Euro busty brunette fisted after getting toy

Euro busty brunette fisted after getting toy
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Mr. Derrick walked around, handing people their report cards. Jessica waited patiently for hers, hoping for something at least a little above a D.

When he handed her the report card, however, Jess' heart sunk. She had a D. And not even a D+, a D. Her parents were going to kill her! She groaned as the bell rang. Jess knew she had to do something about this before it got to her parents—after all, it was her grades that decided whether she could go to the movies and go on dates.

She needed to prove to her parents that she was responsible, and she had been maintaining a straight B streak in all her classes—except for science. Although it didn't matter whether her parents thought if she was old enough to date (Jess had just turned 14 last month) because Jess had been dating since the fifth grade, when a senior had asked her out.

Jess knew that she had a good body, she had B cups in the fifth grade, and she was proud of her pretty big C cups now—and she was only in eighth grade. Her waist was petite, stomach so fine and perfectly toned that it didn't even bulge a bit when she sat down. And Jess knew her butt was one to die for- round in all the right places and just the right size.

She had beautiful legs, she knew, as lifeguards at her neighborhood pool would always whistle when she and her friends walked by, yelling out and cat calling. On the whole, Jess knew her body was one craved by many—girls and boys alike. So when a senior had approached her at the park and asked her if she wanted to see a movie with him, she had been extremely happy to oblige.

Of course, she wasn't stupid, either; she knew the senior was most probably desperate (extremely), but hey, he was hot. She also knew the senior probably only wanted her for her body and to sleep with her, but she had said yes—she knew it had to be worth something if her first boyfriend was a hot senior when she was only a fifth grader. And so, she had told her parents the first lie to go on a date—and it was the first of many, many more to come: that she was going to see a movie with her friends.

Her parents had believed her, because she was the perfect daughter around them, and with that started her secret dating. Ever since she'd started seventh grade, her parents had agreed to let her go out with boys as long as she could maintain good grades and there were girls coming along.

She hadn't even slept with the senior, she had only gone as far as to let him touch her breasts with her bra on, and she had even given him and some of his high school friends a lap dance, which she had learned from MTV. Jess wanted to look cool, look older, like she was in high school too (she never told him she was a fifth grader) and she had even been the one to break up with him before it got too far.

Jess had never let a boy touch her boobs without a bra, or even touch her down there yet, and she acted like she was too smart for that, when really she was just scared that it would lead to sex and she wouldn't be able to do it right. She was always the one to dump the other person. So, Jess pretended to drop some pencils and took her time in packing her backpack as the bell rang, and waited for the last person to leave the classroom.

Mr. Derrick was the coach of the high school football team, and he seemed to take pride in making himself look like he himself was a player on the team. Well built, broad shouldered, muscular, tall, and strong, many girls at the middle school had a huge crush on him—but Jess just didn't get why.

She just didn't see what they saw in him.


Jess preferred juniors and seniors much, much more. Mr. Derrick watched silently as Jess dropped her pencils and bent over to pick it up. It was spring, and the warm temperatures had many girls wearing miniskirts. Although half of them couldn't really pull it off, and Mr.

Derrick was supposed to warn them about the school dress code and make them wear gym shorts if they didn't pull it down lower or have a replacement, he didn't. He loved to see all the young, petite, innocent girls strutting around in their miniskirts, all the innocence fading away, their asses bouncing in rhythm with their boobs.

As Jess bent down, the miniskirt that barely covered her butt hoisted up, exposing her ass. Mr. Derrick felt a hard jolt uncontrollably forming in his pants as he saw that she was wearing a red thong, although he was a bit surprised. After all, the girl was only in seventh grade, although her body was one even models would kill for. He felt the hardening in his pants get stiffer as he saw that perfect view of her pussy. Unconsciously, his hand went to his dick and he lightly rubbed it.

When she reached for a pencil, another dropped and rolled behind her. When she turned around to pick it up, her already V neckline shirt that already gave away enough cleavage drooped, showing her gorgeous boobs swinging with a red, lacy bra that matched her panties perfectly. Why couldn't his wife have breasts like that? She only had pitiful looking A-cups when compared to this girl, and this girl was only a seventh grader.

Jess' boobs looked like watermelons to an orange when compared to his wife. When she had accomplished picking up her pencils, she picked up her backpack and walked over to his desk. He pretended to be immersed in his laptop until she was closer and he said, "Hey, Jess.

How can I help you?" Jess bit her pink lip glossed lip and said, "Mr. Derrick, what assignments am I missing right now?" "Well, let's see…everyone's grade is on the laptop, let me just pull your grade up…" Jess came around his desk to see his laptop, and he smelled her fruity, mango-y perfume. The already hardening cock in his pants had impossibly gotten harder. When he had pulled her grades up, she leaned over so she could read the laptop, and her boobs were in swinging motion again.

