next 10 minutes Carol sucked off two big cocks at once while getting her backside plowed by a foot and a half of horsedong.

Finally, the horse paused with its cock buried in her ass and started pumping its load into her bowels. Huge spurts of hot horse-semen were injected forcefully up her ass.

Carol moaned at the sensation, and started quaking in orgasm once again. Her spasming throat set the boys off, and soon Carol was gulping down two salty loads of cum. After Carol had gulped down a half-dozen spurts of cum-cocktail, Greg and Frank pulled out and painted her face with the rest of their big loads of balljuice. Carol was panting and squealing as her bowels expanded to accommodate the huge load of horsecum that was still accumulating while she got her face plastered with dickjuice.

Finally, once her face was dripping with sperm and the horse had filled her ass with over a pint of ballslime, the beast's cock softened and slipped from her ass, making an obscene slurping noise as it evacuated her rectum. With her ass propped up by the inclined board, its massive load stayed in her ass. The reservoir of slimy semen was clearly visible through the gaping ring of her anus. Handing the video camera to Gary, Emily retrieved a clear piece of flexible plastic tubing, about an inch in diameter.

"I'm sure you're disappointed that you didn't get to drink horsecum straight from the cock, but at least you can suck it out of your asshole," she told Carol as she fed the tube deep into the black woman's ass and brought the other end to her mouth.

Frank adjusted a hinge on the board Carol was lying on, lowering her upper body so that warm horsecum was siphoned into the tube. Soon the sticky goo was flowing rapidly out of Carol's shithole and into her eagerly sucking mouth. She was willingly gulping down globs of bitter, musty horsejuice straight out her own ass.

While Gary filmed, Frank got behind her, and, aiming his cock at her ass, started giving Carol a piss enema. The plastic tube wasn't touching the sides of her gaping asshole, so he had plenty of room to piss up her ass. The hot urine mixed with the cum in her ass, and soon Carol was slurping up Frank's kidneysauce through the tube, mixed with thick strings of horsecum. All that hot liquid had loosened up her bowels, and the occasional chunk of fecal matter floated through the tube. Carol didn't seem to mind, continuing to suck the vile concoction of piss, horsecum, and her own assgunk down her throat while the Emily, Frank and Gary watched and recorded her nasty deed.

Finally, she had sucked everything she could out of her ass. Carol's animal adventure was over. *** "Wow Mom," said Ayesha when Carol had finished telling her children about her morning.

They had gotten very turned on listening to their mother's explicit recounting of her dirty sexual exploits. "Sounds like you had a fun day." "I sure did!" replied Carol. "It's not every day that I get to act like such a nasty tramp. I'm glad that Emily thought of all those degrading things to do to me.

It really got me off, being forced to humiliate myself like that." "I wonder if they put the video on the internet like they said," mused Bob.

He and Dan went to the computer, and soon Carol heard her own voice coming from the speakers. Ayesha and Carol went over to look, and were treated to a full-screen, hi-def recording of Carol sucking on a horse's balls.

Carol asked how they'd found the video, and Dan told her that they'd just searched for her full name, and it had been the first result. Carol blushed. She had a part-time job as secretary to a construction company, and she did her best not to act like a whore at work, so she worried that the men she worked with might find out how slutty she was.

While they watched, Dan and Bob started stroking their hard cocks. Ayesha and Carol, ever alert to opportunities to stuff their faces with family meat, got on their knees in front of the boys and started sucking their foot-long black cocks. As they watched Carol's nasty antics, they took hold of the girl's hair and started jamming their faces up and down their long cockshafts. Bob grinned over at Dan. "Using Sis's face to jerk my cock off like this reminds me of this morning," he said.

"Yeah," Dan laughed.


"That was a good time. You girls should have been there. Y'know that lady from the apartment across the way? The one who's always showing off those huge tits? Well, here's what happened." And he told them the story, entitled "Gang-raping the Busty Neighbor." (to be continued) --- A NOTE ON RACE AND GENDER: When it comes to porn, I have a "whatever gets you off" policy.

However, it should be noted that this story contains words and attitudes that are unacceptable in real life. Please strive to treat all people with respect and compassion, with equality as your goal.

"Black issues" and "women's issues" are really human issues. Special note to Americans: The restoration of apartheid schooling is our nation's greatest social problem; write your representatives today and ask them to speak out on this important issue.