Sexy Girls Kissing Selfie Suck

Sexy Girls Kissing Selfie Suck
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My first story on here, I've been a reader of xnxx for a while and have finally decided to write my own story. I have enjoyed many of the stories here so hopefully some will enjoy this one. If you do enjoy it comment or pm. This Story is a hybrid of some role playing/cybers with a friend from another site. It can be expanded on if someone would like and offer suggestions if yall want more.

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At the time I am a twenty three. I have tan skin being that im Italian and I am 6 foot about 170 with nice muscle definition and a nice sized cock of 9 inches.

The girl is named Liz F a 22 year old Colorado girl. she is very fair skinned with dark red hair and some freckles all over her body. She has nice 36 dd tits with small perfect nipples and a very long torso down to a completely shaved and tight pussy to start. I'm waiting in the airport on a sunny hot summer day in New Orleans,LA. I have put on some nice comfortable khaki shorts and a polo shirt showing off my tan muscular arms. I look up at the flight screen and see the flight has landed and I sit at the bar waiting for Liz.

I look towards the gates and I see a tall pale skinned girl with red hair down to her mid-back freckles on her face coming towards me. She is in a tight little pink tank top that barely holds in the big set of tits on her chest as they bounce with every step. I look further down and take in the rest of her flat stomach and the small miniskirt riding up her nice freckled pale thighs with every step she takes. I look down and notice her in 5 inch white heels just like we had talked about.

"Liz, I presume" as I reach out and pull her close hugging her feeling her body against mine and I sneak in for a bite on the neck as she says yes.


We had finally met after weeks of chatting online swapping fantasies and cybering, I kiss her again in the airport and tell her we have plenty to do tonight into transforming her from pale freckled shy girl into the nasty slut that she wants to be. I spank her ass and we head to the car. Once we are in my car I put her to work right away. She unzips my shorts and starts to lick on my cock before we even get out of the parking garage.

As she licks and starts to suck she can feel every hard inch starting to grow as it slides in her throat.

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"mmmpmm mpppmhm" comes from her throat as she works down on my cock all the way to the base and she starts to slide her hands up her mini skirt and into her thong rubbing on it. "get that hot tight pussy real wet and push that thong deep in you" I tell her, and she does as she is told being a good girl as she sucks harder and faster as we near the hotel.

As we are pulling in the parking garage I grab a fist full of her ginger hair and shove her throat harder down on my cock and start to cum. Rope after rope after rope of hot cum shoots into her waiting throat and she smiles asking if she has been a good slut so far?".

I say yes and tell her that her reward is coming as soon as we get in the room. I go to the check in desk with her standing by my side and tell the front our name on the room and as im checking in I lean over and tell her to go to the hotel bar and get two beers.

She leans in and plants a kiss on my neck and then says "yes sir" as she walks off her high heels making clicking noises on the hard tile floor causing looks and she flips her skirt up showing everyone in the lobby her little thong riding up her ass. As she is at the bar I go up to the room to get ready for our day and night of turning her into the complete slut that she wants to be. I place a few calls to some friends that run a tat and piercing shop and arrange for them to meet us later telling them I have a special way to pay for their services tonight.

Liz slips into the room right after I get off the phone with one beer bottle in her hand and I tell her to show her daddy that she got both like she was suppose to do. As I take the bottle from here she lays down in the hall and slides her skirt up and pulls her thong over showing her completely shaved pussy off and a beer bottle neck is just barely sticking out.

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"when did you put that in your pussy and did anyone see?' She says "no one saw, I was alone in the elevator and wanted to please you so I slide my thong over and put your beer in what is now your pussy" I kiss and tell her good girl and I help her off the floor into our room. I tell her to keep the bottle buried deep in that pussy as I finish my first one.

Then I tell her to put on a show for me and she slowly strips from her tank top showing off her pale skin which usually wouldn't turn me on but for her it's the perfect look.


She slides her hands down to her nice big fleshy tits and starts to pull on her nipples as she grinds her hips slowly and then bends over sliding her skirt down her long nice legs. I tell her " to really work those nipples and talk dirty telling me what she wants to become".


She responds by taking her index finger and pushing on the bottle cap pushing it deeper in her tight pussy as her other hand is pinching and slapping her tits and she says "I want to become your complete slut and whore" "my body belongs to you I want to be fucked until im loose and then put your mark on me however you choose". Im sitting on the edge of the bed stroking my big hard cock slowly as she makes her fantasies reality as she pushes the bottle harder and then slowly pulls it out and starts to lick it tasting her pussy juices off of the glass.

I take the bottle setting it down on the night stand for later and pull her to me and she starts kissing and licking on my ears and rubbing up and down my strong arms as she grinds against my hard cock and says "please, shove that big hard cock into my holes, I need that cock to stretch and pound me".

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I say nothing but just lift her up and in one motion slide her down on all 9 inches of my cock making her moan "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" as she feels its length and girth deep inside her. I slap her ass telling her to ride it as she mumbles " yes sir" and starts to ride my cock harder and faster. She can feel it going deeper and deeper in her stretching her pussy wide and slamming the back of it making her scream like crazy as I lean in and start to suck on her nipples.

She begs saying "please stuff my ass and pussy at the sametime and she reaches back trying to finger her asshole as my big cock gets deeper into her.

I pull her hand away from her asshole and hold them making her beg more "please daddy stuff both of my nasty holes with something I need it so bad im all yours". Her talk pleases me and I start to slide 2 fingers in her tight asshole making her pussy spasm around my cock as hit hits deeper inside of her. She can feel my cock starting to throb as its against the back of her tight pussy and my fingers push deeper and faster in her asshole as she is riding up and down and the massive 36 DD tits are bouncing like crazy as she screams "im going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I can feel my abs being coated in her pussy juice and I start to slam deeper and harder right on the edge myself.

She begs "daddy please fill me with hot cum" and as she begs I start to let loose deep inside my hot little ginger slut. I lift her off and lay her on the bed and tell her to rest as she has a big night tonight and she smiles back through the hair on her sweat covered face as she opens her legs letting me see how wide her pussy is as it drips my cum out.

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Sorry if it started out a little slow. The next story will be faster into getting into more detailed and hardcore sex. I welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks.