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Nettes jugendlich mit brille auf cam 911freecam  com
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Part Two After that episode, I think I was in shock for the rest of the day. I went down to the beach, joined my wife where we sipped on beers and played in the sand with my little one.

The rest of the night was uneventful and we were all tired but I ended up fucking my wife like never before that night when everyone had gone to bed. I think I came at least one quart thinking about the thought of her sister standing below me as my splooge sprayed into the air.

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My wife fully satisfied for the night, I could finally relax a little more. Unlike most men, after sex, I tend to be pretty wired, so I decided to shower off and go into the family room to watch a little TV, maybe sip some tequila or something.

I grabbed a beer, poured a shot, drank it and quickly poured another one as I tried to be quiet but also get a little more relaxed. A settled in and started flipping through the unfamiliar channels and hoping that our condo had HBO or Skinimax, because we all know that once a guy sees one girl naked, he wants to see them all& a little boobies on the tube was in order.

To my dismay, there was nothing on so I decided to sit out on our little patio overlooking the ocean.

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I kept the door cracked in case our little one hollered out in the night I could go and catch her. But, I think she was so worn out when I put her to bed, that we wouldn't be hearing from her until morning. As I sat there taking my last sip of tequila and finishing my beer, I heard the sliding glass door open. I turned my head to see Steph standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a long t-shirt.

I said nothing of our earlier episode, but asked her if she couldn't sleep. She said yeah and thought she'd heard me out here so she'd come to investigate. I'm just getting ready to have another drink, so you want some tequila. She said, yes and I returned from the kitchen with two beers and two shots of tequila. I had snuck one more while I was in the kitchen, so I was starting to get a little tipsy.

My sis in law has positioned herself in a lounge chair and I offered her the drinks.

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She said thanks and sat back down in my chair. She pulled her knees up to her chest and I could just barely make out that she wasn't wearing anything underneath that long t-shirt. Of course I didn't complain.

The site of Stephanie sitting in that position, shooting the tequila and taking a sip of the beer as a chaser was awesome. Although the patch between her legs was not fully exposed to the dim lights from inside, I could see that her pussy was fully exposed and that she didn't mind me seeing her loins. "I love the Sea Air" she exclaimed as she leaned back and returned her legs in front of her on the lounge chair.

"It does wonders for my body." With that she took off her shirt and she was completely naked in front of me.

"I like your body too," I shrugged with a slight giggle. Thank you for earlier. Seeing her sitting there fully exposed to me was a sight to behold. The outline of her breasts slightly hanging on her small frame. The smoothness of her belly and skin…and the small landing strip of pubic hair got my cock to start stirring again. I pointed to the direction of my cock and she nodded in anticipation. "Well, we'll have to do something about that now won't we." She got up from her chair and came over to mine and pulled shorts to the side and exposed my swollen member.

She did it so quickly that my dick actually smacked her on the side of the face. She giggled gleefully and licked the side of the shaft. Then in one gulp she engulfed it into her mouth. My cock glistened in the moonlit night. Steph then spit on the top of my head and gulped it as far into her throat as possible.

The sensation of a young mouth on your cock is like no other. As I lay there listening to the ocean lapping against the shore and the moonlight glistening off the water, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was and again thought that this couldn't be real. The gagging noise that Stephanie made as she deep throated me over and over snapped me back into reality. It was as if she couldn't get enough of me inside her little mouth. "You're so thick," she said as she looked up at me.

She admired the job she had done and as my cock stood glistening in then night air, she placed it gently between her creamy tits. The nipples were full erect as she played with them and started to move them up and down my swollen member. The sensation of a tit job I've heard can be painful at times for the male, but Stephanie had lubed it so well, that it felt amazing. She flicked her nipples as she moved up and down and my cock seemed to belong in between her bosoms, as if the gods had designed it that way.

She worked it expertly between her tits like she had done this before. My sister in law, who I thought was a prude had shown me that she was truly devilish by nature. She then grabbed the base of my cock and slapped it against her nipples.


Little strings of spit hung from the head and as she laced it back in her mouth and protrude against her cheek. Then she eased it back between them and allowed the head to dart in her mouth as it peaked out from the top of her cleavage.

A small drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip which she delightfully tongued away from its opening and relished it in her mouth.

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"Ummm…I love that taste," she said as she continued the motion between her tits and then held her tongue and guided the entire length into her waiting mouth. "Steph, I want to fuck your pussy," I said. "I want to cum inside your pussy." Those words seemed to excite her very much. She quickly stood up and I shimmied my shorts quickly down to my ankles. Steph licked the palm of her hand and rubbed it against her pussy as she stood before me. She opened the lips of her pussy to me and exclaimed, "This pussy wants your cock!" This excited me so much that my cock literally leapt towards her.