She groaned when she saw her grades, and suddenly, a random thought sped through his mind— Mr. Derrick wished he could hear that same groan from her—only doing another activity. "Is there any way I can bring my grade up?" Mr. Derrick shook his head. I'm sorry, Jess, but those assignments had to be turned in on time.

You know the late policy here&hellip." Jess pleaded, "Please? I'll do anything, extra credit, projects, anything." Mr. Derrick needed something for his cock, or it was going to explode.

"Jess…I don't think I can…" "I'll even do two, three projects! Anything! I really need this grade, Mr. Derrick, please…" Suddenly an idea blasted through Mr. Derrick's mind so sudden, that he almost let it all out of his cock, but he controlled himself… "Anything?" he asked.

He decided that he would have her, all of her, and if she wouldn't give in, he would be forceful. Jess nodded. "Yes! Extra Homework, Projects, anything!" She obviously didn't know how far she was going to go, Mr. Derrick thought. "Well, alright…" he said. "I think I may be able to bump it up just a bit if&hellip." "If?" She said happily And then Mr.

Derrick reached for a breast and squeezed it, gently, but firmly. Then he ran his hand down her side till it reached her waist, and then moved it back onto her ass and squeezed a butt cheek.

But he left his hand there, eyebrows raised, as if asking, "Anything? Anything at all?" Jess was confused from the somewhat desiring looks in Mr. Derrick's eyes. Was he hungry? And the next thing she knew, his hand was on her boob, sending and electric shock throughout her body.

But she didn't move as his hands moved down her body, ending with cupping her ass. Oh, My, Gosh. Her science teacher wanted to fuck her?

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But she was still a freaking virgin! Was she going to? Would she? It was her grade, after all…what if it brought it up? Wait—what was she thinking?! Losing her virginity with a goddamn teacher!? Of course she wouldn't! She found her legs and she stepped backward, gasping in shock. Her backpack slipped from her shoulders, pulling her jacket off in the process. Great. Now she was standing here in a very cleavage exposing strapless V neck top in front of the most perverted teacher she had met.

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Staring at her boobs, the wildness in his eyes brightened, and he walked towards the door and shut it, pulled closed the curtains and then walked to the window and did the same. Then he advanced on Jess, and she stepped backward with every step he took forward, an eventually, he had her up against the wall, breathing heavily, terrified. He came up to her and leaned down, and put and arm on either side of her, leaning so that his mouth was at her ear.

"What'dya say, Jess? A little help satisfying my cock and I think we could have your grade aced…" Jess was terrified.

"No," she whispered, jerking around to push him away, but all it did was rub her boobs against his chest, and he groaned and thrust his hips toward hers, and she felt a long, hard, pole in his pants.

Gasping, she ducked under his arm and ran to a desk in the room. He turned around, untroubled, and gave her perverted grin. "Come on, Jess, you know you want it. What a better way to lose your virginity? With a man—not some random inexperienced teenage boy, but with man—with experience, too." A man?

Jess paused as the words soaked in. Suddenly, it was like the world changed for her. She looked at Mr. Derrick, and saw his broad shoulders, muscled arms, long, lean body, and most of all, the huge, immense bulge in his pants.

She felt less terrified, and now, for the weirdest reason, she felt excited. Why, though??—He was a damned teacher! A Married teacher, too! He walked towards her, and something inside Jess kept her in place. He put both hands on her breasts, a thumb on her nipple, and rotated his thumb in slow, gentle, squeezing movements. Shocked at the feeling from it, Jess put both hands on the desk behind her, leaning heavily on it, and bit back a startled moan from her throat.

Why had it never felt so good when someone else had touched her? He smiled a knowing smile, like her could read her mind, and leaned in and started kissing her neck. Jess gasped out, "And…will…I get…an…an…A?" Mr.

Derrick's smile grew wider at her dwindling strength left for a "no" and said, "An A on every single assignment this quarter. I promise." Jess bit her lip, panting, "Mr. Derrick, I'm only—I'm only a. s—seventh grader… and you—you're m—married." "I don't give a fuck," Mr.

Derrick said roughly. "You're ten times hotter than my wife and she doesn't even have half your sexy boobs. You're the sexiest teen your age I've ever seen. Jess, you know you want it…" Jess paused, trying to clear her mind, to think, but with the growing pressure on her breasts, she couldn't think.

Jess nodded, finally giving in. His touch and closeness was turning her on in a way she had never felt before, and her pussy was feeling…wet?! "I—I…alright." Jess surrendered. Mr. Derrick grinned, knowing he had gotten his way, and with that, he reached down and pulled off her shirt swiftly.

She gasped again at his suddenness, and Mr. Derrick couldn't help but thrust his cock against her hips as her breasts were revealed. It had been a while since he'd had a real girl to fuck. He had loads of experience with bras, and hers was no problem. It came off swiftly, too, and before Jess knew it she was left with her breasts bare, bouncing from him ripping his bra off, with him staring at her with a lustful desire she had only seen in movies.

