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Makayla with dat banging head game
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Like other writers I am bored. Oh yeah, this book is 'bout some boy who has a massive crush on some girl and uh, enjoy? (Don't set your expectations to high I'm new). My name is Lesley J. Michee, I'm 14 years old.


I guess I'm quite the looker, but I would never consider myself hot. My so called "sexiness" was disguised by black glasses (classic Ray Bans), my apparently lame fashion sense, and a thick non-fiction book I always stuck my nose into whenever I wasn't doing school work. Basically, I was a nerd. I go to a private boarding school which specializes and only teaches certain students.

( AKA kids who have scarring experiences or other stuff like that). Though I don't really know what that experience is for me, my stepdad Estaban ( kinda have to pronounce it as is your at the doctor. EST-AAAAAAAAA-BAN. That was kind of an exaderation) never told me. I was reading a book in the library as always during lunchtime. Usually kids my age play football or chat with their friends, but I just lay low. I try not to be nosy or eavesdrop, but I have VERY good hearing so you understand I had no choice but to listen to some girls' conversation.

"OMG he is so cute" squeeled Squeely ( I only know the names of so many people, so I just give people nicknames). "Yeah in a nerdy kind of way" whispered Jacket Thief (Pretty obvious why I call her that).

"Do you think he's availible?" "No duh he's a nerd" "But he's sooooo hot. How big do you think his junk is?" I couldn't hear anymore as they walked up to flirt with "the other/slightly more handsome and popular nerd" nerd.

Awkward. Soon school was over so I went deep into the forest to the secret meadow I'm pretty sure only I knew about. I lifted up the vines of the willow tree and walked into the shade.

Then I realized the girl sitting against the tree, reading a novel. She had light brown skin, but not a tan. She had shoulder-length black hair which was curly, but only slightly so I could tell it was natural. She wore ordinary clothing which she probably just pulled out of the closet.

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"Hello?" I was snapped out of my daze. She was right in front of me now, waving her hand in front of my face.


I couldn't tell if I was turning pale or red, my heart beat was as loud as a drum. I was trying to think of something to say, but all that came out was a squeak. You couldn't blame me, I didn't know how to talk to girls let alone other people! I did the only thing I could think of. Run. Fast. Far away. Don't stop. Don't look back. Unfortunately, I wasn't the fastest runner, but I had never ran faster in my life.

I stopped sprinting to catch my breath. That was when I remembered the most tingly feeling I felt when I saw her. It was like going on a high wire, the fright mixed with the thrill makes the rush you can't get enough of. I made a vow I would muster up enough courage to talk to that girl one day.

Unfortunately, that day took longer then I expected. Fortunately, the day did come, and now we were best friends, though just best friends. I still remember the first conversation we had. "He.he.hi" "Hi I'm Belladonna" *Awkward silence* "So did you see the game last night?" She asked. "Oh ummm, yeah loved it" "Oh there was actually a game last night?" What the hell did that mean? Ask me if I saw the game (Actually I don't watch the sports channel but she didn't need to know that) then ask if there even was a game?

She probably saw my confusion because she quickly explained. "I actually don't watch the game I just ask that question during awkward silences" I let out a chuckle, part from relief, part from the joke, part to be polite. The rest was pretty much jokes and stuff so let's cut it out. Though the more time I spent with Belle (nickname) caused me to think more about if I wanted to risk our friendship to step out of the friend zone, or let some other guy sweep her off her feet first.

Like other kids, the end of school was my favourite part of school itself now. We talked, played truth or dare (not the dirty version with kissing and sex), and made up silly contests. "Wanna have an interesting fact contest?" Belle offered.

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"Sure" "Turtles can breathe through their butts" she said with a sly grin. "Ummm humans. um can . eat food?" She usually won those types of things. My happiness didn't last long though. We had agreed to meet in the evening under the willow, but she never came. I was getting worried.

Part because she didn't even text me that she wasn't coming, part was that I was starting to think I may have messed up or hurt her feelings without seeing it. I went home after, hoping she was safe and it was just a change of plans.

She probably just had a lot of homework or something. When I went to my dorm my roommate Jasper was sleeping. I didn't realize that I had waited 4 hours, or that Belle was getting sexually assulted right at that moment.

That is, until it was to late. It was a huge blow to my mind, waking up in my room, but not dorm room, my room room. In my small, simple room on the farm. Estaban probably took me in my sleep, he never does that.

I'm pretty sure no one does that. So I prepared myself for either mind blowing or heart breaking news. I felt someone attempt to wake me up, for the first time I refused to move. Then the news came and poured ice cold water on me.

"Belladonna's in the hospital" I bolted right up, "what?" "Someone found her last night getting raped by some drunks, she wasn't murdered, but drugged heavily." "I i is she alright?" "Not perfect, but she's lucky. She has a broken leg, but also amnesia. We don't know if it was from the experience or if she hit her head while struggling, she doesn't remember, not even her name" I dashed out the door and whistled, then waited. Estaban dashed out after me calling my name.

"Les, son she's miles away!" "Don't lie to me te hospitals 10 minutes away from here at most" "She's in Brisbane!" I paused. It didn't make sense. Brisbane was like, a quarter way across Australia.

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"Why?" Estaban looked surprised as if I just ate dirt. "Son, Belladonna was a runaway, she's been stealing food and taking shelter in the forest for months.


She was sent to the hospital closer to her family" Ever so confused I walked into the forest. I didn't know where I was going, or what to do, it didn't matter. My best friend had just been taken away from me. That wasn't the worst part.

I couldn't bear the fact that even if she returned, or never left, she wouldn't remember me.

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She could, she would try and try to remember me, but it is too late. She wouldn't remember our jokes, or the staring contests or the funny food talk game she made up and taught me. This was berry bad. Worst of all, I could never confess my love to her. I stared blankly at the journal, my journal apparently.

That was the last thing written. "Do you remember?" I shrugged. It was on the tip of my tongue. A distant memory. I tried, nut I couldn't remember anything past my accident.

"What's wrong little boy?" I gasped. I didn't see the 2 men walk up to me. Some thing was wrong. I didn't know where I was, but it was deep in the woods.

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To drunks and serial killers I was fresh meat. I knew I couldn't run, but I also knew how to defend myself. I was never that good at it, but I had the idea. I couldn't finish my thought because I was beaten and shoved to the ground. My eyes closed seeing my attacker walk away. I lost my hearing after hearing a girl scream. My mind shut down wondering if Belle had experienced this too.

Belle, was she screaming? I woke sweating. Estaban was next to me. I had had the dream again. No, it wasn't a dream. It was the truth. The truth of what happened to me. How I had lost my memory. How I had lost Belle, and I remembered every detail. Thanks for reading. Leave constructive criticism and comments below.

I need your help deciding if I should write the next part in Lesley or Belle's view. Or if I should write this story again in Belle's view. THANKS!!