I spun her around and she gently glided down taking my cock and fluttering it against her pussy lips. I could feel her opening quivering in an anticipation as I felt the head disappear inside. I positioned myself slumping in the chair to give her greater access.

A gasp escaped her lips as her pussy muscles desperately tried to take me inside her. She bit her bottom lip and turned to me and said…"it feels so good&'re so thick." With that she sat down completely and every inch of me was inside her. She caught the weight of herself on stomach and grabbed her left tit and suckled the nipple. "uhhh…" escaped her mouth as she began a more steady rhythm and her muscles relaxed around my cock.

I could feel it pulsating inside her and I extended up so every inch of my cock could be used to please her.

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The rhythm became more animalistic as she continued to grind her pussy into me. I felt as though I couldn't get enough of me in so I arched my back as far as it would go extended every inch inside her. I reached around and began to caress her nipple…I pinched the left one and let my hand wander down to the top of her wet lips.

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She groped her other nipple and seemed to gasp for air as she continued the up and down motion thrusting herself onto me. My hand instinctively went to play with her clitty. I slowly exposed her pear from its hood which wasn't hard since it was protruding out anyway. I quickly licked the tips of my fingers and quickly started a circular motion around the nub. This sent shockwaves through her body…I could feel her muscles contracting and sensing that the cum was building inside her.

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I used the moisture from my hand to wet my thumb and pulled her butt cheeks apart and saw her tiny little puckered asshole that I gently rubbed with the lubed thumb. "Uhhh&hellip.ohhhhh& with my little asshole baby!!" With that, I inserted my thumb inside her puckered hole…it was tight at first but somehow she managed to release her muscles and enjoy the experience. I could feel the jolt of energy pass through her body as her muscles clasped my cock even harder.

I quickly sucked my finger in my mouth to get it even more lubricated and returned my assault on her now protruding clitoris. Like a warm pearl in my hand I felt the slickness. Steph moaned lightly in the air and her hips jolted as I found a heavenly spot and began to swirl around. I could feel her getting closer and closer to climaxing as I continued my assault on her clit. I gently pinched her nipple and worked my hand to her side and helped her increase the motion.


I could feel the cum building in my balls as her ass jiggled against my abdomen. She reached down and played with my balls as my hand worked her ass up and down reverse cowboy style in the chair.

Without warning I slipped my hand away from her clit and she stopped the motion. She held my cock at the entrance of her honey pot and I slid my fingers down to her asshole and gently inserted one finger and playfully played swirled it around the rim. She then let herself back down and my finger went deep inside her. This was enough to send her closer and closer to the edge.

She turned and said, "I've never had that done before…it's amazing…don't&hellip.stop." I could feel the juices run down the shaft of my cock as she sped the pace.

She turned and told me, "I'm going to cum." "Cum for me…cum for me now…I want to shoot my load inside you," I said. She grinned widely as she sped the pace. Five or ten more swift motions…harder and more deliberate beckoning my penis to squirt its seed inside. Like an exploding oil well&hellip.I felt the warmth of her body as her legs ceased their motion and tighten against the sides of my legs.

Warm fluids escaped from her and trickled down my balls onto the patio below. She held her mouth and I reached up to place my hand across her mouth as the hot cum boiled inside me and began to spew inside her sugar walls. Low gasps escaped her…"Uh…&hellip.Uh&hellip.oh& god&hellip.shit&hellip.fuck!" I couldn't believe I had enough cum to fill her up&hellip.but it continued to shoot and convulse inside her. Our warm juices mingled together and I pulled her back, kissed her on the neck and she relaxed her body against me.

"oh my God&hellip.I never cam so hard in my life&'re one good fuck," she said quietly as we lay there listening to the waves crash against the sandy beach. My cock finally pulled out of her and she got up. I stood up as well and got behind her and held her close to me as we enjoying the salty air, the smell of sex in the air and the moonlight shimmering across the ocean. My semi rigid cock nestled right between her ass cheeks. My hand instinctively played with her breasts and nipples lightly and I kissed her softly on the neck.

"You are amazing," I said. "What did this old man do to deserve a fuck like that?" "She simply turned and told me, she saw the way I loved her sister and that it was such a turn on to her. "I'll never tell her," she also added. "I only want what's best for all of us. I can live with being the other woman&hellip.besides&hellip.fuck me like that and I'll do whatever you want for as long as you want." She smiled at me and I held her close.

"I'll fuck you however you'd like…what do you want to do next," I asked with a grin.

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"Hmmmm&hellip.she said& friend jenny is coming down in a few days&hellip.I'd like for us all to be together," she said.

"Sounds good to me," I added as a grin washed over my face. "Also, I'd like for you to fuck my ass too." I was shocked and excited. The thought of the dirty thoughts coming out of my sister in law's mouth was too good to be true. But then again&hellip.who am I to not give this girl anything she wanted. …to be continued&hellip.