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This was the first time her breasts were exposed to anyone, including her friends, especially a male, but she didn't care. Suddenly she wanted Mr. Derrick to touch them again, to rub them in that way that made her breasts tingle and harden. He leaned in and touched the tip of his tongue to her now stiff, hard, protruding nipple.

Jess let out a startled moan at the pleasure and tingle that shot through her breasts and was shocked to feel her hips thrust forward reflexively. Then he leaned forward and suckled her breast, sucking harder with every second.

She moaned and found herself leaning on the desk for support, gasping and panting. He did the same to the other breast, and he lightly bit on it, not enough to hurt, but enough to make her moan and thrust herself against him.

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He needed her now. Mr. Derrick roughly pushed her onto the desk she was leaning on and pushed her legs apart. Ripping off her skirt, he looked lustfully at the now very wet area in her red thong and put a finger and rubbed the area.

She was now making the most exquisite whimpering noises as he rubbed, and pushed with gentleness. He roughly pushed aside the thong and rammed his face against her sweet, musky, wet, pussy. He moved his tongue with the skill he had learned over the years, tasting the best liquid he had ever tasted in any girl.

Jess couldn't help the noises making their way out of her mouth now. She couldn't even help thrusting herself into his face. This was the most pleasure she had ever felt, and she was breathing deeply to prove it. His tongue and fingers flicked their way in and out of her pussy, and it felt so, damn, good. Jess knew this wasn't something most seventh graders would feel. Suddenly, though, she felt something building up inside her, and she panted, "No…Stop…I'll let it out inside you…" But he only grinned and increased his speed and pressure, and put two fingers on her clit, rubbing it.

She panted heavily, trying to contain herself, control it, but she bucked suddenly, and let it burst into his mouth. He lapped up all her juices and slurped it up, and out of her pussy. It was time. He unbuckled his pants with a speed he had never known before and ripped his underwear off, revealing a long, hard, stiff, and erect cock. Jess gasped. This was the first time she had seen a penis for real, but this was huge.

Teasing her, Mr. Derrick lightly rubbed the cock against her pussy, and she involuntarily bucked forward. "Please," she begged "Please, fuck me…" Mr. Derrick grinned. That so turned him on. And Suddenly, without warning, he thrust himself inside her. He wasn't even gentle, and didn't even wait to slowly approach the wall and push, he just rammed it in her—he couldn't help it. Jess gasped as a pain went through her—that HURT.

But before she could do anything, Mr. Derrick was out of her, and already pumping himself steadily into her. Forget the pain—this was heaven. She moaned, gasped, panted, whimpered, sighed, groaned, and made all the possible noises she could as he thrust inside her.

Before she knew it, she was thrusting herself, too, and they built a steady rhythm. Mr. Derrick was groaning and she knew he was coming, and she wanted to feel it, so she pushed harder, and pulled all of him into her tiny vagina with every pump now. This was too much for Mr. Derrick, so he cried out and let out the hottest and most wonderful release he had ever let out. Feeling his juices burst inside her, Jess was instantly turned on and she bucked and cried out, and let herself come, too.

Mr. Derrick rubbed her breasts. "That…That was…wonderful." Jess panted. Mr. Derrick grinned, and pulled her to the floor, on her knees.


"Yeah? I'm not done yet." He then immediately shoved his already rock hard again cock inside her mouth. Shocked, but curious, she moved her tongue and teeth in ways she hoped was right, in rhythm with her hand and neck moving back and forth. Mr. Derrick groaned, and in a few minutes, she had him Cumming into her.

Jess tasted the cum happily, loving the strange way it tasted, not wasting a drop. Then they made love again. When they were done, Jess looked at the clock. It was 4:30.

She had to hurry; her late bus would be here in 5 minutes. Silently, they put their clothes back on, wiped themselves of cum and sweat off their faces and hair, and reveled in what they had just done.

Jess couldn't believe it. She had just lost her virginity, and with a man. And she couldn't have wanted it any other way. The way Mr. Derrick moved in her and the feeling it gave her…it was beautiful.



Derrick couldn't believe it, either. He had just fucked the hottest seventh grader ever. He loved the tightness of her pussy, and her huge boobs. He wanted it again. Jess slipped her jacket back on and took her backpack.

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She went to the door, but before she left, with her hand on the handle, she said, "Thanks, Mr. Derrick. That was a…wonderful and…easy way to bring my grades up. But, I think that was only good enough for a C?" she said with a sly smile.

"Mr. Derrick, I think I should come by every Thursday from now on to…you know, bring it up to an A?" And with that, she left the classroom, with Mr. Derrick at a loss for words. But one thing was for sure. He definitely was staying after Thursday now on.